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Why Full Obedience to God is Your Best Move

When you set your heart to love the Lord with total (hundredfold) obedience, your soul will feel empowered and satisfied. Let me explain: Empowered: The pursuit of 98% obedience has a limited blessing. The last 2% positions us to live with a vibrant heart. Powerful and surprising dynamics occur in your emotions as you pursue the last 2%. There will be a “spark” of the Spirit in your heart as you “reach” or aim to live this way. Aiming for hundredfold obedience includes controlling our speech (Jas. 3:2), making a covenant with our eyes and refusing to look at anything that stirs up lust (Job 31:1), disciplining our physical appetites, managing our time (for service and prayer) and our money to increase the kingdom of God. This reach must be so deliberate that it gets into your daily dialogue with God in your prayer times. It is more than a casual commitment to obey God in a general way. Pursuing one hundredfold obedience is different from attaining it. When you sin, you repent and renew your resolve to “reach” to fully obey God… you do it with confidence because you have believed He loves you and enjoys you. He values your journey to grow in love. You are equally yoked to Jesus, not by the size of your love, but by the “all” of your love. Though your “all” maybe small, the point is that it is your “all.”


Satisfied: God created you with a longing to be wholehearted in your love for Him. It is necessary for your emotional health. The human heart does not function properly without wholeheartedness. Remember, God is self-sufficient. He desires us, but does not need us. His insistence on our full obedience is not because He has an insecure ego looking for affirmation. He knows that only in fully loving Him you will be able to experience the fullness of what it means to be human. By requiring your full dedication and in helping you to sustain it, He equips you to experience great joy. Pablo Perez

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Why Full Obedience to God is Your Best Move  
Why Full Obedience to God is Your Best Move