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: K9000 Dog Wash

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: R1205040


: 23 May 2012



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X 1 Dog Wash Brand: Rowafil Type: K9000 The K9000 is the original Dog Wash like the hundreds already operating in Australia and America. The clever concept, perfect finish and simple operations make the K9000 a very profitable investment. The Dog Wash is made of polished stainless steel with a 7 program control panel. The programs light up when pressed. The start fee for use of the Dog Wash is set to € 7.50 for 10 minutes, (this is adjustable), normally this is enough time to wash and dry an average dog. For payment he dog wash accepts the Eurokey, like a token but in the shape of a trendy small key (5 cm) which can easily be attached to a key ring. We can program the Dog Wash for any currency in the world. Programs: Shampoo Rinse Conditioner Flea shampoo Blow dry soft Blow dry hard Disinfect tub Specifications: Dimensions : 2150 x 600 x 1850H mm Power : 1x230 Volt - 2.2 kW Working temperatures : -10 to +50 0C In normal urban areas 30 dogs a week can be expected at the Dog Wash with a minimum spending of € 7,50 per dog. Projected revenue is € 225.00 per week. Cost price per dog wash is € 0.90 (water / electricity / chemicals). This brings the net income (excluding value write off) around 10.000 Euros per year!

Page: 2 Date: 23 May 2012

Including: Coin acceptor With a coin acceptor the customer can also pay for the dog wash with coins. Banknote reader With a banknote reader the customer can also pay for the dog wash with banknotes. Close-in water boiler If no central water heater is available within a 10 meter range, a small water boiler must be placed in the bottom of the Dog Wash cabinet. Close-in boiler, tank volume 20 liters. Net Interzoo promotion price

13.000,-- *

* price is including a startup set chemicals 4 x 5 ltr (shampoo, flea shampoo, conditioner and disinfectant). * also possible for leasing: € 325,- per month for 48 months, in example.

More options Eurokey counter recharge box With the Eurokey counter recharge box it is possible to charge or decharge the Eurokey with credit. This can be done with any given amount. Dimensions (L x W x H): 130 x 180 x 90 mm. Prijs € 560,-Eurokey (1 piece) Price


Installation set Price


100 brass tokens Price


Universal shampoo, can 5 liter Price


Universal conditioner, can 5 liter Price


Flea shampoo, can 5 liter Price


Disinfectant, can 5 liter Price


LED dynamic lighting under Dog wash Price


Page: 3 Date: 23 May 2012

The key points of the K9000 Dog Wash: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

finishing of the product is really beautiful, high standard; control cabinet with payment system / management system is state of the art; the dogs feel very comfortable in the tub, they can see through the door and/or can look over the low side wall; the spray gun has an on/off button, you do not have to press in it all the time; dryer has a heating element for 2 levels and 2 blow-speeds; no sharp corners or hooks where the dog-owner or the dog can hurt them selves on; tub-floor has a very comfortable rubber coating, not slippery at all; unique loyalty pre-payment system with the Eurokey; it's a Rowafil!!

Delivery-conditions: Delivery Delivery time Installation Payment Warranty

General Validity

: ex works, including packing, excluding import/export documentation, excluding VAT, rights and taxes; : 4 - 6 weeks after receipt of order; : installation and commissioning is not included; : 30% with the order; 70% when ready for shipment; : one year after installation, in which period we will supply parts free of charge to replace defective parts. Deliveries ex warehouse the Netherlands. Defects caused by misuse, lack of maintenance and/or external influences are excluded from the warranty terms; : our general conditions as included apply to these quotations; : this offer is valid until June 15 - 2012.

R1205040 Interzoo 2012  

Specifications: Dimensions : 2150 x 600 x 1850H mm Power : 1x230 Volt - 2.2 kW Working temperatures : -10 to +50 0 C The K9000 is the origin...

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