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Vintage 2 x 12", 140-Watt Stereo Guitar Cabinet with Original BUGERA Speakers

Guitar Cabinet • With 140 Watts of explosive power handling, this vintage cabinet is the perfect complement to BUGERA amps • Original 2 x 12" BUGERA Vintage Guitar Series speakers • Versatile 4/16-Ohm mono or 2 x 70-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo configuration • Stylish and comfortable carrying handle for easy single-handed transportation • Extremely low-resonance and low-vibration cabinet • Reinforced corners and protective vinyl covering • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

The BUGERA 212V-BK is the perfect p mate to our BUGERA all-tube a amp heads and combos, but b also matches virtually any other o amp head. And it packs all a the punch and high-quality sound s you’ve come to expect from fr BUGERA. We proudly load this t 2 x 12" cabinet with the same speakers s that started a sonic revolution—and re yes, they are still lovingly lo handmade in our very own o factory.

Built Like a Tank! B Just like all our premium guitar cabinets, c the 212V-BK is built solid—without s any unwanted resonance re or vibrations. This cabinet c delivers nothing but BUGERA B tone—and because it’s it built like a tank, it can take whatever w life dishes out, from one gig to the next.

Ultimately Versatile Equipped with our Mono/Stereo Mode switch, the 212V-BK works perfectly with all BUGERA combos and heads, allowing you to choose between 140-Watt, 4 or 16-Ohm mono or 2 x 70-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo operation.

Crank it Up! The BUGERA 212V-BK isn’t just kind to your ears and your wallet. Your wrists and back will rejoice at how easy it is to transport this cabinet, thanks to the super-comfortable carry handles. And with its reinforced corners and protective vinyl covering, the 212V-BK will continue to look great for many years to come. Whether you are completing your BUGERA “dream stack” or just adding an extension cabinet to your combo, the BUGERA 212V-BK has the sound that can propel your playing career to the next level.



Vintage 2 x 12", 140-Watt Stereo Guitar Cabinet with Original BUGERA Speakers

Guitar Cabinet Rear Panel

Left jack: Mono input jack, 16立 (Mono mode) Left input jack, 8立 (Stereo mode)

Mono/Stereo Switch: Up (Stereo mode), Down (Mono mode)

Right jack: Parallel output, 4立 (Mono mode) Right input, 8立 (Stereo mode)


H o o k- U p

Vintage 2 x 12", 140-Watt Stereo Guitar Cabinet with Original BUGERA Speakers

Guitar Cabinet V22 with Extension Cabinet

1960 Full Stack Setup

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

HB01 FSB102A



1990 Speaker OUT

Speaker IN V22


Speaker IN 212V-BK




Vintage 2 x 12", 140-Watt Stereo Guitar Cabinet with Original BUGERA Speakers

Guitar Cabinet Speaker type Power rating (mono/stereo) Impedance (mono/stereo) Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight

2 x 12" BUGERA Vintage Guitar Series, 12G70J8 140 Watts / 2 x 70 Watts 4/16 Ohms mono, 8 Ohms stereo 27.2 x 10.8 x 20.9" 690 x 275 x 530 mm 48.5 lbs / 22 kg

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