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PC3000/4000 Program Selector

AUDAC Features - Flexible system - Compatible with Niko, Legrand and bTicino installation materials - Up to 5 programs - Slim design - Blends beautifully into walls - Easy installation


- Private houses - Industrial buildings - Offices

The PC3000 and PC4000 are AUDAC’s flush mount wall program selectors. They are compatible with Audac, Niko, bTicino and standard U40 installation materials. And are is available in black (/B) and white (/W). The channel is selectable with a rotatable knob. There’s the possibility to select 1 out of 5 different sources. Due to it’s slim and good looking design, these program selectors will blend into all kinds of different environments or interiors. The construction of the PC3000 and PC4000 is made with sturdy ABS and therefore suitable for big projects in industrial buildings to the standard installation into home design interiors.

Specifications PRODUCT FEATURES Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)


45 x 45 x 60 mm 43 x 43 x 60 mm 100 g ABS Audac / Niko/ Legrand bTicino White (RAL 9010)

SHIPPING & ORDERING Packaging Shipping weight & volume

Carton box 55 g - 0. 00009 Cbm

Weight net Construction Mounting

PC3000 PC4000


PC4000 PC3000/W PC4000/W Black (RAL 9005) PC3000/B PC4000/B

*AUDAC reserves the right to change specifications without notice: this is part of our policy to continually improve our product

The connections are made at the back with screw clamp connectors. The associated coverplates for the PC3000 are the AUDAC CP45CF. They have to be ordered separately. The PC4000 is designed to be used in combination with bTicino coverplates.


Controlador de 5 Zonas Branco - Audac - Manual Sonigate  
Controlador de 5 Zonas Branco - Audac - Manual Sonigate  

Specifications bTicino PC4000 Colour White (RAL 9010) PC3000/W PC4000/W Black (RAL 9005) PC3000/B PC4000/B SHIPPING & ORDERING Packaging...