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Engineering for Growth Useful statistics Engineering for Growth (EfG) is an industry wide campaign to demonstrate the contribution of engineering to the UK economy and society, and to highlight how engineering could make an even bigger contribution. This document provides useful statistics to reinforce these messages, for use in your own communications.

Statistics £481 billion – the contribution of engineering to the UK economy Source: ONS

£250 billion – total value of projects in the UK’s infrastructure pipeline, including 500 engineering projects Source: HM Treasury

30% - percentage of UK Gross Domestic Product produced by STEM sectors Source: EngineeringUK

50% - total UK exports from manufacturing Source: EEF

1.28 million – number of new STEM professionals and technicians required by 2020 Source: Royal Academy of Engineering

8% - number of women making up the professional engineering workforce Source: EngineeringUK

£250,000 – average lifetime wage premium enjoyed by graduate engineers Source: Royal Academy of Engineering

£24 billion – the annual contribution to the UK economy of the aerospace sector Source: Aerospace Growth Partnership

11 million – Current UK population with a limiting long-term illness or disability Source: Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

173, 118 – hip, knees and ankles replaced in England and Wales, 2011 Source: National Joint Registry


Other sources You can find more useful statistics on these issues, here: Engineering UK 2013 report CBI Education and Skills Survey 2012 The Royal Academy of Engineering’s Jobs and Growth report 2012 Engineers and Engineering Brand Monitor 2012 – Engineering UK

Engineering for Growth is led by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with Atkins, BAE Systems; EADS; Lucite International; Rolls-Royce; McLaren Group; National Grid; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Technology Strategy Board; Institution of Chemical Engineers; the Institution of Engineering and Technology; and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The Engineering for Growth campaign is being led by the Royal Academy of Engineering with support from Proof Communication. For further information, please contact: Ellie Dobson 0845 680 1897 Jim Sutton 0845 680 1867 Lesley Paterson 020 7766 0684

Engineering for Growth Useful Statistics  
Engineering for Growth Useful Statistics  

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