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Zine: Issue #1 Fall 2018 Hackathon Edition


“ I’ll leave you with one sentence. Well really, it’s just five words. Well really, it’s one word five times...

Alex Clark The "OG" Curriculum Developer

Hack, hack, hack, hack, hack!”

C o d e cad e m y G o

D r a w n by G u ye n

Hello, Curriculum Team_ Q. WHAT WAS THE FIRST PROGRAMMING PROJ ECT YOU EVER WORKED ON? A. The first time I really programmed

A. I took AP Computer Science my Junior

was when I worked on an applet

year in high school. My final project was

showing how to cook the perfect steak.

Yahtzee. I remember hard coding in all of

We tested the applet at the end by

the possible ways you could get a full

cooking some steak, and the results

house using 5 dice. After copying my

matched up pretty closely! I still love the

code for every possibility, I realized I had

old-school audio sizzle when you click

forgotten a closing parenthesis in one of !

the [Cook] button.

Laura Breiman, Data Science Path Team Lead

A. The first project I ever built entirely

the conditionals.

It was my first lesson

in avoiding hard coding something I could figure out algorithmically.

Alex Kuntz, Data Science Path Curriculum Developer

on my own and pushed up to Github was a Python email bot that would send someone a kitten gif once an hour. It took me a day to complete and I felt like I could do absolutely anything afterwards. I think it was the first time I completely believed that I could be a programmer.

Mariel Frank, Data Science Path Curriculum Developer

A. I wanted to make my own quests with NPCs in TES Morrowind (a video game) using their construction set. I had to learn how to do some basic scripting in order to build dialogue options based on what your character had done.

Cole Romano, Curriculum Project Manager

Interviews with the folks who make the stuff you take! Q. WHAT WAS THE FAVORITE PROJECT YOU WORKED ON AT CODECA DEMY? A. I had the opportunity to perform a

A. The Test-Driven Development Intensive.

natural language processing analysis on

My team included a poet slam champion,

the lyrics of Taylor Swift. The project let

an electronic musician, a biomedical

me discover how the content of her

researcher, and a skater. With love, they

songs has changed over time, as well as

shared their skills with me, planting the

provide some deeper understanding of

seeds of so many fascinations I still pursue

her word choice. It was a fun way to

today. We made some cool curriculum too.

combine my love for music and my love for data!

Ian Freed, Data Science Path Curriculum Developer

Nick Duckwiler, Coding Foundations Path Curriculum Developer A. I had the unique opportunity to add

A. The Interactivity with DOM Events course for the web development path was very fun to write! DOM events are one of my favorite topics because the day I mastered creating interactive websites with events, my confidence as a web developer grew.

Kyla Brown, Web Dev Path Curriculum Developer

tools for our code evaluation testing. I was able to automate some usual patterns that we use to test user code in Python exercises. This led me to make further contributions to the engineering side, including LaTeX rendering in exercises and Python libraries to our evaluation framework.

Tim Mullen, Computer Science Path Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Hackathon 2018_ 1 . A-F RA ME (LESSO N)


Bot or alien? Build a basic chatbot using Python and Regex while attempting to pass an “E.T.uring� test. The project also serves as a soft introduction to A lesson that teaches you the basics of building

artificial intelligence. # Mariel, Kyla

VR scenes using A-Frame, right on Codecademy! # Zoe, Natalia, Alex

5. S C R ATC H (LES S O N)


Scratch is a platform built and maintained by the MIT Media Lab that allows people to code using a visual Build and share your website from a Codecademy-hosted address. # Alex, Emily, Ian M, Jack, Tracy


programming language. The objective of this lesson is for a kid who has no coding experience to get comfortable enough with Scratch. # Mike

6. L EA RN H TM L CA NVAS (C O UR S E) A course with 2 lessons and 2 projects introducing the HTML5 <canvas> element and how to interact with it using JavaScript. Recreate a work of art and draw your own optical illusion!

Learn the fundamentals of creating sound from scratch using the Web Audio API. # Ian M

# Kenny, Ian F

Vote for your favorite! 7 . STIMULUS ( LESSO N)


Stimulus is a small JavaScript framework for adding behavior to existing HTML code. Animate your name with Stimulus! # Adam


A regular expression (regex) is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. # Tim

11. CO DECA DEM Y D ISC O RD Discord is a chat application designed for video gaming communities. # Sonny

Logic gates are responsible for determining how electrical currents combine and diverge. These combinations form the basis for more complicated logic, but it all starts with 1’s and 0's. # Patrick, Laura



Plug in and play, right on Codecademy! In this lesson, you will learn about Circuit Playground Express, the perfect introduction to electronics and programming. # Sonny

A recorded interview with Josh Boggs – a

13. THI S Z I NE!

Product Manager at Spotify. # Nick, Cole

# Sonny & Co.

Kids and Startups_ “ I t's p o s s i bl e to b e a g re at pa re nt w h i l e wo r k i n g at a r ap id l y- g ro w i n g te c h st a r t u p.�

I make my meals, take my kids to school, attend their activities, coach their teams, review their homework, and make time to simply play with them. I also make sure that I'm available for people at work, hit my deadlines, and tackle the projects that will help my company succeed.

The key is to make the most out of the hours you have. Sounds simple, but before I internalized this I was probably spending 2-3 hours a day on stuff that didn't matter. I don't watch a lot of TV, spend time on social media, or do other things that aren't truly important to me. I go to bed early and wake up early because I want to make the most out of my day, and the peaceful morning hours are a gift for exercising or getting a jump on my day's work. If you're willing to wake up a 5 AM, you will be shocked at how much you can get done before the rest of your world awakes.

Kids, startups, or anything that requires a lot of time and attention have an interesting effect in that they force you to assess what's truly important because you have such little time to spare. For me, I make sure that my kids, my health, and my company get the best of my time daily. If I have extra time I may watch a show here or there, but I'm perfectly happy with a day with my kids, exercise, and helping my company succeed. Everything else is icing on a delicious cake. Both literally and figuratively, I've never really craved the icing, the cake's always been enough.

Mike Jewett, Head of Curriculum


“ L a dyc a de my is b a c k ! �

One of Codecademy's original ERG's, #ladycademy is a Slack group as well as a monthly meeting where female-identifying (including transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary) individuals and their allies can discuss topics surrounding gender and intersectionality in technology. For our September meeting, we talked about investing in Women (and especially WoC) talent, and the emotional labor we're often forced to perform in our jobs. People shared personal stories and together we strategized about how we can better support and celebrate one another.

Zoe Bachman, Coding Foundations Path Team Lead

#LGBT-CA DEMY LGBTcademy fosters community for all LGBTQ identifying team members and our allies. In October, we cohosted an event with The Center, facilitating breakout sessions focused on sharing skills with our NYC-based community that would allow them to enter/transition within the tech field. The occasional happy hour at Stonewall is always on the schedule as well!

Cody Grosser, Senior Recruiter

#POCAD EMY PoCademy celebrates people of color at Codecademy and in technology education. The group advocates for inclusion and safe spaces. The group was formed after interns and full-time staff saw a need and organized the community. For our inaugural meeting, we planted succulents and spoke affirmations. The succulents represented the resilience of people of color.

Natalia Rodriguez, Web Dev Path Team Lead


Life in Code: A Personal History of Technology ELLEN ULLMAN

(During my first week at Codecademy, I joined our internal #bookclub and we read "Life in Code" together. So when picking a book for this, it just seemed right.) I'm a 90's kid, but I moved to the states in fifth grade. Among the many things that I didn't get to experience, the rise of tech is something that always intrigued me. "Life in Code" is not merely a window into the tech startup scene, it comes from a perspective so compelling and with so much frankness and novelty. Ms. Ullman moved to San Francisco in the 70's and found herself working as a software engineer in the budding Silicon Valley. In this memoir, she tells stories of the past while thoughtfully dissects all the hypocritical intricacies of the tech startup scene and also offers a glimmer of hope in the messiness of humanity and modern society. Oftentimes, I feel like she's telling my story. And what a chaper about Y2K! As the "end of the world" approaches, a single system flaw makes all the machines and network infrastructures seem so frail. And as the clock actually winds down to the witching hour, the anxiety was washed away and it became, somehow... romantic. Wow. Her essay on the discovery of MOOC and Coursera was also very on-point. As someone heavily involved in Tech Ed, she definitely had me nodding. TL;DR Definitely a sadboy. Found a lot of places where my experience mirrored hers. Highly recommend. And to Ms. Ullman, thank you for everything.

Sonny Li, Curriculum Developer

Question of the Day_ Given two sticks that each take 60 minutes to burn from one end to the other, how can you measure exactly 45 minutes of time? Note: The sticks burn at irregular rates, so snapping them in half will not work.

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! Made with love during Curriculum Hackathon 2018. P.S. Thank you Krista, Toby, Guyen & Cody!