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Protek 9205C FEATURES 0.02Hz-2MHz(7 Ranges) Sine, Triangle,Square,Pulse,Ramp, Slesed Sine Waveform Sync. Out (TTL Square Waveform) Sweep Function VCG Input DC Offset Frequency Counter

SPECIFICATIONS Output Frequency Range Accuracy Amplitude Attenuation Impedance Sine Wave Flatness Distortion Square Wave Rise/Fall Time Triangle Wave Linearity Symmetry Variation VCF Input Sweep Function Mode Width Time Frequency Counter Range Accuracy Max.Input Voltage Input Impedance General Power Dimension Weight

0.02Hz-2MHz(7 Ranges) ±5% of Full Scale to 200KHz, ±8% of Full Scale from 200KHz-2MHz 10Vp-p in 50 Load Fixed 20dB±1dB, 20dB Continuity Variable 50 ±5% Better than ±3dB-2MHz at Max.Output AMP 2%(10Hz-100KHz) 100ns or Less 99% or More-100KHz 1:1-4:1 0V-10V DC Linear 1:1-100:1 20ms-2s 10Hz-2MHz 0.01%±1 Count 70Vp-p 1M 100/120/220/230V AC±10%, 50/60Hz 205(W)*267(D)*76(H)mm Approx.2.5Kg

Gerador de Funcoes Digital Protek 9205C - Manual Sonigate