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The 50 golden years. 50 YEARS ON THE THRONE OF ELIZABETH II Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 50th anniversary; it is going to be held during year with celebrations throughout the UK. Elizabeth II will celebrate her anniversary with a visit to a lung cancer center, the disease that killed his father, the King George VI. The Queen will open the MacMillan Cancer Centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Norfolk, eastern England.




The royal family wants to make these celebrations discrete, because of their popularity has been declining for adultery and divorce. ON



The Queen herself doesn’t want to spend public money in the celebrations. Among the most symbolic celebrations she is going to make a personal speech to MPs and peers who will read on 30th April. She will also travel to several countries of the Commonwealth, the Englishspeaking nations, including Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica, and will tour the UK in several visits to thank her followers. MUSIC CONCERT Elizabeth II opened on July 25th in Manchester Commonwealth Games, the largest multi-sport event celebrated in the UK so far. On 1st June, a concert of classical music will be making in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, the residence of the queen, and tickets will be given to the present public. Two days later, also in these gardens, there will be a concert of music, "pop". In the anniversary of the coronation, -3rd and June 4rd, have been declared a national holiday.

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