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Netbook SDHC™ memory card

Highlights ‚‚ Upgrade your netbook for more videos, music and photos: Give yourself more room for the things you need. ‚‚ Choose lightweight storage, hidden out-of-sight: No additional cables or adapters required. ‚‚ Run programs directly from the card: This card let’s you do even more by installing and running applications. ‚‚ Transfer high-quality files in a snap: It’s easy to transfer files between your netbook and your desktop computer. ‚‚ Back up the netbook hard disk drive: Use this super simple ‚‚ protection. ‚‚ Trust SanDisk for a high-quality SDHC(tm) card backed by a 5-year limited** warranty

Take favorite things with you on a Netbook SDHC™ Memory Card from SanDisk. Just insert the specialized card and you’ll expand your netbook’s storage for videos, movies, music, large files, and more. Keep your memorable pictures and videos within reach, so it’s easy to update your friends. Whether you’re hanging out over coffee or killing time on a plane, the netbook memory card from SanDisk keeps what’s new in your life close at hand—not stuck at home. With 8GB or 16GB* of extra memory stored inside, this durable card can act as a backup if your netbook’s hard disk drive ever gets damaged. And with all that extra space, you can do even more with your netbook by installing and running programs directly from the card. No cables. No hassles. Out of sight. With no cords or adapters to mess with, there’s nothing sticking out that could get in the way or damage your netbook. So you never have to ruin the fun and portability of your netbook with external storage drives and cables.

Netbook SDHC™ memory card Specifications Capacities

8GB, 16GB*

Part numbers


Americas SDSDNT-008G-A11

Netbook, SDHC, 8GB, RTL, AM


Netbook, SDHC, 16GB, RTL, AM

Europe, the Middle East and Africa SDSDNT-008G-E11

Netbook, SDHC, 8GB, RTL, EU


Netbook, SDHC, 16GB, RTL, EU

Included in package • Memory card

How much can you store? Card Capacity




SanDisk Corporation, Corporate Headquarters 601 McCarthy Boulevard Milpitas, CA 95035



(H.264; @768 kbps)











16GB *

3.5 minute songs†

8GB *

3.5 minute songs†



32 16

* 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. Not all devices support SDHC cards. Contact your device manufacturer for details. ** 5 year warranty in regions not recognizing limited † Approximations: results will vary based on file size, resolution, compression, bit rate, content, host device, pre-loaded files and other factors. See © 2009 SanDisk Corporation. SanDisk and the SanDisk logo are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation, registered in the US and other regions. SDHC is a trademark of SD-3C LLC. 80-11-01691 08/09

Cartao de Memoria SanDisk Netbook SDHC 16GB - Manual Sonigate  

Highlights No cables. No hassles. Out of sight. With no cords or adapters to mess with, there’s nothing sticking out that could get in the w...

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