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Songnotes is designed, edited and published this month by Mary Lemanski. We tend to spread the workload around each time.

Season’s Greetings! Welcome to the December 2011 edition of Songnotes! Hope your holiday season is bright! In this issue of Songnotes, there is a letter from Songsalive! President, Gilli Moon, on the next page. Applications are still open for our Songsalive! CD Sampler 12. The deadline has been extended to January 4, 2012, so be sure to apply soon! More information on the Sampler on page 5. Are you our next showcase artist? You can be! See page 6 for more information on why you should showcase. Please also check out page 4 to see all of our Songsalive! events taking place this month. Congratulations to our Songwriter of the Year, Annette Conlon! You can read more about Annette and this prestigious award on page 9. Our Member of the Month is Tracy Woody, whose latest CD is entitled, “The Sweet Beat of Love.” Our Partner of the Month is Disc Makers. In this issue, you can also read event reviews from each of the Songsalive! Chapters. You can also find out about what’s new on our website on page 10 and read about our featured programs this month on page 11. On the cover of Songnotes this month are Songsalive! members, Kaye Reznick and Suzy Husner (photo by Rodney O’Riley), performing at the Songsalive!/Songnet Holiday Party at The Mint in Los Angeles on Nov. 29th. If you have any questions or comments about Songsalive!, feel free to email me at Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! Mary Lemanski Communications Manager


LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT We seldom give thanks, really. We shuffle through our days, our weeks and months in the act of doing. Rarely do we take time to stop and smell the roses, and give thanks except for the one Holiday a year, Thanksgiving. But we shouldn't have to wait for that day to be thankful. Every day can be filled with thanks.

I couldn't have achieved any of that without people. There have been numerous angels in my corner to support and nurture my growth and path and I thank each and every one of them for their guidance and opportunities. I hope I have also assisted their dreams too, even a little bit, for this life is all about the give and the give.

Not only should we thank others, but we should thank ourselves. We should take I thank my Songsalive! Team for making our worldwide songwriters community come stock of who we are and who we've become and celebrate our victories, even the alive and stay alive. They do so much for providing opportunities and services to our small ones. Appreciation of where we've come, along the long path of self-discovery, members and most of you all don't even see half of the work they do. And they do it is so important. voluntarily. That makes them ANGELS in my books. So next time you visit a Songsalive! Workshop or Showcase, give the coordinator a hug for all that they give It's easy to give thanks, once we understand how easy it is. It can be for 1 minute a and do. day. Hug yourself, look up to the heavens and say, "thank you universe for giving me permission to be who I want to be, and discover new things, today. Thank you for my Most of all, I couldn't have achieved any of that without my own sense of purpose, growth, and my own self-awareness. Thank you for all the little miracles that add up inner confidence and trust that it will all be ok. And it is. to one big whole awesome ride, called life." Thank you world. Whether you believe in God, or Mother Nature, or the Universe, or none of it, there is every reason to give thanks. Happy Holidays everyone. ~ Gilli Moon Start today, with just a minute, to show your gratitude of YOU, the awesome being that you are. Now, that I've taken that moment, feeling warm and fuzzy and wonderful as a human being, I want to give thanks to everyone around me. On a personal note, I feel a great sense of achievement today. Fourteen years ago today I moved to the United States from Australia to pursue my dreams as a music recording artist. Since that day I have released 6 albums, on my own label I created; built a worldwide non-profit songwriters organization, Songsalive!; written and published 2 books; toured the States 3 times and all across Europe; and found the man of my dreams and married him. I am very thankful of the blessings in my life, and the successes that have come to me and that I have created. I am living my dream.


CALENDAR OF EVENTS Tuesday, December 20 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Most Songsalive! chapters are taking a holiday during December, except NYC, which we all know never sleeps!

Tuesday, December 27 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic Tuesday, January 3, 2012 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic Wednesday, January 4, 2012 6:30pm Long Island Songsalive! Workshop Saturday, January 7, 2012 7:30pm Los Angeles Showcase Songsalive! (NoHo) Tuesday, January 10, 2012 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic Thursday, January 12, 2012 7:00pm Grass Valley Showcase Sunday, January 15, 2012 12:00pm Los Angeles Songsalive! Workshop

Monday, January 16, 2012 6:00pm Las Vegas Workshop 7:00pm Grass Valley Workshop Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7:30pm Orange County Songsalive Showcase 8:30pm New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic for Calendar and Upcoming Events for details on our Chapters.

FEATURED UPCOMING SONGSALIVE! EVENT SONGSALIVE! NEW YORK SHOWCASE & OPEN MIC WHEN: EVERY TUESDAY TIME: Starts @8:30 pm WHERE: American Trash 1471 First Avenue (Btw. 76th and 77th Streets) New York, NY COST: Free for Pro Members.. Featuring talented songwriters from around the globe, the Songsalive! Showcases are the best industry secret, a great happening all around the world. Songsalive! Showcases are a very cozy, intimate and acoustic environment where media and music industry representatives often drop by to check out the latest talent. Showcase your music and support our national and international live events and showcases presenting songwriters and artists of original music. Showcases are quality entertainment songwriter performances around the country. All members are eligible to perform at a Songsalive! showcase based on availability, schedule and of course, your talent! See our Events page at for more details



GET ON THE NEXT SONGSALIVE! CD SAMPLER!!! Songsalive!, the largest international non-profit organization supporting songwriters and composers, is now accepting submissions for its twelfth compilation CD Sampler aptly called Songsalive! CD Sampler 12. The Songsalive! CD Sampler series is a cost-effective, high-profile medium for songwriters to reach the music industry worldwide. Pro Members get a discount to apply. The new submission deadline is Jan. 4, 2012 More information at cdsamplerapplication.htm Got Questions? Visit our FAQ Page at to get answers and contact us. General Details about the CD Sampler at and under PROGRAMS from our homepage.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Music and Artist onto Google Music. Start Selling Today! The Internet is vastly changing and there are so many new opportunities to get your songs heard and receive money.

Visit our Opportunities Forum to find out how you submit your songs on GOOGLE MUSIC:

Are Your Songs Playing on Pandora Radio? Here's How You Can Do That! It's no secret that online radio is slowly, and increasingly, taking over the way music is heard. is the leader in online radio, and you can submit your albums to be played on it. Songsalive! does not have any affiliation with Pandora, except to say: we want our songwriters to be heard. Visit our Opportunities Forum to find out how to submit your songs to PANDORA RADIO:

It’s brand new so get on it early!


Songsalive! Showcases ARE YOU OUR NEXT SHOWCASE ARTIST? Why Showcase with Songsalive!

Songsalive! Showcase at NAMM, LA - Friday Jan 20, 2012 - 10am: Deadline for submissions Dec 25. Songsalive! San Francisco Showcase at Velo Rouge Café – 1st Thursday of the Month

- Get promoted across 144 countries worldwide through our PR - our magazine, online blog, social networks, which highlights our upcoming showcases

Songsalive! New York Showcase & Open Mic at American Trash – Every Tuesday!

- Find new fans by performing with our other artists, who bring their fans. You help them with your fanbase, and they help you.

Songsalive! Orange County Showcase at Sam Ash Music Store – 3rd Tuesday of the Month

- Meet music industry executives and celebrities who drop in to our showcases to hear the latest talent.

Songsalive! Grass Valley Showcase at Starbucks – 2nd Thursday of the Month

- Support our non-profit organization that offers the largest international songwriters community, all run by volunteers. We do this because we are passionate about music and discovering new talent.

Songsalive! Chicago Showcase at Heartland Cafe – 4th Thursday of Every Other Month (Next: Jan. 26, 2012)

- Perform in venues carefully selected by Songsalive! that support original music, and respect your artistry. No "pay to play" or loud venues where no one cares. We offer a supportive live platform that is respectful of your music. - Create a tour using our Chapters (tour hopping through Songsalive! worldwide) using our program, the Songsalive! Touring Map Of The World.

Songsalive! Los Angeles Showcase at Hallenbeck’s – 1st Saturday of the Month

APPLY NOW (Pro Members click on Backstage) 6



Songsalive! Orange County November Showcase – For our last Songsalive! Orange County Showcase of 2011, we welcomed back two familiar faces to the stage at Sam Ash Music. And there was plenty of blues to be had! Laura Suarez performed the entirety of her EP "Reach for the Bottom", strumming her acoustic guitar and knocking down the walls with her voice. After Laura came R. Scott and his New Orleans-style piano songs, which fit perfectly beneath his bear-growl of a voice. It was a stirring evening of performances to close out the year in Orange County. We'll be back with more in January of 2012! Songsalive! San Francisco November Showcase – Songalive! is running a San Francisco showcase series every first Thursday of the month, currently held at Velo Rouge Cafe in San Francisco, CA hosted by local artist Katie Garibaldi, which features Songsalive! members performing outstanding original acoustic music. The most recent showcase took place on November 3rd, and featured Brandon Walker from the South Bay. Brandon played a full set of his original music, highlighting songs off his "One Step Behind" EP. He played a gorgeous set of both moving and quirky songs on keyboard. Then he switched to acoustic guitar for a few new songs of his, which was a great way to end the musical evening.

Songsalive! Chicago November Showcase – On November 17th, the Chicago chapter of Songsalive! held their bi-monthly showcase at the Heartland Cafe. We had two Songsalive! members perform. Mary Lemanski performed an acoustic set of her pop-rock songs. It was very touching at times because she lost her father a week prior. Lowell Pries, who has an eclectic songwriting style, played a fantastic set. He has only performed live twice, but seems to be coming into his own on stage. The audience loved every minute of the performances and had a great time! Songsalive! Los Angeles November Workshop – A cold day in LA, it was pouring with rain, but it was hot at the workshop. We had a great turn out for maestro John Braheny, our guest speaker who is the OB1 of songwriting. Participants were riveted. We started with song critiques, and John gave excellent feedback, and gave each songwriter copious amounts of time which was a treat for them. Then in the half time Gilli Moon, host for this day, asked everyone to go up and talk to someone they didn't know, and meet them. Then when we returned for the second half, each person had to explain, in one short sentence, who the other person was. This was very effective for networking and relationship building. John talked about writing a well crafted song for about 45 minutes, and used one of Adele's songs as a great example of structure. Quite a few bought his book, "The Craft & Business of Songwriting" and I recommend all of you to get your copy at It's a must for your shelves. Songsalive! Orange County November Workshop – Songsalive Orange County finished up the year with a quiet but productive songwriting critique session, featuring four people and three new songs. Craig Smetana started off with a country-style song lyric about missing the one you love -- and making plans for when you see them again! Peggy Glenn followed with a soaring song about a different sort of missing: A beloved family member you remember from childhood. And Rick Willingham finished up with a rousing country-rock number about getting in trouble -- the GOOD kind -- with your spouse! Then it was time to talk about plans for 2012, especially the exciting month of January in which we have several interesting events on the horizon. Stay tuned!




Songsalive!/Songnet Holiday Party – A packed house of 150. 14 Songsalive! songwriters performed on this incredible night. Stellar performances by J.Walker (great album launch first set) with gilli moon (host and performer, The Conlons (Annette Conlon was honored with the 2011 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award) Suzy Husner, Kaye Reznick, Thomas Hornig, Rosie Tate (also awesome as merch girl) Jimi Yamagishi (also our co-sponsor with Songnet and donated the Guitar for the Raffle), Mike V (excellent stage management also), Damon Rosario, Rebecca Sullivan, Kathleen Blackwell, Stephen GC and Amanda Abizaid. WOW! The Mint was packed, the food was great, the music was top notch. Our Songsalive! Team (Dave, Mike, Rosie, Monique, Ann, Jimi, Rodney) were humming like a well oiled machine. Rodney received the Team recognition award for the year for his great service running the OC Chapter. I particularly was impressed with Rosie and Monique as the merch girls in their red holiday outfits. 3 Raffle prizes worth $1217 went to 3 lucky people, costume prize to Rosie Tate, and at midnight we pulled down the decorations and hugged as a job well done. One of our BEST holiday parties yet! Songsalive! New York Weekly Showcase & Open Mic NYC's Best Open Mic at American Trash is going strong. Great players, good turnouts, and we have a lot of regulars! NYC's Best Open Mic welcomes Songsalive! members at American Trash. Members get to perform first, and get an extra long set! Great crowd, good times, and amazing talent!

Songsalive! Long Island November Workshop– The Long Island Chapter is doing well as we’ve had 7 months of workshops, and everyone who has attended has had a VERY positive response. At the November 2nd workshop, one person presented an original song. We all gave the writer feedback, and then Mark Prigoff spoke for about an hour. He was very informative. He talked a little about music theory, gave out a hand out, and conversed with everyone who attended. He also gave several examples on the piano of what he was talking about. We all had a good discussion and the event went very well. We’re skipping December’s workshop for the holidays, but we’ll be back in January to start off the new year! Looking forward to what the new year will bring… Songsalive! Las Vegas November Workshop – At the Songsalive! Las Vegas Workshop on November 21st, we had a nice evening. Dave Skrock said they are moving very fast on his movie script and music for the movie, and they are still slated to start filming the movie next spring. We are all very excited for him! I gave a brief report about the classes I attended at the TAXI Road Rally, and we spoke about what will be coming up for the group next year.


Songsalive! is pleased to announce the winner of the Second Yearly SONGSALIVE! SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR AWARD:


We base this prestigious award on this criteria: - Has hit songs - timely and strong radio friendly songs that are ready for the world's music markets or has been deemed as worldclass.

- Can provide a track record of career successes with one's music but not necessarily commercial success. - Shows exemplary talent and commitment to ones art of writing songs. - Shows a long standing drive and commitment to one's own business career. - Exemplary member of Songsalive! who shows commitment to our community and programs over time. - Shown commitment and dedication to the broader songwriting community at large and offers something beyond just oneself. Top: Annette Conlon, Gilli Moon, and Dave Harvey Bottom: Annette Conlon performing with husband, Doug at Songsalive! Holiday Party

Annette Conlon was chosen for this prestigious award and was given her Award at a special ceremony as part of the Los Angeles Songsalive! Holiday Party on November 29, 2011. Awarded for her songwriting, her artistry and her dedication to helping other artists in the community. Annette performed with Dallas rock band Eden Automatic (released 4 albums) for 10 years touring the South West /opening for prominent acts such as The B-52s, Pretenders, Missing Persons, and Duran Duran. Currently performs with her husband Doug as ‘The Conlons’ plan to release their first EP in 2012. Won several awards for her songs. Creator of NetteRadio, one of the longest running internet radio shows dedicated to promoting unsigned/Independent Women in Music. Has dedicated countless hours to producing and organizing showcase benefits for a wide variety of charities. Awarded a plaque of appreciation from the American Red Cross - for her fundraising efforts for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief in 2011. Works with several organizations including Songsalive!, GoGirlsMusic, Songnet, Rockin’ Moms, Mamapalooza and Los Angeles Women In Music – does a lot for the music community at large. Dedicated Songsalive! member since 2007 More details at or from our home page, go Programs.


SONGSALIVE! NEWS What's New On Our Website? We've been making some great updates to our Website as well as our server automatically updating new things. It's always productive around here. Firstly, we've changed the THEME of the site, to help navigation and so that you don't miss out on the opportunities. We added a new Forum called SongCollab (based on a Songsalive! Program), where you can find other members around the world to collaborate with (whether it be over writing a song, or if you need a musician for your band, or a lyricist or singer, even.). The emphasis is that you would ask for what you want, and other members would respond. The cool aspect of it is bringing nations around the world together. Isn't that neat? Check it out under BACKSTAGE > Forums > SongCollab.

We have now a fully fledged event page where you can RSVP for a workshop or showcase. Check it out under EVENTS. You'll see that most of December we are "dark" for events (except NY). We'll all be up and at 'em in January. Our Program SONGSHOP continues to thrive with new leads for your music. Also our Opportunities Forum is filling up with cool opps for you and your music. Check them out under BACKSTAGE > FORUMS Speaking for Forums, the Song Critique Forum is really working. Any member can post lyrics or a link to a song and other members can provide their comments and feedback. Also under BACKSTAGE > FORUMS. If you want a professional song critique, come to a Workshop near you (see EVENTS) or get an online critique under BACKSTAGE. Also under Forums - Songchat is a new forum that allows you all to introduce yourself (free and pro members). Songchat, the word, is also used for our Yahoogroup of same name which has been going for 14 years. See community > groups to get subscribed to Songchat and that comes into your email inbox. You can SHOUT out a little message on our home page. Notice the top right blue SHOUT box? Go ahead. Say something. It actually shows up on all pages, top right! Now that's cool. Happy Holidays everyone! Gilli Moon President




Our SongCollab Program is an opportunity for Pro Members to work/collaborate with other Songsalive! members from around the world on new song ideas and music projects.

GET ON THE TOUR BUS ... beep... beep... Tour hop around the world using our online database of venues, plus chapter showcases assisting our members on the road. Our Songsalive! Touring Map is a really great way to spring board your touring and this program is tailor-made for our Songsalive! members! Check out venues all around the world and please add your favorite venues to perform in so other members can access. We have built an ongoing database of venue listings. As a member, you can set up your tour by hopping from one Songsalive! chapter city to another, taking advantage of our showcases as your perfect platform to be heard, or you can use our community to build your tour with other members. Get gig leads - See who's needing artists leads from venue owners, promoters, showcase hosts and more.

In the SongCollab Forum, you ask (create a 'Question') for what you are looking for (composer, lyricist, singer, partner); talk about yourself and where you are from; and members can post their interest in working with you AS WELL AS Songsalive! helping to link you up with the right people. You can read more about this program under 'Programs.' Others can post their interest to your initial post. Once you have posted in the Forum, Songsalive! will get in touch and provide personalized assistance and support in creating collaborations between our members. Access: click on SongCollab

Access: click on Touring Map of the World

More about SongCollab under 'Programs'

More about Touring Map of the World under 'Programs'


SONGSALIVE! PROGRAMS WORKSHOPS & SONG CRITIQUES Songsalive! Online Songwriting Workshop coming soon... We want to hear your interest! Imagine gaining professional feedback on your songs from wherever you are! As you may know, Songsalive! runs songwriting/song critique workshops in various chapters around the world. But it can be hard for a songwriter to attend if you don't live near the chapter (believe me, I grew up on a mountain surrounded by forest in the middle of nowhere!) So we decided to develop an Online Songwriting Workshop where songwriters can attend from anywhere in the world to receive feedback on their songs and meet with our special Music Industry Guest Speakers. Are you interested to attend? Let us know your interest while we are in development of this fab new program. Go to and signup to show your interest.

SONG CRITIQUES VIA SONGSALIVE! - Gain feedback on your songs


(also linked under Programs)


MEMBER OF THE MONTH We are all excited about Tracy

Woody being the

Songsalive! Member of the Month!!! You too could be featured by Songsalive! ... to 16,000+ subscribers on our mailing list, social networks and members. Join as a PRO MEMBER at and find out more under Backstage.

TRACY WOODY Interview excerpt: "I have listened to many great influences through the years like Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Marvin Gaye, and the list goes on and on there's just so many inspirational singers that keep you motivated in a positive thinking pattern." Read the CD Review by Songsalive! and Interview with Songsalive! in the Songsalive! Member Of The Month blog or at Also featured on our HOME PAGE and Members Page: Tracy's song "Sweet Beat Of Love" remix is also featured on our home page RADIO STATION

Congratulations Tracy Woody on your new CD and on being named, Songsalive! Member of the Month! THE SWEET BEAT OF LOVE Album Review Tracy Woody recently released a four-song EP entitled The Sweet Beat of Love. The songs are a mixture of heavy disco dance beats coupled with 90's high energy. The title cut really connects. There are two versions of the song on the EP. The un-remixed version is strong and compelling and hits the mark on both the lyrical content and the melodic backbeat. It is fast paced and would be a great addition to your Zumba workout. The remix of the title cut is still good, although at a slower rate. Both songs are worthy additions to the EP. Read more of her review and other MEMBER REVIEWS at


FEATURED PARTNER SONGSALIVE! PARTNER OF THE MONTH: DISC MAKERS Songsalive! annouces a special Partner: Disc Makers, for your next CD project. Get special attention through Songsalive! under our Songsalive! Studio Partner Program. Disc Makers is our CD Manufacturer of choice for their super quality, great service, and fast shipping. By going through our Partner Referral service, you get a catalog, free articles to download (including a free guide to Making A Great Master) and a commemorative plaque of your CD project, thanks to our referral. Please quote REFERRAL NAME "SONGSALIVE" as your referring Studio. (You can also give them this number though not necessary: CT02771647). TO CREATE YOUR ORDER: Contact By Phone: 1-800-468-9353 / By Email: / or website: More about our Songsalive! Partners at (Pro Member access only). Choose from 100 awesome partner discounts to maximize your songwriting and music career.

About the Songsalive! Partner Directory: Discounts to our friends’ products, promotions, resources, services and events to help you with your songwriting career. Music resources, books and directories/Online websites and services for marketing, promotion and social networking/Artist development, production and training/Music Licensing (Film, TV, Ads, Games and A&R contacts/Music creation, sales and distribution/Songwriting learning and writing tools/Legal Services/Sponsored Events). Behind the Songsalive! Backstage, you can access 100 exclusive discounts, only for our Songsalive! Pro members. for all Pro Member exclusives, or access the Partner Directory here: Go Pro today! Join Songsalive! on our website.


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Volunteer Positions Open: 1. Songsalive! Web Coordinator - iCoordinator 2. Los Angeles Chapter Coordinator 3. Los Angeles Workshop Coordinator 4. Songsalive! Business Development Manager Songsalive! Web Coordinator - iCoordinator To update and maintain our website and social networks content, look and feel, as well as engage our members and new, potential songwriter members, to interact in our organization through blogs, social networks and our website. Los Angeles Chapter Coordinator Manage the membership, programs, events, and team for the greater Los Angeles area. Los Angeles Workshop Coordinator As the Workshop Coordinator of the Los Angeles Songsalive Chapter you will manage the monthly Workshop event (1) that takes place currently in North Hollywood, and handle all duties leading up to the workshop and post the workshop. You will be the visible ambassador for Songsalive! You will heighten our presence in the community and will be charged with maintaining and growing a vibrant membership. You will also manage a team of volunteers that carry out specific roles. Songsalive Business Development Manager Manage our Partnerships, sponsorships and music industry relations for the benefit of our members and organization.

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Make sure you're on our Discussion Groups/Lists eNotes - free weekly discussion list where the art and business of songwriting meet online. Regular posts from our partners - music business professionals offering opportunities, plus up to the minute posts from our program SONGSHOP (looking for songs). Songchat - free weekly discussion list to self promote! Dedicated to self-promotion, gig and music news, plus interaction with songwriters and composers around the world.

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