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Why Body Language? Have you ever been talking to someone and felt that your message was not being understood the way you intended? Or, have you been attending a lecture but for a certain reason you could not be really receptive to the lecturer? If you have found yourself in any of these situations something that could have been at the core of not being understood correctly or not listening fully, is body language. Please read this article to its end for more information. How so, Body Language? In general, when we talk we also present certain body postures. Similarly, when we listen we can still be responding to what is being said with our body. What is in fact very important is that the message sent by our body can be more revealing of our opinion then the words we use or don’t use. This is really not about lying, but bad body language can be detrimental and even though being true is an unquestionable value, avoiding exposing all of one’s emotion is also important. Consequently, learning what interpretation can be put on certain body language can help correct bad body language when performed. Body language can help understand others Let say that you are attending a presentation and the lecturer has his/her hands on his/her hips. What would this body language mean? In fact, by putting one’s hand on one’s hips, a person might be trying to achieve a position of power over the persons he or she is talking to. Doesn’t this move remind of something? Think about parents talking to their children. This image seems to be a classical one where it is possible and clear to see how parents are in fact exercising power over their children. Next, if you want to learn more about body language click here.

Why Body Language?  

Why take the time and learn body language? More information in this article.

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