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How to Cross the US Immigration Borders

Let’s look inside the mind of the people wanting to come to the US, the ways to cross and what to do without getting in trouble. This is a very touchy subject for Millions of Americans. There is a two sided coin on the immigration subject. When it all comes down to it there are factors to the whole situation on BOTH sides that are valid and understandable. Where you stand on the issue is your own opinion.

We as people, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts’ uncles, and Grandparents have a thorough and deep understanding of Love. What you will do for love

is a unchallenged, undisputed, and agreed upon within ourselves that at the moment of need or hostility we will not hesitate to do anything it takes to protect and care for our loved ones.

Crossing the Borders Unnoticed

When a person from another country is trying to get to the US for a better life for their family, it is for the reason to better their situation. The same as why you and I go to find the best job we can to support our loved ones. You may feel, that the reason we have so few jobs available and the economy is bad is due to the immigration into America.

Some do feel exactly that. On the flip side of the coin, many people will not work hard labor jobs, or field jobs for minimum wage. Immigrant workers will. Remember the doing anything it takes for the loved ones, for protection and health? I personally agree, just as my mother and father in law came to America, they had to wait years for the opportunity (legally) to come here. They came as Professionals. A Registered Nurse and a Teacher. They did not go “on the system�.

I think that is where the problem lies with 99% of America. When a immigrant comes over illegally then finds a loophole to receive funds from the US government, it is pulling money out of the pockets of tax payers who are working trying to provide for their families as well. With rising healthcare costs and benefits being exhausted so rapidly due to massive influxes of people on public welfare it is reducing the help allowed to people who really need it. Some make plans to come here and just live on the system. Others do not; they are very hard and disciplined workers. Many times the immigrants coming are highly skilled. So as a person who has to eat rice once a day, or be and once a day and beg for food for their family, I do not see what is wrong with trying to get a job in the US. I do see the problem of when it is not fair and people take advantage of the welfare system. That goes for Americans who soak up the system as well and never try to get off when they may be able and capable to do so.

Creating an Open Border from Canada through Mexico

When George W. Bush Jr. was in office, he signed the North American Union into effect. This document was also signed by the Canadian President as well as the Mexican President. This is going to open all borders on the north and south of the United States. You may have heard of the major freeway from Mexico through Texas going to Canada. What about the Amero?

The Amero is Currency that will wipe out the US dollar. It is already gaining more power as we speak and it will be the one to be the currency in Canada, US, and Mexico. Just as the Euro in Europe did. How? Well, the North American Union will knock out the United States constitution and The United States as a country all together. So will Canada and Mexico. We will join as one.

Will people be pissed when it goes down? Not if it is implemented slyly and make people believe it is for our best interest. Be aware. Asia will follow suit soon after. Then the currency will merge from the three to one. One world currency. No need to mention the World Bank and world agriculture department, world government that is forming currently. Do some homework, don’t take my word just get curious and look. It’s needed. By the way, it’s highly recommended to click on my banners to see something you will never forget in your life. Click and enter your email to watch the video. Do it now. See you on the other side.

How To Cross the US Borders and NEVER Get Caught  

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