Connected Woman Newsletter Bristol 2017

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“Unleashing the wealth in your business connections!” Why we keep connecting Aleka Gutzman The Financial Hug Programme “In my line of business,I work from recommendations and these produce new opportunities to inspire women in business through my service and product offerings. I recently decided to stop working from home and try working from a hub. This has proved advantageous in terms of presenting me with a wider client base who have come from new recommendations. This has put a new lease of life into my business attitude and this is showing in the profits. It’s easy to want to work and do things by

yourself and not reach out to work with others. However,If you try to do it by yourself you are going to stay by yourself.” Della Hudson Hudson Business Accountants and Advisers “Once I decided to start a family, it was difficult to remain in the corporate world. I was applying for positions in local accountancy firms but they would not offer me the flexibility to work around my family commitments.

This provided me with the desire to start my own accountancy firm to meet my financial commitments but it also offered me the flexibility to work around my family and personal needs. As the company expanded, I provided the same flexible contracts and opportunities to my members of staff and this style of working has become part of the DNA of our company philosophy and success. What’s great is that we observe every win in the company because it is too easy to forget to celebrate” says Della. “There’s always a bottle of champagne in the desk.”

Kalpna Woolfe

From left: Minal Patel, Della Huddson, Aleka Gutzmore and Mel Bound

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