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April 2016 Edition

Editor’s Note SONIA D. BERMEJO Publisher/Executive Editor

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers. A proverb commonly expressed in English speaking countries, first recorded in 1886, which I‘ve heard countless of times before. It came to mind when I thought about fashion and the gifted Filipinos who are so adept at the art of fashion. Now that I think about it, it carries a significant thought to it. Beautiful things do come out after the struggles and hardships, and, of course, lots and lots of patience, which our designers have encountered to be finally recognized for creating such beautiful works of art. We are highlighting the brilliant minds behind the beautiful creations, and their contributions to the vast world of fashion. It is no secret that Filipinos have been known for their resourcefulness, aside from the natural talent and the determination that they have. I can proudly say that I am very proud of my heritage. More so, every time I hear and learn of the success our fellow countrymen are accomplishing, be it in the beauty pageant world (beautiful Filipinas garnered the most coveted awards last year), the boxing world (our most famous Manny Pacquiao), to name a few. A number of our fashion designers are making a name of their own in the fashion scene both here in the United States and the United Kingdom. Joey Galon from Las Vegas made it in the ―Art Hearts Fashion‖ LA Fashion Week, as well as Lou Razon with her LOU LOU Fashion Week LA. Charmaine Rodriguez is finally recognized as a couturier after 22 years in the fashion industry. Her Fall 2016 JOIE COUTURE collection – SNX Chic Collection, was shown during the OC Fashion Week. Creations of Jackie Penalosa, Mitch Desunia, Happy Andrada, and of course, Rocky Gathercole, were all featured in the House of Ikons during the UK fashion week. Because of that, Manila Up! Magazine is looking forward to featuring more of our fellow Filipinos, our talented and successful Filipinos that are making a name around the globe. Highlighting their accomplishments for the world to see gives us pride and joy! Mabuhay!


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Executive Editor SONIA D. BERMEJO


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Inside 6 WIN WIN WINTERS Patience is a virtue Her faith in God is evident in the humble way that she lives her life, always asking God for guidance in every decision that she makes. A Godfearing person, she doesn‘t like to take advantage of anyone, that's why it affects her terribly when people take advantage of her because of her trusting nature. 8 House of Ikons UK na UK by Ela Hidalgo, London London Fashion Week featured 3 Filipino Designers in London runway. Mitch Desunia, Happy Andrada and Rocky Gathercole (also in LA Fashion Week). 11 IMUA Family Services annual fundraiser event goes to Hollywood! Island Living, by Randy Antonio, Maui, Hawaii Another captivating evening of going glam for a good cause. Imua Family Services (IFS) provides advocacy, emotional support, and medical services to children with mild to moderate developmental displays so that they can achieve their full potential in life. 12 Cherry Blossoms in DC By Antonette B. Ang, Virginia, USA The festival‘s schedule is dependent upon the condition of the atmosphere, affected mainly by the type of weather that the area is going to experience hence, the date changes each year, when the warming up of the climate starts, indicative of the outset of the spring season as well.

14 Scene and Be Seen By Sheila Vidamo-Vertuno , Orange County, USA. Los Angeles, CA– Gracing the bi-coastal fashion show―Art Hearts Fashion‖for both Fashion Weeks in New York (in Feb) and Los Angeles (in Mar), Avant Garde Knight Rocky Gathercole once again staged an unrivaled and enchanting risque show. We welcome our new columnist Sheila Vidamo-Vertuno as one of our fashion contributors, a model and a writer with her initial article about Rocky Gathercole an internationally acclaimed and a go to for Hollywood A-listers. 16 Culture and Color, MORIONES FESTIVAL The Moriones is an annual festival held on Holy Week on the Island of Marinduque, Philippines. The Moriones tradition has inspired the creation of other festivals in the Philippines where cultural practices is turned into street festivals. 18 Charmaine Joie Couture The theme of Charmaine‘s collection, which was featured on day 3 (March 15) of the OC Fashion Week® event is ‗Fall 2016.SXN Chic Collection,‘ and America‘s Next Top Model Alumni #4, Naima Mora modeled for her collection at the Finale. The event was Orange County‘s most prestigious fashion event held in La Capella, at The Resort Pelican Hill, a five-star resort with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean.

21 LOU LOU @ FWLA Fashion Week Los Angeles Another talented designer, Lou Razon presenter her new line LOU LOU Collections at the Union Station, downtown LA. 24 Celebrating a memorable milestone In Other Worlds by Becky Garcia, Manila, Philippines Debonair Gentleman, Dr. George Sarakinis, celebrated his birthday recently at the popular Caruso Ristorante Italiano, organized by the owner, Emilio Mina. 26 BIRDS In the Beat by Fe Koons, Los Angeles, CA 28 A Kaleidoscope of Austrian Music Earnest Snoops, by Ernest Gonzaga, Manila Philippines 32 PAL Inaugural Flight Send Off and Press Conference Philippine Airlines sets another milestone on its historic 75th Anniversary, 15 March 2016, the inaugural flight of the first and only nonstop service to Cebu from Los Angeles. 36 Grand Opening of Original Lapid Restaurant A well attended by Filipino government dignataries graced the ribbon cutting of the new Filipino cuisine by the successful of Lapid Chicharon owner , Elena Lapid.

Win Win Winters Photos by HYDEE ABRAHAN

Win Win Winters “Patience is a Virtue” By ANTONETTE B. ANG

Started out with nothing, a very soft-spoken Win Win was able to accomplish her goals within five years of arriving here in the United States 14 yrs ago. Because of perseverance, hard work and a positive outlook on life, along with an unyielding personality and focus, she is happy to say that she is where she wants to be right now. She faces every challenge head on, despite negative feedbacks and discouraging comments. Her biggest strength though is the patience, which she possesses. She patiently waits for the right time to come, doesn‘t rush into things, and doesn‘t allow herself to get easily frustrated. Her faith in God is evident in the humble way that she lives her life, always asking God for guidance in every decision that she makes. A God-fearing person, she doesn‘t like to take advantage of anyone, that's why it affects her terribly when people take advantage of her because of her trusting nature.

Win Win‘s inspiration comes from being able to help others. She likes to encourage her employees to create a goal. "Always have a 'can-do' attitude, don‘t be easily discouraged. It will be hard sometimes, but never give up. Do your thing, focus on what you do and mind your own business. Listen to your heart. Nothing is impossible if you know how to listen to your heart." The youngest of ten children, she grew up in the Philippines. She dreamt of becoming a doctor, but graduated with a degree in nursing instead. Her daughter who is in medical school right now is fulfilling that dream for her. Her greatest passion and frustration is singing, which we laughed about since there's always singing lessons to be had. She loves to cook as well. She has a very jubilant attitude; she knows where she is in life right now, and knows where she‘s going to.


UK NA UK By Ela Hidalgo

Since Savita Kaye founded the House of Ikons under Lady K Production in 2014, with the support of Prince‘s Trust, young Filipino designers from the Philippines and other parts of the world were given the chance to show their superb collections. At the recently concluded London Fashion week, ―House of Ikons‖ featured the most talented designers from around the globe, with a fashion show held at the Hilton Hotel Paddington last February 20. Savita Kaye invited designers globally to grace the runway and to present their couture lines. The show was spectacular indeed, and this was to help the Prince‘s Trust in raising funds as well, which helps young individuals in realising their passions and dreams.


It was the first time for me to get involved in a non-Filipino Fashion show. I felt privileged for the invitation to see the show. I was also informed that Filipino designers will be featured. I was proud to see a talented Filipino Designer at the Finale of the House of Ikons Fashion Show. There were two shows that day, a matinee and gala. I only watched the gala and missed the other Filipino designers‘ show. Well, alongside the British designers and designers from other nationalities is a Filipino designer, Rocky Gathercole, the Philippines‘ top avant-garde Fashion Designer who had dressed celebrities like Paris Hilton. Other equally talented Filipino designers who showed their collections were Jacki Penalosa, Mitch Desunia and Happy Andrada, whose collection was the finale of the show.

Rocky Gathercole models

The Filipino designers at House of Ikons, London Fashion week proves that Filipinos are indeed globally competitive and world class.


Designer Happy Andrada with models

Happy Andrada’s model

Designer Jackie Penalosa


Mitch Desunia’s model

Designer Mitch Desunia and model

Jackie Penalosa’s model

IMUA Family Services annual fundraiser event goes to Hollywood! By RANDY ANTONIO

Another captivating evening of going glam for a good cause. Imua Family Services (IFS) provides advocacy, emotional support, and medical services to children with mild to moderate developmental displays so that they can achieve their full potential in life. This year, IFS raised over $40k at this extraordinary event held at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Kaanapali Beach, Maui. Over 300 people attended the festivities and all were ready for the red carpet.

Looking all swag for the Red Carpet! Auction Item up for grabs ... signed Mick Fleetwood Guitar!

CHERRY BLOSSOMS in DC Antonette B. Ang

A beauteous and awe-inspiring work of nature, and like most plants, its existence, and the magnificent display relies solely on the conditions of their environment. The freezing temperature on the east coast during the last winter season did not deter this year‘s blossoms from blooming. It is the nation‘s greatest springtime celebration. Throngs of spectators, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world, along with the locals, converge in Washington DC (District of Columbia), to take photos and to witness the beauty of this majestic creation - the peak blooms of this famous tree, which only lasts for a few days. Since First Lady Helen Taft‘s participation, the nation‘s first ladies have become the protagonists of the festival, which commemorates the friendship formed between two great nations, that of Japan and the US. The festival‘s schedule is dependent upon the condition of the atmosphere, affected mainly by the type of weather that the area is going to experience, hence, the date changes each year, when the warming up of the climate starts, indicative of the outset of the spring season as well. Tracking bloom trends aren't only necessary for scheduling the festival‘s date, which is planned for March 20 thru April 17, it is also essential in determining how climate change may affect seasonal

patterns; and for tracking related impacts on our ecosystem and natural resources. This year‘s peak bloom is expected to last from March 18 thru‘ the 23rd, ten days earlier than originally projected. Another indication of how the global warming affects our environment, which leads us to this month‘s topic, Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual event, in fact, considered as the ―largest secular holiday in the world,‖ created to raise awareness of the impact of pollution on our planet. It involves 192 countries, with billions of people participating. Environmental groups have sought to make Earth Day into a day of action, instrumental in changing human behavior and provoke policy changes. It is the only holiday that transcends national borders and brings people all over the world into one resonating accord, that of the preservation of the harmony in nature. People have come to realize that our environment is deteriorating, and our natural resources are dissipating at a rapid rate. It started as a grassroots movement (hippie era), which encouraged public support for the creation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and it contributed

to the passage of the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Endangered Species Act, along with several other environmental laws. The event was first celebrated on March 21, 1970, the 1st day of spring in the northern hemisphere; but a month after that, a separate Earth day was founded, and it focused in the United States, which was then taken internationally in 1990. The celebration now lasts for a whole week, with activities concentrated on environmental issues, which brings people together for peaceful demonstrations for environmental reform. Everywhere we look, signs of environmental decay are evident. We have to be concerned and be active in the preservation of what is left of our planet, of what we have right now before it is too late. We do not want to have to lose the great wonders of nature because of our ignorance and lack of concern. Envision this, what if, in the next few years, the cherry trees stop blooming, or better yet, cease to exist? The most awaited blossoms will just become a memory, only a picture in history books that the future generation will read about but never experience. The incident, which occurs every year, should be a reminder that we have to be mindful of our surroundings. Be involved. Every little thing counts. Recycle. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth or shaving. Plant a tree. Eat locally produced products. Go meatless at least once a week. Walk/ride a bike for short errands. Enjoy the scenery, and breathe in the fresh air along the way. Reduce your carbon footprint. Let us all save our most famous mother of all, our MOTHER EARTH. Wikipedia;;Envirolink; LiveScience

Scene and Be Seen By SHEILA VIDAMO-VERTUNO Tag: @ChasingSheila

A Gold Grand Finale by Avant Garde Knight Rocky Gathercole at Art Hearts Fashion LAFW A/W 2016

Los Angeles, CA - Gracing the bicoastal fashion show ―Art Hearts Fashion‖ for both Fashion Weeks in New York (in February) and Los Angeles(in March), AvantGarde Knight Rocky Gathercole once again staged an unrivaled and enchanting risque‘ show. In celebration of his 50th natal year, Rocky‘s 50-piece ―Gold Collection‖ gilded the catwalk while Concert Soloist Matthew John‘s live cello performance serenaded the models for the closing finale of the epic 4-day, 40-designer, Los Angeles Fashion Week A/W 2016 at Taglyan Complex, Los Angeles, California on March 17, 2016. My eyes feasted on each ensemble with lavish details, including architectural headpieces that were both gaudy and fun, especially with the exaggerated golden Mickey ears; neck to toe embellished cut-out bodice, made famous by Nikki Minaj; overstated 3D corsets of mixed media, adorned with crystals, pearls and chain fringes; and much more must see accoutrements. It was a captivating live art exhibition, truly inimitable and ―very Gathercole.‖ The ―AvantGarde Knight‖ is the title that I coined for Rocky Gathercole when I first saw his AHMAH-ZING work years ago. No hiding behind the shining armor, Rocky is shy, soft-spoken, selfless and wears his emotions on his sleeve… so authentic! His humble beginnings keep him grounded and grateful for his achievements. I asked if he dreamt of making it this far, and recollecting his younger years, he said, ―Kapag nasa kalye ka, wala kang pangarap. Ang nasa isip mo lang ay kaligtasan ng buhay.‖ (Translation: When you live in the streets you have no dream. Your only focus is survival). He is slow to claim what he achieved to date as success, for ―success has a different meaning to everyone,‖ he said.

Rocky Gathercole is internationally acclaimed and a ―go to‖ for Hollywood A-listers. For ―The Starts Fashion House‖ located in Los Angeles, holds most of Rocky‘s extravagant haute couture and is accessible to stylists, photographers, and celebrities, the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. See Rocky‘s celebs on instagram: @VeryGathercole. Too long to list the many exciting projects lined up for Rocky this year, allow me to reveal one covert affair, sshhh… After a successful collaboration with model/host Tyra Banks to design wearable art for the America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 22 finale episode, wait for it…..wait for it….. Heidi Klum, already a Gathercole aficionado, also desired Rocky‘s artistry for Germany‘s Next Top Model. Like ANTM last season, it will be a #VeryGathercolefinale for GNTM Cycle 11 to be held, for the first time in 10 years, at an open- air venue in warmer weathered Spain, according to ProSieben CEO Daniel Rosemann. While the air date is not announced yet, and the exact location of the live finale cannot be divulged, I can tell you that Rocky and GNTM are scheduled for a photo shoot sometime mid-May. Remember, you heard it here first!

Stoked to be his guest at LAFW, Rocky and I leisurely indulged in small talks backstage. Just how does Rocky manage to turn it up a notch time and time? Raising all glory and praise, Rocky pointed up to Him, and said to whom he owes his life, passion and talent. He was also quick to acknowledge his behind the scene team of talents and collaborators, and appreciates ―kayong mga totoong tao sa buhay ko,‖ to quote his own words.In all humility, never once did he bask in the limelight! Rather, his mind is absorbed by his goals on personal relationships, wellness and holistic health - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, especially in his 50th year of birth. For one final round, he got up to field a few more media questions and at one point was asked how it felt to be on top of the world amidst a swanky circle. While it was nice to be recognized and rewarded, Rocky humbly claimed, ―My work was never about fame and money!‖ For your achievements and accolades, we say BRAVO! For your genuine heart and humility, we ADMIRE you. Mabuhay ka, Rocky Gathercole! See more photos and video at"

Epilogue: Thank you for inviting me to be part of the “Manila Up!” family. Hit me up and let’s meet online, visit and like “Chasing Sheila” on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest!

Culture and color: Moriones Festival By ERNEST GONZAGA

While the rest of the Philippines commemorates Holy Week with somber television shows and quiet visits to church, Marinduqueños celebrated the Moriones Festival, recently. The Moriones is an annual festival held on Holy Week on the island of Marinduque, Philippines. The "Moriones" are men and women in rainbow-colored centurion costumes and masks replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldiers as interpreted by local folks. The Moriones or Moryonan tradition has inspired the creation of other festivals in the Philippines where cultural practices or folk history is turned into street festivals. The festival is the recreation of the the life of Saint Longinus; the word ‗morion‘ means ‗mask.‘ Longinus was the half-blind centurion tasked with driving a spear into the side of Jesus. When Jesus‘ blood touched him, Longinus‘ vision returned. He then converted to Christianity and turned his back on his fellow centurions. The weeklong festival started on Palm Sunday and culminated on Easter Sunday. During this week, participants brave the heat in full centurion garb, looking for the fugitive Longinus. The townspeople played along and allowed the man playing Longinus to hide in their houses. After several captures, escapes, and recaptures, Longinus bravely and peacefully accepted his beheading. The mood of the festival is bittersweet, the sad story being tempered by the bright costumes decorated with colored foil and flower motifs. For Marinduqueños, joining the festival is a panata—an expression of devotion, sacrifice and thanksgiving to God. The traditional masks are carved from trunks of wood, in a process that takes up to a month. It‘s hard work - chipping away at the tough wood needs strength, getting the face right needs artistry.

Culture and color: Moriones Festival


Charmaine J. Rodriguez, the name behind the label ‗Charmaine Joie Couture,‘ after more than 22 years of experience in the fashion industry, is finally making a name as a couture designer. ―OC Fashion Week® has catapulted my career and brand to a whole new level,‖ Charmaine said. ―I am getting some much-needed exposure and am starting to engage with the clientele base I‘ve always longed to reach out to.‖ The theme of Charmaine‘s collection, which was featured on day 3 (March 15) of the OC Fashion Week® event is ‗Fall 2016.SXN Chic Collection,‘ and America‘s Next Top Model Alumni #4, Naima Mora modeled for her collection. The event was Orange County‘s most prestigious fashion event held in La Capella, at The Resort Pelican Hill, a five-star resort with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. Presented by Maserati of Newport Beach, the event featured couture collections from distinguished and eclectic array of fashion designers. Among the featured designers shown were Charmaine Joie Couture Collection, Dawn Sunflower Couture, Claire Farwell London, MW by Mimoza Windisch, B.SpokeStyle Menswear Tailor-Made, and Victoria by Elizabeth. Hair was presented by Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy; Make-up by Manna Kadar Cosmetics, and accessory styling by Bettinis in Brea.


OC Fashion Week‘s main goal is to show the work of aspiring designers, local hairstylists and make-up artists to the Orange County community and to a variety of influential buyers and consumers alike, and at the same time make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. ―The continued growth and success of OC Fashion Week proves that Orange County is one of the world‘s great fashion capitals,‖ said Kathy Marino, founder and director of the event.

Charmaine Rodriguez with Kathy Marino, President of OCFW


FALL 2016 FALL 2016 SNX Collection SNX Collection Photo Photo by by RICHARD RICHARD DIZON DIZON


Lou Lou Collections by Lou Razon


Win Win Winters



Celebrating a memorable Milestone

Debonair gentleman Dr. George Sarakinis celebrated his birthday recently for 40 of his close friends at the very popular CARUSO RISTORANTE ITALIANO organized by owner Senor Emilio Mina who prepared a lavish menu for his favorite buddy with a presentation of the flaming chicken for the main course. Welcoming the impressive line up of guests was ballroom queen wife Ms. Becky Garcia. Leading the wellknown guests were Congressman/ former first Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, Former Governor Chavit Singson with Jazz Carreon, German Ambassador Thomas Ossowski with lady love Anjellica Lopez, Greek Ambassador Nikos Kaimenakis, Famous singer/ composer Joe Mari Chan.

Rep. Imelda Marcos and Dr. George Sarakinis

H.E. Thomas Ossowski, Rep. Imelda Marcos, and Angelica Lopez

Also present to wish the celebrant a happy birthday were Asian Tigers owner Gerry and Virginia Lane, international photographer Rupert and Tina Jacinto, Lovely couple Atty. Rene and Ann Puno, celebrity designer Ito Curata and Bob Miller, young billionaire Joseph Calata without Nel. German businessman Gunter Matschuck with exotic wife Joanne, Dutch couple Toon and Tess Willockx. Gorgeous ladies were Wellness Guru/ Miss World Philippines License Holder Cory Quirino, Atty Manette Agbayani who brought the kink cake, Anna Sia, Michelle Lee, Lulu Boon, Nancy Bismonte and single gentlemen Joy Fong, Glenn Gale and Images Asia Publisher Ernest Gonzaga. Well dressed Sonny Tanchanco and John Gaddi added glamor. Latecomer Mom Nardone still made it. Tony Bennett of the Philippines Very popular balladeer Arthur Manuntag and charming wife Kathy who both entertained guests after dinner with their songs and Of course Joe Mari Chan, Madame Imelda doing a duet with her godson celebrant, Atty Rene also sang. It was truly a fun party of great food, wine and music. Happy birthday dear George!! (Photos by LORNA LLANES)

Johnny Litton, Rep. Imelda Marcos and H.E. Ambassador Thomas Ossowski of Germany

H.E. Ambassador Thomas Ossowski and Joe Mari Chan

Joseph Calata, Virgina Lane and Joanne Matschuck

Gunther and Joanne Matschuck

Kathlyn Manuntag, Joseph Calata, and Ann Puno

Atty. Rene & Ann Puno, Bob Miller and Ito Curata

Dr. George Sarakinis and Emilio Mina

Joanne Matshuck, Michelle Lee, Manette Agbayani, Anna Sia and Tess Willockx

Zebra Dove (Geopelia Striata)

Court and coo flirt with me Love is free.


Philippine Hanging Parrot (Loriculus Philippinesis) or Colasisi)

Red. green stop or go. perch with hope.

Spotted-wood Kingfisher (Actenoides lindsayi)

From the earth to the sky I will fly Spots and blue For life. For you.

REUEL MOLINA AGUILA, Ph.D. is a professor at the Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He is a poet, essayist, playwright and a Palanca Hall of Fame awardee (2009). His other notable awards are: Gawad ng Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas lifetime achievement award for playwriting (2004); Mananaysay ng Taon (Essayist of the Year) 2007; and Makata ng Taon (Poet of the Year) Award in 2008 by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino. He is an award-winning Photographer and a member of the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines .


A Kaleidoscope of Austrian Music The Johann Strauss Society's new members

Noy Anson and Elaine Villar

An enduring emblem of Viennese culture, the Johann Strauss Society of the Philippines (JSSP) recently presented their annual formal charity affair, a gala dinner concert dubbed as A Kaleidoscope of Austrian Music delighted generous guests at New World Makati Hotel.Through the years, the gala dinner concert has maintained its aura of elegance with the ladies in glamorous long gowns and the men in black tie. The event featured internationallyrenowned concert pianist Raul Sunico performed with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by eminent Austrian conductor Ernest Hoetzl. Program included W.A. Mozart‘s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, J. Brahms‘ Hungarian Dance No. 5, Johann Strauss II‘s Emperor Waltz and Lehar‘s Gold & Silver Waltz. Paul Hertel‘s Emigration was premiered for the first time in the Philippines. Funds raised was earmarked for projects of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Psychological Center at Marillac Hills for abused children and girls, the Mother and Child project of Virlanie Foundation for abandoned children and medical and educational needs of indigent children.

Milo Bondoc and Chuchi Serrano Villar

The event was spearheaded by JSSP President Olga Severino Martel and the Ladies Committee composed of President Martel, JSSP Chairman and Consul General of Monaco Fortune Ledesma, VP and Consul of Gambia Agnes Huibonhoa, Secretary and Consul of Tanzania Betty Chua, Treasurer Virginia Lane, Mila How, Rosalind Wee, Fanny Blanco, Ditas Posadas, Marissa Fenton and Lilibeth Campos.

Serla Russel, Agile Zamora, Virginia Lane and Carolyn Lee Tan

Margie Moran Floirendo and Virginia Lane

Serla Russell and Manolyne Taylor Nini Layug and Mabel Abano Serla Russella and Manolyne Taylor

Gela Cornelissen, Becky Garcia, Serla Russel, Agile Zamora and Michelle Rivera Lee

Fortune Ledesma and Ito Curata

A Woman‟s Wish Come True


―Pag ako nag-asawa, gusto ko na sasabihin din ng mga kaibigan ng asawa ko na magaling din akong magluto. Matutuwa siguro yung asawa ko.‖ (When I get married, I want my husband‘s friends to say that I am a great cook as well. That will surely make my future husband happy). Her Wish Cook and owner of Lilian‘s Breads & Sweets, Lilian Masaya had one wish when she was growing up. Being the youngest among 8 siblings, she loved hearing people tell her sisters‘ husbands that their wives cook so well. She wished that someday, her future husband would also be told the same.

Fast forward to 1992 when Lilian and her husband, Maxwell Masaya got married. Lilian quit her job as a flight attendant to be a stay-at-home wife. It didn‘t take long for her to discover her culinary talent –and incidentally, for her wish to come true. His Promise Lilian‘s husband is the brain behind Lilian‘s Breads & Sweets. Out of his love for his wife, Maxwell consistently encouraged and pushed his wife to start a food business. He supported his wife every step of the way by researching and modifying cooking methods, going through each recipe notebook to find the right ingredients, testing recipes, and being Lilian‘s number one critique and fan. He promised to be her greatest ally; she served them (her husband and their son) great meals every day. Breads, Sweets, and a whole lot of Love A typical day at Lilian‘s involves smelling the soothing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a display of sweet and scrumptious breads and sweets, and a warm welcome by their friendly staff.

Visit Lilian’s Breads & Sweets at 8870 Tampa Ave. Northridge, CA 91324. They are located inside Cruisers Carwash. For more information, you can reach them at 818.927.1917

Lilian‘s Breads & Sweets also makes one of the best tasting ―cebuchon‖ (cebu-lechon or roasted pork belly) in LA. The newest addition to their menu is their breakfast ―silogs‖ (which will be available in spring). They have been supplying pastries to grocery stores, bakeries and hospitals. They also cater to parties and events. This small but quaint diner reflects the sweet and simple nature of Lilian Masaya – the woman whose wish came true.


A Toast for PAL 75 Years and the Inaugural Flight between CEBU & LOS ANGELES and the Flight Press Conference led by Jaime Bautista - PAL President & COO join by David Lim, SVP Commerceal Group, Ismael Augusto Gozon, PAL SVP Airline Operations, Angelito Alvarez, SVP Ria Carrion Domingo, PAL VP - Marketing, Ryan Uy, PAL VP - Sales, Marila Montemayor Revilla , Country Manager USA, Eric Tan - AVP, International Sales, CAB Executive Director - Carmelo Arcilla, LA ConGen Leo Herrera Lim, Honorary Consul of San Diego, Mr. Audie De Castro, DOT Assistant Secretary, Mr. Rolando Canizal, DOT Director Market Development Group - Ma. Corazon Apo -Jorda, Christian Moreno - Terminal Manager, LA World Airports, Tom Bradley International Terminal 5.

PAL President Jaime J. Bautista and PAL executives and staff

PAL Executives with the Press and Journalists in Los Angeles

Fil-Am Press Club President, Andy Z. Edralin , PAL President, Jaime J. Bautista, AAA Enterprise President, Joy Alegre with Editor of Manila Up! Magazine, Sonia D. Bermejo

PAL Cockpit & Cabin Crew - Inaugural Flight

From left/standing: Catherine Guino - Asst Duty Manager LAX Airport Station, Terry Romilla Activations Team MNL, Anna Pisigan - Duty Manager LAX Airport Station, Jemma Saranillo outgoing Area Manager LAX, Maria Milagros Revilla - Country Manager Americas, Ryan Uy - VP Sales, Harry Inoferio - SAVP Passenger Sales , Maricel Wall - Senior Account Manager, Rex Aldanese - LAX Station Manager and Mark Andrews - Ramp Assistant From left bottom Ricky Panis - Account Officer, Ed Rivera Cargo Supervisor , Mitty Torres - Account Officer , Junerick Marinas - LAX Sales Secretary

“I‟m in…. to Life” Featuring: Heissam Jebailey By MELODY GARCIA Florida, USA

As the city of Orlando, Florida gears up for one of the most-talked about 3 day charity event, known as the Black and White event, benefiting the B.A.S.E Camp Children‘s Cancer Foundation, that is happening on May 68, 2016, I had the chance to catch up with the man behind the story. In fact, I am honored to be one of his board members. Meet Heissam Jebailey, also known as ―I‘m. In.,‖ which is his signature catchphrase. A man with a passion for being into whatever he is able to apply himself with, Heissam takes us on a brief account on how Black and White got started, but more so where the passion for his own life journey has taken him and have impacted others. In addition to being the founder and creator of this epic event, he is also a Business Entrepreneur, an Event Planner, a Speaker, a Real Estate Agent, and a University of Central Florida Hall of Famer. If that does not keep him busy enough, Heissam also owns and operates one of the largest networking events that allow professionals from different industries to meet every other month and connect. That network event is entitled… ―I‘m in.‖

Heissam Jebailey

His parents who have been married for 44 years are both from Lebanon. Heissam and his siblings, however, were born in Canada, but moved to Orlando FL at a young age. His first job was running the University newspaper, ―The Central Florida Future,‖ for10 years, and with visionary execution, Heissam and his business partner was able to raise and give out over $100,000 in scholarships that won them countless awards. This gave birth to one of his greatest accomplishments, named one of the youngest UCF Hall of Famers in 2012. From there, they purchased a Frozen Yogurt business and ran it successfully for 3 years; and pursued public speaking, real estate and event hosting thereafter. What started ―I'm in?‖ Why that name? Originally, the event company was called ―Press on Events,‖ but in February of 2012, everything changed to I'm in‖ events, and I'm in‖ Real Estate. Interesting story on how the name came about in 2 ways. One of the challenges in event planning is when attendees procrastinate in responding to

attending an event, therefore the question boiled down to ―are you in?‖ The response was either ―I‘m in or not.‖ It was the light bulb needed that gave birth to his business name which became his middle name too! Heissam defines his life purpose as ―Hard work pays off.‖ He learned this value from his father and watching three prior generations rise to success with this focus as he comes from a large family of business entrepreneurs. The heart of Black and White…this one is quite personal and worth sharing. In the early part of 2000, Heissam became gravely ill with a near fatal case of pneumonia. It became so severe that the doctors at one point concluded that there was nothing left for them to do that could save his life. God had other plans. With the expertise of two incredible surgeons who performed a miraculous surgery, he lived. Heissam recalled lying on his ―death bed‖ thinking, "If I can make it out of here in one piece, I will never worry or stress as much as I did again. I will celebrate living life to the fullest, going forward, and I will make sure that everyone that I come in contact with smiles and have the time of their life. ― The annual Black and White Weekend is a reflection of his thoughts at that hospital bed. It is a marriage between giving back to charities and making sure attendees have an unforgettable time enjoying these moments during the threeday period. This year includes a beautiful Mother‘s day brunch, what better way to honor life? Although it is very expensive to put on, it is worth every penny to accomplish all of this. Heissam incorporates two mentors in his life. One is his former professor who helped him get his start, and his parents. The two questions he asks himself are ―where do I go from here, and what advice do you have, after you hit 40 years old?‖ Heissam shares his biggest life lesson: Stress and Worry will only get you sick or killed. Take everything in stride as best as you can. And in the end, whatever you're going through, whatever obstacles or challenges come your way, time, support and staying healthy is the key to overcoming just about anything. He ends this with a bit of wisdom saying, ―It's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and do your best to fix them. Try not to let anyone ever bring you down as long as you know that what you are doing is right and beneficial to all involved. And above all else, stay true to yourself and as long as you strive to do your very best in everything, only good things will ultimately come of it.‖ If you find yourself in the Orlando, FL area on May 6-8 this year, please join us as we celebrate being into life! If you are unable to, feel free to donate towards B.A.S.E. Camp Children‘s Cancer Foundation through the link below. Are you in?


Ex Mayor of Carson, Jim Dear, Mayor Pro Tem of Carson , Elito Santarina, Elena Lapid Salonga , owner, Council Member of City of Bellflower , Sonny Santa Ines and Consul General Leo HerreraLim

Ex Mayor of City of Cerritos, Council member City of Cerritos, Mark Pulido, Elena Lapid Salonga, Elito Santarina and Sonny Santa Ines


As I learn more, I realized that I like doing [pimple] extraction! Then I met a skin pathologist who is skilled in specialized skin care including acne extraction. I went under his training and the rest, as they say, is history.” Aileen recalls. A side-gig that turned into a full-time career A year into working as a licensed esthetician, Aileen got a call from a nursing school. She decided to pursue her nursing degree while working as a hospice nurse and practicing skin aesthetics on the side. Two years later –and after much self-deliberation and careful planning – she decided to open up her own Skin Care Clinic and named it, ―Love Your Skin Aesthetics.‖ A passion that is not skin-deep

Fredielyn ‘Aileen’ Simbol The Medical Aesthetician Meet the woman after your skin‟s wellness: Ms. Fredie “Aileen” Simbol

To care for patients is not at all far-fetched for this gorgeous esthetician. Aileen is innately compassionate and caring to her patients. Her nursing background is one of her strongest points as an esthetician. Aside from being complimented for her ―gentle hands,‖ she is always willing to impart knowledge to her clients about how to take care of their skin. Love Your Skin Aesthetics is located at 11747 South St. Suite B, Artesia, CA 90701. They offer products that suit all skin types and skin problems such as Medical Grade Microdermabrasion Facial, Blue Light Acne Treatment, Nanopen Skin Refining Treatment, Chemical Peels, among others.

Skin care Specialist and Owner of Love Your Skin Aesthetics talks about her ‗accidental‘ journey to Skin Care Business. The „breakout‟ that broke her into the world of Skin Care Aileen got into the nursing program when she came to America. Albeit having a business degree in the Philippines, she wanted to get a medical degree in the US. While waiting, she got bored and her skin started breaking out. It could be caused by the stress or adjustment to California weather, but that breakout became the reason she decided to take the esthetician training. She wanted to apply to herself what she learns – little did she know that it would open up a new passion.

Skin Care Specialist and Owner of Love Your Skin Aesthetics talks about her “accidental” Business

Beautiful Life by MONET LU


This year, we are presented with creative ways to deal with our respective situations. In these times, I hope we choose to return to the basics—to look within ourselves and revisit the simpler ways of feeling fulfilled and upbeat. During the summer, our hair experiences dehydration because of unavoidable sun exposure plus all the swimming we do in chlorine-infested pools and/or salty ocean water. But believe it or not, winter brings out the driest of hair conditions because of the dry air that sucks up moisture. In this regard, we need to be proactive about maintaining moisture in our hair. For the entire winter months, we want to help you keep those moisture levels up. Hair Reborn, Brazilian keratin treatment, shimmer and shine are the perfect respite for hair that has been subjected to chemical treatments—such as perming, straightening, or tinting. This is also recommended for people who are just aiming to combat dryness during the chilly weather. Notice how during the winter months our hair tends to stand up in static electricity — as if we‘ve seen a ghost? The good news is hair that is hydrated enough will not embarrass you like this in public. Hair that is moist will not succumb to frizz or static electricity. I tend to sound repetitive about this, but I can‘t emphasize this enough: moisture, moisturize, moisturize! Remember when a good haircut was enough to put a smile on our faces? Or a time when a cute hairstyle was just what we needed to make our day a little better? If we hold on the little positives in our everyday lives, I have a feeling we‘re going to pull through these tough times quite famously. Like someone who‘s in the business of making people look good, I have some new hairstyle recommendations that are sure to add some warmth to your winter. Hairstyle 1: Layers –Layers add a certain definition to medium-length or long hair. In Hollywood right now, a lot of women celebrities are sporting layers with shoulder-length hair. For long-haired women who have heart, square or round shaped faces, layers also work provided it is molded closely to the edge of the hair so that it elongates the face. For the oval shaped, shorter layers are more appropriate. Sassy Layers are very easy to manage as well. Hairstyle 2: Bangs – For obvious reasons, bangs work well for people who have wider foreheads.

This haircut is a nice fit for women who have straight or chemically relaxed hair. If you have curly hair, bangs should be administered with caution. Make sure it‘s slightly above your lashes so that it looks flattering. The thing about bangs though is you have to maintain the ideal length that works for you, otherwise, the effect is not quite there. Hairstyle 3: Bob – Hair experts everywhere have declared that the bob is here to stay. It‘s ideal for women who have straight to wavy hair textures. This is especially flattering for women who have round faces. This type of cut usually requires blow-drying and to maintain the ideal length, you need to have it cut every six weeks. Hairstyle 4: Pixie – The Pixie is ideal for people who have strong facial features. This cut adds some femininity or softness to people who have sharp or strong facial features. If you happen to have thin hair, the pixie cut will add volume and make your hair appear thicker than it actually is. The pixie is easy to manage. A quick blow-dry and a dab of hair product, and you have a chic style that will last the entire day. Come visit us at Monet Salon and we can assist find the holiday look for you! For the entire month of December, we are offering the ultimate package—haircut, hairstyle with the Hair Reborn System—for an astounding $49.99 only (extra for long hair). Please call (213)216-4923 to set an appointment. For our salon locations, please visit - See more at:

AN EARTH DAY EXCLUSIVE Recycled Plastic Bottles turn into a Rescue Boat In celebration of Earth Day, Manila UP! features the remarkable feat of The Tzu Chi Foundation in making rescue boats out of – yes, you read it right – plastic bottles!


As they say, ―One‘s garbage can be another person‘s treasure.‖

I can finish an ecofriendly lifeboat like this in three weeks, if there are more people working on it, we could probably finish it in three days to a week.‖ Tzu Chi volunteer Rico Balid (source: "Boatmaking Contest Using Recycled Materials." Tzu Chi Foundation. October 24, 2013.

Over the years, the cause to recycle and preserve earth's natural resources is making great progress. A number of individuals and groups are getting more creative in keeping the planet ―clean and green.‖

Plastic boat made of plastic bottles. (Photo courtesy of

In 2013, a competition was held in Manila, Philippines to find the best environmentally-friendly rescue boat. Contestants came with their earthfriendly make-shift rafts. Yet one, in particular, has caught the attention of the judges: a 15-seater rescue boat made out of 1,138 plastic bottles. The boat is said to be designed for tropical weather, and was noted as being relatively larger and more stable than other boats entered in the competition. This magnificent idea which won first prize was made by the volunteers of the Tzu Chi Foundation. They collected plastic bottles and made use of other recycled materials to build the wires, tires, and other parts of the boat. The inspiration stems from their desire to help save lives during frequent flooding that are caused by the typhoons. Who would‘ve thought that recycling scraps will result in building life-saving vessels? Well, the evidence points us all to one simple concept – ―Save the earth and it will save you in return.”


Tzu Chi volunteer building a boat out of 1,138 plastic bottles (photo source: 07/25/recycled-bottlesbecome-rescue-boats/)

John Ablaza Couture Los Angeles, CA

MANILA UP! April issue  

Digital and print edition

MANILA UP! April issue  

Digital and print edition