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Persephone a shawl pattern by Anastasia Roberts

This shawl can be customized to any size, and with any weight of yarn. The materials and instructions given are for the shawl shown in photo. Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy 650 yards Hook: D hook (4.25mm) Size: shawl shown is 65� wide and 25� deep. Blocking pins or wires are recommended. I hope you enjoy making it! :)

Set Up ch 4 1) 8 dc in 4th ch from hook (skipped chs count as dc)= 9 dc. Turn. 2) ch 4 (counts as dc + ch1), dc in 1st dc (V-stitch made). 1Dc in next 3 dc, 2dc ch2 2dc in next dc (center space made). 1 dc in next 3 dc. V st in last dc. Turn. (14 dc total) 3) slip st in V-st. V-st in same V-st. Dc in each Dc to center ch2 sp. 3Dc in ch2 sp. Dc in each dc to V-st. V-st. In V-st. (15 dc and 2 V-st) Turn. 4) all of your rows will begin and end with a V-st in the V-st from previous row for the remainder of the shawl. When instructed to V-st, repeat what you did at the beginning and end of row 3. V-st. Ch1, *skip next 2 dc (dc, ch1, dc, ch1, dc, ch1) in next dc*. Repeat from * to * around. V-st in last v-st. (5 3dc groups and 2 V-st.) Turn. 5) V-st. Ch1. Sc, ch3, sc (picot made) in ch space BEFORE 1st 3 dc group. (Increase made). [ch1, picot, ch1 in center dc of next group] twice. Picot in dc space BEFORE next 3 dc group (increase made). * Ch 1, picot in center of next dc group. Ch 1, picot in sp BEFORE next 3 dc group. (increase made) Repeat [ ]twice. Picot in space BEFORE last V-stitch. (increase made) Ch1, V-st. (9 picots and 2 Vst). Turn. 6) V-st. Ch 1. 5 dcs in 1st picot. (Fan made). Ch1. Dc ch1 dc (V-st made) in next picot. Repeat bold print around to V-st. V-st. ( 5 fans, 6 V-st) Turn. 7) Repeat Row 5, increasing at 4 points in same manner. (13 picots, 2 V-st) Turn. 8) This is your RS Row, here and throughout! V-st. *Ch1. Fan in next picot. Ch 1. V-st in next picot. * Repeat * to * TWICE. Ch 1. 7 dc in next picot (this is now your center). Repeat * to * until Vst. V-st. (8 V-st, 6 fans, 1 “Super Fan” for center). Turn.

9)This is your WS Row AND your Increase Row, here and throughout! Vst. Ch1, picot, ch 1 in space BEFORE fan. *Picot ch1 in center dc of next fan. Picot, ch1 in V-st. * Repeat * until you reach your “Super Fan”. Ch1, picot in 1 st dc of Super Fan. Ch1, picot in center dc of Super Fan. Ch1, picot in last dc of SuperFan. Ch1. Repeat from * until you reach the space BEFORE the last Vstitch. Picot, ch1 in this space. Vstitch. (17 picots, 2 V-st). You will repeat row 8 and 9 until body is desired size, ending with a row 8! Remember, your 5 dc fans are on the RS rows, and your picot increases are on the WS rows. Also remember: you ONLY increase on the WS....and ONLY 4 increases per side. 1st increase—BEFORE the 1st dc fan. 2nd increase—In FIRST dc of Super Fan. 3rd increase—In LAST dc of Super Fan. 4th increase--BEFORE the last Vst.

Border: You will begin your border on the WS, placing 'anchor stitches' for the hearts. Row 1: Vstitch in Vstitch. *Ch3, sc in center dc of fan. Ch3, picot in next Vst. * Repeat until you reach the Superfan. Ch 3, sc ch6 sc in center dc of Superfan. Repeat from * along other side. Vst. Turn.

2. Sl st in Vst. Ch4, dc, ch1, dc, ch1, dc all in same Vst. (Open Fan made). *(ch2, sc, ch2) in next sc. In next picot make: sc, 2tr, 3dc ch2 3dc, 2tr, sc (Heart Made) (ch2, sc, ch2 in next sc). Open Fan in next picot. * Repeat from * to *, ch 3. In center ch6 sp make: 1sc, 6tr, 5dc, ch2, 5dc, 6tr, 1sc (Super Heart made). Ch 3, Open fan in next picot. Repeat from * to last Vst. Open Fan in last Vst.

Break yarn. Final Row: attach with sl st in 3rd ch of beginning dc on row 2. (You will be on the RS again). Ch1. *Sc first stitch of Open Fan. (Ch2, sc in next dc) THREE TIMES. 1Sc in next ch sp. Picot in next sc. 1Sc in next ch space. Slip stitch in the 1 st stitch of heart from previous row (in the sc). Ch 7 (slip st,ch4,slip,ch6,slip,ch4,slip) ALL in ch2 space of heart. Ch7, slip st to last st of heart (the sc). 1Sc in next ch space. Picot in next sc. 1Sc in next ch sp. * Repeat from * to * until last fan before SuperHeart. Sc in first dc(ch2 sc in next dc) three times, 1sc, picot, 1sc ALL in next ch 3 sp. Slip stitch in 1st sc of SuperHeart. Ch 15. sl st, ch 6, sl, ch 8, sl, ch6, sl ALL in ch 2 space of SuperHeart. Ch 15, sl st in last sc of SuperHeart. 1Sc, picot, 1sc ALL in next ch 3 space. Repeat from * to * up other side of shawl until you reach last open fan. Sc in first dc. (ch2, sc in next dc) THREE times. Fasten Off. Block to your “Heart's” Desire! :)

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what your shawl should look like as it's progressing: After Row 4:

After Row 5:

After Row 6:

After Row 7:

After Row 8: (note the 7 dc fan in center)

And after Row 9:

Row 2 of border: