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10 secrets every magazine publisher should know if they want to live long and prosper

It’s a volatile market place, only 3 in 10 magazines survive their first 4 years.

1. A strong brand identity 2. A USP (unique selling point) – what do you offer that the others don’t? 3. A strong company behind you who has the finance and resources to fund initiatives and weather the rough times 4. A clearly defined target audience (demographics and lifestyle choices) 5. Advertisers who want to sell their products to your audience 6. Technological innovation, you must be on the web and so much more… 7. Synergy, you’ve got to ‘milk your brand for all it’s worth’! 8. Keep an eye on the competition, beat them, merge with them but don’t lose out to them! 9. Keep fresh, move with the times, reflect the zeitgeist (spirit of the times) 10. Make sure you know your audience, where they go, what they want, involve them, get them to interact, make them feel part of your little community, keep them loyal.

Do a health check on NME, Clash and Kerrang. Based on what you know about them, how likely are they to survive and succeed? Use statistics and examples to support your judgement.

10 magazine essentials