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SonoTECH Solution for Power and Distribution Transformers

Next Generation Noise Control

SONOBEX NOISE CONTROL SOLUTIONS Noise is more than ever present. Whether you want to protect your staff,comply with regulations or you are looking for unrivalled quiet products: Noise reduction is an essential competitive factor across industries. In addition, increasing energy efficiency requirements promote the trend towards light weight construction. The ability of current technologies to attenuate noise is diminishing and require new and innovative approaches to noise control.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Bespoke designs can be manufactured from a range of materials to meet specific needs.

THE FUTURE TECHNOLOGY OF NOISE CONTROL Sonobex uses a patented Acoustic Metamaterial technology known as Sonic Crystals, which are artificially fabricated materials designed to control, direct, and manipulate sound. Our Sonic Crystal based noise reduction technology is a passive method that superimposes disturbing noise with scattered anti-acoustic noise which cancels the disturbance. Our technology scatters sound at key frequencies that is fully out of phase with respect to the noise, and cancel each other out. This is known as total destructive interference. Depending on the application, this method of noise reduction achieves an attenuation of over 95% of sound intensity or 30 dB(A)+ for middle and low frequencies.

A SonoTECHTM noise dampening system consists of carefully designed acoustic elements in combination with the sonic crystal effect, modern manufacturing techniques designed with performance and quality in mind.

Designing acoustic barriers appropriate for their application ensures maximum noise attenuation performance is achieved.

Our noise reduction systems are already applied to different product applications. Depending on the source of noise, we also offer our clients the possibility to integrate our technology in their existing product generation.

TRANSFORMER NOISE Transformer noise (hum) is caused by the extension and contraction of the core laminations when magnetized (a phenomenon known as magnetostriction). This extension and contraction (vibration) takes place twice during a normal voltage or current cycle. That is, the transformer vibrates mainly at twice the frequency of the supply, i.e. 120 Hz or 100 Hz and the higher order harmonics of the fundamental frequency (240, 360, 480 Hz) are also present in the spectrum of the consequent noise. Load noise mainly is generated by windings vibrations caused by the electromagnetic forces as a result of the interaction of load current and leakage flux produced by this current. The main frequency of this sound, therefore, is twice the supply frequency. The level of load noise is determined by load current, winding design and the type of tank shielding used.

OUR INNOVATIONS CREATE A QUIETER FUTURE We expand/upgrade our noise control technology using the latest knowledge in Physics and Acoustics. Our Patented technology enables significant noise attenuation for middle and low frequencies than traditional passive noise control measures.


SONODESIGN To facilitate rapid analysis we use state of the art computer programmes and modelling techniques. Simulations are performed using state of the art Finite Element Analysis software to design the optimal noise reduction solution.

Until now, low frequencies could only be attenuated using high masses. These however require extensive constructional measures that are often impossible to implement. The application area for our technology includes products that require limited space, limited masses and a low noise level. This makes it possible to provide noise control measures and attenuate noise in the most comprehensive and cost effective manner.

TARGETED PERFORMANCE Our technology is specifically designed to attenuate at key frequencies in a typical noise spectrum for a power transformer giving 30 dB(A) + attenuation at dominant frequencies.

SUPPLY Sonobex works with manufacturing partners and prime contractors to deliver quality noise reduction technologies that are cost effective over their lifetime with enhanced flexible solutions

Next generation noise control Sonobex design and produce next generation noise reduction solutions with our patented technology for applications in Acoustic Barriers, Enclosures and bespoke engineering designs.


WHERE IS SonoTECH NOISE CONTROL APPLIED? We work directly with your products and use our Patented Noise Control technique to complete them with an effective and robust noise reduction system. We always keep track of the costs and come up with economically efficient solutions for you. If you want your products to become the quietest in their field, Sonobex helps you to extend your competitive edge in technology.

We provide you with individual and state-of-the-art solutions In the following areas of application our technology is already in use or in the development stage: Power & Distribution Transformers Compressors and Pumps Gas Turbines Extraction Units Industrial Engineering Applications





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SonoTECH - Solutions for Power and Distribution Transformers  

Sonobex design and supply revolutionary acoustic barriers that work using different principles to conventional technology and offer some tru...

SonoTECH - Solutions for Power and Distribution Transformers  

Sonobex design and supply revolutionary acoustic barriers that work using different principles to conventional technology and offer some tru...

Profile for sonobex