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VB™ 810

Frequency Response, 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in anechoic environment: 57 Hz to 6 kHz Usable Low Frequency (-10 dB): 40 Hz Power Handling: Mono: 800W RMS 1600W program 3200W peak Stereo: 400W RMS 800W program 1600W peak Sound Pressure Level, 1 Watt, 1 meter in anechoic environment: 100 dB SPL (2.00V input) Transducer Complement: Eight high-performance 32 ohm 10” woofers Impedance (Z): Mono: 4 Ohms Stereo: 2X 8 Ohms Input Connections: Mono: One Combo 1/4" phone/ Speakon® jack, becomes the jack for the upper four speakers when a plug is plugged into either of the bottom two jacks. Stereo Automatic Switching Jacks: One Neutrik® Speakon® jack, one 1/4" phone jack Enclosure Materials & Finish: 18 mm Baltic birch plywood finished in black polyurethane Hammerhead™ finish, with a full length cloth grille Transport provisions: Steel handles, one on each side, grab bar handle along top rear edge, and rear bottom casters. Dimensions (H x W x D): 26.13 in. x 16.30 in. x 48.50 in. (not inclusive of casters or pull bar handle) Net Weight: 144 Lbs.

(65.5 kg)

Features • Eight 10” 32 ohm ferrite magnet woofers • 1600 watts program power handling • Sealed cabinet for tight precision bass • Baltic Birch plywood cabinet • Tilt-back bar type handle • Heavy-duty caster wheels • Skid Rails to aid load-in & load-out. • One Speakon® Combo jack, and a 1/4” phone jack and Speakon® • Durable black polyurethane Hammerhead™ finish • Classic 810 voicing for that ageless bass cabinet sound


VB™ 810

Description The new VB™ series was designed from the ground up for the serious professional bass player. Voiced to sound like classic 810 cabinets of yesteryear, the versatility and performance of the VB™ 810 encourages use with any fine bass amp head. The VB™ 810 is constructed using a premium grade of 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood with extensive internal bracing, and is covered with durable polyurethane Hammerhead™ finish. The cabinet includes a black cloth grille with a wooden plywood frame for that warm musical “tone”. Tilting the cabinet back engages heavy-duty casters on the rear back edge to provide easy transport, along with the convenience of a pull bar handle on the top rear edge. Skid rails on the back allow the cabinet to be slide along it’s back for loading or unloading ease.

With a nominal impedance of 4 ohms in Mono input mode, and a power handling of 1600 watts program and 3200 watts peak, the VB™ 810 can be used in conjunction with any reasonably sized bass amp head. Be sure to check the amplifier specifications to verify the minimum impedance rating of the amp used to power the VB™ 810.

An automatic switching system allows easy Stereo connection, avoiding the requirement to have an extra cable plugged into the cabinet to engage Stereo mode, or to provide Mono mode. The top Speakon® Combo jack provides either a 1/4” phone input, or a Speakon® input for Mono use, while plugging into either the bottom 1/4” phone jack or the lower Speakon® jack engages Stereo mode, and connects to the bottom four speakers. Once either bottom jack is used, the top Combo jack becomes the Stereo input for the top four speakers. The eight 10” ferrite magnet woofers are 32 ohm impedance, so they can be wired in parallel, while maintaining good power handling and a very consistent bass tone. The sealed cabinet insures tight articulate bass notes, with every nuance and pluck rendered precisely.

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Logo referenced in Directive 2002/96/EC Annex IV (OJ(L)37/38,13.02.03 and defined in EN 50419: 2005 The bar is the symbol for marking of new waste and is applied only to equipment manufactured after 13 August 2005

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