Pumpkin for Petunia

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It was the day before Halloween.

Petunia got dressed, grabbed her goody bag, and sneaked out of the house. Her mom was busy boiling some stew in the kitchen.

Petunia couldn't wait any longer to see the sights. She had heard that many of the villages were decorated for Harvest Day; others called it Halloween. In either case, it meant lots of treats and lots of fun. Petunia said she wanted to go to every house in the county.

Her mother laughed, and reminded her, "You get tired after walking to your Auntie May's house on Sunday afternoons. I am sure your little feet won't be able to handle more than two villages.” Then she added, “This is your first of many Halloweens to come. No need to do it all in one night.” Petunia couldn't wait for Halloween.

She had been walking in the woods for some time that afternoon, when she realized she might be lost.

Her home seemed far away, and she doubted if she could even hear her mom call her in for dinner. She began to worry and just then....

A woman flew by her. It caught her by surprise. You don't see that every day. Petunia leaped back for a second, especially when the woman did a double take and flew back toward Petunia.

“Yikes!" Petunia asked, nervously, “Are you a witch?”

The woman replied, “So that is a joke, right, little girl? A woman gets a few wrinkles, and then children begin to say mean things about her.” “No, no, Madam. I am so sorry. It's just that you are wearing that hat, and flying a broom, and your face....”

“My face, what about my face....?” the woman retorted. “I have been told that I am attractive for a woman my age.”

“Oh, I thought I saw you fly past me –” “Are saying there is something wrong with witches?” interrupted the woman. “Never! Please take no offense, but I did think you were riding a broom,” explained the girl. “Oh, I was in a hurry. Flashed right past you, did I? In my younger days, I was quite fast, and won some races in my time.” The little girl explained she had gone far from home because she wanted to go see the decorations of the nearby towns.

The old lady had a great idea!

“I will take you to the village nearby and then you can call your mom to take you home, after you see all the decorations.�

The little girl agreed that was a great idea!

“You are so nice!” added the girl. “Well I couldn't resist such a sweet little pumpkin. I shall call you Pumpkin today.” “My name is Petunia. But you can call me Pumpkin today!” The little girl asked, “What shall I call you?” “Gladys,” responded the woman.

The path through the woods was long and winding, but the two finally made it into town. The day was grand, and full of scary and wonderful sites.

“Oh, this is so scary! I love it!," shouted Petunia. "I love being scared. Thank you, thank you, Gladys!”

And there was more to see, the dark raven in the midnight woods and the haunted lake house.

Petunia remarked, “Mama would never take me here. Thank you Gladys for watching over me.�

Through the whole day, Gladys looked on as Petunia enjoyed herself.

The pumpkin patch was a real treat! “Thank you, Gladys. They look like my family,� she joked. She picked up a pumpkin and held it in her hands.

Gladys responded, “Hmmm, sweet pumpkin, I am sure your family is all sweet like you. It's been my pleasure, my little sweet pumpkin, sweet as pie, oven baked, a dash of spice and everything nice.�

It was an odd statement, but Gladys was far from ordinary. That is what made her interesting, along with her outrageous laugh, a sort of cackle and caw. She was an unusual lady, who enjoyed her sweet pumpkin companion, it would seem.

It was getting dark, and the little girl was tired. She told Gladys she wanted to go home. “Could we call my mother now?”

Gladys said, “My apologies, dear. I have not seen a phone anywhere. We best go to my house in the woods. I will carry you if you become too weary.”

The girl feel asleep in her arms, and then Gladys tied her to the broom as she slept. Both flew to Gladys’ cabin in the woods.

When the little girl awoke she found herself in a pumpkin patch, and inside a big carved pumpkin, and could not escape. Gladys said, “You will make the best pumpkin pie ever. You are such a sweet little pumpkin.” Petunia said, “But I am not a pumpkin.” “Ha Ha, you are a pumpkin. I see what I see,” said Gladys. Petunia exclaimed, “This is my Halloween costume! I see what I see, and you are a witch.”

The witch giggled. Then frustrated, Petunia added, “If you tug at my head, you will see me as I am.�

So the woman pulled off the little girl's pumpkin head, and fell back in surprise.

The little girl was a little witch. Petunia shut her eyes tightly to remember, the perfect recipe past down generations from her great grandmother's grandmother. She whispered‌

Yum pump, kin cook, spice, sugar, leaves, twice, 5 servings of seasoned sage minus old lady age, pie served up in the eve sky.

Petunia turned the old witch into a pumpkin pie and stuffed it under her big floppy hat.

She flew home on Gladys’ broom, and treated her family to dessert that night.

She found her mom waiting for her outside the house, worried silly about her little witch.

Petunia nearly missed her first Halloween. Her mom grounded her, but let her put on her costume. And when she did, she changed her mind when she saw how cute her little pumpkin head looked.

Petunia was still too full of pie to enjoy all the treats. Her mother was right, one village was more than enough for her little feet.

That Halloween was very special to the little girl, and

she was happy that she met Gladys, all things considered. She often recalled the tasty pumpkin pie she had for dessert. Smacking her lips, she knew the memory of that special day would linger inside her for a long time, at least a few more days.

SL Places of Interest & Inspiration‌ Botanica (Gecco), Halloween (Halloween), Halloween Rock N' Shock Festival (Palma), Halloween Village (Dedalo, Geranium Island), Haunted (Darkness), Haunted Trail 2013 (Equus), London's Knightsbridge, Mikey's Halloween World (Alcona), Pumpkin Town 2013 (Potpourri Markets, Boutou), Roadhouse Dreams (Idyllwilde), Roo (Meero Main store), Royal Pumpkin Patch (Royal Crown), and Bel's World Studios (Island of Fame). Also credits to: Vroom 200 Broom Rezzer from Something Spooky Haunted House (Garland), and various props/fashions - Cute witch from SweetiePie Riggles, Pumpkin smock from !gO!, Gown from Tres Beau Bewitched, and many items from our SL inventory over the years!

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