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Still looking for eyewitness for your car accident? Here’s an answer for you

Why COWON AUTO CAPSULE AC1 With its highly advanced technology, COWON Auto Capsule AC1 records driving events and provides irrefutable evidence in road traffic accidents and helps you take the hassle out of making a claim on your car insurance and avoid unnecessary road rage . Who use it? ∙ Daily commute driver ∙ -Helps to prevent from accidents -Video evidence when accident occurs

∙ Teen Driver Monitoring -Monitor driving routes, speed, and driving behavior -Encourage safe driving with camera presence

∙ Taxi Company -Ensure safety of driver and passenger - Prevent from run-outs and theft

∙Insurance Company -Reduce cost and save time on claim process -Evidence in accident fraud cases

∙ Commercial Fleets -Ensure safety of drivers and vehicles -Helps to reduce collisions and annual fuel cost

∙Law Enforcement -An affordable solution for capturing criminal driving behaviors on tape -Save money by eliminating the need for expensive cameras, DVR, and infrastructure equipment.


Why COWON AUTO CAPSULE AC1 The AC1 is a device installed on a car windshield to record video, audio, and other data related to vehicle impacts or accidents. Especially, with its 16:9 wide aspect and 720p HD recording capacbility, the AC1 offers clear and accurate images and recordings by catching plate numbers, colors of cars, and so on even on a cloudy day, day in and day out. Key Features ∙

∙16:9 Wide vivid 720P 30 FPS -1280x720p high video resolution recording -2 mil pixel CMOS image censor camera

∙LED Indication -Red and Blue LED shows the current mode and status -Easy to use through LED and voice guide

∙ 360 degrees angle rotation -Choose the view at your preference *Captured image from the actually recorded video file during daytime

∙150 degrees of wide angle - All accidents occurred from front to side view can be recorded

∙Built-in Mic for audio recording - Record Audio with a high quality microphone


Why COWON AUTO CAPSULE AC1 The various recording types of the AC1 fully maximize its utilization under any occasions. The recoding can be triggered and started by an embedded motion sensor when sudden impacts occur. Information from the device is stored in a memory card and can be analyzed to help determine what the vehicle is doing before, during and after the crash or event. Recording Types

∙Real-time Recording - As soon as power is turned on , it starts to record video continuously ∙Event Recording - If an accident or any impact occurs, it automatically detects it with the motion censor and records 15 seconds before and after the event and save the data ∙Manual Recording - Even without any impact to the vehicle from an accident , it’s able to record and save event by setting manual recording mode and pressing a button.

*Captured image from the actually recorded video file during daytime

∙Parking Recording - When parked, if the camera detects motion, it automatically records 15 seconds before and after the event. If the motion continues the recording period is extended to 1 minute. If an impact occurs when parked, the event recording automatically starts.

AV-Out ∙Watch recording video - With AV-Out port, watch recording videos through GPS or portable devices with ease *Captured image from the actually recorded video file during nighttime


Why COWON AUTO CAPSULE AC1 Specification Item

∙ Camera





1 X 720P 30fps


CMOS Image Sensor / 2Mega Pixels


720 HD (1280x720)


30 fps

Video Audio

H.264 / Mpeg-4 AVC AAC


150 degree in diagonal / D=150˚, H=113.4˚, V=82˚


8GB MicroSD Card Included (Up to 32GB SD card compatible) Driving

Real Time Recording Manual Recording Real Time Recording

Recording Type


Event Recording (Motion Sensor) Parking Mode Recording (Auto Event Recording)


Video Output

CVBS (Composite)


38Ø x 102mm



Operation Temperature

0℃ ~ +50℃

Rated Voltage

DV 12V


Introduction to Cowon AC1  

Cowon Auto Capsule AC1

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