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Chameleon Training is a bespoke Sydney based consultancy that started in 2009. We offer tailormade solutions for increasing staff performance by growing their awareness. Key areas of expertise include

"An organization is only as good as the

ď ś Culture awareness especially in Asia and Australia and its impact on business ď ś Building resilience especially within management

behaviour and attitude of its employees"

roles ď ś Customer service and business development

Bringing awareness to the workplace

First step – understanding the outcomes needed

We use the following methods:

 A simple conversation with key stakeholders  Conversations/interviews with delegates, managers and / or clients  written feedback sheets which all delegates have the option to complete The above information enables Chameleon Training to tailor each program to our clients individual needs and ensure our case study examples are specific to each organization's environment. This makes learning targeted, easy to absorb and greatly increases the likelihood of the new skills being used in the workplace Once this stage has been completed, Chameleon Training is able to offer the following delivery options:

Before making recommendations Chameleon Training believes it is vital to fully understand what outcome our clients require.

 Small workshop groups of 12 or less delegates  Larger groups and key note speaches  Individual coaching (in person or by video conferencing)  Online programs

Small workshop groups of 12 or less delegates

Individual coaching (in person or by video conference)

These small groups enable high levels of interaction, engagement

Coaching is one of the most effective learning tools available.

and team actively and are favoured by many companies.

Specifically targeted to each individuals needs, coaching can

Depending on the outcome needed and the time available,

bring lasting positive changes to individual’s effectiveness.

Chameleon Training offers these sessions over 3 or 4 hours or a

Coaching also increases the transformation of learning when

full day. Where necessary, small workshops can also be combined

combined with workshops and online programs and can also be

with online programs or individual coaching

conducted by video conferencing.

Larger groups and key note speeches

Online platforms

Chameleon Training facilitators are often asked to present to large

Online programs allow for a simple logistically convenient

audiences as key note speakers or to facilitate conferences over a

solution for introducing basic skills. These programs also

period of just a few hours up to a number of days. This option suits

reinforce learning from workshop sessions.

organizations who have a number of staff coming from different regions and want an engaging, tailored learning outcome

Bringing awareness to the workplace

Working with Asian Cultures

Our solutions are helpful for companies who wish to:

 Increase their knowledge of how stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region conduct business  Have a strong understanding of any pitfalls when entering an Asian market and how to avoid them  Appreciate differences in communication style, especially those differences that have the potential to derail business operations

Some likely Outcomes from Chameleon Training’s Asian cultural awareness programs:  Greater understanding and empathy for why cultural differences arise

Chameleon Training Solutions for working with Asian cultures

 Easy strategies for improved cross cultural communications  Greater ease for doing business in the Asia Pacific region

Conflict and Negotiation training

Staff that are required to travel need to ensure they can:

 Identify potential hazardous environments and where possible make alternative arrangement  Ensure they have the negotiation sills to avoid conflict  To be able to exercise simple dos and don’ts to ensure cooperation and safely and not draw unwanted attention. Our Conflict and negotiation training is especially designed for organizations who have staff that are required to travel

Delivered by Dr Trisha Stafford, these courses not only offer cutting edge neuroscience research results, but draw on real life As the world presents increasing numbers of opportunities it also brings

experiences from Dr Stafford’s previous career as a war

increasing uncertainly. In addition to cultural sensitivity, Chameleon

correspondent in Somalia and Bosnia

Training is able to offer tried and tested techniques to ensure the greatest level of safety is maintained in a potentially hazardous environment.

Dr Trisha Stratford Author of “Blood Money”

working with Indigenous and Tribal cultures

The aim of our programs:

The developed and developing world’s continual thirst for resources is often seen to be in conflict with the survival of indigenous and tribal communities. Greater levels of publicity require organizations to work with these communities in the same way as they would with other key stakeholders. Chameleon Training programs for working with Indigenous and Tribal cultures are aimed at helping organizations:

 Understand the drivers and motivators for ingenious and tribal communities  Adapt to subtleties of communication when conducting

Dr Trisha Stratford runs successful projects both here in Australia in NSW and Queensland and in PNG as well as having substantial experience with different tribes throughout Africa

meetings with ingenious and tribal communities  Ensure communication, especially with tribal elders, runs as fluently as possible  Help engage indigenous and tribal communities with employment opportunities

Bridging the cultural team diversity gap

Team Environments:

Having a motivated team environment has always been a key component to a successful organization. Whereas once, teams needed to cater for many different personalities, now teams also need to cater for their member’s different cultural backgrounds. Chameleon Training facilitators offer specific solutions to help:  Ensure diversity is seen as a benefit rather than a disadvantage  Consider how differences in communication style can lead to unnecessary confusion and conflict  Create greater empathy for difference and, as a result, greater team synergy  Break down barriers that can contribute to the ‘blame’ a culture, and stand in why of cohesion and optimum efficiency

Australia and overseas investors

The Australian culture:

Increasingly Australia is becoming more and more important to its Asian neighbours and other resource rich developing nations. Australia offers many advantages to overseas investors. Among its attractions are extensive high quality resources, a well regulated financial system, stable government and a hard working, well educated workforce. Chameleon Training offers foreign firms new to Australia valuable insights to ensure they fully benefit from their investment. Outcomes will include:  Breaking down unhelpful misconceptions and assumptions about Australia staff  Understanding Australian employees motivators and drivers  Appreciating the most successful communication styles to use within the Australia workforce  Considering the best way to give feedback to an Australian team or individual

Increasing workplace safety

Reducing workplace accidents:

Having a member of staff involved in an injury whilst operating machinery or as a consequence of a colleague operating machinery will course immediate disturbance to the workflow, sometimes throughout an entire supply chain. Moreover, organizations will inevitably be involved in costly OH&S procedure’s and sometimes even legal action. The less obvious costs can include stress and demotivation of other members of staff who either witness the incident or have to make up for the temporary cost of a team member. Chameleon Training has recently added this vital program to the portfolio.

Key components include:

Reducing workplace accidents has many practical and financial advantages. Ensuring staff are focused and present can dramatically reduce the likelihood of accidents either to themselves or others.

 Increased awareness of how our personal state effects safety in the work place  Simply strategies for achieving a constant focused workplace performance  Tools for recognizing potential safety hazards, especially in subordinates

Stress Management

Dealing with occupational workplace stress:

An investment in stress management can help give an organisation a major competitive advantage, especially if having a workforce that is capable of thinking 'outside the square' and creating innovative solutions is an important component of a business. Using recently released proprietary research, Chameleon Training’s resilience programs will help achieve the following outcomes:

 Ensure managers can identifying signs of occupational stress before escalation starts  For all staff to understand the impacts of stress for organisational performance and safety  Most importantly, have tools and strategies for coping with the inevitable workplace stress and build mental resilience and fewer workplace accidents

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