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Organization Development and Human Resources Audit Interventions OD and Human Resources Audit Interventions are an inclusive mechanism of the ongoing HR strategies in regards to the primary and secondary objectives and goals of an organization. Conducting and establishing Hr Audit helps in evaluating and determining the significant objectives of the organization for the coming times in comparison to the organizations present human resource development activities. A few perquisites which are to be considered for a Human Resource Audit include the follows:  Where would the progress of the organization be in a span of 8 years, 6 years and in the span of two years? The answer to this question highlights the correlation between the business processes and provides a detailed perspective for the Balance Score Card (BSC) implementation.

What are the current resources and skill set of the present human resource division in regards to their performance and obligations? This helps in determining the proficiency and expertise of the HR division on the HRD Score Card.

Which human resource sub divisions, presently, are rendering a steady base which complements the future prospects and goals of the organization development? This helps in sustaining a certain level of progress in the internal working of the organization and defining it on the HRD Score Card.

Is the current human resource formation able to suffice the HRD activities in the organization? This helps in determining the utilization of the working human resources and positively affects the HRD Score Card.

Are the senior managements interactions with the employees in sync with the ideals and culture of the organization? This contributes in boosting the internal work culture and morale of the employees. The following aspects are of utmost significance in determining the work of HR Audits by OD Consultants:  Introducing enhanced management systems which measure performance and actively promote a healthy work culture.  TQM based interventions carried out by a team of professionals.  Timely Feedback and Survey  Clarity in the framework  Training, Career Planning and Progressive Workshops.  Establishing Assessment Portals and emphasis on the organizations policies.  Vision and Value Workshops Taking the above into consideration CerveauSys an OD and Human Resources Audit intervention processes consultant set of collectively strategized methods to impart internal assistance to the hr organization Development whilst boosting the capabilities and potential of the management. A large part of an HR Audit OD Consultants work involves detailed observation and measurement of the HRD performance and successfully incorporating change management techniques which strengthen the competence and work of the staff. More info at

Organization development and human resources audit interventions  

OD and Human Resources Audit Interventions are an inclusive mechanism of the ongoing HR strategies in regards to the primary and secondary o...