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Stretch Marks Treatment

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Freaxel laser for stretch marks is not your only option; could turn out to be one of the better options though. Stretch marks or striae appear when the dermis (the layer of skin beneath the epidermis) tears. Tearing is caused when the skin is subjected to rapid stretching brought on by quick weight and growth changes. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy you may want to try home remedies like cocoa butter, coconut oil or olive oil.

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The methods widely used include, but are not limited to: • Using creams and lotions. Topical treatments generally are more effective on new stretch marks; making them less noticeable. Over time, if used continually, topical products may help with the reduction and appearance of stretch marks.

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• Exfoliation: layers of dead skin are removed to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Can be exercised from home and typically ingredients include baking soda or oatmeal.

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• Microdermabrasion, another exfoliation process, is a non-surgical, painless cosmetic procedure which uses a mechanical medium to remove dead skin.

• Chemical peels are not considered the best choice in getting rid of stretch marks. Acid is used to get rid of the dead skin on the upper layer of the dermis. A peel which uses phenol, aka phenic or carbolic acid, penetrates the skin very deep, and is quite painful. Only qualified medical professionals should perform this procedure.

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• Surgery is really the only option with proven results. The most expensive choice, it may not be practical though. Depending on where the marks are on your body, surgery will remove stretch marks. • Handheld laser device which comes with its own operation manual. It was designed for the individual, and can be applied to stretch marks in the privacy of one’s own home. • Other methods, like mesotherapy and endermologie (both of which are used for cellulite treatment), were found by some to work well as a stretch marks treatment.

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Fraxel laser for stretch marks – a “form” of surgery Laser treatment for stretch marks is a very sought after method in the quest of many people trying to get rid of stretch marks. The science of laser therapy in short is the stimulation of the skin in order to bring about new tissue growth. This is accomplished when the ultraviolet light of the laser beams penetrates the skin at the dermis level where stretch marks originate. The laser beams stimulate the production of elastin and collagen (a protein rich compound) which brings about the repair and rejuvenation of skin tissue. Essentially damaged skin is removed, broken blood vessels are sealed and the fibers of the skin are repaired, thus “filling” the stretch marks.


The different types of stretch marks are treated by different types of laser beams. Areas on the body usually affected by stretch marks are the belly, upper arms, breasts, back and thighs. A KTP laser or a pulsed dye laser is best for those marks still purple or red in appearance. White stretch marks will benefit more from treatment with either the Fraxel Laser or the Fractional CO2 laser. An individual’s medical professional will determine the stage of the marks and based on the findings, the physician can advise on the laser treatment most advantageous in getting rid of stretch marks. Generally those marks still “fresh” will yield better respond to treatment.

Best treatment for stretch marks? Perhaps one of the most technologically advanced procedures currently available to treat stretch marks, laser treatment for stretch marks, as with most things in life, also has its pros and cons. Before embracing laser treatment in removing stretch marks, it may be wise to first consider both the pros and cons which are part and parcel of the therapy. Once all factors are considered it will enable the individual to make an informed decision.

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Be that as it may, every individual needs to investigate their specific situation; so enabling an informed decision. The final decision will most probably depend on the cost, as a few sessions may be necessary. Also, as discussed before, white stretch marks may need plastic surgery, rather than laser treatment. Consultation with either a dermatologist or any other medical expert in this field can go a long way in getting good advice or guidance on the most appropriate method. You really should re-consider laser treatment for stretch marks; click here to learn why‌

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