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When You Can’t Separate the Art from the Artist

What Will It Be Like If It’s My Last Six Months To Live





hen the curtains rose on Manila Up TV, there was this palpable hush among the producers, hosts and sponsors. Little was said except for kudos streaming in from amongst those in the know about this new production venture.

When the segments went on air, we held bated breaths in anticipation. Then

came the reality on television. Right there before our eyes. “A class act indeed”, said some. “Nothing short of a Hollywood level production among A-list audiences”, added another. What a thrill it was just watching, this time, as part of the audience when MUTV finally aired. “What’s next?”, asked some, their curiosity piqued. And yet, this was only the spring of our venture, thus, a promise of not just a beginning in bloom, but a keen sense of what is yet to come, unfolding. Watch as we go and grow, as when Manila

Sonia Dionela Bermejo Publisher/Executive Editor

Up! International Magazine did when it went up, up and away towards bigger and better. Here we are, and as you read on, you may as well set your timers on for MUTV’s sequel. Here is your guide, your TV Guide that is. Enjoy the show and more to come. Remember that great things are better shared with family and friends near and far. Oh!, and don’t forget the popcorn. Enjoy both the reading and now, the viewing.

Here’s our schedules: - Las Vegas (12:00-12:30pm PST) every Saturday, local channel 30.6 - Worldwide viewing, download apps ACTV-05 (3 months airing) - Los Angeles (4:00-4:30pm PST) every other Friday, local channels KXLA 44, 19,34 (check for more listing; Spectrum/Dish/Direct TV) @ManilaUp_mag manilaupmagazine



2018 – VOLUME 3 #2

SONIA D. BERMEJO Publisher/Executive Editor





VANCOUVER, CANADA The Disruptors, The Audacity of Truth KAT SCHULTZE



EZWay’s Corner ERIC ZULEY Talk This Way TIM PARK Dine Travel in Style GRACE AGUILAR


The Scoop on Real Estate VANESSA KEMPF



LOS ANGELES, USA Reflections of Hope REV. R.D. QUEMA


Beautiful Life MONET LU



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Immigration Professor’s Corner ROBERT PERKINS, ESQ

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new medium, new challenges! Manila Up! International Magazine’s sister media company Manila Up! TV has launched with hosts from different places, with good looking hosts for that matter! A Variety Show with topics about Wellness, Entertainment, Information, Travel and Events, how can it not jive with our magazine’s content? Just for starters, we present our main host, Marc Anthony Nicolas. Those who follow the Hollywood scene closely should be familiar with him, he who has access to the exclusive world of celebrities with his show “Inside Hollywood with Marc Anthony Nicolas”. He covers Entertainment news giving viewers an inside look at the rarefied field where stars are born and made. The segment titled, “The Sacred Self ” by Stef Sifandos delves into Relationships and Wellness. Stef is a most sought after mentor and trainer to some of Australia’s top professional sporting teams, individual athletes, world champion fighters, Olympians, gold medalists and even Elite Special Forces! Not to be overshadowed, Lauren Ziegler hosts “The Confident You”. What better voice to hear advice from than the MRS. USA 2017 title holder, current model for various brands, and member of the UNICEF Advocacy team! To fill our elite group of hosts, another expert steeped in the television industry is the creator and executive producer of the popular eight-part

Edith Y. Pendleton Editor

YouTube series titled “Your Time With Thomas”: The Experience. “Metro Scene” by Grace Aguilar who is a writer and columnist for our magazine, Manila Up! International will beat the path as our correspondent for events as both a food Blogger and Vlogger. To cap the cream of our TV crop, Melody Garcia who surpasses most among Women who Influence will host “Melody in Motion”. An award winning writer, speaker, thought leader and influencer, she co-authored the book of similar genre “Women Who Influence So there we are our dear readers, another is milestone set with the beginnings of another magnificent venture. Follow us on: /Las Vegas ch 30.6 12:00-12:30 Saturdays/ACTV-05 apps for worldwide /Los Angeles ch 44, 19, 34 (check listings Spectrum/Dish/DirectTV Website: http://mutv.manilaupmagazine FB: Manila Up TV – mutv Entertainment


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Vol. 3 No.2




Emmy von Seyfried - EPITOME OF A WOMAN

Clinical Scientist Emerita Von Seyfried also known as Emmy, depicts the role of a strong woman, one who runs the family unit as a loving wife and mother, a good leader, industrious and an intelligent woman who excels in a lot of things.


SECRETS TO SUCCESS – Break the Window

What if I told you that one word, one sentence and one person can change your whole life? But change your life for real - to have more joy, to be happier, to have health and financial abundance?


PAL to upgrade Brisbane to nonstop flights

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines will begin operating direct nonstop flights between Manila and Brisbane from March 27, giving passengers the convenience of a shorter flying time of less than seven (7) hours, compared to the current one-stop service of 9 hours 20 minutes with a stopover in Darwin.


First Russian Ball

The first Russian Ball in the Philippines, attended by the Ambassador of Russian Federation Igor Khovaev. The event was organized by Natalya Bronzova, who constantly promotes Russian culture and art in the Philippines.



Interviewed by Marc Anthony Nicolas, of “Inside Hollywood by Marc Anthony” aired in Las Vegas, ACTV-05 and in Los Angeles, KXLA, for Manila Up! TV Entertainment.


Killer Mike, NRA, and When You Can’t Separate the Art From the Artist

March 24th marked an important day in this country’s history of gun reform. Students all across the nation gathered and participated in a youth-organized event ‘March For Our Lives’ in support for more effective gun control laws.


Emmy Von

SEYFRIED and Family



Emmy Von





Photographs by Daniel Pham Photography Wardrobe by Noell




merita Von Seyfried also known to everyone as Emmy, depicts the role of a strong woman, one who runs the family unit as a loving wife and mother, who is also a good leader, industrious and intelligent. She excels in a lot of things. Emmy was born and raised in Manila. She’s the 2nd youngest in a brood of six (4 girls and 2 boys) daughter of a beauty queen, Leonila Francisco Leonardo, and lawyer, Teofilo Sanchez Leonardo, from Bocaue, Bulacan in the Philippines. Emmy grew up in a home with strict parents. Starting as an excellent student in science and math during her elementary school days, she later graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from the Far Eastern University. She now works at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center as a clinical laboratory scientist and is happily married to Hollywood Hills landlord and former actor Col. Henry Von Seyfried. Together for over 20 years, they have a beautiful daughter named Krystal Von Seyfried. As a Clinical Scientist at UCLA for 25 years, she works six days a week and plans to retire in the next two years. She works diligently and acts as a trainer who has to validate instruments accurately to ensure that the lab results are accurate. Her job entails great responsibilities, working in the lab within the ER, meeting all

the strict Federal standards they pertain to. This paves the way for doctors to easily diagnose a patient’s condition. UCLA is currently number 1 in Southern California and number 7 throughout the nation and the best medical center for 28 consecutive years, by US news and World report. Passing the board exam with a lot of hard work and sacrifices prior to migrating to Los Angeles in 1989, she worked in the Philippines for 10 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Pascual Laboratories. Aside from her job as a scientist, Emmy worked as a manager at Designer Collections from 1990-1994. Her arrival in the U.S. brought about a ‘culture shock’ and she had difficulty understanding accents. She landed a job in customer service by directly looking through ads in the local newspaper in order to gain local experience for a year. Because of her love for artwork, Designer Collections was not at all different from her previous work as a pharmaceutical sales representative nor as a scientist even if it dealt with environmental services. They were similar in a way that the jobs involved in public relations. Emmy von Seyfried was hired as a laboratory assistant and phlebotomist. After passing the board as clinical scientist, she proceeded to work at the Immunogenetics Department for 3 years wherein she worked on DNA Typing. With her dedication and hard work, she received an award from the Filipino community as the “Distinguished Clinical Laboratory Scientist”.


COVER STORY Everything in her life is an ongoing process. Emmy loves art, decorating, planning for events, cooking and traveling. She considers art as her passion. Though she loves everything she does because it’s “something she does everyday”, she prefers everything “hands on”. Her forte in cooking is from simple pasta with basil, olive oil and tomatoes and when it comes to travel, Europe is her favorite. After 23 years with her husband, hers is a fairy tale story with a happy ending. Emmy’s husband Col. Henry Von Seyfried, was in the army and his eventual profession as an actor transpired through his producer friend during the era of Elvis Presley and Beach Dikerson. Emmy has family that are in the entertainment business in the Philippines as well. Emmy’s niece is the award winning actress Jaclyn Jose. Their secret to a long marriage is patience, love and understanding. It’s all a give and take process and it’s about trust and communication. They are very proud with their one and only daughter, Krystal, and have been very supportive of her passion for modeling and pageantry. She graduated in 2017 from Babson College in Boston with a degree in International Business majoring in Operations. Krystal loves beauty products, speaks fluent Mandarin and hopes to be an entrepreneur someday. And, she loves the Philippines enjoying her time with a well known cousin, an actress in the Philippines, Andi Eigenmann. Emmy describes her daughter as loving and sweet. Although, now all grown up, Emmy still sees her daughter as her little girl. Emmy is strict in a way, but, attentive and particular about her daughter’s career having concerns only for her safety and welfare. Emmy Von Seyfried is an example of a truly amazing woman of empowerment. She will continue living life contently, humbly Emmy von Seyfried and happily with thewith company her Seyfried family KrystalofVon and friends.




Break the window!


hat if I told you that one word, one sentence and one person can change your whole life? But change your life for real - to have more joy, to be happier, to have health and financial abundance? I’m blessed enough to have many people help me change my life and to become more successful. They shared their secrets, thoughts and some of them with just their presence made me shift towards an amazing level of success. I want to help you be the best version of yourself through my new column “Secrets of Success with Silvija “. This is what I want to offer you in my forthcoming monthly column in Manila Up! International Magazine titled “ Secrets of Success”. “Secrets of Success” will comprise stories and educational articles on mindset, entrepreneurship, ‘blockchain’ technology, visions and motivation. “Secrets of Success” is an S.O.S tool for you to see that your life is important, you have a greatness in you that needs to go out into the world and I’m here to remind you of it!


Before I introduce myself, let me tell you a story that touched and changed thousands of lives and hopefully, will help you as well. This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. I want to protect the identity of the people involved and respect children’s rights, so the names are changed. I came to Munich to work as a teacher in an international bilingual school. Then, something happened that made me change my whole life, start several companies, end up with celebrities such as Mel Gibson, John Travolta, JT Foxx and many others. But before I go into details, let me tell you how it all started. Middle of a hot and lazy summer in Germany in one of the most beautiful European cities – Munich. One lazy summer afternoon, I was watching parents as they picked up their children from school. Some were talking to each other in a parking lot. After I handed over a little boy to his Mom, they both looked at me and smiled. David (as I will refer to him in disguise) grabbed the car keys after he got into the car without his mother even noticing it. He locked himself in the car from inside.

After few minutes everybody around started to panic. His mother started to cry and David started to cry too.. I was standing next to my friend Leah who said: “Silvija, if they don’t get him out of the car in the next 15 minutes - David will die.” I looked at her in shock and asked: “ What do you mean die? Like die-die for real?” The look on her face answered the question.. My heart was beating so fast, I could feel it through my ears, and I got more scared. I then saw my colleague take a little school hammer, the smallest anyone can buy from the store. She gave it to one of the mothers there who tried to break the window. David was already red and his eyes rolling, ready to pass out because of the heat in the car. Out of the blue, I ran to the car and I asked David’s mother if I could break the window. Screaming through tears, she kept repeating: “Yes! Yes!” Taking the small hammer, I tried to break the window on the huge Jeep, my hand was hurting but the window didn’t break.. I tried one more time. Nothing. It appeared that David was almost gone, he was red and swollen, his mother screaming. With one last attempt, I asked God to help me. “I need you now! Help me NOW!”, I prayed. Within the next few seconds, I saw my whole life unfolding in front of my eyes. Something that I had never experienced before. All the memories from my childhood, war in my hometown of Croatia, lovers, tears, parents and friends. All happened in a split second. The next thing I saw was the window broken and the car alarm going off.. They took David out of the car, and was saved. Alive and saved. I looked at my body, full of tiny scratches from the glass that got on my hands and chest. Firefighters came, an officer put his hand on my shoulder and said: “You did a GREAT job!”. All seemed like a movie. I went to see David and his Mom who were in the bathroom and cried when I saw his big brown eyes looking at me. She looked “lost” but was thankful.

That day, I went home on the same subway. Saw the same people in it. Everything was the same. But one thing changed forever. My self. I felt in my soul that my whole life changed by breaking that window and that I literally saved one life. I whispered to no one in particular during my ride in the subway: “Please use me. Please USE me and use all that I am. I want to save as many lives as I can. Use me.” And He did. After two weeks I met one of the most important people in my life. The one who supported me to become the person that I’m today. But let’s leave this part for our next read. I felt that although I saved David, the inner child in me was also saved and pulled out of the car called ‘Fear’. Saving David and breaking that window became a symbol for me to always go directly into the ‘Fear’ no matter what happens.. Today I want to remind you that you have a power and strength to overcome any obstacle like I did by breaking that window. I want to remind you that you are capable of breaking free from your fears and limitations. You are bigger and stronger than you think! Most important YOU ARE ENOUGH just the way you are. When fear kicks in, remember that you can do impossible things with faith and the doors will open. Save your little David. Break that window. The world needs that strong you! And in the end, let me tell you who I am.



I’m a Mindset and Business Strategist, International Speaker and Cryptocurrency Advisor. I am the first woman founder in Blockchain International Organization and Full Potential Intelligence Ltd., a coaching and consulting company. I help people to be their full potential through coaching on mindset, entrepreneurship and blockchain technology. I speak on stages all over the Europe and the USA. I have also shared the stage with Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Steve Wozniak, Charlie Sheen and many, many others. What matters is that I’m a reminder. The reminder of Your greatness. The one who helps take care that you reach your full potential and keep your ideas alive. I live to help everyone to live in a decentralized world where there are no limitations. By anything or anyone. You are born to be free and I’m a rebel, a visionary and a free spirit that is on your side. Always. Thank you for taking a moment to read this column and see you next month in “Secrets of Success with Silvija”

Silvija SilvijaPopovic Mindset and Business Strategist Cryptocurrency Investor and Adviser International Speaker



PAL to upgrade Brisbane to

nonstop flights By Jonathan Gesmundo


lag carrier Philippine Airlines will begin operating direct nonstop flights between Manila and Brisbane from March 27, giving passengers the convenience of a shorter flying time of less than seven (7) hours, compared to the current one-stop service of 9 hours 20 minutes with a stopover in Darwin. The Manila-Brisbane nonstop flights will operate four times weekly, utilizing the 254-seater Airbus A340 aircraft initially, and PAL’s brand-new Airbus A321 NEOs aircraft later in the first half of 2018. The A321 NEO is the longer-range version of the popular A321, outfitted with full-flat business class seats and entertainment systems. PR 221 leaves Manila every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and arrives in Brisbane the following day, every Thursday, Saturday Sunday. Effective May 1, PAL will operate the fourth weekly frequency every Tuesday. The nonstop service is expected to boost travel and tourism on the increasingly popular route that links the Philippines with the commercial center of Queensland and gateway to the spectacular beaches, theme parks and lush rain forests of the Gold Coast. Queensland is also home to a growing number of migrants and expatriate Filipinos. Flying direct to Manila will help encourage Queensland-based Australians to consider holiday trips to the Philippines.

This is the latest move of PAL to convert onestop flights to nonstop services for the convenience of the traveling public. In 2017 alone, the flag carrier launched nonstop flights to Toronto (Canada), Auckland (New Zealand), Doha (Qatar), Kuwait City (Kuwait) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) by eliminating the stopovers in Vancouver, Cairns, Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively. With the removal of the Darwin stopover by March 25, PAL will temporarily suspend its flights to Darwin, considering that a stand-alone Manila-Darwin service would be uneconomically sustainable. The airline will revisit this decision in the near future as market conditions improve. In the meantime, PAL will continue the expansion to other key Australia destinations as it assigns more of the new A321NEOs and the newcabin Airbus A330s to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


4-STAR @ 77 for PAL Philippine Airlines celebrated an especially sweet 77th birthday last March 15, coming soon after the flag carrier’s attainment of 4-Star global airline status. In the photo, the official Skytrax 4-Star is affixed to PAL’s iconic aircraft tailfin at the airline’s executive offices in Pasay City.


OC FASHION WEEK at the New Hive & Honey Rooftop Bar Photos by Joe Garcia

BGR Fashion


Charmaine Joie Couture

Learn how to get an

iPhone 8 on us

Ask an associate for details.


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Russian Ball in the Philippines


he first Russian Ball in the Philippines, attended by the Ambassador of Russian Federation Igor Khovaev. The event was organized by Natalya Bronzova, who constantly promotes Russian culture and art in the Philippines. During the Ball, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation handed an award, the “Bronze

Dr. Billy Chan, Dr. Maria Monteverde, Dr. Tomas Monteverde

H.E. Igor Khovaev, Natalya Bronzova

Col. Joseph Jocson, USEC Fema Duterte, Lolita Escobar, Eimee Cragun & Myrna Yao




H.E. Igor Khovaev, Dr. Billy Chan, Arcenio Lizaso, Natalya Bronzova, Maria Fema Duterte, Congresswoman Linabelle Ruth Villarica

Butterfly” to outstanding Filipinos, who helped promote and support Russian Art & Culture in the Philippines. The awardees are: the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Cong. Linabelle Ruth R. Villarica, USEC of Tourism and Executive Director of NPF, Maria FemaDuterte, President of the CCP Nick Lizaso and Dr. Billy Chan, Founder of the Peace Post. Guests were met by a classical quartet, performed Russian compositors music and video on Russian historical heritage of Moscow & St. Petersburg. Best Art pieces of the Ball’s host Natalya Bronzova were exposed along ballroom walls. The award “Bronze Butterfly” was created as a symbol of the Russian Ball, by an artist

Dr. Billy Chan, Usec of Tourism and Executive Director of Nayong Pilipino Fema Duterte, Luda Visotskiy, and Chelsia Chan

Serla Russel, Natalya Bronzova, Agile Zamora, Jennifer Kewalram




Sistine, Devine, Tam and Mike Austria

Natalya Bronzova, and casted into bronze. The unique bronze sculpture represents snowflakes at the base and a butterfly at the top, with the initials of Russian Ball in between. Snowflakes represent Russia and the butterfly, the eternal summer of the Philippines; the country of artist origin and the country she choose to stay now. Natalya Bronzova, Cory Quirino, H.E. Igor Khovaev

Linda Villanueva, Omar Tores


Bert & Nonie Basilio


A grand Coming Out Party MANILA


recently attended one of the most elegant and glamorous coming out party, that of Gilly Rustia, youngest daughter of one of the most lovely and enterprising  couple in town Madison Galleries owners Joel and Joy Rustia.   We were in awe as we entered the Grand

ballroom of the Shangri-La Fort which was transformed into a Bronx, New York setting in black and white which reminds you of a nostalgic movie of that era. Tables and chairs were set elegantly in copper gold, vibrant fresh flowers and strings scattered from floor to ceiling like colorful rays of light to set the mood for the evening’s spectacular event.

Don Luansing, Dr. Joji & Rey Macatangay, Dr. BT & Alex Palines, Standing Gilly Rustia




Bob Miller, Nikki Tang, Ito Curata, Agile Zamora, Maila King, Merci Padolina

Kevin & Marge and Noel Gonzales

Guests receiving her invites created already a lot of excitement. The very unique invitation reminded us of an old vinyl record player which was packaged in a black box emblazoned in bright gold leaf stamp of the debutante’s name. A surprise music plays through an attached Bluetooth speaker, capturing the celebrant’s favorite music, Bruno Mars’ 24 Karat Magic.   As guests entered the ballroom lobby, they were greeted by unique string and laser treatments, a 360 selfie platform, overflowing wines, champagne and cocktails and serenaded by a saxophonist As Gilly Rustia came out to present herself, she glided perfectly in the most elegant and elaborate lavender ball gown with pastel colors of rich embroidery and crystals created by Randy Ortiz.   The beautiful debutante serenaded the guests with romantic songs by Bruno Mars and several performances, together with her sisters Tara and Keana Rustia.  The pace and rhythm were quick from beginning to end through the mind blowing performance of  Philippine All Stars, Baihana, Powerdance of Douglas Nieras and Rayver Cruz.  A surprise number of the debutante’s father, Joel Rustia, with his own dance rendition inspired by Michael Jackson puts all the guests in high spirits and set the mood for everyone to dance.   It was 24

a star studded evening graced by celebrities with the likes of Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, John Estrada, Priscilla Estrada and Angelou de Leon.  Indeed, it was a night to remember that ended beautifully.  The guest’s heart go out to Gilly and was applauded for choosing not to receive any gifts

Johnny Litton, George Sarakinis, (standing) Noel Gonzales


Margo Midwinter, Genevieve Hing, Angelou De Leon, Kayeanne Picache, Kim Pabon, Priscilla Estrada

but instead a donation be made to the Philippine Cancer Society for the benefit of children with cancer in memory of her cousin, Gabbie Wambangco. Gilly may you continue to be as kindhearted and generous like your parents. May your tribe increase. Â

Ysabel Del Gallego, Janelle Tejada, Erlyn Espeleta, Via Lorenzo, Alex Tankeh, Ivana Ohara, Bea Vale, Misha Bernardino

Michael Huang, Patrick Jacinto, Joel Rustia, Gilly Rustia, Becky Garcia, George Sarakinis

Tara, Keana & Gilly Rustia Tessie Lemen, Ellen & Chito Antonio, Jun Wambangco, (standing) Gilly Rustia

(sitting) Ret. Brig. Gen. Antonio & Joel Rustia, Engr. Jose Wambangco, Jr. (standing) Jose Wambangco, III. Dr. Nena Rustia, Rebecca Vasquez, Gilly Rustia, Keana Rustia, Joy Rustia, Tara Rustia, Evelyn & Jay



Bridge of Life and

a Streak of Light

(Millennium Bridge London)

I KINGDOM ADVENTURE By Gilda Pineda Dionela


have been staying in London for a while, but I have not heard about London Millennium Bridge until my friend from Canada visited and this was the only landmark in London she would have liked to see. She had seen the rest of the tourist destinations around London. I am glad we found it and I was able to see it for myself. I like bridges so much. When I was young I was fascinated about how bridges are designed and constructed. Bridges brought me back the memories when I was still a little girl going to the place of my grandparents. The bus we rode was passing through the shallow rivers without a bridge, travelling through crystal clear water and rocks. While living with them, I spent the day collecting flowers and leaves that served as my toys to engage my time since “lolo” and “lola” were each busy doing their own thing. I used to sit on a tiny wooden footbridge in front of their property while watching the clear water of that small brook where some fish

swam. The cool breeze and the sparkle of the sun bouncing through the water was mesmerizing. That’s what makes London Millennium Bridge an exciting experience for me. The Thames River is not as clear as the rivers in my recollection, the surroundings not as quiet but I am in London not in Gabaldon. Maybe you are not interested in bridges like I am, but after reading this you would likely want to visit it too.

Artistic and Brilliant Structure

London Millennium Bridge is the first pedestrian-only crossing built over the Thames in Central London in more than 100 years since Tower Bridge (commonly mistaken by many visitors as the London Bridge). They started building it in 1996, opened by the Queen on June 10, 2000 and closed to the public two days after its opening for another 2 years because of more than the usual, expected lateral movement. Further analysis showed that the movement was brought about by synchronised pedestrian footfall which was unknown to the engineering world. London Millennium Bridge is a result of an outstanding collaboration among the best British Architects (Foster and Partners), British Engineers (Arup) and Sculptor, Sir Anthony Caro. The testing and research of the structural problems were conducted by University of South Hampton, Imperial College, London and the final analysis was made by Arup (Engineers). After thorough analysis and testing, they installed dampers under the deck to reduce the

lateral movement felt by the pedestrians. The improvement made by the engineers resulted in the upgrading of codes or standards for bridge construction worldwide. Now that we know that the structure is unique as it also established a new standard in structural engineering in the world, let’s explore the experience of walking on it. The steel structure having an aluminium deck with stainless steel balustrades enables unhindered views of London that connects the City of London at St. Paul’s Cathedral with the Tate Modern Gallery at Bankside. We started our journey along Southwark Bridge passing through Shakespeare Globe, and there we found the modern steel suspension bridge so different from the existing concrete London and Tower Bridges. Connecting these two important locations obstructed by river Thames saves so much time and energy for the visitors and passers-by. That is what bridge is for, to connect two locations which have an obstruction. At night you will see the neon lights of the beautiful city of London and from afar the bridge appears to be a streak of light above the dark river whose brightness depends upon the glowing lights of the buildings in the city. Walking towards Saint Paul Cathedral at night time on the bridge is like walking away from the present time and going back to a spiritual heritage of this city chosen by God to help many other European countries spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world centuries ago.



The Cross: The Bridge of Eternal Life

People across the world, including myself were captivated by great minds of British architects, designers and artists. I wish to know them or they to know me, but it is just a dream. I never regret that I did not come to know them or vice versa because the greatest joy and confidence I have is that incomparable architect, engineer, and artist of all time I know and love, the Lord Almighty. He is the one who designed and created the whole universe and that include us, human beings. London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, built by extraordinary intelligent beings. Suddenly, I wondered who built the first city on earth. The answer is Cain the son of Adam and he named the city after his firstborn son Enoch. The original Hebrew of the word city means a place that was guarded by a watch or a wall. When Cain killed Abel, he became a restless wanderer on earth. One of the consequences of his act was that when they worked on the ground it no longer yielded a crop. After that Cain feared for his life. That is why he built a walled city to protect him and his descendants. God is gracious and merciful, though the ground did not yield crop when they worked on it, God gave Cain’s descendants special skills and talents. Jabal was the father of those who dwell in tents and have many cattle. His brother’s name was Jubalthe, father of stringed musical instrument such as the harp and organ and Tubalcain, who forged all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron. The city of Enoch found security in the walls they built, and the special skills given to them in today’s term we call science and technology. There was another Enoch from the line of Seth (another brother of Cain), the son born of Adam and Eve after Cain killed Abel. He walked faithfully with God and God took him.


Scholars believed he did not experience physical death. What is the relationship of these two ancient Enochs to our present time? Their lives are reminders that the first Enoch’s are those who put their trust in their walls and excellent skills and run away from God, whereas, the second Enoch spends his life in close communion with God, his maker. No matter how beautiful the city we live in, there is one “city” we should aspire to dwell in in the future, the Holy City found in Revelation 21:2. Going to that city, there is only one bridge, the plank of a wooden cross where Jesus died 2000 years ago so that those who believe Him as Lord will spend eternity with Him, with the second Enoch and the rest who believed Him before. Let us not put our trust in modern knowledge, after all they are not that contemporary.



Spring Upon Maui MAUI MANIA

By Edith Pendleton


unflowers sprung up on Maui’s verdant fields once again. A sight to behold against the backdrop of majestic Haleakala, I found myself briefly parking to sneak a pic of what is a nice surprise given that this not too familiar flower which faces the sun to bask in its warmth is rare among Hawaii’s flora. Piikake, ginger, birds of paradise, bromeliades and orchids are in abundance here. Therein, lies the question, why here and why now? The era of sugar cane plantations came to its demise when Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Co. ended sugar production after 145 years. Last year saw a new player on the field when Hawaii’s pioneering renewable energy company, Pacific Biodiesel first cultivated the fast growing crop on a 14-acre field.. Some 1,330 gallons of precious sunflower oil were generated and more


of such projects are planned in the foreseeable future. Promoting environmentally responsible, sustainable practices, and supporting the local agricultural economy are among its core values. Spreading “Kuleana” (meaning ‘responsibilty’ in Hawaiian) with a new line of oils and skin care products, made right here by Maiden Hawaii Naturals, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary will spring up in the market, and Spring is perfect! IMReady, University of Hawaii- Maui College’s student exchange program has joined this burst of Spring. IMR stands for I AM READY. Like our biodiesel from sunflowers, this is a pioneering program. Four students have been selected initially to allow them to study in prestigious Philippine schools for a semester. The immersion program envisions that students will study significant interests for both Hawaii and the Philippines. The

Gregory Dean Kaufman, founder of Pacific Whale Foundation was celebrated by a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of the PWF fleet. A canoe from Pacific Cancer foundation took his ashes to the middle of the circle of boats and with the Hawaiian traditional burial, the chants and prayers sent his spirit to be with the gods. We floated flowers to sea and the boats circled around the burial spot eight times. As they sailed into the breathtaking sunset, I was told the boats suddenly came upon a 60 foot False Killer Whale, such a rare sighting indeed! The behemoth touching each of the boats as if on cue from the man who made it a reality in his lifetime to leave a legacy and promise to save our gentle creatures from extinction. Farewell, Greg. A new Spring has begun.

UH Maui College International Office jump started this partnership with Maui County’s Sister City Foundation for travel to study. Imua Services, one of my fave charities on island which serves children and their families has its annual Spring event with a unique theme to enhance the annual fund raiser. “Bollywood” was it this year. And was it a blast! I was among beautiful, generous folks awash in splendid Indian attire Surely, the gathering elicited a rousing response to the well attended and energized event.A spectacular not- to- be missed evening, the graceful dances, inimitable performances and sumptuous Indian food capped my night as I sashayed along with my peers in their ‘saris’ and turbans galore. Namaste! A solemn gathering on the beach at sunset winds down Maui Mania on this Spring issue.




2018 Winners MANILA


epublic of the Philippines Scholarship Pageant successfully launched its second season last January 31st, staged at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Ballroom. Miss Cindy Dumol from Roxas City was proclaimed Miss RP whereas Miss Excelsa de Jesus of New York was crowned as Miss RP International. This year was the first time ever that Mr. RP was launched as the organizers also believe in providing the same opportunities to its male delegates, with Mr. Dennis Frias Malones of Bulacan besting other sixteen delegates across the country. Both winners focus on advocating a more equitable education for the economically disadvantaged. Mr. Malones was given a cerebral wreath designed by Arnel Papa, to complement the Miss RP crown. A vesture was made by Ulysses King from naturally woven materials with hand painted local inscriptions in baybayin, “Pilipinas Kong Mahal�. In addition to scholarship opportunities and travel, winners were given custom commissioned fine jewelry On Call designed by Bernadette Villacorta of Hiyas Jewelry. By Romulo Aromin, Jr.


2018 Winners Cindy Dumol and Dennis Malones Minor awards included: People’s Choice Awards went to Christian Suntay and Excelsa de Jesus; Best in Ternowas designed by Roland Lirio as modelled by April Liban(Isabela) whereas the Best in Barong Tagalog was designed by Ulysses King and worn by Jerome Vasquez (Batangas City); Most Photogenic: Jedryk Costes (Taguig) and Ma. Beatrix Panganiban (Quezon); Best in Talent: Excelsa de Jesus and Mr. Willeman III; Friendship Award: John Carlo Morales and Marinel Angeline Dizon; Hotel 101 advocates: Will Quinto and Thamara Alexandria Pacursa; and Verde Salon advocates John Carlo Morales and Beatrix Panganiban.



RP Scholarship Pageant Court (L-R): Excelsa de Jesus; Mr/Miss Luzon John Carlo Morales and Thamara Alexandria Pacursa; Mr/Miss Visayas Jay Lester Abrenica and Patricia Mae Baratilla; and Mr/Miss Mindanao Jedryk Costes and Chariss Jedidiah Gusay. The pageant continued its tradition of showcasing the best in Vinta inspired evening wear instead of the national costumes as with other pageants. Manny Halasan won the Best in Vinta as worn by Ma. Beatrix Panganiban whereas the male counterpart was designed by Estien Quijano and was worn by John Carlo Morales. Gowns were accessorized by Mila Imson with designer Christopher Munar and stylist Mac Mendoza. Hotel 101, under Double Dragon Properties, was the official residence and hosted the delegates and staff. With Dr. Romulo Aromin, Jr., Chair of the 2018 Search’s vision of also showcasing the best in the Filipino in its diverse forms of artistic expression, Alba Productions, Inc (with RD Alba and Philip Anthony) was brought in from Hollywood to bring in stateof-the-art staging. The roving camera, used in major international pageants was first used here back home. During the benefits gala


on January 30th, international artist Richard Gabriel, sculptor pedis par excellence from Milan was featured, back-to-back with homegrown artists Jonathan Dangue for his architectural lamps, and surrealist Jeffrey Guanlao. Ditta Sandico, an established fashion designer for 32 years was featured with her own brand of combined fabrics as Banaca (banana abaca), Pinalino, Abeliloco, Mangyan Habol, in her creations. The Founding Supporter Jaki Penalosa with Aisha Penalosa, Bo Parcon and Djohn Clement, dazzled the audience with their beautifully executed Hablon from Iloilo in their modern designs. Ulysses King and Simon Ariel Vasquez presented their opening collection of sartorially designed Barong.The Bolt of Talent 2017 winner Lance Busa sang the RP Theme roundelay, “Nagiisang Kislap sa Buong Daigdig”, composed by the organizers themselves with sound engineering provided by Acoustic Underground. Inc.

Grand Coronation Board of Judges and Executive Board: Back (L-R): Atty. Larry Safran (Senior Partner, Latham and Watkins, NY), Romulo Aromin, Jr., MD (MMRP), Mr. Frederick Alegre (ASEC, Philippine Dept of Tourism), Dr. Lyan Marc G. Peniero (Dean, College of Education, Univ. of Iloilo) Front (L-R): Ma. Felisa Jocson (EVP, Jocson College), Gel Gomez (Head, Group Sales and Marketing, Hotel of Asia, DoubleDragon Properties), Lynette Padolina (CEO and President, MMRP), Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa (Director General, PNP), Jose Mari Chan, Atty. Danilo Yang, Former President, Prosecutors League of the Philippines). The collaboration with the Philippine National Police (PNP) through its Police Community Relations Group headed by Gen. Rhodel Sermonia, proved to be a strong partnership as both complement each one with the promotion of tourism and with the PNP ensuring safety and order and improving its community relations. With RP Pageant partnering with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO), both bridge social services closer to the community and to the millennials in particular, seen as an important segment who can subsequently support and maintain PCSO’s programs. This alliance aims to result in changes in PCSO lottery programming and dissemination of its outreach to achieve this end. For this year, STI, Congresswoman Micaela Violago, 2nd District, Nueva Ecija, Danilo Yang, Esq. and WCC Aviation Company under

Ramon Guico III, have joined the increasing roster of scholarship advocates. Vic Asuncion of PersonaPower Consulting completed an 8 full course on personality development. As part of its educational ecotourism, the delegates visited the destination areas in Bataan through its Governor Albert Garcia and the Department of Tourism; Cabanatuan City through Mayor Vergara; the PhilRice through Dir. Sailila Abdulla and Guadalupe Miranda - PR Officer; and Central Luzon State UniversityPresident Tereso Abella, featuring its Carabao Center, Fisheries and the College of Veterinary Science, among others. Lynette Padolina, CEO and President, envisions more visibility in the organization’s social advocacies and promotion of heritage and tourism. With the Filipinos overseas, she hopes to bolster the drive of “Bringing Home Families” more. Winners will travel abroad to participate in international community functions as ambassadors of goodwill.



The All Nation Womens Group (ANWG) marks its 70th




he All Nation Womens Group (ANWG) marks its 70th Anniversary was an affair that gave meaning and importance to its existence all through the years to promote cultural works of distinguish nation.- by Pres. Sally Maliuanag, Arlene Jacobo, Gov. Baby Ortiz, Nonie Basilio and its board of Director of Gov. Baby Luat as adviser and Malou Beawer the Chairperson. The highlight of ANWG are the awarding of Ms.Luzon, Ma. Maribel Manaois, Visayas Ms. Audyrey Kaye Zubiri, and Mindanao.Ms. Margareth Steffi Gan Gonzales.And the Ms. ANWG 2018 Choi Irwin Papa.

Martin Arciaga, Igor Urasnov, Joyce Pilarsky, Julian Wondorf, Noel Gonzales


Ms. Luzon Ma. Isabel Manaois, Baby Ortiz

Guanluk Santos, Terry Maliuanag & Jonathan Santos

Mia Cruz, Jonathan Badon

Terry Tambunting, Baby Gloria, Gilda Salonga

ANWG Pres S ally Maliuanag

Gerard Ramirez, Malou Bewer

Nonie & Bert Basilio

Ms. Mindanao Marge Gan & Nona Ricafort

Sally Maliuanag, Audrey Zubiri

Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Audrey Zubiri, Monibna Plan, Standing Sally Maliuanag .JPG

Titser Nelia Sarcol, Pres. Sally Maliuanag, Ellen Sevilla



What Will It Be Like If It’s My Last Six Months

(A List That Changed My Life) by: Jhoanna B. de Guzman


ive as if it’s your last 6 months..” I heard this from an old strange man. After that, it changed everything.. Actually, this one is not really a new advice, we would often hear that on movies, on other people.. But sometimes, God spoke to us in a very distinctive, unusual way. Our part would be to learn how to discern it. If it stems from the inside, if it’s a command you feel like following, if you think about it all the time, if it compels you to do something. Certainly, it’s God. That’s what happened to me that morning. It might be God’s way of telling me to take a pause, stop planning and start living life in the now. Obviously, I can tell that I tend to plan out a lot. And this message is truly been like an echo that keeps on coming back on my mind over and over, it’s speaking on the very inside of me. So I started to think about planning out my


6 months, or should I say think on how I should really live if it’s my last 6 months. Should I watch tragic movies having the same plot to get inspiration? They made their bucket list, do their last will and testament, spend all their money, the list goes on. But on that moment, God told me, Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. - Matthew 6:31-34 Then I started to dig in on all the aspects of my life. How will I live my life if it’s my last six months, I should do some changes.

1 2

Physical - What does it feels like to be healthy and take care of my body? How nice it would be if I would follow the 80/20 rule on food? Mental - I would read that book, at a place where there is a nice scenery, where I will feel one with nature. I would enjoy my surroundings even more, clearing my head and contemplate on all the wonderful things God created. I would try to balance worldly to earthly information coming in and out of my head. I would learn from my craft but I would definitely learn more from people as well. Social - I would start to enjoy each meal and use it as a way to be social and interact with my parents. Instead of taking photos and posting it on social media, I would choose to rather talk, interact and connect even more. I will choose to forgive people and myself, appreciate the existence of those people around me, love them and make them feel special hoping that on some way, I can leave a good memory with them. Spiritual - I would help my church, repent and connect with my Christian friends who from the very start always lift me up and bring me closer to Him.



If I only have 6 months.. I will just start to.. Take action. I realized that one doesn’t need money to do that bucket list, one doesn’t need to do crazy stuff to say that they have lived their life. But instead, one must just learn how to turn their eyes on what really matters. After I contemplated, I then realized the logic of it all.. There’s nothing certain here. We must live in the now. But I’m not saying it’s not good to plan long term. What I learned is, although we do plan, we must exert more effort on what is now, that we must be very well in doing in all aspects of life. To grow mentally and spiritually, to make a difference on the people around us and we are not waiting for anything to start doing that. That’s when I realized that it’s not important to hoard and to worry. It’s good to plan but it’s more important to live in the moment. Why 6 months? It’s not too long to be complacent but not too short not to worry that we are almost out of time. From now on, I will commit myself to wire my thinking on this ‘last 6 months period’, I will made a contract for myself and renew every 6 months. So far it’s working. I’ve never imagined I would talk to that old friend until I realize that my time has a limit, I have never pushed myself to visit my grandma where I always find an excuse not to, I would never dare to talk to people whom I can’t imagine I would be brave enough to talk to, I would never suppress myself from logging off on that social media and tell myself that there’s more to life than all that we can see on the screen. … Would you do yourself a favor and do this too?




Saint Patrick Day (Ireland) - The Party


of all Parties


n March 17th 2018, the world is celebrating the feast of Saint Patrick of Ireland. The day of grand celebrations is held in several great cities all around the world. In London, there is a parade from Green Park to Trafalgar Square. The first time I’ve experienced Saint Patrick’s Day in London, I was walking on High Street Kensington. It was around 1 in the afternoon and the traffic was heavy. There were lots of millennials on the street wearing green and white costumes. They were drinking and holding beers in their hands in jubilant celebration. I came from a Roman Catholic nation; I’ve heard about St. Patrick but I didn’t know anything about him. The famous celebration we have back home are the feast of St. Nino (baby Jesus), Jesus Nazareno (Black Nazarene), San Miguel Arkanghel (St. Michael the Archangel), San Agustin (Saint Agustin), and many more including various feasts of different images of Virgin Mary. However, I have not heard of a celebration for Saint Patrick. Oftentimes in my country when we celebrate the life of a saint, we commemorate the things they’ve done. For example, on the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, people shower water to friends, neighbours and even to strangers because that’s what John


the Baptist did while on earth. Of course there are some jubilant celebrations, drinking and abundant food in a crazy level; however, procession describing their life while on earth, praying, and church service are the real highlights of any celebration. As soon as I saw how many people were drunk that day in celebration, I thought maybe Saint Patrick drank a lot while he was on earth. Maybe the extreme cold weather in Ireland is why people drink a lot of beer. Drinking is not bad, it is sociable and good for health according to the Bible. The excess of it, however, makes it worse. After witnessing that, I read the book “The Land of Hope and Glory” by Bruce Atkinson who happened to be the Associate Pastor in our church Kensington Temple. No book I’ve read said that Saint Patrick was a drunkard. I read up on several writings about the life of Saint Patrick and his Confession that still exist today, and this is what I learned about him:


Maewyn Succat was his birth name, born in the Lake District, Cumbria on AD 389. He was a Roman Briton son of a wealthy deacon named Calpurnius and his wife Conchessa. Succat later used the name Patrick or Patricius upon becoming a priest.

At the age of 16, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and was sold as a slave in. He tended the sheep of his master alone day and night, and oftentimes he was cold. It was in this horrible situation that left him with no other recourse but to look up to God for help. According to his confession, “But after I reached Ireland I used to pasture the flock each day and I used to pray many times a day. More and more did the love of God,and my fear of him and faith increase, and my spirit was moved so thatin a day [I said] from one up to a hundred prayers, and in the night alike number; besides I used to stay out in the forests and on themountain and I would wake up before daylight to pray in the snow, inicy coldness, in rain, and I used to feel neither ill nor anyslothfulness, because, as I now see, the Spirit was burning in me at that time”. He was not religious before his captivity. One night while he was asleep, he heard a voice saying he will be free and a boat was waiting for him 200 miles away. He didn’t know the place, yet the Spirit guided him, and that boat brought him back to his family in Britain. After 15 years of training and learning, Saint Patrick went back to Ireland to fulfil the call of God in his life. He suffered insults from unbelievers and endured persecutions to the point of imprisonment. He gave up his earthly free birth right so that others might be free spiritually. As I read his confession several times, I noticed that all his beliefs could be found in the scripture and none of which diverted from its lessons. He believed in the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and did not mention about any other person or figures to worship other than God. He believed in the simplicity and pureness of the Word of God. Unaltered in anyway. Saint Patrick



converted Ireland to Christianity from their pagan gods and occult ways. Ireland used to be ruled by hundreds of chieftains. Druids were the most influential people in Ireland at that time. ‘Druid’ derive from an old Welsh term for oak. It was a religion based on nature and their worship pattern was established on the movements of the sun and moon. Saint Patrick’s preaching was accompanied by signs and wonders found in the Bible. He was used by God mightily to turn Ireland to the One and Living God. His life and teachings were about the love and courage of God, because God is the one who protected him with holiness.


Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration not only in Ireland but around the world. In Dublin this year, the celebration starts on the 15th of March and will go up to the 19th. Many buildings, venues, and spaces across the city illuminate green for the festival. The spectacular parade will traverse across the city and will certainly astonish the onlookers with multitude of talented performers, vivid colours, and music that are Irish to the core. Today, Ireland remains a strong Roman Catholic country, though there is a rise in the number of those with no religion. After scrutinizing the life of his own, Saint Patrick considered himself the least of all believers of his time. He was a very humble man who considered himself not scholarly like other prominent bishops at that time. He was a doer of what he read and believed what was written in the Bible. I thought this to myself, ‘how would he feel seeing all the celebrations on his behalf around the globe?’ Maybe he would have mixed emotions. He would be glad because majority of Ireland still adhere to his teachings about One God in three persons. He would also be disappointed because of radical changes made by the institution upon more than thousands of years, and some of those who celebrate the day seem to forget that above Irish culture, Saint Patrick dedicated his life to Ireland to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe he will read this verse out loud “Joel 2:13 (KJV)And rend


your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.” Surely those people who serve as a fruit of what Saint Patrick had sown will dance joyfully in the street of gold. Dust of glittery silver will be spread around with reflection of rainbow colours as the glory in Jesus’ face bounced, touching the wall of precious stones like emerald, ruby, amethyst, and yellow diamond that serve as the dancing lights in the biggest ballroom that our eyes will ever see. That will be the most ecstatic party ever, the only celebration that’s worth looking for. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone!! Source :

Audition in LOS angeles

Credits: Marc Anthony Nicolas, Manila Up TV Entertainment, Host of “Inside Hollywood by Marc Anthony” Photographer: Celia Abuel • Correspondent: Grace Aguilar


Audition in LOS angeles



Killer Mike, NRA, and When You Can’t Separate the Art From the Artist



arch 24th marked an important day in this country’s history of gun reform. Students all across the nation gathered and participated in a youth-organized event ‘March For Our Lives’ in support for more effective gun control laws. In the wakes of Parkland High School shooting in Florida, the push for a stricter gun control is gaining traction faster than ever, proven by the march which gathered about 800,000 people across the nation. On the same date of March 24th, 2018, an interview was posted on YouTube by NRATV, an online content channel owned by the NRA. The interview was hosted by Colion Noir, a 2nd Amendment advocate and an NRA spokesperson, and featured rapper Killer Mike. Meet Killer Mike, one half of rap duo Run the Jewels, Atlanta-based recording artist and a frequent collaborator of rap’s biggest names like Outkast. He’s also a well-known activist; he advocate for Senator Bernie Sanders during the Democratic Party primaries, and continues to talk about various social topics through his music, from gay rights to institutionalized racism. While many people know him as an outspoken socialist, many weren’t aware about his strong pro-gun ideologies. That, of course, was until this interview. “I told my kids that if you’re going to walk out of the school, then you can walk out of my house” said Mike, referring to the 17 minute long school walkout that took place ahead of the march. “We are a gun owning family… and we’re not going to do everything that our allies do because some stuff we just cannot agree with.” Mike also talked about what he described as ‘hypocrisy’ of American media choosing to only bring up gun reform following deaths of white victims, while completely ignoring the same argument when the victims are persons of color, African Americans in particular. The reaction to this interview wasn’t so supportive towards Killer Mike, to say the least. Articles were written about his questionable quotes and his fans started asking themselves if they should continue their support for the artist. This lead to the initial apology from Mike himself. “(The interview) should never have been used in contrast to your march, and I think it’s wrong. To the young people who worked tirelessly to organize, I’m sorry adults chose to do this.”I’m sorry NRATV did that” said Mike on his Twitter.

The initial interview was shot a week before the march, but the video was posted online on 24th, which was a clear reaction from the NRA towards the March For Our Lives event. Mike claims that he didn’t know that the interview would be used against the movement, and also added that the original interview was specifically about African American gun ownership, not gun violence and regulation laws in general. As a fan of his work and a believer of liberal ideals, the interview made me challenge myself. Here was an artist, whose albums that I own and words that I follow, speaking directly against my political beliefs. Throughout the interview, Mike did make comments that I personally found to be hypocritical. He argued that he armed himself against the ‘establishment’, while talking for the lobbying organization that poured in millions of dollars for Donald Trump during his campaign. His quote about living in a “gun owning household” where he wouldn’t tolerate any discussions with his children was deeply disappointing, as he’d been presenting himself as an ally and an advocate for various social movements (granted he delivered those quotes jokingly, but it was still distasteful regardless). However, his general reasoning behind why he supports the Second Amendment was a new perspective. “It’s only been 56 years since black people were freed from the apartheid. The issues of neighborhood policing and self defense run deeper in the black community than any other communities in this country” said Mike. It was an intersection where his African American identity, left-leaning political ideologies, and prejudice-riddled history of America met together. In the middle of this was Killer Mike, a proud advocate for gay marriage, redistribution of wealth, and rights to arm yourself. I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to his music the same way I used to before, and I don’t think I should have the same mindset. He’s a figure of complex background and identities that collide with one another. His music, which often deals with politics and his socialist ideals, now has a new layer of gun advocacy. With so many celebrities participating in social movements in the shallowest fashion imaginable, Mike’s straightforward interview was applaudable. My ability to separate the art from the artist was challenged. But now, I have learned that they are never separable; rather, they build upon one another and continue to evolve.



Men’s Fashion Show, featuring the latest collections from Giovanni Testi formal wear and the latest swimwear from LASC. PHOTOS BY JOPHEL HUFFMAN



Los Angeles

Fashion Week Art Hearts @ The Macarthur Photos by Celia Abuel

Candice Cuoco Belladonna


Candice Cuoco Belladonna

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Candice Cuoco Belladonna

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada


Kentaro Kameyama

Kentaro Kameyama

Nathalia Gaviria

Fernando Alberto Atelier

Fernando Alberto Atelier Nathalia Gaviria



Fashion Week Designed by LE CATTLEYA Photos by JOE GARCIA



Fashion Week Designed by LISO LO Photos by JOE GARCIA


All About

Janie Lacy J

anie Lacy is an accomplished and well-recognized psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience.  She has appeared as a psychological expert on hundreds of local and national radio and television shows discussing topics on relationship trauma, sex & love addiction, and anger management.  Ms. Lacy knows how to energize a room and is a highly sought-after event host and a popular professional speaker on toxic love relationships, how to make relationships work, and taming the monster within.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, philanthropy, and reading in her spare time. Life Counseling Solutions is a full service mental health counseling center where the licensed therapists are specialists in the work that they do. Their expertise ranges from childhood trauma, mental disorders, relationship challenges, and anger management to name a few. They offer individual, couple, and group counseling along with seminars, therapy intensives, retreats and participant in numerous community forums to promote mental health and wellness. 

Janie Lacy, LMHC, NCC, CSAT Relationship Trauma Expert, Psychotherapist, & TV Commentator  Life Counseling Solutions   670 N. Orlando Ave, Suite 103, Maitland, FL 32751 T: 407-622-1770 Website:



5 Mistakes Women Make Way Too Often In Relationships And you don’t even realize you’re doing it.


ome say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. When it comes to relationships, we either learn from them or we make the same mistakes repeatedly. As a psychotherapist with over a decade of experience, I have come to observe the mistakes women make over and over again that set them back from having the relationship that they desire in their life, and may even lead to unhealthy relationships.

Here are the top 5 mistakes:


Using the silent treatment.

When we use the silent treatment to punish our partners, it can send a message that they don’t


matter, we don’t care about how they feel, and we are only interested in hearing what we want to hear.

asking for what she wants in bed. 2Not

For many women, their sexual life is only to seduce and please their partner. This will eventually lead to dissatisfaction and not wanting to initiate sex with your partner. He will eventually feel the rejection from you and become dissatisfied himself. Asking for what you want and communicating with your partner will make it an enjoyable experience for the both of you. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings, he would rather know how to please you especially if you deliver the message in a loving way.



Trying to change her partner.

The very things which we once loved or things that we did not pay much attention to in the beginning of the relationship can eventually become something that bothers usand make us wish that they would change. So we use manipulation to try to match the image that we have in our head of who our partner “should be” in the relationship.


Believing her partner should read her mind and know what she wants without communicating clearly.


Believing it’s her partner’s job to make her happy.

Sometimes, we get into a relationship thinking that we will be happier or that the other person should make us happy. The greater the distance between expectations and reality, the greater the disappointment. We have to begin the relationship already happy and content with ourselves, and our partners can compliment us and contribute to our happiness Once we understand how our thinking can lead to making major mistakes in relationships that create an unhealthy dynamic, we have the power to change our negative behaviors. We have the power to make decisions and choices that can lead us down the road to happy and healthy relationships.


All About

Kat Schulte


at Schulte is a tranformational Healer who works with high performance, spiritual females, CEO’s and Celebrities. She helps her clients create the life of their dreams, free from the guilt and shame that we all hold due to past trauma’s and self-limiting beliefs. She holds a sacred space for her clients to grow and shift their energy, heal their past wounds and grow to new heights in their lives and businesses. She is a spiritual activist and an inner peace agent. She believes in your divine and that the world has shifted into the Golden Age. She is a #Disruptor and a #creativityfairy. Check her out at thekatschulte





The Leading Luxury Retreat Center for

Transformational Work


he Rode Institute is a cutting edge provider of education, workshops, and trainings for the advancement of sovereign partnerships, sexuality, and spirituality. Beyond what Ben and Jen do in 3D space, I want to take you on a journey of what they are creating in this world in a 5D space from my perspective. They believe in creating your life in 5D (5 Dimensions). This means co-creating your life with your higher self free from the daily limitations that we put on ourselves and on our world. They

#TheDisruptorsJen and Ben Rode, Owners of The Rode Institute, Co-Owners of Synergida

are disruptors of status quo in the greatest way possible. They’re living “The American Dream” in Costa Rica on 114 acre luxury retreat and co-creative space in the mountains, surrounded by jungle and waterfalls. They continue to push the paradigm of what is possible for themselves and for others. Ben said to me, “Jen and I have always liked to live in places with the ‘Holy Sh*t* factor, but this place, Synergida, has the “Holy F*ck” factor.” And they are so right! They basically live in a luxury palace in paradise and invite people to share it with them on a regular basis. They keep pushing what they believe is possible for them in terms of relationship, business, and the way they SPEND their lives. And yes, they run a multi-million dollar spiritual empire while raising two children of their own! They believed they could have it all and then they created it! But it wasn’t too long ago, when they were asking themselves the SAME questions most of us ask ourselves- what the heck is all this?! What is MY purpose? How do I start LIVING instead of slaving my time away for money? They dug deep and they PLAYED! They even snuck into a high end luxury spa one day and spent their day IMMERSED in what it would FEEL like to live that lifestyle. They kept asking and asking, and TRUSTING in a higher power. A power that could allow them to co-create their life instead of trying to control everything, in a space where there is



no control! It led them to AMAZING heights and achievements in life and business.

It led them to balance and joy.

Their greatest assets are each other. A truly high-vibe couple, they rely on each other’s wisdom and believe in co-creating their life together. Jen spends a lot of time meditating and living in a divine communion with a higher power, while Ben

stays grounded and puts the action and masculine energy into their business. Together they meet in the middle, and it is a POWERFUL communion. They are an inspiration to the relationship world as well as, in my opinion, doing amazing things in the realm of healing the world from its sexual wound. They are breaking PAST the paradigms of sexuality and sensuality and leading people to EMPOWER themselves in this area of their life. They are powering through guilt and shame around our sexual centers, our CREATIVE center of our body, and bringing it back to being a beautiful place of exploration and empowerment. Now know this, I am not talking about sex, though it can be a part of this. What I am talking about is our SEXUAL energy; the energy that is literally the house of our CREATIVE center, and is tied to connection, communication and sensuality. It is some POWERFUL energy they are bringing to the table, and it is NOT for everyone!

That is why they’re one on one services are very exclusive.

They hold retreats monthly and sometimes bi-monthly at Synergida. They share their lives in a luxurious, all inclusive resort. Their retreats range from Transformational Healing to Sexual Magnetism to Holistic Medical Intuition Retreats. This is how I met these beautiful people. I am proud to be one of the speakers at the Transformational Healing



retreat from April 9th to 13th. It is going to be an amazing week of luxury stay, healing, and SPACE to reconnect with yourself, what you want, and to create your own life from limitless possibility. They also offer packages for this LUXURY ALL INCLUSIVE retreat at incredibly affordable rates to start! It is my honor and pleasure to be able to offer you the gift of $500 off of any packages with discount code: katschulte. Go to http://synergida. com/#choose*This has no expiration date, and is good for ANY retreat you are interested in, but I would LOVE for you to come and do some Transformational Healing with me. I love meeting new people in this space, especially those who believe in the balance and ABUNDANCE that life has to offer. I, like Jen and

Ben, want you to know that you are limitless, that you CAN create the life you’ve imagined with the beautiful mind of yours. Ben and Jen are PROOF that anything is possible. So embrace your life of limitless possibility. Become a DISRUPTOR of the status quo by spreading your TRUTH and continuing to break beyond the paradigms of what this world says is possible. We want you to know that you are seen, that you are heard and that you matter. Check out: to book your retreat. And to find out more about Ben and Jen Rode and the programs that they offer!



2018 volume 3 #2 issuu  
2018 volume 3 #2 issuu