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Instructions: With a size 3.5 hook and yarn with a thickness to match chain 40, work back and forth with SC until desired length. (I made mine to fit a cardboard box that I put inside the container in order to keep it standing upright) Continue in the round along all sides of the rectangle ( in back loop to make defined edge) SC in the back loop for 5 more rounds. Go back to crocheting in the round through both stitches, stop 1 inch before desired height. Stop just before starting one of the longer sides. Divide long side into 3 parts with stitch markers , repeat on opposite side. Start crocheting SC in back loop, stop at first stitch marker, remove, chain 25, continue to crochet in the back loop at the second stitch marker . When you reach the stitch marker on the other side chain 25 and start crocheting again at the fourth stitch marker. SC 5 rounds in back loop, working SC in each of the 25 stitches of the chain to make handles. In the last row I like to make the last two stitches a slip stitch in order to make the edge a little smoother. Castoff and sew in loose ends.

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