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Stats: No. of players: 2-5 Amount of time to play: 30 - 90 minutes Age requirements: 8+ Set-up time: 5 min Description: Ticket to Ride is a board game that is easy to learn and fun to play. It is flexible enough to be fun whether you play with two or five players. It is easy enough to play that anyone eight and up will enjoy the game and be competitive. Your goal is to score the most points. You score points by laying trains to connect cities in the United States. The winner is the player with the most points when someone runs out of trains. Train Cards are shuffled and set next to the board. The top five cards are placed face-up next to this pile. You also shuffle the Destination Cards. To start the game each player receives three Destination Tickets and a hand of four Train cards. Look through your Destination Cards to see which routes you'll try to complete. The Destination Card tells you the cities you must connect and the number of points you'll score if you complete the route. Longer connections are worth more points. You must keep two of your initial three Destination cards, but may keep all three if you wish. Discarded Destination cards go to the bottom of the pile. In order to connect the two cities on your Destination Card you must have continuous line of trains between them. On your turn you have three options: place trains, take two train cards or draw more destination cards. Train Cards are used to lay trains on the board. You must collect a set of cards that match the number and color of the spaces on the board. If the spaces are gray then any set of colors that match the number of spaces between the cities works. You may not partially connect two cities. The more trains you place at once, the more points you score. Taking train cards helps you collect color sets. You may take one from the 5 displayed by the board or you may choose to just take a card blindly from the top of the draw deck. You can draw two cards in this way on your turn unless you draw a face up wild. A face up wild counts as 2 drawn cards and cannot be taken as your second draw.

Drawing more destination cards can be a risky proposition. You draw three cards and have to keep one of them. You might find a route that you have already connected...Great free points! On the other hand you may have to keep a route you don't have enough trains to complete. Once one player has 2 trains or less, everyone (including that player) gets one last turn. After that player's final turn you calculate your final score. Completed routes score you the points written on the destination card. Any routes you didn't complete score you minus the points printed on the destination card. Lastly the player with the longest train scores an extra 10 points. Ties for the longest train result in both players scoring 10 points. A Quick Review: Ticket to Ride is very easy to learn and many call it a gateway game into more complicated hobby games. This game is light on strategy but still is a lot of fun. Its flexibility and enjoyment make it a great family game. One drawback is keeping score while you play can be difficult and we always have to check everyone's score before we declare a winner. This is a bit time consuming but not a reason I wouldn't buy the game.

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