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Koozies Party Favors - Drink Out Loud

Party Koozies are fun loving party favors that are also known as can coolers, koosies, koolies and beer

huggers. These fun-loving bottle holders speak your message loud and clear. They are the perfect party

favor which can be used for a variety of celebrations including business incentives, graduation

celebrations, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Your question may be: Who likes koozies? Everyone loves koozies, because koozies rock! These drink holders are used to commemorate many special

events and to promote and advertise businesses.

Personalization of these colorful and attractive party favors and gifts can be customized to suit any

occasion. Let your personalized message shout out loud and clear: share your message in a fun way.

You can select from a variety of good-looking and attractive designs; you can order online easily and inexpensively in lots of 12 or more.

Customized can or bottle holders make the perfect gift idea for bachelor and bachelorette parties, holiday

parties and family reunions. Just picture the entire

family drinking their beverage while it is wrapped in a customized koozies which commemorates the event and celebrates the bride and groom or the family reunion.

These soft nylon bottle holders are collapsible and

come in four different styles; they are designed to last and last. The soft nylon collapsible koozie fits

over beverage cans. The traditional koozie is made from foam and it is sturdy and long-lasting, this

holder is designed for cans as well. The slim fit of the next koosie is designed to fold flat and is a soft fabric that fits snugly over beer bottles and soda bottles.

The water bottle koozie is tall and collapsible. Each koozie comes in a variety of colors and styles. Both

sides, known as double printing, can be customized.

These attractive bottle holders make the perfect gift or give away item. They offer the ability to drink out

loud or to share your message with everyone. You can celebrate all types of occasions with these attractive bottle holders. They make the perfect business

giveaways as they offer cost-effective marketing

strategies that utilize word-of-mouth. Each koozie

can feature your very own artwork and logo. Let your party koozie do the talking; enjoy your celebration with these fun-loving party favors and giveaways.

Koozies party favors- drink out loud  

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