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1 pm @ the Jazz Cafe

This is good old fashioned Rock with emphasis on guitar. No frills, no spills, Saint Agnes delivered a good set of solid songs to a quite attentive audience. Kitty Austen adds a very gothic but sensational look to the band but is no little miss behind a six string!!

It’s an electrifying 1pm wake up for Camden as Broken Chords hit the Monarch with an overdose of adrenaline and good old straight rock’n’roll. The Hertfordshire 3 piece once again grabs the audience attention confirming themselves as one of 2014’s bands to watch.

1 pm @ The Monarch

2pm @ The Beatrice

Late, stressed, set-up in five minutes, sound checked in three. Performing two minutes later! But the adrenaline pumped bluesy rockers did not let the London traffic sway their performance to a crowded venue. Looking good, sounding good, great addition to the Camden fest!

2pm @ The Black Cap

With their new double guitar formula, Stereo Juggernaut effortlessly wow a 2pm crowd at The Black Cap. The chemistry is tangible, the new songs promising, the old ones still strong. Petite Ben commands the stage with his Placebo-like vocals and an attitude now mature for bigger stages. Make sure you catch them at Alt-Fest.

2.30 @ The Electric Ballroom

Five minutes to stage time there is an empty Ballroom. One minute to stage time, a decently occupied Ballroom. Probably my favourite gig of the day. Protafield provided an immense atmospheric set of very original material with the accuracy and presence of a well established bunch of pros. I think the crowd felt just the same.

3pm @ The Underworld

Playing to a good crowd, these Northern boys entertained the South with their alternative punk style with guitar centric tunes that kept the audience pleased for the entire set. You need to catch these guys!

4pm @ The Underworld

Self styled ‘electro punk with big beats’ the Hounds bring their mesmerizing noise to a packed Underworld and are not afraid to play it loud. For fans of Killing Joke, powerful darkness and bright clothes.

4.30 @ The Forge Ally Dickaty providing a pure acoustic set to a very crowded gig. This is a tough thing to pull off on your own and Ally certainly did that. The only thing that could have benefited this would have been a complete band unplugged!

8pm at Dingwalls Canalside Bar

Influenced by the Stooges with a Ramonesque attitude, these young North Londoners packed one of the most charming Camden venues for one of the most fun gigs of the day! Single out now and more gigs to come, @wearethedash

8pm @ Dingwalls

Oddly enough, the only gig of the day where I was refused entry because of capacity issues. but once in (the crowd was worse than 5pm on the tube), managed to catch some of Terrorvision’ Tony Wright and partner Milly Evans acoustic performance, which was quite enjoyable.

9pm @ Dingwalls

If the queue outside Dingwalls is anything to go by, ‘Candy For The Clowns’ marks an explosive comeback for Sam Forrest and his Nine Black Alps. The wait was all worth it. Personal favourite of the day, catch them live and buy the album NOW.

9.30pm @ The Electric Ballroom

What can be said about the Subways that hasn’t already? Great headline act for the Festival. Full of energy, full of good music, gig full to capacity, even the photo pit was at capacity! Great show by a great band. Enough said.


10pm @ The Enterprise Competing with the Froch v Groves boxing match, this was always going to be a tough gig. But the boys from Cumbria with their alternative punk set were energetic enough to fill the music part of the gig and deliver a good show under the circumstances.

the Deadcuts

I caught them just as they got off stage at a packed Hawley Arms: gutted. This is how a great band should look after a great show. Fact.

Ginger Wildheart

We met him just before getting on stage, but we managed to miss him too: Jazz Cafe filled to capacity!

SONIC SHOCKS - Camden Rocks 2014 Special  
SONIC SHOCKS - Camden Rocks 2014 Special  

While Cristina Massei and Mark Fletcher try to recover, here are some images from the shows they managed to catch on a sunny North London af...