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* Materials Approximately 700-800 yards of laceweight yarn. Size 4 needles. Blocking wires, pins, and mats. Wool wash. Stitch markers – optional

Notes on Instructions

Work all charts as follows : Work the chart from right to left, starting with the two blue border stitches, work across to center stitch. For the second half of the row, work chart again from right to left, ignoring the 2 blue border stitches and working them at the end, in place of the center stitch. The blue stitch boxes on the right and left ends of the chart rows represent the two border stitches and the center stitch. Stitches in pink section represent the stitches that are repeated. With the exception of rows with double yarn overs, WS rows are worked as follows : k2, purl across to last two sts, k2 On rows where double yarn overs occur, on the return WS row, you will p1, k1 into double yarn overs that occurred on the previous RS row. There are four increases on every RS row. Knit the charts in the order that they are presented. !

IĘźve highlighed in yellow the 3-into-3, as well as the k5tog sts with ! ! ! ! surrounding double yarn overs.

Abbreviations k = knit p = purl WS = wrong side RS = right side yo = yarn over sts = stitches pm = place marker cs = center stitch k2tog = knit 2 together tbl = through the back loop LH = left hand needle

Stitch Key

Set Up

Cast on 5 sts using the long tail cast on. Knit 2 rows of garter stitch Knit six rows as follows : Row 1 : k2, (pm), yo, (pm), k1 (pm), yo, (pm), k2 Row 2 : k2, p to last two sts, k2 Row 3 : k2, yo, k1, yo, k1(cs), yo, k1, yo, k2 Row 4 : k2, p to last two sts, k2 Row 5 : k2, yo, k3, yo, k1 (cs) ; yo, k3, yo, k2 (15 stitches) Row 6 : k2, p to last two sts, k2

Chart 1 Knit rows 1 - 34

Chart 2 Knit rows 1 - 20

Chart 3 Knit rows 1 - 34

Chart 4 Knit rows 1 – 28

Chart 5 Knit rows 1-26

Chart 6 Knit rows 1-22



Knit rows 1-16



Chart 7

Bind Off and Finishing Use a stretchy bind off of your choice. I like this one : K2, * Transfer the 2 worked sts to the LH needle, and k2tog tbl, k1* repeat from *. Soak in wool wash and block. Finished and blocked dimensions are approximately : 80� x 40� Use the following photo as a guide for blocking the edges :