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Happy 2012! Welcome to the January 2012 edition of Songnotes! Hope the new year is off to a fantastic start for you! Songsalive! President, Gilli Moon has appointed me the new Director of Operations. As Director of Operations, I will be overseeing the worldwide chapters and the day-to-day operations of Songsalive!. If you have any questions or comments about Songsalive!, feel free to email me at Are you our next showcase artist? Check out page 5 to see how you can be. Please also check out page 3 to see all of our Songsalive! events taking place this month. Congratulations to our PRO Member Spotlight artist, Walter Ehresman! You can read more about him and his latest album on page 8. Our Partner of the Month is Indie Bible. Check out page 9 for a discount on the new edition of Indie Bible out now! In this issue, you can also find out about what’s new on our website on page 6 and read about our featured programs this month on page 7. On the cover of Songnotes this month is Songsalive! member, Brandon Walker, performing at the Songsalive! San Francisco Showcase. Would you like to volunteer your time to Songsalive!? See page 10 to see how you can get involved. Have a Happy New Year! Mary Lemanski Director of Operations

Songnotes is designed, edited and published this month by Mary Lemanski. We tend to spread the workload around each time.


CALENDAR OF EVENTS Saturday, January 7 7:30pm Los Angeles Showcase Songsalive! (NoHo) Tuesday, January 10 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic Thursday, January 12 7:00pm Grass Valley Showcase Sunday, January 15 12:00pm Los Angeles Songsalive! Workshop Monday, January 16 6:00pm Las Vegas Workshop 7:00pm Grass Valley Workshop

Tuesday, January 17 7:30pm Orange County Songsalive Showcase 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic Friday, January 20 10:00am Songsalive! NAMM LA Showcase Sunday, January 22-28 Songsalive! Sponsored Event: Listening Room International Songwriters Retreats - California Sequoias Retreat Tuesday, January 24 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic for Calendar and Upcoming Events for details on our Chapters.

FEATURED UPCOMING SONGSALIVE! EVENT NEW!!! SONGSALIVE! GRASS VALLEY SHOWCASE WHEN: SECOND THURSDAY OF THE MONTH FIRST SHOWCASE: JANUARY 16th TIME: Starts @7:00 pm WHERE: Starbucks Grass Valley 681 Freeman Lane Grass Valley, CA 95945 COST: $5.00 donation Featuring talented songwriters from around the globe, the Songsalive! Showcases are the best industry secret, a great happening all around the world. Songsalive! Showcases are a very cozy, intimate and acoustic environment where media and music industry representatives often drop by to check out the latest talent.

Sunday, January 29 7:00pm Orange County Workshop

Showcase your music and support our national and international live events and showcases presenting songwriters and artists of original music. Showcases are quality entertainment songwriter performances around the country. All members are eligible to perform at a Songsalive! showcase based on availability, schedule and of course, your talent!

Tuesday, January 31 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

See our Events page at for more details

Thursday, January 26 8:00pm Songsalive! Chicago Showcase



Music Composer Wanted for Play I'm an award winning playwright and librettist looking for a composer to write music for my play with music entitled "Apollo's Way." The play is the story of two parallel worlds driven by greed, deceit and a quest for power. The play takes place in the ruins of The Apollo Theatre in the not-so-distant future and makes use of song, juggling and multimedia elements. I'm looking for a skilled composer to write the music for five songs and some incidental music in the play. The musical style ranges from rap, R&B, rock and musical theatre.

Production Music Library Seeks Tracks East coast based full service production music library is seeking music immediately. The library's client list includes Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, Google, Warner Bros. Movies, New Line Cinema, Discovery, Blue Sky Films and many more major film and commercial centers located throughout the world.

Visit our Songsalive! Songshop Forum for more information on these opportunities:

COMMERCIAL MUSIC COMPANY SEEKS NEW COMPOSERS Well-known LA based commercial music company is seeking new composers immediately to offer independent production contracts. Seeking composers that possess a creative sensibility, have the production chops to capture the essence of today's music styles as well as the ability to create original cutting-edge instrumental productions for advertising, film and television. Seeking all contemporary styles: pop, electronica, big beat, hip hop. Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Negotiable Deadline: January 28, 2012 Visit our Songsalive! Songshop Forum for more information:


Songsalive! Showcases ARE YOU OUR NEXT SHOWCASE ARTIST? Why Showcase with Songsalive! - Get promoted across 144 countries worldwide through our PR - our magazine, online blog, social networks, which highlights our upcoming showcases - Find new fans by performing with our other artists, who bring their fans. You help them with your fanbase, and they help you. - Meet music industry executives and celebrities who drop in to our showcases to hear the latest talent. - Support our non-profit organization that offers the largest international songwriters community, all run by volunteers. We do this because we are passionate about music and discovering new talent.

- Perform in venues carefully selected by Songsalive! that support original music, and respect your artistry. No "pay to play" or loud venues where no one cares. We offer a supportive live platform that is respectful of your music. - Create a tour using our Chapters (tour hopping through Songsalive! worldwide) using our program, the Songsalive! Touring Map Of The World.

Songsalive! San Francisco Showcase at Velo Rouge Café – 1st Thursday of the Month Songsalive! New York Showcase & Open Mic at American Trash – Every Tuesday! Songsalive! Orange County Showcase at Sam Ash Music Store – 3rd Tuesday of the Month Songsalive! Grass Valley Showcase at Starbucks – 2nd Thursday of the Month Songsalive! Chicago Showcase at Heartland Cafe – 4th Thursday of Every Other Month (Next: Jan. 26, 2012) Songsalive! Los Angeles Showcase at Hallenbeck’s – 1st Saturday of the Month

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SONGSALIVE! NEWS What's New On Our Website? Also in Backstage, As of 12th December, we've moved the Songsalive! Forums to Backstage (used to be under community and accessed by free and Pro members).

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It has become a necessity to only allow Pro Members this access to our full content of opportunities, because we spend a lot of time gathering the content and Songsalive! needs support from it's paid membership to keep it alive.

* Knowledge Wiki - music business articles, resources, Songsalive! Touring Map of the World (find venues worldwide)

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GET A PROFESSIONAL SONG CRITIQUE Hear what Record Executives won't tell you! Submit anything from a lyric to a finished master, and find out: -if the song works lyrically, musically, structurally -how it should be demo-ed. (Some production pointers) -if already on tape/cd (demo-ed), feedback if it's working, and how to make improvements. -the best markets for your song -who to pitch to - artists, publishers, record companies, radio formats Songsalive! Song Critique helps from the ideas stage - working out the songs and the demo - right through to finished "radio-friendly" master - who to send to and how. We help with lyrics, rhyming schemes, song structure, melody, production, and where to pitch, promote and release your song! We accept songs of ALL GENRES, plus instrumentals, plus lyrics only submissions. Access: More about Song Critiques under 'Programs'

SONGSALIVE! SONGSTUDIO @ SOUNDCLOUD Songsalive! has started a Soundcloud Group whereby our members can share their songs and collaborate with other songwriters, re-mixers, producers and artists and in uploading your music you automatically get promoted on our Soundcloud Widget (below) which is on our new music page, and our Facebook group. SoundCloud is an audio platform that enables anyone to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds across the internet, in a simple, accessible and feature-rich way. Using Soundcloud through our Songsalive! Songstudio Group provides a way for you to share your songs, find collaborators and gain feedback. More information on how to add your song at More information about the entire Songsalive! Songstudio program under 'Programs'


PRO MEMBER SPOTLIGHT We are all excited about Walter Ehresman being chosen for the Songsalive! Pro Member Spotlight!!! You too could be featured by Songsalive! ... to 16,000+ subscribers on our mailing list, social networks and members. Join as a PRO MEMBER at and find out more under Backstage.


Interview excerpt: "Basically, I write, record and perform songs in a bunch of different styles, because I get ideas--pretty much fully formed--for a piece of music and then set about trying to record it (whatever style it might be in) to the best of my self-taught abilities. Although I've had bands over the years, most of my material comes out on my solo albums where I play almost all the instruments myself. " Read the CD Review by Songsalive! and Interview with Songsalive! in the Songsalive! Pro Member Spotlight blog or at Also featured on our HOME PAGE and Members Page: Check out Walter’s Songsalive! Profile page and listen to his music at

Congratulations Walter Ehresman on your new CD and on being featured on our Songsalive! Pro Member Spotlight!

Well....Let's Look at Your Track Record, Shall We? Album Review

“… Well....Let's Look at Your Track Record, Shall We? is an ambitious and musically eclectic smorgasbord of storytelling, music experimentation, solid musicianship, and a journey through time and eras. I felt like I was in Walter's movie of his life and it was a very pleasant ride.” Read more of his review and other MEMBER REVIEWS at


FEATURED PARTNER SONGSALIVE! PARTNER OF THE MONTH: INDIE BIBLE The New 2012 Indie Bible is now in database format and has just been released!

Cover designed by gilli moon, the Indie Bible features Songsalive! members on the cover. But besides all that lovely stuff, the new Indie Bible is PACKED WITH GOODNESS. If you are not familiar with this extensive directory (over 300 pages), it contains over 9,000 contacts to help you get your music reviewed, your songs played on the radio and get your music distributed. More than 300 pages with over 9,000 contacts. Available in soft bound and electronic form for only $34.95 US - GET a SPECIAL $5 discount for Songsalive! members! (Normally $39.95). You can also start a free trial! Wow! $5 discount off e-book More of our Partners and discounts for you (hundreds!) at (Pro Member log in)


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