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nd the beat goes on at Manila Up! International magazine. Our double issue is a breakthrough with a huge volume of ever more interesting subjects and topics to stir up even more excitement. What else but a fuller and expanded version of an already forward moving publication to enhance your reading pleasure?

Sonia Dionela Bermejo Publisher/Executive Editor


Our premier cover personality, Jihann Thoney leads the way for the outstanding influencers we present with pride. She is on top of her world, a self made trail blazer in her own right as you will discover. Still in Los Angeles, we have the former mayor of Beverly Hills, whose tenure was quite remarkable, and, our very own Philippine consul general making his mark in the City of Angels. Fabulous Fabio, with the mane to tame, is heads (no pun intended) a Hollywood celebrity studded charity event for Mesothelioma research. Philippine Airlines, our industry leader is making travel even more comfortable with the introduction of the A330 in their international flights. A first stop in Manila is where you will find the fascinating fountains of the Okada Hotel. In neighboring Thailand where the elephant is king, our writer rides high on her story about the annual King’s Cup elephant polo, yes you got that right, elephants playing polo! Royalty isn’t exclusive to Thailand, and in this issue we open up a whole new view into the persona of the Queen of England which has thus far, been hidden from most of us. What is most significant about all these is the fact that there has been a surge in interest for our unique publication. Come on board and join us with your comments and contributions, we embrace you all. This tapestry we weave together is what makes the fabric of Manila Up! International distinctly its own.





1) Can you tell me something about yourself? Family, education? Here is the story of my journey so far in this wonderful thing called Life. My name is Dr. Jihann Thoney, born in Manila in 1977. This year marks my 40 th birthday and I am excited to share my life story with you. My mother Eleanor and maternal family originates from a small town called San Juan in Ternate, Cavite, (started migrating to the US since the 1980s)and my father Dave and paternal family hails from Mindanao. I have 2 younger sisters Hadith and Raiza. Part of my early childhood was in San Juan, but my teenage and college years were spent in Manila.

I graduated from Santa Catalina High School, an all girls catholic school in Manila. Since high school I dreamt of a career serving the sick and needy. After high school, I was accepted at the University of Santo Tomas College Of Nursing where I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in 1997. After nursing school I met the love of my life, Shane Thoney and migrated to the US in 1999. As a registered nurse in California, I had worked in different clinical settings including the acute hospital and long term care. Between 2003-2005, I went to grad school and pursued the degree of Master of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner, graduating Magna Cum Laude at University of Phoenix, in the state of Arizona. As a Nurse Practitioner, I chose the specialty of Geriatrics


with the Pope in Rome with my family and walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam are etched in our memories. Climbing the towers of the Great Wall of China in Beijing and making handmade noodles with my 8 year old son were some of my favorite memories!

As they say “Health is wealth”. I live by this saying. Eating right and staying fit is true wealth. I love going to the gym to participate in aerobic exercises such as kickboxing and stair climbing. I love gardening succulents in particular and ice skating. Another thing I enjoy and appreciate in life is fashion. I admire the creative and artful work of some designers such as Christian Louboutin, Chanel, and Hermes. This year, I got to meet Christian Louboutin in person and he signed some of my shoes!

I love watching sports particularly basketball and hockey. I am a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and Anaheim Ducks respectively. The tenacity and focus of these sports resonate with me. In my spare time I also appreciate wine from Chateau St. Michelle Winery, in Washington state. Only the Riesling white wine though, I still have to acclimate myself to trying red wines. My favorite cuisine is Thai and Japanese food.

Giving back to the community and the nursing profession is very important to me. It is extremely rewarding to be able to share your

and Pulmonology since 2006 up to the present.

When I am not studying or working I enjoy traveling. I have been to over 30 countries around the world and 28 states together with my husband and son. The time spent with my family, learning the culture and daily life of a local in each country makes the experience unforgettable. I truly believe that you learn more about yourself when you travel than the actual place you are visiting. It always fascinates me how people live in each country and how they perceive their illness and seek medical care. Visiting 12 th century castles in Prague and going through the palaces in France and Russia seems magical when you see it in person. Eating Swedish meatballs in Sweden with a local family, spending one Sunday mass



knowledge and participate in fundraising with a good cause. I do clinical preceptorship with new and upcoming nurse practitioners with the different universities. I am also a big supporter of the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County in honor of my little sister Raiza who has Down Syndrome. 2) You just graduated from what profession or degree? After being a nurse practitioner for over a decade, I decided it was time to pursue a higher level of education and applied for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice in several universities in 5 states. In the summer of 2015, I was accepted at Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the most prestigious nursing schools in the state of Missouri. I was an inductee of Golden Key International Honor Society and Sigma Theta

a global cybersecurity leader and a bank executive whom I looked up to as ambitious, tenacious and is extremely goal oriented. He was supportive and is my number one fan and cheerleader in any personal and academic goals I want to accomplish. My only son Tristan looks up to his father and is a hardworking and versatile student in highschool at Fairmont Preparatory Academy, an International high school, where he is learning Mandarin as a second language and will be taking up International Business in his sophomore year. Tristan at 15 years old was instrumental in my academic success while I was in the doctorate program. He understood the importance why I need to finish my doctorate degree and always reminded me to never give up. He was my number one fan.

Tau Honor Society. I graduated last May 2017 from my Doctorate of Nursing Practice with an emphasis on Nursing Leadership where I was awarded the highest honors of Summa Cum Laude. The challenging and fast paced changes in healthcare delivery system in this country needs higher learning and use of evidenced-based practice for all medical professionals across the states. 3) As a married woman, with kids, job/career, how can you manage to go and pursue your doctorate in nursing? Where do you find time? For your husband and kids? Your family, friends, and other activities? I have been married for almost 18 years to Shane and blessed with a son named Tristan who is 15 years old. I can say that both of them are my driving force as to why I am successful today. Shane Thoney is

Through the course of the

MANILA UP! work, discipline, and self reliance had helped shaped who I am today. In addition, You need to be able to love and respect yourself first in order to share it with other people. You always have to stand your ground, set high expectations for yourself and do everything in your power to achieve the impossible. But be kind, even if others are not. Greatness and success of one person is not how much wealth he or she has but it’s about integrity, honesty, kindness and my ability to help other people and affect them positively. All these life lessons keeps me grounded and makes me who I am today.

doctorate program, it was very challenging to balance work, business, family, and school. There were times when I felt like 24 hours in a day was never enough to accomplish what I needed for that day. There were weekends spent on writing, reading and barely having time to eat or sleep to complete the homework and keep up with my family life. It was with persistence, extreme focus and effective time management that lead me to finish school. I am lucky to have a very supportive immediate and extended family around me. I am also blessed with friends who are loyal and are always there no matter what. 4) What life experiences have helped shape your character? From my humble beginnings and growing up in a third world country had influenced how I live my life today. The value of hard


Because we realize at the end of the day, life is hard for all of us, but true strength is keeping everything together, as you never give up even if everyone else expects you to fall apart.

5) Any challenges/hardships encountered when you were just starting with your career and family life? The hardship of my teenage years when my parents broke up going through high school and college alone made me psychologically strong. When my parents went separate ways, my mom and two younger sisters migrated to the US first, and I was left in Manila to finish the school the next 6 years. But the way I see it, if there were no difficulties, there will be no success.

6) Where are you in life right now? Can you say that you are where you want to be? I can say that at this point in my life I am grateful to God for everything. I acknowledge and reflect on my current blessings which I have plenty. Plenty, meaning to say that I wake up every morning, which in itself is a blessing. I am thankful for my health and my family’s health and safety. My purpose in life is also channeled in my career serving the elderly population. How much luckier can one be if you get to spend your day helping the elderly, sick and making a difference in their quality of life for the remaining days they have? The irreplaceable wisdom and life experience that my patients share with me while I take care of them is one of the things I look forward to everyday. With that being said, when you give unconditionally both in your personal life and career and accept graciously, you are blessed.

I got married at a very young age, I was 21 years old. So the period of adjusting to a new country, new married life and new culture after migrating to California was quite difficult. But I was committed to making it work, I figured difficulties are just things to overcome and it shall pass, after all. Me and my husband who was 20 at that time were both in love, naive and just kids at heart. However, I found a great partner, team mate , a best friend, a warrior in Shane who is willing to put in as much effort if not more as I was to be successful in marriage and life in general. We never gave up of on anything, especially on each other.

I am currently the Skilled Nursing Facility Program Director of Pathway Medical Group for 8 years serving over 40 nursing homes in Orange County. I am also currently the president of Nurse Practitioner Solutions, Inc. for almost 7 years, it is a home visiting program for the elderly. I am also in the process of participating in medical research and clinical trials as a clinical investigator. My best friend Dr. Jennifer Ty (President and Chief Executive Officer of Excell Home Care) and I are in the process of putting a school together to address the need and shortage of health care providers in the medical and nursing industry.



7) Where do you draw your strength from? Faith in God and in oneself are both necessary to live a happy life. There are times that I can be vulnerable and tenacious at the same time. The reality is there is no certainty in life. Life’s trial will test you and shape you, but I will never let it change who I am. I believe in the divine intervention and that God will always guide you on doing what is right regardless of the circumstances. 8) What inspires you the most in life? I draw my inspiration from what I have learned in life the last 40

years. This year was special for me since I turn 40. As I look back, I have gotten stronger and more tenacious with all the challenges and triumphs in life. My decisions along the way had a profound effect on my life. I have learned not dwell on mistakes and I try to stay away from negativity because you cannot live a positive life if you surround yourself with negative people. I draw some of my inspiration from thinking of something impossible. It motivates me more when people tell me no. Challenges in life always makes it interesting and overcoming them makes it more meaningful.

9) If given another chance, is there anything you want to change? Looking back, I can honestly say I did make mistakes and immature decisions especially when I was young. It was all part of growing up. I would do it all over again because it made me who I am today. An anonymous author once said “Life always offers you second chances, it’s called TOMORROW”. Every day you pretty much get to decide every moment of it, which includes who and what you believe in. I love life and I wish I can live another 100 years. There is so much to do, and so much to share.




Sonia D. Bermejo Publisher/Executive Editor EDITOR Edith Y. Pendleton

NEW YORK, USA On Call Romulo Aromin, Jr. MD

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LAS VEGAS, USA Vegas Vibes Esmeralda Padilla-Gould

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he marriage of June and July marks the beginning of a union. With this issue of Manila Up! International magazine, we take the walk towards a new phase in our unfolding. We happily look forward to a more in-depth and comprehensive mix of varied content to cover as much of the flavors as our readers seem to crave for. We introduce our new column titled “Dine and Travel in Style” by Grace Aguilar. She ventures into the world of gustatory delights at The Pump in WeHo. This is one exciting adventure of a selfproclaimed ‘gourmand’. With the ubiquitous Father’s Day celebration, that’s one dining option with Dad to declare our love for him. Consul General Adelio Cruz along with Dr. John Pinches are the recipients of adoration coming as it is, from the mouth of babes and more. Although not in the same league as fathers, the beautiful Avon Morales is honored as an outstanding woman in commerce and leadership who shares achievements with her children. Parents are key to the child’s

experiential world and this is very crucial in the results as seen in their adulthood. Role models like that of Mr. A. Jimenez’s parents and his own role being one himself bring in a fascinating insight into the traditional core of Filipino upbringing. As for Antonio Jaramillo, this star rose on his own accord amidst the challenges, bereft of traditional family for support, to break through into the highly competitive world of Hollywood. A related topic in entertainment comes from the United Kingdom with the coverage of the Side Projects Music Awards for Filipino artists by Ela Hildalgo. And zooming in with her motorcycle art from Maui is Bene Michele Cambra whose creative genius is displayed in all its colors and magic as only a gifted talent could create. Her efforts at fund raising with no less than Jay Leno is a must read as we track the route her motorcycles took after a celebrity studded event. Enjoy this first of our double issues and find out why the new concept has such impact. Till next!



Photos By: Celia Abuel Photography


By Sonia Dionela Bermejo


n the age where people’s political involvement has become more widespread than ever due to the internet, being a high-profile civil servant like running a city requires a certain level of guts and confidence. That is clearly the case of John Mirisch, who not only ran any city, but the most glamorous city in whole America- Beverly Hills. “It definitely isn’t an easy task,” said Mirisch. “We have a city with not only 35,000 residents who live here permanently, but during the day we have a couple of thousands of visitors. We have a full service city that we run.” To be a councilman of Beverly Hills, one must be elected. Mirisch first ran for the office eight years ago for the first time. “There were eleven people running for three open seats. And the way it works is that there are no run-offs, and the top three voted get in.” Mirisch also told us that he came in third on the list. His rough

start, however, seemed to be a nice setup for his smoother career. He was reelected four years ago, and again for the second time last month. Now, he’s serving his third term as a Beverly Hills councilman. “When you walk around the city, it has the feeling of a small town, but it combines cosmopolitanism and glamor of a big city. A lot of qualities make it special,” said the former mayor. Mirisch was born and raised in Beverly Hills, and he clearly had a strong sense of affection towards his hometown. “That is the main reason why I ran in the first place. Beverly Hills is a very special and unique place, and I think we need to do whatever we can to make sure it stays that way.” When asked about his main goal as a politician, Mirisch said that he wanted to change people’s oftennegative perception on civil servants. “In America, there’s a saying that says you can’t fight city hall. I don’t think that way, and I don’t like the expression. We shouldn’t think about fighting city halls, they exist to serve us, the residents,” said Mirisch. “That’s why whenever I make a

decision I put the people’s benefit over everything.” Outside of city planning and attending to council meetings, Mirish said that his favorite thing to do was to go to spend time with his son. “He’s in fourth grade right now, and I love spending time with him. He is my priority, and he’s the most important person in my life right now.” Mirisch ended his interview with a shout out to the Filipino community, whom were active in both his campaign and the Beverly Hills community. “I welcome visitors from the Philippines to Beverly Hills, we’d love to see you here.” “My goal is to preserve Beverly Hills as the unique place as it is, to use technology for the well being of our residents, and to make sure that this isn’t only a well-run community, but a close community.” Behind such huge title like the Mayor of Beverly Hills, John Mirisch seemed like a genuine native of his hometown, driven by his genuine love for the city. Interviewed by: Grace Aguilar Photos and videos by: Celia Abuel



Rose Basa, Consul Helen Ong, Sophie Rankin and Kazuyoshi Irizuki

EARNEST SNOOPS By Ernest L. Gonzaga


he Society for Cultural Enrichment Inc. (SCEI) presented anew “Santa

Cruz de Mayo 2017”, together with SM Mall of Asia and the Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. (FHFI) at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The traditional procession, popularly known as Santacruzan, is a retelling of bible stories and characters, the main highlight of which is the finding of the true cross by Empress Helena and her son Constantine I. This year’s pageantry was made

possible by the Officers and Board Members of the SCEI headed by three Hermana Mayors Carol Ocampo Mercado, Rosemarie Basa and Merci Poblador Padolina. Present during the event were SCEI Chairperson Consul Helen Ong, Mimi Valerio, Elaine Villar, Vice Chairman Jimmy Laya, Eni Alba, Maila Garcia King among the few. The emcee was Bianca Balerio.


Merci Poblador Padolina, Carol Ocampo Mercado, Rose Basa, Elaine Rojas Villar, Milo Bondoc, Eni Alba

SCEI Sta Cruzan de Mayo 2017 Reyna Elena Mia Lozada

Maila Garcia King, Elaine Villar and Rose Basa

18 MANILA UP! Great Gatsby movie soundtrack. One of the world’s grandest fountains deserves nothing less than a world-class unveiling event featuring extraordinary performers. Okada Manila brings in international multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and record producer Robin Thicke to join the celebration and perform his global hits on The Fountain stage. Also wowing the audience are Asia’s Got Talent finalist and Filipino classical singer Gerphil Flores and the 40-piece Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.

Susan Joven, Agile Zamora, CEO Takahiro, Connie Haw, Mayenne Carmona, Shariza Relova of OKada



he Fountain officially debuts a first-of-its-kind spectacular dancing water fountain show in sync with music and glowing with beautiful multicolor lights. Water

blossoms bud and unfurl, forming the eight petals of a large Sampaguita, as jets of water race across the surface of the lake in graceful, sweeping arcs. The feathery expressions of water move with the agility of dancers, twisting and twirling, as coordinated by fountain developer WET’s team of choreographers. The Fountain’s launch repertoire includes timeless classics and songs from some of the most popular singers, including Luciano Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma,” Elvis Presley’s “Fever” as interpreted by Michael Buble, Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain,” and Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” from The

The host of the grand unveiling event is none other than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach herself, to get people even more enthralled by this highly anticipated event. New Philippine Tourism Icon Beautifully situated at the heart of the 44-hectare integrated resort, The Fountain is set to join the ranks of Manila’s most iconic landmarks, attracting thousands of tourists from both local and international markets. The Fountain has 739 water nozzles, including WET’s proprietary underwater robots, 2,611 colored lights, and 23 speakers across a 9.2 acre man-made fountain lake. The fountain’s design was inspired by the many festive traditions and holidays of the Philippines, as well as the national flower, the eight-petaled Sampaguita, whose name means “I promise you.”


Host of the show Pia Wurtzback between Chairman Okada and CEO Takahiro

WET thought this evoked a sense of romance and the promise of good fortune not just for gaming enthusiasts, but a bright future for the Philippines as well. The Fountain demonstrates the hospitable and loving attributes of the Philippines, and provides a suitable landmark and destination for both locals and tourists.

Casino lobby with Cherry blossoms all year round

At the flower’s center, water jets soar high, which allow for the projection of abstract videos from two sides of The Fountain. This is synced with The Fountain’s performance to create a breathtakingly unique worldclass entertainment experience that one can only have at Okada Manila. The show is enhanced with a highly immersive projection mapping onto the gleaming glass surface of the 800m-long crystal corridor surrounding The Fountain for a whimsical augmented and interactive reality. The Fountain Show will be available to guests of all ages for FREE starting April 1. Spectators may visit the Okada Manila website to view the daily schedules of the Fountain, LED Mapping, and World of Wonders shows.

Antonio Cojuangco , Gretchen Baretto, Chairman Okada, Mrs. Okada, Mayor Edwin Olivarez and wife Janet

Source: PR office of Okada


hilippine Airlines converted the cabin lay-out of eight mono-class 414-seater A330300s into a 309-seater tri-class model with Business, Premium Economy and Economy class sections. The reconfigured A330, which was rolled out on June 13 will be utilized for the Manila – Honolulu – Manila route starting in June. Other A330 triclass planes will be unveiled in July for Melbourne and Shanghai, in August for Sydney, in September for Hong Kong, in October for Haneda, in November for Narita and Osaka and in December for Singapore. “In Philippine Airlines, we aim to please. This inspired us to go through the process of providing our passengers a reconfigured aircraft with meticulous seat and IFE selection. As we journey on to becoming a 5-star, world – class,

full service carrier with a heart, we devote our efforts towards meeting customer needs”, PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime J. Bautista said. PAL selected the Thompson Vantage XL brand for its 18 business class seats with a legroom of 44 inches, width of 23-24 inches and a full-flat recline with a bed length of 78 inches. Seats on this section have an all-aisle access. The Zodiac 5810 brand was selected for the 24 premium economy class seats with a legroom of 38 inches, width of 19 inches and a recline of 8 inches, while the Economy Zodiac brand was chosen for the 267 economy seats with a legroom of 32 inches, width of 17 inches and recline of 6 inches. An added feature on business class is the installation of the Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) which allows the passenger to adjust seat firmness

according to preference, complemented with the massage function. PAL is the first Asian carrier to offer the PCS. Each seat on Business and Premium Economy has a legrest, calf rest, footrest and coat hook. Passengers on both cabins have the option to charge their devices by way of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port or in-seat power supply installed on their seats. For the economy class cabin, standard seats are equipped with USB ports while facility seats have in-seat power supply. Each seat has a headrest, literature pocket, fabric seat cover and comfortable cushioning. Other unique seat features on business class include: headphone hook, capizlike side decor and footwell with mood lighting. The walls of each cabin have laminate designs with the barong concept, highlighting a popular Philippine fabric and giving the cabin

MANILA UP! 21 interior a warm and cozy ambience. RAVE’s Audio – Video – On – Demand (AVOD) in-seat system will give passengers access to a wide selection of media content via touch screen monitors, measuring 18.5 inches in Business, 13.3 inches in Premium Economy and 10.1 inches on economy. The aircraft is also equipped with myPAL Wi-fi allowing passengers to surf, browse and stay connected. PAL’s service philosophy called “Heart of the Filipino” provides passengers service like no other – one that is marked by warmth, charm, care and hospitality.” Additional information: • In 2013, PAL President RSA wanted to make PAL accessible to the Middle East market.

• PAL purchased 15 brand new A330s (7 bi-class and 8 mono class) • The monoclass were 414 seaters we picked up the first monoclass in Toulouse, France. • These mono class planes were used for our KSA flights (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam) as well as Doha, Qatar. • However, the market was demanding a variety of seat choices and inflight entertainment. • When and Kapitan resumed full control of PAL and JJB returned as President in 2014, among the initiatives was the reconfiguration of the monoclass aircraft to tri-class. Under the tri-class: 1. Passengers will get to experience product differentiation. They can

Department of Tourism Sec. Wanda Teo enjoys the tri-class Airbus A330 Business Class Cabin

experience the comfort of a regular economy seat with a 32-inch pitch (legroom), the generous legroom of premium economy with a 38-inch pitch and ultra-comfort of the 44 inch pitch of the business class seat of the tri-class A330. 2. The business class seat with a full recline of 78 inches guarantees sleeping comfort. 3. Under the tri-class model, we now have 309 seats from its original configuration of all-economy with 414 seats. 4. All reconfiguration process is being done in Manila - the work area of this project is at Lufthansa Technik Philippines - Pasay City. The seats are flown into Manila and installation is at the LTP work area.


Helen Ong and Mayenne Carmona are welcomed at the entrance of Airbus 330 by 2 pretty PAL flight attendants

PAL President and COO Jaime J. Bautista during the blessing of the new tri-class Airbus A330

PAL Chairman and CEO Dr. Lucio Tan and wife Mrs. Carmen Tan at the aircraft door



Betty Chua, Amb Francis Chua of Tanzania, Seated Amb. Capaya Rodriguez Gonzales of Venezuela, Amb. Rodrigo de Amaral Souza of Brazil


he Johann Strauss Society of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (JSSP) together with the New World Makati Hotel hosted the Gala Concert 2017 at the Grand Ballroom of the hotel featuring internationally-acclaimed soprano Rachelle Gerodias, tenor Randy Gilongo and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Ruggero Barbieri. JSSP presents this annual concert to fulfill its mission to develop the love for music, dance and the arts as well as to perpetuate the close cultural ties between the Philippines

Amb. Massino Rosigno of Italy and Mme. Agnes Rosigno

and the Republic of Austria while it extends financial assistance to cultural, charitable and religious organizations. It was a grand gathering of prominent personalities and the creme de la crème of high society. Present were 21 ambassadors and their spouses which added to the international ambience. The Gala Concert was spearheaded by JSSP Vice President and Consul of Gambia Agnes Huibonhoa, Event Chairperson, with the support of JSSP Chairman and Consul General of Monaco Fortune Ledesma and JSSP President Olga


Severino Martel and members of the Ladies Committee, Virginia Lane, Betty Chua, Fanny Blanco, Ditas Posadas, Mila How, Rosalind Wee, Marissa Fenton & Lilibeth Campos. Email


New Members of JSSP, Manette Agbayani, Joy Fong, Connie Haw, Shelley Lazaro, Serla Russell, Josie Yu and Marivic Vasquez

Cory Quirino and Bob Miller

New members, Manette Agbayani and Joy Fong

Olga Martel, Pres. of JSSP, Mr. Sjef Ljzermans, Amb. Marion Derckx of Netherlands, Betty Chua and Amb. Kim Jae Shin of Korea

Amb. Aruni Ranaraja of Sri Lanka, Amb. Asad Alam Siam of Bangladesh, Virginia Lane, Amb. Ahmed Ezzat of Egypt and Mme. Mervat Ezzat

Margie Moran Floreindo and Ito Curata


SIAM LIVING By Maricel Diaz


ast month, the annual King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament took place in Anantara Hotel Riverside Bangkok. Now on its 15 th year, this has become one of the biggest charitable events in Southeast Asia with over US1.3 million (THB 46 million) raised and donated to projects that better the lives of Thailand’s wild and domesticated elephant population. These include the world’s first Thai Elephant Assisted Autistic Therapy Project, positive reinforcement elephant training workshops, Mahout

community development initiatives and wild elephant conservation. A total of 30 former street elephants took part in this year’s festival during which they received full veterinary checks and care, much needed food and drink and essential vitamin supplements throughout the course of event. The welfare of the elephants that participate in the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament is of paramount importance, with strict rules ensuring that the pachyderms are well cared for at all times. By imposing a “no micro-

chip, no game” rule, the organizer guarantees that all participating elephants have been domestically bred and not captured from the wild or smuggled in from the neighboring countries. The 2017 event has 10 teams with over 40 players including Thai celebrities, professional horse polo players and New Zealand All-Blacks rugby players. The four-day festival has something for everyone including an impressive Opening Parade, Children’s Educational Day, Ladies Day known as the “Bangkok Ascot” and fun elephant related activities.




t is well to note that whenever friends visit London they want to see the most celebrated or the “diva clock” of the world, Big Ben. I have seen it countless times but for the purpose of stimulating the interest of those who have not seen it, I visited the place once more. I saw vacationers enjoying the sight and sound of the famous clock. How do I know if they are vacationers or Londoners? Simple. If they are very excited looking at the largest Gothic edifice in the world, taking selfies or groupies, posing to the right or to the left or wherever the sun will not outshine the view or their faces, exchanging cameras or smart phones, then they are visitors. But if they are walking hurriedly as if the buses in London were on strike, then they are Londoners. Londoners are among the busiest people in the world. The location of the clock happens to be in the midst of the busiest district, Westminster in Central London. Actually Big Ben is but a small part of a magnificent architecture which is more than 900 years old called Westminster Palace, commonly known as Houses of Parliament (the House of Lords and House of Commons). As I looked upon the faces of enthusiastic guests I wondered how many of them realize that aside

KINGDOM ADVENTURES By Gilda Pineda Dionela

Photo Source:

from the the rib vault, flying buttresses, and pointed arches (characteristic of Gothic Architecture) that whatever is happening inside the building will affect their daily life

even as they return to their home countries. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top great economies. The Palace is the centre of politics and major decisions affect the world’s

economy with a snowball effect. Let us briefly go over the history of Westminster Palace to comprehend one reason travellers include it in their bucket list.

MANILA UP! 29 Westminster Palace has an area of 112,476 square meters. Built in 1016 demolished in 1834 due to fire and rebuilt in 1840-1870, it has 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases, and 5 kilometres of hallways. Among the rooms, The Westminster Hall or The Great Hall built by William II in 1097 is the oldest building and almost the only part of archaic Palace that keeps its almost original form. Other surviving rooms are the Cloisters of St Stephen’s, the Chapel of St Mary Under croft, and the Jewel Tower. The surrounding site of the Palace has been the location of religious buildings and displays of Christian kingship and power since the Middle Ages. A folk tale says that the temple of Apollo, the most widely revered and influential of all ancient Greek-Roman gods, used to occupy it until a Saxon Church dedicated to St. Peter was constructed on the site. It was then called the West Minster or West Monastery which was later renamed Westminster. The grandiose external appearance and internal decoration of the Palace is surely very British. The Central Lobby is the heart of the Palace of Westminster. Each wall of the Lobby has an arch ornamented with statues of English and Scottish monarchs; on four sides there are doorways and the tympana (used in Christian Architecture), above these are adorned mosaics representing the patron saints of the United Kingdom’s constituent nations: Saint George for England, Saint Andrew for Scotland, Saint David for Wales and Saint Patrick for Ireland. There is so much to see inside the Palace if you go in. This is a place open to the public, you may want to attend public debates or guided public tours on specified time and dates.

Based upon the description above, the United Kingdom used to be far more religious than our home country of the Philippines. Buildings used for law making not necessarily the place of worship were embellished by the images of their patron saints. Politicians, noblemen, monarchs and saints were all located in one place. It only reflects the United Kingdom’s life as being about Christian life. If you ask what they do inside that massive edifice we just described, Parliament in the early days was where kings met up with English barons to solicit cash for fighting wars. There were abusive kings thanks to the Magna Carta of 1215. It was the first document that stated the principle that the king and his government were not above the law. In the year 1265, the “ordinary folks” not just the filthy rich were involved. It was when the first election was held, this lasted up to the present day. The UK public elects Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. The membership of the House of Lords on the other hand is drawn from “peerage” simply the noble men who possess hereditary titles, bishops of the Church of England and those appointed by the monarch based upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister. They are there to use their experience and knowledge in examining matters of public interest that affect all UK citizens. These are interesting facts that are good to know so that next time you stand there and have your picture taken you will smile with confidence with the knowledge you derived from this article. Manila International Up! magazine is here for you, to inform and connect with other Filipinos aspiring to see different places.


One sight you would be truly happy to see without going inside is Big Ben, the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock. The name also refers to the clock. The clock tower was officially known as Elizabeth Tower to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II in 2012. The clock is so famous that it was used in several movies such as Peter Pan, James Bond 007, Mary Poppins, or some TV series including Doctor Who: Aliens of London. The building is UNESCO World Heritage site. The world is watching what goes on in these buildings not only because of their age but also on what is currently going on inside. This was proven in the morning of 24 th June 2016 when the British people decided to leave the European Union. It was at the height of contemporary politics which is about globalization but the result of the referendum decided by the people, wanted nationalization. The result shocked

the whole world causing complete political meltdown within the UK and that displayed great divide in the Parliaments. Whether inspired or not, the back to back winning of Donald Trump in the US Presidential election who is sharing the same nationalist vision made the world closely watch what will happen next after that historical Brexit. Britain ended last year as the strongest of the world’s advanced economies with growth accelerating in the six months following the Brexit vote. Though debates are still ongoing as to whether the way for the next century to come come about is between globalization or nationalization, no one knows. We are entering a new era of civilization. At the end of the day Big Ben’s hands continue ticking. Every tick demanding a solution, humanitarian crisis in some part of the world, great divides in great nations, corruptions, pollution, famine and so on. Big Ben remains standing tall unmoved

by all of these. Just like many others pretending to know the solution, I am one of them. The clue to the solution is in the tympana on the Central Hall of the Palace. The world needs many saints (meaning good not necessarily perfect) like Saints George, David, Patrick and Andrew who loved God above all. After all the God who created heaven and earth created one man alone in the beginning, Adam, not one continent nor one nation. Some politicians and noblemen coming in and out of the Palace may have forgotten but the tympana will always be there to remind them. The location was once the temple of pagan god Apollo. The forefathers of the British people tore down the temple to build a structure to spread the influence of justice and fairness based on Christian perspective. At present some try to erase that heritage from them but “No” as I said we are entering a new phase and it started with Brexit. The Christian Heritage of UK will confidently prevail to influence the world once more.



showing her masterpieces. I got the chance to see some of her designs – and they are stunning!

By Angel Tahimik

andi Beauty USA founder Gandi Villareal is once again gearing up to make a mark on our proverbial social calendars with her newest wellness project. I happen to caught wind of it being an all-year-round event.

If that is not enough to make you shiver in excitement, get this: a serious amount of dancing (and I mean dancetill-your-heels-give-out-kind of thing) is about to go down at the beginning of the show.

But before drawing any conclusions based on what little tittle-tattle, I overheard, let’s read it straight from the aesthetician, acupuncturist and wellness guru herself. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it an all-year-round event but it derived from the same principle. I named it ‘Calendar Girls’ because each (calendar) girl would be representing and advocating the numerous reasons why one should put more emphasis his or her health on each given month.” Gandi said when we met to discuss her newest project. “It’s a fashion show and dinner dance event. But just the same, it would be a ‘seasonbased’ discipline. Just like there are different seasons in a year, there are also varying ways our bodies adapt or react to our environment…, and knowing

how to be in tune with your physiology no matter what the season is, is what we are promoting“, she continued. From what I’ve gathered in our meeting, the main agenda of the said show is to introduce these young women and their advocacy. Well, what better way to do that than to strut on the runway, hence the fashion show. But then this is not just an ordinary fashion show. For one, it is ‘all-season’ themed; secondly – and most of all, it will feature the designs of the well-known Filipino designer, Carl Andrada. But wait, there’s more! A special guest designer is also

As of writing, the Calendar Girls have begun their one-onone coaching and mentoring under Gandi Beauty USA. They are getting the word out about their experience as wellness ambassadors dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Even their mothers are empowered and their families bonded towards this amazing goal. The fashion show dinner dance will be on Sunday, June 25th, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Buena Park, California. Singer Jo Awayan is also a special guest and it will be hosted by former beauty queen and actress, Anjanette Abayari. The event will be covered by UNTV, the largest public service channel in the Philippines and will be broadcasted on all their media channels including a live stream.



By Ela Hidalgo


AR FM SHEPHERDS BUSH – Filipino musicians across the United Kingdom gathered together for the second year of Side Projects Music Awards last May 28. It is an independent award giving body that unites and gives recognition to all multi-talented Filipino bands and solo artists, as well as individual personalities for their exemplary contributions to the Filipino music industry and community here in UK. The Side Projects was responsible to the whole nomination process and winners were determined through online voting by their fans and supporters. This initiative is spearheaded by Port Mallillin, also a composer. The night is also filled with entertainment from Skylove, Sonic Wall, Gravity Rules, T-Max, Rock Diva Ruvic Rea and culminated by the performances from Boyfriends. Boyfriends is a Filipino group from the Philippines and their heyday was during the 70s as the leading exponent of the Manila Sound. Their songs became popular and several of it were covered by different artists and amateurs such as “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal”, “Dahil Mahal Kita”, “Salawahan”, “Sumayaw, Sumunod” and others. Boyfriends was also given recognition and the first Filipina UK Councilor Cynthia Barker awarded them the “Hall of Fame”.

Best Female Artist, Gia Macuja

SPMA Awards night was hosted by EuRadio Pinoy DJ Kizzer and yours truly, Ela Hidalgo of D’ Intruders, One Philippines UK and Manila UP USA. Here are the list of winners of this year’s SPMA: Hall of Fame – Boyfriends Most Influential Musician – Norbz Gayanilo Personality of the Year – Gene Alcantara Best Female Artist – Gia Macuja Best Male Artist – Joel Miranda Best Live Band – D’ Intruders Best Alternative Act – SkyLove Best Rock Band – Electric Warhead Best Newcomer – Sonic Wall Best Guitarist – Ponak Aquino Best Drummer – JM Calabig Best Bassist – Nilo Aquino

Event of the Year – Instrument For Change under Starvision and Dabawenyo UK Best Sound System – EGD Sounds and Lights of Erwin Dizon Best Karaoke Venue – Bar FM of May Gonzales Special Recognitions: Erasmo Mallillin- Lovestruck Ako Sa’yo (Original Song) Simply C PR and Events – Beyond the Block (Documentary) Cherry Valencia – Kahati Mo Ako (Single) Alex and Tourists – We’ve Come to Win (Music Video) Backtraxx – Halina Sa Paraiso ( Single) T. Max – Tunay na Mundo (Original Music) Alpabet – My Story (Album) Musika Silangan – MStv

MANILA UP! 35 In behalf to all the Filipino Musicians, a heartfelt gratitude to Port Mallillin of Side Projects for these recognitions. A huge thank you to all the supporters who voted, sponsors and all the members and crew, Belle Roxas, Darwin Cantos, Hanzel, Jeffrey Verceles, Maricho Gayanilo, Marlon of Intensity Falze Image, Norbz Gayanilo, Raquel Reyes, Arvin Aoas, Ivy Maliwat under the direction of Jun Patelo... MABUHAY KAYONG LAHAT! (Photos credit to: March Joseph Rosales)

Personality of The Year, Gene Alcantara

Port Mallillin (Producer), UK Councilor Cynthia Barker and Boyfriends

Best Male Artist - Joel Miranda

D’ INTRUDERS - Best Live Band


started with Charles II in the 17th Century when regiment colors were paraded in front of soldiers so they could recognize their unit in battle. Later, they ruled that it would be used to honor the birthday of the reigning monarch. The tradition for monarchs to have two birthdays was started by George II back in 1748. George was born in November, it was winter and too cold to host an annual birthday parade at that time. It was decided that his birthday celebration would be combined with a military parade known as the Trooping the Colours, which was held in Spring. And that is how it all began. UK is blessed with a great Queen and consort, may I describe them the way British people respect and view them? I respect both from the bottom of my heart but for obvious reasons there is no way I will brush shoulders with them to describe to you the thrill of meeting them.

By Gilda Pineda Dionela


une’s glorious weather and long days make it the perfect month to travel around England. Also, it is the birthday celebration month of the reigning monarch and Prince Philip, husband of one of the most

famous and influential women on earth. Queen Elizabeth, is turning 96 on 10 June 2017. The Trooping the Colours or the summer birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth will be celebrated on 17 June 2017 in Buckingham Palace. To be the Queen is a great responsibility and challenge, celebrating her birthday twice means a double celebration for the United Kingdom. The tradition

I once read “Man thinks every girl’s dream is to find her Prince Charming, but every woman’s dream is to eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.” One good thing about my experience is because I came from a faraway land having, “extremist” girlfriends from a different century, if I may exaggerate. What I mean is, those friends who are so conservative that they can live up to the image of Maria Clara, the heroine of Jose Rizal (for young readers or Filipino children born and raised in different countries ask your parents or Google the name Maria Clara to connect with your roots). Suddenly, I found myself living in one of the most modern and liberated cities in the world. I can say I am not an expert, but I have enough samples in terms of statistics, and types of women I met in my life to come up with my evaluation. Truly, most every girl’s dream is to find her Prince Charming but most grown up

MANILA UP! 37 women’s nightmare is to eat what they want when they want it, then waking up with a waistline like the shape of that can of a fizzy drink she had the night before. Women are unpredictable like the weather. I am sure a woman who found her Prince Charming is like someone finding Nemo in the vast Pacific Ocean. She feels like the prettiest woman in the world absent of a crown on top of her head. Queen Elizabeth is a remarkable woman. Apart from the fact that she was a real Princess meeting a real handsome Prince of her dreams, she became queen and lives happily ever after with him. Prince Philip famously walked a few steps behind her for nearly 70 years from the time they got married. The Queen describes him as her strength and stayed by her all these years. Prince Philip is the longest-serving consort in British history. In private, he is head of the family. To the public, he is a quick-tempered figure who speaks his mind whatever the consequences may be. His childhood was not perfect. Born to Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg, he joined the Royal Navy and while a cadet met 13 year old Princess Elizabeth. They got married and have 4 children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Prince Philip has several unguarded comments that shocked and entertained the United Kingdom and the world. He once said to a Filipino nurse at a hospital in Luton who was opening a cardiac unit, “The Philippines must be half empty as you’re all here running the NHS”. To complete the love story of our Queen and Prince, let us talk about the Queen and her secret for being the longest reigning monarch in British History.

When I was a teenager, the fame of Princess Diana reached the Far East. She was so famous in our high school campus that some girls even imitated her hairstyle. At that time, the stories we read and watched on television gave us the impression that Queen Elizabeth was stony-hearted, and that it contributed to making life harder for our heroine Princess Diana. After living in the United Kingdom, things changed about everything that I thought about who the Queen is.

For me, Queen Elizabeth is a model mother for a family and nation. Her record is hard to match morally and spiritually. Her secret in life? She trusts in God and draws strength from the message of the Christian Gospel. She attends weekly church services and prays daily. She vowed to serve her people as a servant of God. A secret every woman and leader should possess. It is not your looks nor weight that will ensure success of married life, nor, will how high your educational

attainment is to rule a nation or organization. It is about who you lean on in times of good and bad. If you trust in things temporal like money, power or fame, these are not the right foundation when a strong wind hits your sail. Wind is everywhere, sometimes it blows in the direction you want to go. Other times, it blows in a place you dare not go. But if you trust God who is eternal, like Queen Elizabeth who is turning 91 does, her story and your story will continue to serve as a light and inspiration to everyone who read and knows it. It is not about gender nor about status in life. At the end of the day we will stand in the Palace of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords where everyone is equal regardless of race, accent, and achievement in life. Only then will we realize that it is alright not to be invited to Buckingham Palace, if we spent our earthly life knowing the one who calms the sea in the middle of a storm and ravaging waves is in us, then we are qualified to enter a kingdom greater than any kingdom on earth. To be a good father or mother to our children or to be a person often invited by your neighbor to their barbecue dinner on a Saturday night is a good sign we are playing a good part on the stage of our own story even if we don’t have a title of Queen or Prince before our name. With that, let us all say, “Long live the Servant Queen with her Prince Charming and hail to the King she serves” as they continue to influence the world we live in. Photo source: NASA/Bill Ingalls news/topstory/2007/queen_egress_8. html, Public Domain, https:// php?curid=2694860


MAUI MANIA By Edith Pendleton MAUI

sat down with Bene one beautiful Maui afternoon at a popular Kihei joint. I had previously seen her artwork and most recently, at a First Friday in Wailuku where the community converges to mingle, appreciate, savor and otherwise enjoy the showcase event. It was there where I saw and actually succumbed to my tactile instincts to actually feel her artwork. Her originals are spellbinding pieces of imagination allowed expression to its fullest. Picture this, a motorcycle body transformed into a psychedelic mix of layers of lines and colors, forms and textures. It is not easy to verbalize description, thus, the pictures accompanying this piece serve as the narratives themselves. Born in the bay area but came back to her roots in Maui sometimes in 2007, Bene Michelle Cambra comes from a long line of immigrants (originally the de Cambra family) from San Miguel, Portugal who settled on the island in the 1870’s. She was raised

Mick Fleetwood on “Black Karma” art piece with Bené Cambra. Shoot at Fleetwoods Gallery

in the Bay area and returned to her roots in 2007 following an impressive route blazing path with her motorcycle inspired art forms in Los Angeles. One of her highlight projects was to participate in a fund raiser event to

benefit Muscular Dystrophy, a charity which featured Jay Leno as the Grand Marshall in 2004. It was a celebrity turnout among motorcycle aficionados which included Dick Messer, then the Executive Director of the world famous Peterson Auto Museum in LA


“Black Karma” at Art Maui 2014, Maui Arts and Cultural Center

“Ink Me” Miniature Prototype Diorama

“Artiste” Miniature Prototype

“Hot Lava” Indoor Motorcycle Sculpture

among many other luminaries. He won the bid for two of four pieces of Bene’s originals which were put up for auction by Butterfield, the prestigious international auction house. These pieces were signed by participants of note. The “Handlebar Table” and “Motorcycle Bar Stool” have the handwritten autographs of the likes of George Barris aka the “King of Custom” who is credited with the creation of the Bat Mobile (the late Adam West rode this in his heyday) and the popular “Munsters” car. He also worked on the car of James Dean. Joining Barris at the gathering were Robbie Knievel from the famous family of daredevil acts and Dan Haggarty who designed and built the original “Easy Rider” motorcycle in the movie of the same title. The Messer collections went on exhibit at the Peterson Motor Museum. The “Motorcycle Gas Tank” table is signed by the “Love Ride 21” celebs and is part of Bene’s personal collection. “Tailpipe Chair” was destined for the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama where it proudly sits on permanent display. “Black Karma” is a ‘resident’ of Maui where it scooted its way into hearts and minds at (Mick) Fleetwood’s Lahaina Gallery in west Maui after which it sat and regaled audiences visiting the Shaffer Gallery in Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center. “Hot Lava” is the ‘piece de resistance’ which I could not resist touching as I held

it in awe at the Stepping Stones Gallery (with proper permission from the artist!) in Wailuku. It is on offer for its artistic value at 22K and the picture will speak for itself in those terms. From the corner of my eye, I glanced at an arresting original acrylic metal etching piece titled “Firebird” (a Bird of Paradise with a $350.00 price tag) which simply expanded my appreciation of Bene’s world as she views it. This visual directed me to her miniature ‘prototypes’ which can be translated into full scale sized art. These are “blueprints” of sorts with interesting themes ranging from the Martini Bar, Artist Easel, Aquarium, Cigar Bar, and a Tattoo Chair! Bene’s passion for her art is matched only by her zeal to focus her attention towards helping those in need, those without a voice, children, and animal welfare. The gallery where “Hot Lava” is on display helps the cause of the nonprofit organization, Mental Health Kokua of Maui. She finds support and inspiration in her partner, Roxy, a former US Army Sgt. who, with her bold and forward thinking style, has been instrumental in molding the art and the artist that has transformed into Bene Michelle Cambra as she is now. For further details, visit online : Or, contact her directly at : (562) 235- 3853/




fter his successful run on the hit TV shows Shades of Blue, alongside Hollywood big-names like Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, it seems like Antonio Jaramillo has no plans to take any time off. He just finished shooting the pilot for the upcoming FX Sons of Anarchy spinoff of the rivals-turned-allies biker gang, Mayans MC. “It was tremendous fun,” said Antonio.“(The showrunners) had to kill me off from Shades of Blue, and it was sad. I loved working with J-Lo and Ray Liotta, they were amazing to work with. But, I think it was the best way out for my character.” Antonio starred as Miguel Zepeda, the troubled ex-husband of Lopez’s character Harlee Santos. Antonio adds, “it was exciting to be part of such a cool show. I enjoyed playing the part of Miguel and fans really loved the story line and the chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and myself.” Antonio now stars as Michael Ariza, a member of biker gang Mayans MC. The show is a spinoff of the popular FX series Sons of Anarchy, and follows the Latino biker crew and their lives. “I am beyond excited to be a part of this project! I mean what’s not to like? We get to ride motorcycles almost every day on set plus I get to work with some very cool guys like John Ortiz, Emilio Rivera, Richard Cabral and many others…….” The show follows directly after the death of

Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam, and is produced by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. Throughout his career, Antonio has been playing memorable tough guy characters in TV series and movies. He starred in Oliver Stone’s crime epic Savages, FOX crime series Rosewood alongside Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz and numerous projects as the ‘toughest’ guy in the room. These roles, however, couldn’t have been done without overcoming his somewhat troubled past. “Acting has given me the courage to communicate that which is in me with the rest of the world.”

And even after finishing the pilot, it seems like Antonio can’t take time off for himself. “I have an Indy Sci-Fy Film in post-production called Solver. And after that, I want to continue acting whenever I can, wherever I can……..In fact, I would like to go back to the theatre and do a play.” Antonio has hardened his position as the go-to character actor with his charismatic, mysterious and dangerous persona and hard work ethics, presenting a positive example to the youth in similar situations who wish to follow their dreams. “Find something that moves you, challenges you,excites you and scares you a bit........ Then do that for the rest of your life.”


Written By Carmelita Pittman


Breaking ground at the Breakwater in Dana Point was the launching of the first Influencers Unite event which drew powerful speakers from across the states Allison Hildebrandt Larsen, Founder of West Coast Speakers Coalition, Eric Zuley founder of eZWay (ezwaymedia. com) and Jeff Spenard CEO of Voice merica joined  forces to create an event that will be echoing long after in the hearts and minds of all who were fortunate enough to be in attendance. The purpose of the event was to bring together like minded individuals to share their platforms and elevate each other via a networking gala of panels of profound speakers, fine dining and entertainment. Many attendees flew in from out of state such as Dan Clark, one of the prominent speakers who brought his experience as a football star, and Hall of Fame speaker. Some of the speakers referred to their mutual experiences in foreign countries.    Keynote Speakers Coalition Panel Keynote speakers for this event were Pete Vargas & Emily Letran.  Keynote Speakers Coalition Panel included: Allison Hildebrant Larsen, Tanya Brown, James Dentley, David T. Fagan, Dan Clark, Rachelle Caco, Eric Zuley  eZWay Panel Eric Zuley, Lester Speight, Reatha Grey, Summer Helene, Brad Lewis, Celebrity RPC  The setting at the Breakwater included the surrounding scenery of ships on a sunny day which transformed into Sunset, then into a black velvet sky dotted with sparkling lights which

glistened on the water. The red  carpet was covered with special guests and celebrities such as Kate Linder of the Young and Restless, Marcello Thedford, Steve Jennings, Fred Smith, Barbara Young, Paul of Australia. Outdoors under a covering of chandeliers, an artful buffet spread awaited and a Sushi chef gleefully prepared special orders. Nick Reuben, the Celebrity “forget about it” Chef added a full meal with salad, pizza and Lasagna. Inside the main room an attentive audience listened and learned from panelists such as Tanya Brown Simpson, David Fagan (Icon builder), Jeff Spenard (Broadcast mogul), Dan Clark (Speakers Hall of Fame), Brad Lewis CEO of Agora Advantage whose image is featured on the cover of eZWay magazine, Summer Helene (Paramount  Studios, the Beverly Hills Real Estate Power Couple Count Jean-Pierre Joyce and his lovely wife Countess Anjelika Joyce, Reatha Grey of Betty White’s Off Your Rocker, Emily Letran who led the audience in an exercise. Allison Hildebrandt Larsen moderated the panels and presented an award to speaker Eric Zuley often referred to as the “Hardest Working Man in Corporate Hollywood” or “Skeleton Key to Corporate Hollywood”.   Highlights included performances by Scorpio who portrayed Michael Jackson. He has performed with the actual Michael Jackson in the past and was approved by Berry Gordy. Needless to say his performance drew a strong reaction from the audience who showed their appreciation. Also in the mix was Evan Disney of the Magic Castle whose magic tricks amazed everyone.      The celebrations included the launching of the 2nd edition of eZWay magazine and the

birthdays of Eric Zuley and Jeff Spenard. A surprise presentation to Eric’s  dad, Jim Zuley was made by Carmelita Pittman, founder of The Rose Breast Cancer Society. She presented a certificate from Salute America cofounded by Douglas Linley Young and Senior Senator (ret) Pasqual Bettio FRPS and also presented the Angel Award from The Rose Breast Cancer Society in  association with the ARTery USA. To top it off, she sang the National Anthem as requested of her. This was an emotional moment for Eric and his dad who took it all in. Event produced by Eric Zuley eZWay Media  Co-produced by Allison Hildebrand Larsen founder of Keynote Speakers Coalition  In conjunction with Voice America lead sponsor  The eZWay production team included Penny Latham, Editor in Chief of eZWay magazine, Jose Beltran Founder WPS Events, DJ Juan Garcia WPS events. Sponsors included Voice, Celebrity Pizza Guy, UrWay Apparel, Breakwater Events OC. Media included EXTRA, GETTY, Manila UP  Magazine, Actors Reporter, Cerdan TV, Princifers photos, Voice America, eZWay TV/magazine, FANTV, FILMON, Hollywood Film Festival, ColdHeat News.




For Less Than $300 “I was amazed! Sounds I hadn’t heard in years came back to me!” — Don, January 2016

How can a hearing aid that costs less than $300 be every bit as good as one that sells for $2,000 or more?

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By Tim Park


o celebrate Fourth of July, let’s talk about what it means to be a foreign-born American It was my friend’s birthday- a group of us, all Americans except me, went to watch a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Growing up on Schwarzenegger classics like Predator and Commando, watching his movie on a big screen was almost mandatory. But as we watched the film, my friends started laughing. “His accent is funny” they said. Their reaction caught me off guard. As a child growing up in Korea, I never realized that Arnold spoke in “broken” English; all English sounded the same to me. My middle school was divided into two- between those who were born in America and those who were “fresh off the boat.” My fluent English skills, developed from a young age, and repeated viewings of the movie Clueless helped me adapt into the

crowd of Americans. When they asked about my birthplace, I often told them that I was an American. Though I came to America in 7th grade and spent my whole life as a foreigner, I viewed myself as somewhat better than the other immigrant kids. They couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying. They didn’t know how to play football. I didn’t want to be associated with them. But seeing my friends mock his Austrian accent made me realize that Arnold, the man who single handedly constructed my ideals of an American hero, was also an immigrant. Arnold! Arnold Schwarzenegger, probably one of the most American people in the history of America wasn’t even born here. The Hollywood legend never tried to hide his thick accent, nor did he need to. It was the pride he had with his immigrant heritage that spoke to me. Just because I knew how to pronounce R’s and L’s, I was abandoning my roots and judging fellow immigrants. This fear of expressing my identity had to go, as it drove me to distance myself from

other “fobs” of the school. Seeing Arnold deliver all the cool oneliners, it struck me that being an immigrant was nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, opening up to my fellow immigrants helped me to fully embrace myself. It started from translating for kids who didn’t understand the textbook to helping them order the right menu at the cafeteria. Though seemingly small tasks, they made a big impact with my new friends. I knew I will never be as ripped or cool as Arnold, but in my own ways, I was offering hands of help just like T-800. In the summer of 2015, I went to Korea for a vacation. I learned that Arnold was attending a red carpet event for his new Terminator movie. I didn’t think twice before I got in line and waited for five hours. Getting his signature or shaking his hand wasn’t my intention. I just wanted an opportunity to look right at him. And I can swear, as he walked past me, the man noticed my eyes. Though split seconds, it was more than enough to tell him “thank you, Arnold.” Photo Source:



IN OTHER WORLD By Becky Garcia

ultural Center of the Philippines President Raul Sunico was recently honored with the title of “Commendatore nell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia” (Order of the Star of Italy) by the President of the Republic of Italy. The award ceremony was held at the residence of Italian Ambassador and Mrs. Massimo Roscigno, who conferred the award on behalf of their President.

The multi-awarded pianist and former Dean of the UST Conservatory of Music was cited for his significant contributions towards strengthening cultural relations between the Philippines and Italy, including the production of Italian operas by Verdi and Puccini, inviting Italian soprano Elena Monti, pianists Christian Leotta and Fermo Roscigno, and violinist Uto Ughi, acquiring the Italian concert grand piano Fazioli, considered by many artists as the leading brand of pianos

Renato Sunico, Sister Anunciata Sta. Ana, Faustino Sunico Jr., Myrna Sunio, Raul Sunico, H. E. Massimo Roscigno, Madame Agnes Roscigno

MANILA UP! 47 today, for the Cultural Center of the Philippines – a first in the country, and coordinating several musical events with former Italian Ambassadors Rubens Fedele and Luca Fornari to celebrate the Italian National Days. As a pianist, he had been a silver medalist at the Viotti International Piano Competition in Vercelli and a Finalist in the Busoni International Piano Competition in Bolzano. He had also performed solo recitals in Rome and Milan. The plaque reads: “One of the greatest personalities of this country’s cultural world, Dr. Raul Sunico boasts an exceptional academic and artistic curriculum, ranging from Music – his main field of activity – to Mathematics, Statistics, and Philosophy. In his long and distinguished career as a pianist, he has received numerous international recognitions as well as earning prestigious placements in various international piano competitions.” Sunico graduated with the degrees of Bachelor of Music (cum laude), Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and Master of Statistics from the University of the Philippines. A scholarship from the Young Artists Foundation of the Philippines established by Former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos enabled him to finish with a Master of Music degree from the prestigious Juilliard School as well as a Ph.D in Piano Performance from the New York University. He was later conferred an honorary degree as Doctor of Humanities by the Far Eastern University. In the words of Ambassador Roscigno, Sunico is a “sincere lover and admirer of Italy, Italian culture, and especially

Dr. Jaime Laya, Ping Valencia, CharisseChuidian, Nestor Jardin, Rupert Jacinto, David Lim

Charisse Chuidian, Rachelle Gerodias Park, Byeong-In Park, Jose Mari Chan, May Ann Chan, George Yang

Boling Reyes, Raul Sunico, Ina Dizon, Manuel Dizon, Ambassador Isabel Wilson

48 MANILA UP! the great musical tradition of our country, and despite being burdened by so many commitments and responsibilities, has always collaborated with maximum availability, generosity, and dedication to the cultural initiatives of our Embassy, often hosting them at the CCP, always providing every possible support, always ready to promote them at best.”  

George Sison, Maurice Lim, Raul Sunico, Boysie Villavicencio

FroilanFerrer, Atty. Ferolini Matahum, Pinky Ramos, Cecilia Padica

Amb. Roscigno, Madame Agnes Roscigno, Eloisa Klecheski, US Deputy Chief of Mission Michael Klecheski

The affair was attended by Sunico’s family, friends, and associates, including Ambassadors Jose Zaide,  Isabel Wilson, and Virgilio Reyes, US Deputy Chief of Mission and Mrs. Michael Klecheski, Consuls  Fortune Ledesma, Antonio Rufino, Amelia and Luis Ablaza, Mr. and Mrs Jose Mari Chan, Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Ching. Mr. George Yang, Mr. Nestor Jardin, Mr. Danilo Dolor, Mr. Conrado Escudero, Atty. Antonio Pastor, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Jacinto, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Turalba, Mrs. Betsy Westendorp, Dr. Jimmy Laya, Mrs. Lourdes Montinola, Mrs. Olga Martel, Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Reyes, Tytana Colleges President  Sergio S. Cao, Lyric Piano President Joy Cristobal, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Valerio, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Dizon, Mrs. Blanquita Gonzales, Mrs. Minerva Tanseco, Mr. Maurice Lim, Mr. Boysie Villavicencio, Mr. Lito Zulueta, Ms. Natalia Bronzova, Mrs. Jewel Pimentel,  Mr. Winston Kawsek, Mr. David Lim, Mr. Froilan Ferrer, Atty. Ferolini Matahum, Ms. Pinky Ramos,  Mrs. Cecilia Padica, and music luminaries Rachelle Gerodias and her husband ByeongIn Park, PPO Resident Conductor and UST Symphony Orchestra Conductor Herminigildo Ranera, tenors Ronan Ferrer, Eugene de los Santos and Conrado Ong, and pianists Mary Ann Espina and Anthony Say. 



MANILA UP! 51 the great Danny DeVito, happens to be the worst one of them all.


n honor of Father’s Day, allow me to explain why Frank Reynolds is the greatest dad in the history of television. Now, articles like this usually start with rhetorical questions and a list of other popular options- in this case, I would’ve name dropped Homer Simpson and Red Forman just to make sure everyone can be satisfied. However, I’m going straight into the point, just like how Frank Reynolds would do it. No nonsense. No horsing around. Frank Reynolds; the best TV dad. To those of you who don’t know, let me just say it’s a real pleasure to introduce It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to y’all. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, also known as It’s Always Sunny, is an FXX dark comedy show that was recently crowned as the longest running live action TV sitcom with its scheduled 13 and 14th seasons. What made this show run for well over 12 years now are the characters. While regular network sitcoms try to make their protagonists relatable and likable, It’s Always Sunny does the absolute opposite; they are egocentric, stupid, iniquitous, and downright sinful. And Frank Reynolds, played by

Here is a brief summary of Frank Reynolds. Frank is the owner of the bar Paddy’s Pub alongside with his supposed offsprings Dee and Dennis Reynolds, bar janitor Charlie Kelly, and their friend Mac. Frank, as a sweatshop owner and a corrupted business mogul, once enjoyed his bourgeois lifestyle. But after the death of his wife (Dennis and Dee’s mother), he decided to live like a filthy animal that he was born to be and moved in with Charlie Kelly, whom will later be revealed as Frank’s biological son. While the gang owns the bar, they never actually ‘run’ the bar. Instead, they are always busy planning some kind of a heist, kidnapping, scam, spying, and basically anything but actually doing their job. And behind all the schemes, there is Frank. What makes a good father? The answer to this question has changed in the course of modern history. Look back at father characters from classical sitcoms, from Andy Griffith to every Tony Danza role. They are usually grumpy, nononsense, and the wisest person in the household. They get back from work only to sit on their couch and watch the news, occasionally cracking open a cold one with the boys, while their wives take care of the kids. These traditional TV dads reflected what a patriarch’s role was in his family in that era; to financially support the family lead the family. But clearly times have changed, and so did dads. They can no longer avoid household chores or interacting with their kids. They are expected to have feelings, outside of being ‘grumpy’ all the time. They had to adapt to a society where the roles of a father became both under appreciated and overrated.

And this is where Frank Reynolds comes in. Frank doesn’t try to run the gang or act like he’s the big boss. Instead, he let his children- both literal and metaphorical- to do their thing under his support. Just because Frank is the father figure of the gang, it doesn’t mean he is the wisest nor strongest person. His role in the family isn’t to lead, but to bring support and enthusiasm. The character of Frank Reynolds has changed quite a bit throughout the show, as he started off as a dirty multibillionaire and turned into a literal dirtbag of a human. Frank abandoned the wealthy houses, fancy cars, and all the women, but decided to chose his family. By reuniting with his kids, he finally found a purpose in life. This is why Frank is always the most enthusiastic and energetic member prior to any schemes. Frank brings joy to the wonderfully dark and twisted world of It’s Always Sunny. He doesn’t lead the family because he doesn’t need to. Rather, the gang runs itself, with all the members bringing in their specialties to make up for each other’s weaknesses. The position Frank took was that of a 3rd person observer, and by doing so he successfully united his children and guided them to their own personal growths without enforcing anything. Frank let his kids stage an insurance scam and move hard narcotics, teaching them how to become more mature and caring through these schemes. By being the worst dad, Frank Reynolds became the best dad. Photo Source:


Photo Credit: Celia Abuel Photography

Thank you Dad for everything that you have done. You have been there for us when we needed you and comforted us when we were feeling down. Throughout the years, we have been under your guidance and have been led through the right path. It is amazing how you could sacrifice so much for us without asking anything in return. You are our role model, our hero and our idol. We are very proud that you are our father. Happy Father’s Day. – Nathan, 19

He is my only caring and loving father. Whenever I have problems, he is always there to help me and always helps the family first before others. Even though he is sick, he is still determined to do something especially if something gets tough. As I grew, he taught me how to be a proper person and I which I am thankful to have a father like him. Having a father like him is like the hero of my family, and I and the apos are really grateful to learn new things from him.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! – Matthew, 16 To a father who treats me like a princess. He’s there to not pressure but to comfort. He works hard not for his wants, but for his family. He’ll sacrifice anything and everything for us because of his big heart. I can not say that he is the best father out there, but I can say that he is the best Dad I could ever have. – Nikki, 15



e, your children, want to thank you for all that you’ve done for us these last three decades. Thank you, Dad. Because of you, we are able to eat, have clothes, education  Because of you, we are able to go to medical school without any debt. Because of you, we know gentle care.  Because of you, we know how spent time reveals our cares. Have we mentioned you’re a really great dad?  Well, you are. You’re fair, kind, caring, loving, a great example of God’s Grace. Remember worrying about me, when I tried to become a policeman? It must be less worrisome to have us in medical school. It’s great following the pressed in the tread of your footsteps, Dad. We’re happy too when we think about being able to afford a house and still having extra money to help others after, just as you do. Well, that’s still a ways down the road.  Who knows what God has in store for the future?  You lived and we learned, earning wisdom beyond our years. You offer us more than a fair hearing, you have shown over and over a softness of heart, part of the most healing balm. We parcel out our lives, offering whatever honesty can be mustered, from a sense of a place in us. When we will take our children to the sea to learn nature’s sharp edge, we will be together, to keep all at bay. Trying to get the rest we need in the continuous 5 k run, we look forward to the lap’s end, whether we worship and/or just eat dinner, whether the hospital lets us see you on the “day” we look forward to celebrating your love. Until our Happy Father’s Day! Love you Dad!!! DR. JOHN PINCHES

Jonathan, Jordan, Madeline, and Yiuing


VEGAS VIBES By Esmeralda Padilla-Gould

to him at times. My son views his father as an all-knowing, all powerful role model and mentor for him to emulate. I can see this as an important meaning of what it is to be an active father in his son’s life. Throughout my childhood, we’ve always recognized Father’s Day. Our family would do something together on that particular Sunday every year. 2017  brings to me the sad emotion of no longer having a father to celebrate Father’s Day with.  Any father can treat his daughter like a princess, but very few like my father can teach his daughter how to take on the world... like a queen.

ather’s Day brings forth special feelings for those whose dad is no longer with them. I have generally viewed Father’s Day as a day to show how thankful I am, and to reflect upon the times we spent together and the memories of those moments together we have both shared. When I was younger, I always

felt good when my dad found time to give me attention, I always appreciated this, and am transported back to our special times together whenever I see my wonderful husband make time in his busy life for our son. My husband recognizes the importance in our son’s mind to have his father’s attention, regardless of how inconsequential or fleeting the moment together may seem

My father was one of those people who was always there for me, the one who has always loved, cared, and provided for us. He was one of the most important people in the whole world to me. He was my friend, my hero, my mentor, my provider and protector. For these qualities in him I emulated for many decades provided the fuel I needed to be strong enough to make profound sacrifices in caring for him during his final years of debilitating disease and inability to maintain his own faculties. I was only able to take care of my dad through his own strength and wisdom bestowed upon me, through his everyday actions and temperament.  Many of us around my age are now beginning to experience and accept the loss of a parent as an inevitable fact of life. He was my father. Tribute to: Federico Motos Padilla December 13, 1931 - April 16, 2017



y father, Tony Garcia, plays a huge role in influencing who I am today. He is my support, my anchor. He helped me move forward even when life gets tough. He is always ready to give me advice on a daily basis. Even if the advice does not always necessarily apply to the current situation at hand, my father will remind me as if to embed it in my mind.

Tony with daughter Kate Anne and wife Kathy

“Prioritize your academics and important activities first,” he says. Look where this constant phrase took me. I maintained my grade with straight A’s. At the end of my senior year in high school, I am proud to say I became valedictorian. “Focus on romantic relationships later in life,” he advises. I know some may argue that I should have my own choice in regards to romance. Yes, it is my choice. It is my choice to follow the advice of my father because I believe it is very helpful advice to follow. I have discussed the matter with my father. Based on the conversation, I concluded that I have more time for romance in the future. As for now, I want to concentrate on my career and spend valuable time with my family and friends.

Tony Garcia with daughter Kate Anne

As of present, I am a University student. I just recently completed my first year still earning A’s in my courses even though I do weekly volunteer shifts. I am able to acquire high grades because my father is one of the people who helped me out through his consistent advising. Moreover, in the

future as an independent adult, I know his advice will continue to aid me in whatever I pursue. Thank you, Papa. Happy Father’s Day!


et me begin by describing my father, and may his soul rest in peace. He was a brilliant engineer, an intellect, and a man of principle. In the 1970’s we all migrated to the United States under his wings; a wife and seven children. It was a humbling experience. He began to work odd jobs, from bussing tables at the local restaurants, janitorial duties, and eventually as a boiler operator at an automobile company. We grew up in a neighborhood where crime was the norm. In our household, he was firm in implementing his goals and values for all of us. It was vital that we all showed respect to our parents and all of the elderly. We were only allowed to speak Tagalog, showing our loyalty as Filipinos, and we adhered. My siblings and I came to US at a very young age, and to this day Tagalog is fluently spoken in the household. We were taught to kiss our parents before leaving and when returning home to express our respect, and it is something we practice until this day with our own families. My father had three major goals for his children: HIGHER EDUCATION, good health, and a comfortable home. He advised us all to pursue Medicine as a career choice, where the future lies. As a result, all of his children completed various college and graduate degrees. The oldest daughter attained a Bachelor in Arts, while the next eldest sister completed a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Anesthesia in Nursing. My younger brother and I both completed medical school and are now practicing Physicians. The youngest brother finished a Degree in Dentistry and also physical therapy. The two youngest daughters both have a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Nursing. We were able to complete our education in the Philippines, for financial reasons, then eventually returned to the United

States to further advance our careers. Our parents provided us with a loving home and kept us in good health to the best of their ability, so I believe those three goals were achieved. Their prayers were heard and we were all blessed. I am a father of one son. I completed my Degree in Medicine at the Perpetual Help University School of Medicine in the Philippines, away from him and my wife. After graduation, my vision was to pass the medical board examination in the United States, which was a known challenge to foreign medical graduates. It was an “all or none” attitude: I needed to succeed or else there was no other option. I did not want to settle for any other tempting careers or opportunities, a bright future for my son was the ULTIMATE goal. I set up a deadline to pass by the time my son entered high school. In the meantime, I worked side jobs, such as a phlebotomist and a technician at the local hospital in order to support my family. After work hours, I would proceed to the local library until late hours in the night reviewing, then continuing to study in the early morning before work. I recognized that

I was not alone in my journey to pass this exam, so I formed a Filipino Board Review class, which was sponsored by the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan. The goal of this group was to gather all of the unlicensed Filipino physicians, and to work together to achieve this goal of practicing medicine in America. We all sacrificed our weekends for months as we reviewed a vast amount of material. In the end, our group ended up with an 80% passing rate. As a father, I believed in continuing the tradition of implementing our native tongue, Tagalog, in our household. Although my son was born and raised in the United States, he can still fluently speak Tagalog to this day. My philosophy is, why burn the bridge between two cultures? Respectfulness was also a top priority while raising him. We taught him to never raise his voice at your elders, and to always discuss matters in a civilized manner; any disrepect would not be tolerated. A kiss on the cheek was expected as a respectful greeting, and we counted on him to make sure his friends showed their respect when entering our home

MANILA UP! 59 as well. We also believed that who you associate with is very important, and as the saying goes, “tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” As our son was growing up, we always made sure to monitor who his friends were, along with their parents and family background. I emphasized the importance of forging friendships with those who valued education, respect, and character, while filtering out those who did not.

a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. He went on to get a Masters in Public Health from the University of Southern California, while working in medical research. After a short while, he enrolled in the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program at St. George’s University School of Medicine with the goal of becoming a physician. He has passed his USMLE Step I exam and is currently in his 4th year completing his rotations in New York.

From a very early age, I strongly emphasized that higher education is the only path that may secure success in life. A person’s success must implement good strategies and determination. As he heeded my advice, we told him our support for his full tuition and accomodations was part of a bilateral deal, which was for him complete his degrees and pursue a promising career. If he held his part of the bargain, we would fulfill ours. He was fortunate to have an IQ of 160, and as he applied to college, he was interviewed at Harvard and Princeton. He eventually took a partial scholarship at La Sierra University, where he pursued and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, along with

Throughout all these years away from home, we strongly reiterated the importance of keeping in touch us, the parents. Up to this day, he gives his mother a call daily, and after the advent of texting, he would text me that he was home safe at night. That simple gesture gave us a secure feeling, and also showed that he understood how much it meant to us. We have always attended mass together on Sundays and went to lunch afterwards, where we would discuss an agenda of various topics and concerns that would require solutions and updates. While he has been away, he has continued the practice of regularly attending mass to thank God for all of the blessings and continued guidance. The Filipino culture is very rich and unique, and we should teach our children to embrace their deep heritage. As a parent, we must identify our child’s talent, personality, and ambition from a very young age. We must enhance and support these characteristics to help them achieve a brighter future. While their genetic makeup and environmental influence is one thing, their moral values are another. Those values must be instilled and implemented as enumerated here: RESPECT: A “mano”, kiss on the cheek, or a hug must be expressed as a respectful

greeting. They should never to raise their voice, scream, or talk back in disrespect towards the parents or elderly. LANGUAGE: Tagalog (or the native dialect) must be enforced or at least comprehended, for one’s native language depicts loyalty to one’s ancestry. GUIDANCE: Parents should always be aware of the whereabouts of our children and their company. We must encourage them to attend safe environments and appropriate social gatherings. COMPASSION: Always have open ears to our child’s concerns and be empathetic. INDEPENDENCE: We must support our children’s needs until we decide they are ready to be independent and are qualified to live on their own. I personally do not condone any specific age as to when they need to leave home, only time and maturity will dictate when that is. RELIGION: A family should attend mass and pray together to thank God for his continued support and blessings. AFFECTION: Most vital of all, we must assure our children that they are LOVED, through our actions and by our words, telling them we love them each day. It is the parent’s duty and obligation to provide physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional support for their children’s well-being whenever possible, making them realize that the only thing that matters in our lives is THEM until our LAST BREATH. “A child’s success is a parent’s success.” Best wishes, from my precious family to yours, a blessed Father’s Day to all! ARTHUR E. JIMENEZ, MD ROSALINDA G. JIMENEZ, BSBA (Student DR) AARON-ROSS G. JIMENEZ, MPH SAMANTHA STEPHANIE JIMENEZ, MD


s a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him. – Psalm 103:13 Father’s Day is a perfect day to honor our earthly fathers. On one hand, it is also a perfect opportunity to remind everyone that just as it is important to remember and appreciate them, we must not forget the most important thing of all, it is to honor our Heavenly father too. Fatherhood is a divine responsibility to be cherished. Our fathers have become our source of strength, they had model righteousness, provide for the family, offer companionship, concern and love. It is a calling. They say that the role of being a parent or a father is the highest and noblest occupation one can have. It is not about who is deserving, qualified or worthy of being a father, it is a divine appointment. Having said that, we can infer that being a father was no easy job, we can come to think that no one can have a perfect earthly father. Yet, we can likewise say that there exists a perfect father to us, look up, its Jesus. As we celebrate Father’s Day, let us ponder on some of the scriptures that would help us better appreciate our fathers and realize that we must celebrate two fathers all at once. • “Besides this, we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them. Shall we not much more be subject to the Father of spirits and live?” – Hebrews 12:9 • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16 • “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6 • “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” – Exodus 20:12 • “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”– Matthew 7:11 A friendly reminder: In this father’s day, value your earthly father and don’t forget to cherish God as your heavenly father.

PROVERBS 31 WOMEN By Jhoanna de Guzman

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo Source:



By Jackie Sabino


Winning the championship this year was the most unforgettable experience. Being able to witness the win on Warriors’ home court with all the fans was truly something special. I am so grateful to be a part of a hard working team where I was able to display my talent and something I love in front of thousands of people every week.” “My coaches always inspired us

to be the best version of ourselves, but also, to live in the moment and enjoy every single second of it. This team will always hold a special place in my heart.” I grew up in Los Angeles County, graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Business. I work for a technology company as an Executive Assistant. This is my second season on the Warrior’s Basketball Dance Team.


MANILA UP! 63 nose job, and a thinner face gives you unbelievable results. But as the summer heat rises, the feel of foundations and powder (or cream) layered on your face becomes too heavy for a typical summer day.



on’t you just love it when summer is approaching? I love how the suns sets so late and how it makes you feel like you have more daytime hours; not to mention, plenty of things you can still do ‘till the sun goes down at about 7-8pm. And since you have so much “solarpowered” energy, you seem to be active and glowing throughout the day. Speaking of glowing, there’s a new makeup trend that is strutting its way to the limelight. This new trend gives your bronzer and contour kit their much-needed downtime, because it gives way to a dewy and glowy skin. Step aside contour, and give me some STROBE! Strobing, as makeup experts call it, is the latest makeup trend we’ve seen on runway models, vloggers and well, everyone. And just like I mentioned earlier, it practically skips the chiseled features of a full contour in favor of dewy skin that glimmers in all the right places. To make a much clear contrast, let’s talk about contouring and how it’s different to strobing. Contour was popularized by Kim Kardashian and it’s one of the best beauty tricks that was introduced to us. Blending your makeup to achieve those killer cheekbones, “painted”

Enter: strobing – in all its glorious highlights. As opposed to contouring, strobing does the complete opposite of using a thick blend of darker and lighter shades to chisel your facial features such as the cheeks, nose and chin. The only product you’ll need for strobing is an illuminating highlighter—and lots of it. Forget the chiseled look that you get from painting your face with graphic lines of bronzer and blush because this “anti-contour” look is life-changing. Aside from it being “melt-proof ”, the luminous look is just pretty – plus, wearing it is much more appropriate – and doable before you do your summer activities (i.e. beach, hiking, etc.)

Strobe—even the word makes you want to dance—or maybe it’s just me. Strobing relies solely on highlighters and natural light to define your face to radiate a youthful look. While contouring requires the use of multiple products, strobing is a lot simpler and involves finding where the natural light hits, like the cheekbones, brows, nose and chin, and using the highlighter to define that area. Unlike contouring which often leaves a matte finish, strobing delivers a shimmery effect. You can achieve this look by getting a glowy base for your makeup and apply a generous amount to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose,

below your brow bone, and at the corners of your eye, then blending in with your fingers or a sponge. It’s the perfect lightweight, radiant look. Some may ask if it’s applicable to all skin tones – and my answer is, yes. If you are a fair to medium tone, you may use shades leaning on the champagne-y shade. If you are tanned to dark, you would want to use golds and deeper bronzed shades. For the fairer skin tones, you don’t want to use anything that’s too deep. Mastering the look is not that hard. You start with a clear, smooth complexion. Then apply a lightweight, iridescent tinted moisturizer to the face and neck, blending well. There’s so many strobes-oriented products out there. They come in liquid, cream and powder form. Choose what suits your skin best. Next, you’ll want to apply a highlighter to the most prominent areas of your face, including the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the upper-middle forehead. A helpful trick would be to picture where the sunlight hits most directly and apply there. For a final touch, apply a light, slightly-shimmery translucent powder to set the look. Achieve a full summer strobe-y look by letting your radiant skin be the star. Keep the rest of your look simple. Strong eyebrows and a little mascara is all you need. This makeup trend is so right up my alley. I love a fresh and natural look. Even my clients can attest to that. What better way to enjoy a summer glow but to don a fresh, youthful — but still well-defined — complexion, sans the traditional contouring. Whoever thought of strobing is a genius. I am definitely a fan. Photo source: http://bellavitasalon-spa. com


Kiss the Monkeys Co-Founder Raquel Sanchez on stage with International Classic Model Kelly Lenahan wearing a long black satin gown, Big British Star Julius Cowdrey, and beside him is one of Al Harris’ bestie, Roxanne.

By Grace Aguilar


ights, Camera, Action!... Welcome to The Golden Gala!... Another exciting event organized by Kiss the Monkeys which was held last May 27, 2017. Red carpet’s ready, photographers are all lined up ready to take snapshots of celebrities and guests as they make their way to the mansion. Women were looking so stunning in their gold outfits and men were looking such handsome debonair in their black suit. The Golden Gala was held in one of the magnificent Beverly Hills mansion in the Trousdale Estates. The mansion was filled with guests, which some were celebrities

and philanthropists. Guests were entertained with music by DJ Aljess Bernardo of A8 Creatives, lovely backdrop on stage was done by Norayma Weaver, the show was emceed by Davi Davenport, two singers opened the show - Kristina Mennisova and Heather La Rose, two spectacular fashion shows - one was by fashion designer, Antonella Di Commatteo and the other designer is Lisseth Corrao, a Peruvian designer from San Diego. Next performance was a belly and fire dance show by world famous Elena Belly Art. There were awards presented to those that played a big role in the organization and have contributed to the success of every Kiss the Monkeys event. The highlight of the event was from the much awaited singer and founder of the Pussycat Dolls, Carmit

Major highlight of the event is Carmit Bacar, founder of The Pussycat Dolls. Carmit Bacar received a Kiss the Monkeys Evolutionist Award for her outstanding charity work.

Bacar. Her performance of one of their hit songs, “ Don’t Cha”, just got every guests to move to the beat and into dancing in every corner of the mansion even on stage. It was a delight to see everyone having a good time. The Golden Gala has been a fun and successful event for Kiss the Monkeys. There will be more events already lined up for next month. We’ll have to wait and see what surprises Kiss the Monkeys’ Al Harris and Co-Founder Raquel Sanchez have planned for the organization. We would like to thank Al and Raquel for having Manila Up International Magazine be a part of The Golden Gala. Cheers to the continued success of Kiss the Monkeys!... Photos by Celia Abuel Photography


Kiss the Monkeys Founder Al Harris with Co-Founder Raquel Sanchez with Michelle Grey who played a big role in helping the Golden Gala & making the San Francisco launch a success. Also on stage with them are 2 big perfo



Life is all about celebrations. Every month people gather around a table to celebrate some sort of occasion. One of the best hot spots to hang out and have a celebration is in WEHO (West Hollywood). I would recommend The Pump​restaurant which is owned by the beautiful entrepreneur and celebrity, Lisa Vander Pump. The Pump ​is a new upscale American dining venue located on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, California. If you’re looking to have lunch or dinner with an eclectic ambience in an outdoor setting, this is the place to

be. It’s labeled as Los Angeles’ Sexiest restaurant. The Pump has been given recognition with a 2017 Diner’s choice Award. Walking into The Pump​ restaurant gives you that magical feeling, as if you were transported to a different world. What I love about this place is how it brings the outdoors indoors, the interior design and architectural elements which all put this dining place together. It’s got hundred year old trees, antique crystal chandeliers that adorn the trees and a bar area. There’s even an antique fountain surrounded by garden chairs and stools covered in burlap. Of course, this magical experience cannot

be complete without the menu which offers a choice of dishes from around the world. Desserts which Chef Penny Davidi has created are to die for. The likes of which include cream puffs, chocolate ganache cake, delicate pink rose mousse and carrot cake. They’ve got a list of cocktails, but LVP Sangria is highly recommended. Overall, I would rate this restaurant an A+ for delicious, reasonably priced food and drinks, great ambience and excellent service. So if you want to get pumped....come dine at The Pump​. Photos by: Celia Abuel Photography



By Ernest Gonzaga


ver since she can remember, Avon Morales has dreamt of a quality of life that she can hold on to, that she can share with her two children and the community. And, that she can be proud of, as self-achievement. Her propensity to drive herself to higher heights began in her high school days in St. Paul College and college days in De La Salle University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was awarded as an Outstanding Leader. She has grown as a person in her field of work. She is now the Vice President for Human Resources at Union Bank. She wants to share all her achievements with her children who at very young ages already looked up to her as a responsible super Mom. With all the blessings she received, she realized that it’s time to give back to the community. Her active involvement with the Rotary addresses a passion inside her to help others and make a difference in the community and the world. She is currently the President of Rotary International District 3830 Makati, San Miguel. With these success stories, she built up her credibility and earns respect. It comes as no surprise that she was hailed as the Philippine Honorable Queen 2017:

Outstanding Woman in Commerce and Leadership recently in Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza Manila. She still endeavors to know more about herself as she wants to live life with greater

awareness and mastery so that in a hundred endeavors, she will never fail. Photos by Brian Crisostomo Hair & Makeup by Con Crisostomo



By Bill Montgomery


Why we do it? Established in 2004, Prime Motivation Expo is a fun, innovative, interactive strategy, which promotes a positive message to disconnected youth to stay in school and focus on future personal and career oriented goals. Motivating youths to further their education and seek career-tech education as a possible career path

may help lead them towards a path of self sufficiency and reduce the number of out-of-school, out-of-work youths. Prime Motivation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Prime Motivation has been designed around a methodology to give disconnected youth an overview of the many, varied career opportunities that awaits them. Incorporating live demonstrations, hands-on workshops and educational seminars from hundreds of companies and organizations, Prime Motivation informs disadvantaged audiences of

their potential futures through direct “Experiences”. When disconnected youth transition into education and employment, the effects are seen not only within the youth’s personal lives, but in modern-day and future society as well. Prime Motivation is working diligently to address this problem through offerings of several innovative Career and Educational Expos throughout California. It is with these expos that we intend to ultimately positively impact the growing epidemic of disconnected youth

MANILA UP! 71 CALIFORNIA OUT-OF-SCHOOL YOUTH Young people who lack basic high school education, postsecondary education or vocational credentials face an ongoing uphill battle in the competition for work. These young people are not only missing out on an education, but they also are missing the vital psychosocial support and protection that is integrated in their well being and survival. There is no individual recorded reason that can account for why students drop out of school, but research suggests that a combination of factors acting together contributes to the problem. However, it is recorded that High school dropouts are very unlikely to enter upon the modern workforce with the skills required to meet the demands of the nation’s global economy. The Center for Labor and Market Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts states, youth with additional years of education are more likely to possess: • Stronger basic skills • Stronger labor force attachment • Reduced chances of unemployment • Higher rates of access to full time employment and work related benefits (i.e.: health insurance and pension) • A much greater likelihood of their employer investing in their professional development • Large annual salary earning advantages, which increase over time as they age Additional Facts: High school dropouts, not possessing a GED are very likely to remain out of school • High school dropouts are at high risk of incarceration. Approximately 16 percent of all young men, ages 18-24, not possessing a high school degree or GED are either incarcerated or on •

parole at any one point in time (at an average annual cost of $20,000 per inmate) (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2002). • Local areas with high levels of male teen employment are often characterized by lower rates of delinquency and property crime among teens. CALIFORNIA OUT-OF-WORK YOUTH Youth unemployment has received a significant amount of media coverage in recent years as governments, employers and society grapple with youth issues. High youth unemployment rates, however, are not new and the issue has been studied heavily over the years. What is becoming clear is that youth employment is really not a single issue at all, but a complex weaving of influences that hit a generation in quick succession. Despite numerous programs targeting young workers, youth unemployment rates have not significantly dropped in the last twenty years, which suggests the need for new approaches to the issue. The employment rate of teens decreases sharply with family income. Students who live in high-poverty neighborhoods and students from low-income families are much less likely to work than youth in higherincome communities or from higherincome families. An environment of low achievement, low expectations, early exposure to violent and illicit activity, and lack of exposure to

positive pathways out constrains the life options for young people. Additional Facts: • Early work experience improves prospects for employability and assists in the development of soft skills sought by employers (Communication skills, teamwork, dependability) and occupational skills. • Work experience in high school for economically disadvantaged and minority youth increases their likelihood of graduating from high school relative to those who do not work at all. • Local areas with high levels of work among teen women are characterized by lower teen pregnancy & birth rates. Visit our site at www. and click on the Donate button if you can help us help the Youth! http://primemotivation. com/donate/ We are very happy to be working with Manila Up! Magazine to get the word out about this awesome cause that is needed so much today. Cell phones are taking things away that are important to us and forgetting what really matters to the family and history. Please join us to help change the future one day, one kid, one school at a time can make a difference in our lives. Read below why we do this and thank you in advance for your support.


Fernando Zobel, Catherine Zobel, Mercedes Zobel, Teresa Colley and Bruce Colley

Susan Rockefeller, Donna Karan and Mercedes Zobel



rban Zen, the sanctuary of Donna Karan in Greenwich Village, Manhattan became the fitting venue last May 22nd to

Edwin Josue, Josie Natori, Dr. Joven R. Cuanang and Susan Beer

Hans Jebsen, Tess Rances, Miho Walsh, David Rockefeller, Mercedes Zobel, Josie Natori, Wendy O’Neill, Dr. Joven R. Cuanang, Maribel Ongpin, Louie Locsin and Luca Parolari

showcase Pinto Manila’s maiden opening to showcase Philippine contemporary artists to the world. In his welcome speech, Dr. Joven R. Cuanang, Founder of the Pintô Art Museum, chose no less than New York, being the melting pot of cultures, as the gateway to present the artists and their works. It was very well attended with a powerhouse of cats led by David and

Susan Rockefeller and Josie Natori as Honorary Chairs. The Benefit Committee included Donna Karan, Loida Nicolas Lewis, Mercedes Zobel, Daniel Romualdez, Phyllis Hattis Rubin, Joanne de Asis, Renée Price, Rafe Totengco, Edwin R. Josue, Jerry Sibal, among others. The initial hours of by invitation only private viewing audience

MANILA UP! 73 were welcomed with an overflow of champagnes and wines matched with canapés and fine hors d’oeurves as they savor the works by Mark Justiniani, Elmer Borlongan, Emmanuel Garibay, Tony Leano, Rodel Tapaya, Marina Cruz, Raffy Napay, Jigger Cruz, Kawayan De Guia, Martha Atienza, RG Habulan, Dexter Sy, Jaypee Samson, Gil Batle, Jim Orencio, Winner Jumalon and others. A number of these artists have already gained international renown. There were live performances during the exhibit as highly respected artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, politicians and journalists in Manila mingled with the New York crowd. Federico de Vera curated and pared down the pieces from sixty four (64) artworks by forty five (45) artists. This initial offering was overwhelmingly

received with over ninety per cent of the works sold during that period. Proceeds of the benefit went to support Asian Cultural Council’s Philippines Program. Ms. Teresa Rances, ACC Philippines’ Director, showcased its program in supporting chosen Filipino artists for research and fellowship in the US as well as a new upcoming residency program for artists at the Pintô Art Museum. This initiative has been supported by Pintô Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal, a private institution/repository of Philippine contemporary art through its founder, Dr. Cuanang, a major Philippine art collector whose collections have been donated to the museum. Following the 2 hour vernissage, activities included live interviews

with luminaries in the Philippines including that of Senator Lauren Legarda, also an environmentalist, journalist and champion of the arts, who spoke of the Philippines’ presence in the 57th International Art Exhibition, (Saturday 13 May to Sunday 26 November 2017) in Venice, Italy. The orchestration of this Pinto exhibit was but fitting in increasing Philippine contemporary art visibility in the international scene. Activities eventually opened to the general public and continued the next day. The show is organized by Pintô International, under Luca Parolari, its Director. After New York, Pinto has planned its international appearances in Tokyo (June 12 2018), Milan and Paris and another come back appearance in New York in October 2018.

Dex Fernandez

Elmer Borlongan

RG Habulan

Ronald Ventura

Tony Leano

Gregory Halili



To provide a place for children wherein they can be educated, survive and be protected. To educate both parents and children to become productive citizens and to build homes for the vulnerable adults and provide for their needs and safety”. These are the visions of Dabawenyo UK, led by the President elect, Princesita Chua Te. In addition to their visions, they also have the desire to support the members in times of difficulty, financially, emotionally and physically and to liaise with their immediate family members. Lastly, to uphold their integrity by being transparent. April 29 - The Dabawenyo UK celebrated “Araw ng Dabawenyo” at Baden Powell Conference House in

Dabawenyo UK Dancers

South Kensington London for the first time. This is a benefit show to inspire a breakthrough in educating the children of Lumad tribe which are the Aetas. This is also to achieve an immediate and lasting change in their lives, as well as, to become productive citizens of their community. Ambassador Antonio Lagdameo together with Consul Rommel Romato from the Philippine Embassy in London were among the special guests. A video message coming from the Philippine President Rodrigo “Roa” Duterte, who is a Davaoeno himself, was also shown. Dabawenyo UK President, Chua Te gave a speech detailing the insights of their visions, missions and future projects. The night was also filled with great local artists who added spice to the

night. The Dabawenyo UK Dancers performed a traditional Manobo Dance. The British Filipino Master Chorale (BFMC) with Dabawenyo Vice President and also one of the choir’s members, Jun Degamon, performed a very enchanting number, “Bukonut”. The BFMC on the other hand, will also have a concert on June 24 at St. Peter’s Church in Notting Hill. Also, Mr. Degamon performed with the Sargeant-at-Arms, Mida Mirabueno Dagamac which really entertained the audience. Among the performers who were superb that night were Lahing Kayumanggi, Adelaide Cana, Side Projects, Alpabet and the main band act, D’ Intruders. The audience was also amazing and energetic as they danced away with the band’s music. They all danced

Princesita Chue Te (Dabawenyo UK President)


UK NA UK By Ela Hidalgo

in unison, following a dance leader in front of them. The said event was hosted by VP Jun Degamon and their alluring Secretary, Perlita Tero. Other officers who had been a part in the success of this benefit show for the Lumad children were, Mirasol McAllister (Asst. Sec), Ma. Christina Samarista (Treasurer), Rogelio Sayson (Asst. Treasurer), Juliet

Choice avings.

Jun Degamon & Midz Dagamac ( Dabawenyo UK Officers)

Guzman (Auditor), Annabele Claveria (Event Organiser), Nenita Cahambing (PRO), Rommel Abellar (Adviser) and Ferdelina Baquiran (Aviser). Of course, Dabawenyo UK would like to

acknowledge all their sponsors and everyone who had given their support. (Photos Credit to: George TV UK & Pearl Tero)


818.340.4678 Robert M. Alba LUTCF



Your Lo 22201 V WOOD RALBA

Your Local Agent | CA License #0819842




he Pacific Mesothelioma Center (PMC) at the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (PHLBI) held its 5th annual “Greatest Escape” Motorcycle Ride on Sunday, June 4. The ride, inspired by The Great Escape movie and starring actor, motorcycle enthusiast, and mesothelioma sufferer, Steve McQueen, is a unique event which honors those who have lost the fight against mesothelioma and raises money for research. This year’s event enjoyed its biggest turnout ever! Over 200 riders participated and $78,657 was raised for mesothelioma research. For the first time, the ride kicked off from two locations-Top Rocker Harley-Davidson in Canoga Park and Antelope Valley Harley-Davidson in Lancaster. Officers from All Cities Transportation Company escorted riders out of Los Angeles with zero stops—a true luxury for riders accustomed to LA gridlock. From there, all roads led to the “twisties” and breathtaking vistas of Angeles Crest Highway on the way to historic Newcomb’s Ranch. Riders were joined by a cast of celebrity riders, including actor/ model, Fabio, Shades of Blue actor Antonio Jaramillo, American Crime actor Clayton Cardenas, and CHiPS star Larry Wilcox. Fabio, who returned for the third year as Celebrity Grand Marshal, summed up the experience, “I had a great time, it’s such a beautiful ride, one of the most beautiful rides in California”.

Things heated up at Newcomb’s Ranch where riders were joined by supporters who drove up to be part of the event and make a difference for mesothelioma sufferers. “The Sidemen” kept the event rocking with a lively mix of classic rock and blues. Fred

and his crew at Newcomb’s rolled out an amazing taco lunch which many enjoyed with cold craft beer donated by Bend, Oregon brewery, Worthy Brewing. An array of vendors were there with a unique mix of items ranging from motorcycle gear to

MANILA UP! 77 Italian ices. Also on display were over 50 raffle items including gourmet dinners, a vacation getaway to the Glen Tavern Inn, motorcycle gear, and so much more generously donated by sponsors. With the addition of the second starting location, riders from all over Southern California were able to participate in this worthwhile event. “Motorcycle riders love the freedom of being on their bikes and going to out of the way places like Newcomb’s Ranch,” said John Caron of presenting sponsor, Worthington & Caron Asbestos Law Firm, “so it’s no surprise that more and more riders show up every year to help those who have lost their freedom to mesothelioma.” PMC thanks everyone who participated in this year’s Greatest Escape, along with all the volunteers and sponsors who make this unique event possible.


ccording to statistics, 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way including their looks, performance in school and relationship. Most of the women nowadays have been negatively affected because of the exceedingly high standards of beauty that was set by the society. Girls easily compare themselves to others especially on their outer appearance. And most of the time, it is resulting to a lack of acceptance on themselves. In 1 Peter 3:3-4, it is revealed that “A woman’s beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” A woman can learn how to perfect her nails, do her hair and make-up and purchase a lot of expensive clothes. But, what she must learn really is to beautify what’s inside. As to what Ms. Universe 2015 PiaWurtzbachsaid, she is ‘confidently beautiful with a heart.’ One should not just possess outer beauty, she must have a heart. A heart that pleases God. A woman who, 1. Understands what the Lord’s will is. 2. Clothed with strength and dignity 3. Finds out what pleases the Lord

By Jhoanna de Guzman

4. Kind and compassionate 5. Doesn’t compare herself to other woman 6. Avoids unwholesome talk 7. Build others up 8. Submits to his husband 9. Does not judge others through appearance 10. Gets rid of all the bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice 11. Laughs without fear of failure 12. Wise and not foolish 13. Opens her mouth with wisdom 14. Loves and experience God intimately Each of us is created in the image of God. His words are clear, we are all beautiful in Him. While it’s true that outer beauty attracts, still, inner beauty captivates. Be that woman who is not only concerned about what she looks but is concerned with how she touches other people’s lives. Be that remarkable woman created in the image of God. Be that fearfully and wonderfully made woman God created you to be. Photo Source: wallpaper/mood-girl-back-fromthe-back-dress-hand-summer-seawater-river-beach-backgroundwallpaper-widescreen-fullscreenwidescreen-hd-wallpapers-19254. html



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