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November 2011

Purls of Wisdom


What Katie Learned. We meet the first Monday of the month (except for holidays) at Westminster Canterbury, 3100 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach. Check to confirm the meeting date. Questions? Please email us at

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President’s Message

N O V. 7 MEETING Meet and Greet, 7 p.m. Business Meeting, 7:15 p.m. Program will be



Dear Guild members, At the time I am writing this I am looking forward to the wonderful weekend we are about to have with Sally Melville. But by the time you are reading this the weekend will have passed. I would just like to take a minute here and thank Trink Dahl-Prince for all her hard work in setting up the Sally Melville weekend and making it a memorable weekend for all of us. Trink started putting this weekend together a couple of years ago. She was the driving force behind all the details (and there were a lot of them!) Thank you, Trink, for everything! Another person who deserves a big “thank you” is Debbie Henderson. She set up our booth at the Chesapeake Waterways festival in October and worked it during the entire event. Debbie also is our charity committee chairperson. She has given countless hours to this task in order to distribute the items that are donated by guild members to the various charities. Thank you, Debbie! Thank you to all of you who bring your own hearts and talents to our meetings and events and share them with us all. You make our Guild what it is. As we begin the roll into the holiday season, just remember to take time to relax and enjoy your life. (Usually that means ... sit down and knit a bit!) See you soon.

Allison Hun t





General Fund: $4,360.05 Charity Fund: $534.60 Total Funds: $4,894.65 If you need to pay dues and cannot attend a meeting, please fill out and mail the form at the end of this newsletter along with a check for $20. -- Bev Boler

Member Birthdays This Month Rae Struebing Nov. 2 Lisa Roberts Nov. 4 Cheryl Cauthen-Bond Nov. 13 Susan Wilkins Nov. 13 Brenda Bunting Nov. 14 Rachel Skurzewski Nov. 15 Wanda Gunnoe Nov. 18 Barbara Wright Nov. 23 Bobbie Berryman Nov. 25

SWEET TRADITION Trink Dahl-Prince, vice president, prepares to slice a cake during the October meeting to celebrate TKGV’s 19th birthday.

Kimberly Reynolds Nov. 25 Melanie Perez-Lopez Nov. 27 Sue Von Ohlsen Nov. 28

Mark Your Calendar s

Guild meetings start with Meet and Greet at 7 p.m., followed by the Business Meeting at 7:15 p.m. Nov. 7 – Guild Meeting. Nominating committee to present slate of officers. Katie Gerwien to discuss “What I Learned at TKGV classes.” Nov. 11-12 – “Getting Cozy with Cashmere” workshop at Spring Gate Farm, Barboursville, Va. For information, contact Jane McKinney at or (434) 990-9162, or see Dec. 5 – Guild Meeting. Election of officers. NOTE: Thank you to all who assisted with the Sally Melville weekend. If you have suggestions for programs, please email Trink Dahl-Prince, vice president, at


Charity Knitting Updates

By Debbie Henderson


We could not have asked for a better weekend to sit, knit and chat with the public than what we had for the Chesapeake Waterways Heritage Festival. The weather was PERFECT. The Guild shared a space backed up to the locks with area spinners and weavers along with a couple sheep close by. Our backdrop included a steady stream of boats moving through the locks and a couple of bald eagles searching for food. A postcard opportunity with the inscription on the back: “Having a great time, wish you were here.” We chatted with a number of people stopping at our display and heard as many memorable knitting stories. At some point during the two busy days, we even got some charity knitting started and hopefully recruited some new members for the Guild. I hope we can expand our involvement in this event next year and make it a knit-out in order to involve the public more with hands-on experience with knitting. Last but not least, I would like to thank Allison Hunt, Katie Gerwien, Linda Johnson, Marilyn Estrada, Joanne Fischer, and Brenda Bunting for all their help with this event.

CAPS FOR KIDS December and the holidays is just around the corner which means our “Caps for Kids” campaign has started. Every year for our December meeting we have had a hat competition. Knitters can enter a hat (or hats) to be judged by Guild members for originality, technical merit, best in show (“oo ahh”factor) or quantity knitted. There was an interest expressed last year in expanding the field to include slippers. I say bring it on; however, a pair of slippers counts as one item, not two separate items. Just remember that all hats and slippers must be machine-washable in hot water and machine dryable. For members of the Guild who have very little time to knit even for themselves, please consider donating a store-bought hat or even mittens. A special raffle will be held for all members who donate items for charity. You must be present to win. If you can’t attend a meeting and have any questions or need to submit your charity count for my records, you can email me at

Knit Hats for the Homeless

By Patricia Link It is that time of year again, when a nice warm hat will help comfort the homeless people in our community. Last year, we donated 477 hats. This year, the demand is even greater.  I have a request in hand for 300 hats from the Queen Street Baptist Church on Brambleton Avenue in Norfolk. This is in addition to the other requests. I have 164 hats in house to date. I know we will not be able to fully meet the need, but it would be nice to provide what we can. WE CAN DO IT! PLEASE help ... if you can. You can contact me at to let me know when you are ready for me to pick up. Thank  you for your kind heart -- and nimble fingers.


H ist or ica lly S p e a kin g: S m it hson ia n By Karen Richardson Did you know the Smithsonian Institute has a collection of knitting related items? Over the next few months I will be presenting some examples of the collection. Knitting Artist: Thomas Eakins - born Philadelphia, 1844, died Philadelphia,1916. Bronze sculpture relief female figure knitting, modeled 1882 -1883, cast 1890, held in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, gift of Mr. and Mrs Stuart Feld.

Learn more at artwork/?id=79025.

A Little of This and That

By Karen Richardson


Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach all have Adult Learning Centers that offer a variety of courses. I recently registered to take a class on Microsoft OneNote 2007 (class cost: $39 for seniors). According to the catalog description, OneNote is “one of the most important new pieces of software of the last decade,� offering a variety of applications. It is a digital notebook that makes organizing and gathering files very easy. In OneNote, you can put all your important details into one simple and searchable place. Applied to knitting, this program can help you stay on top of your knitting projects and I am so looking forward to learning it. Another class being offered is about Outlook, which sorts e-mails into folders, organizes tasks and imports information from an Excel spreadsheet. I am especially looking forward to learning this program to use with my knitting books and yarn inventories. Check it out and get organized! For more information, call 648-6050 in Virginia Beach to request a catalog or visit

CRAFTSY is another source for learning knitting and crochet techniques. The website offers online courses that you can take (for a fee) on your own schedule.


Support the 3/50 Project By Debbie Henderson

The 3/50 Project is a national movement to bring awareness of the need to support our local independent businesses, which are “the brick and mortar our nation was and is built on.” You can become involved by thinking of “3” independent businesses you would hate to see disappear, then popping in, saying “hello” and buying something that brings a smile to you. The “50” is the magic dollar amount to spend monthly among the three businesses you have in mind. For example, businesses could include YARN SHOPS, bakeries and auto repair shops. I realize that everyone has different financial circumstances and I am not advocating not shopping at chain stores or the on the Internet, but to think local independent businesses first when you can. This ensures that more of our money is kept locally. Small local businesses, like our yarn shops, provide not only merchandise, but also a personal touch (you can find somebody when you need help). Our local yarn shops also provide us with friendship, help, a place to knit, share ideas and socialize. And that is priceless.

Please support our advertisers, as they help defray the cost of this newsletter. Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe wants to thank the Knitting Guild of Tidewater for sharing in an amazing weekend with Sally Melville. We are presently having a BIG SALE: 40 percent off ALL BOOKS! The more titles you buy, the bigger the discount. Don't forget to ask for your military discount at checkout: 10 percent off to all active-duty military members and spouses. And remember, our classes are only $5 or $10 each.

Gobble gobble. Yeah, I caught you with your mitts in the kids' Halloween bags. Back away from the candy. Fill your hands with some yarn and needles instead! And speaking of yarn… The goodies we ordered continue to trickle in. All sorts of yummies from those crazy girls in Philly, The Fibre Company, have hit the shelves, with more to come! Your previous favorite, Road to China Light (cashmere and silk), has been joined by the brilliant Canopy (fingering weight) and slowly but surely, the hot story at TNNA: Acadia! We've also added great new patterns from Never Not Knitting (these things are flying out of here as if they had wings), C2Knits and Lisa Ellis. Don't miss this: Lawre O'Leary makes her somewhat annual visit to our humble yarn haven on Nov. 5. She'll have her usual exquisite array of fabrics and bags, needle books and accessories. You can place orders or instantly fall in love with a new bag. 'Cause you can never have enough bags. But you knew that. And don't forget -- if you received a coupon from Lawre at yarn Ş patterns Ş notions Ş classes Worldwide Knit In Public Day, she is honoring them during the all in the company of friends. trunk show. Bring it with you! You know what else comes in November? Black Friday! We will do our best to contribute to the retail madness with our 945 Providence Square Shopping Ctr Ş Virginia Beach annual After-Thanksgiving Day Sale! Come in after stalking the 757-495-6600 Ş chain stores and soothe your frayed nerves with a little fiber therapy. You'll need it by then!


Free Thanksgiving Patterns

Get out your orange, yellow and brown yarns to knit these fun, free fall projects:

Turkey Finger Puppet: Autumn Pumpkins: Acorns: 100_Flowers_To_Knit_and_Crochet-knit_project.pdf Felted Turkey with Pilgrim Hat: 2007/11/felted-thanksgiving-turkey-pattern.html Jive Turkey Baby Hat:

Please support our advertisers, as they help defray the cost of this newsletter.

November is super exciting at The Yarn Club! We have a new trunk show coming in from C2knits. Eight winter garments using our yarns will be in until the 11th. These super-easy knits are the perfect sweaters to knit up before it gets really cold. Knit, Swirl is sending two trunk shows. The first one is due in by the 15th so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details. The books are back in stock and the garments are a lot easier to knit than they look. Kimberly has one in the works and is available to answer questions anytime. These jackets are a must-see; inspiring and stunning. Think warm, think cozy, think SMC! The Yarn Club has an amazing assortment of reasonably priced yarns from Westminster Fibers. If you are not familiar with the wonderful line of SMC yarns, come on in soon. Silk Wool is a great blend that knits up in a heavy worsted weight. We have more than 12 colors to choose from and a fun new pattern book, too. The Highland Alpaca Fino is a delicate fingering weight yarn that lends itself perfectly with the new Coastal Knits book that is 240 Mustang Trail back in stock. We are carrying the full line of SMC yarns and Suite 8 we are very excited about it. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Great holiday gifts are here! Happy knitting, Andrea

For November, ALL Plymouth yarns will be 30 percent off ! This includes Encore, so it is a great time to stock up on yarn for afghans. Thank you for shopping at TKC.


T IDEWATER K NITTING G UILD OF V IRGINIA M INUTES , 10/3/11 Editor’s note: Below for your review are the unapproved minutes of the October Guild meeting. The TKGV president called the October 2011 meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. by welcoming our guests and extending birthday wishes to our members and guests celebrating their birthdays in October. Members and guests enjoyed the opportunity to meet with two other attendees they had not met previously. The president gave each attendee a copy of the by-laws and explained the by-laws require a nominating committee to select the 2012 TKGV board candidates. Trink Dahl-Prince, Melanie Perez-Lopez and Sonja Barisic will comprise the TKGV nominating committee for selecting the candidates for the 2012 TKGV board. The nominating committee will report at the November TKGV meeting. On motion of Rae Struebing, seconded, TKGV members approved offering two scholarships to current TKGV members to attend each of the four TKGV-sponsored Sally Melville classes. Rae Struebing accepted a friendly amendment from Debbie Henderson to the above motion; the treasurer will review the requests for scholarships and will limit scholarships to no more than two classes per applicant, based on the total number of scholarship requests. We received the treasurer’s report. The general fund has a balance of $3,884.98, and the charity fund has a balance of $458.66, with both balances calculated prior to the October meeting. Debbie Henderson advised the Guild she will set up a table and display at the Water Ways Heritage Festival at the Great Bridge Battlefields the weekend of Oct. 8 (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and Oct. 9, 2011 (from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.). Guild members are invited to participate in the event. Please bring a portable chair. We will focus on knitting for charity. Debbie will have patterns and yarns. Please bring 16 inch, # 8, 9 & 10 needles to work on hats. In addition, Debbie will raffle gifts to those members who attend the event. The Guild celebrated the Guild’s 19th anniversary. Trink Dahl-Prince reviewed the Sally Melville classes and solicited assistance for transporting Sally during the weekend of her visit. Following the member show and tell of current projects, the Ways and Means Committee conducted the raffle. The items in the raffle were from The Knitting Corner. There being no further business, the president adjourned the meeting at 8:57 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Ka tie Gerwien

secretary, TKGV

D E A D L I N E F O R D E C . N E W S L E T T E R : N O V. 1 5 Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, ads, photos, stories and patterns you’d like to share to editor Sonja Barisic at or 734 Delaware Ave., Norfolk, VA 23508. Items submitted after the deadline will be held until the following issue. Thank you, and happy reading and knitting. Sonja Ba risic


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TKVG Newsletter November 2011  

The November 2011 issue of the newsletter of the Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia.