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AS Media Representation Assignment

What: Choose a category/group of people and research how they have been represented in the media. Choose based on the following criteria: Class, gender, age, ethnicity, regionality, sexual orientation, disability

Find 3 examples of this sub-group being represented in the media. You can select from a variety of media forms: TV/film/print/advertising/web. At least one of the representations you choose should conform to traditional, simplistic, limited, often narrow-minded, stereotypes. At least one of the representations you choose should challenge those traditional stereotypes by offering a more complex, open-minded approach.

How: Present your findings as a Word document. 1. Name your chosen category. 2. Name your chosen 3 texts/programmes. 3. For each text, explain the way the category/group of people has been represented. (E.g. the old woman in this programme is represented as helpless and stupid because everyone speaks loudly to her and she has a bad memory.) Use images and/or screenshots to illustrate each text.

When: This is due in……………………….

Media representation of crime suspects:

How are gypsies and travellers represented in the media?

First Communion for traveller girl, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Feb 2012)

Scene during the evictions at Dale Farm, Essex, 2012.

representation assignment  

representation assignment