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June Issue 2011/06/05

We Wanna Thank Hunny and Khairul For Letting us feature their gorgeous Wedding!

Congratulations To Hunny on her Album Launch recently! All the best From SA team!!

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From Our Editor

Swept Away June is almost over but not the wedding season, as soon as the school holidays begun, there were weddings every other day, people not only getting hitched on the weekend but Thursdays seems to be a popular choice for a romantic solemnization ceremony. Love is in the air, it’s fun season, it’s new beginnings, it’s weddings – it’s all that and more. From the billions of people who followed up and tuned in for Kate Middleton and William’s royal nuptials to the big-name designers and the arbiters of style comprising the front rows at Bridal Fashion Weeks in major cities across the globe, it seems that just about everybody has wedding fever. The high season is approaching and among Insight readers just about everybody is a bridesmaid, best friend, family member, glowing brides-to-be or single girl with big ideas for her own big day. Checkout our Instant Inspirations if your stuck in how to start planning your Wow Reception. We are proud to announce that our featured Bride of the month is non other than the famous Hunny Madu from Fly Fm. We were so ecstatic when Hunny agreed to let us tell her wedding story. Thank you Hunny & Khairul, we had a great time working on your story. On a different note we noticed while putting together this issue was how wedding mania can bring out the craziness in everybody, not just bridezillas: be it bizarre traditions, drama's from in-laws or Made of honour, disasters from vendor or people whose choices in wedding plans and marriage partners leaves us scratching our heads. Which is why on our Lil'Birdie corner this month, we decided to retell their tales and help you prepare for the worse, so you'll always cherish your wedding day without any regret. Do check out our Facebook, Twitter & blog for frequent updates on weddings at

Rhea Hazly SA Editor in Chief

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Get Inspired by these Fabulous Affairs Check out below for their Love slideshow

Meet The Bride Hani Farhana Mohd Hatim,27, A Fly fm DJ, talented singer and performer, (Just recently launched her new album 'Pulau Janji' who loves art and an adventutrer wanderer.

Meet The Groom Khairul Azhar Wahid, 35 Loves numbers and structured things. He confessed that he is a gym junkie and according to Khairul, he is shy and an introvert person, totally opposite to his other half.

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Their Magical Moments

Where They Wed~ Akad Nikah It was held at my mother's residence –on the 1st April 2010, Only close family and friends were invited and attended the ceremony, It was a double celebration for us, not only it was my wedding day, but it happened to be my birthday as well!

The Reception We had 2 Reception in the same day at the same venue, Both Reception was held at the Bukit Damansara Hall. During the day reception, we invited guest from out of town, collegues and family with children, we served Nasi Dagang and had traditions such as 'Ambo- Ambo' and the Tol tradition. The Night reception was more for close family and friends, it was a modern function, it was formal but warm and memorable.

Check out our “Reception Perfection” at our instant Inspiration Page 5 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

Get inspired by these fabulous affairs

Check out More latest updates of her new album at www.hunnymadu

"1st April is Hunny’s birthday and Khairul chose the big date. She jokingly add “Now he can give me 1 big present instead 2 small presents” Each ceremony was memorable to me, but having my family performing "single ladies" was the highlight of the Reception :) Page 6 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

The Magical Moments

Performance Highlights At the opening of her night reception, we had Flashbulb by family & relatives, who sung “single ladies” then, we also had brilliant and talented singers; Atillia with Ahmad izham, Af-zahid, Ning Baizura and a special performance by my beautiful bridesmaids.

Photographer Ena Photography was my photographer, I chose her because she was not only a friend of mine but we always work closely together and She took a lot of my profile shots Checkout my blog for more of her photo's What i love most about Ena is that she always shows interesting angles and it comes out beautifully in the pictures.

Videographer They were two Astro Production staff who has a partime videography business was my offical videographer, They did an “amazing job” and i was very impressed at how they managed to captured those important moments beautifully.

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Get inspired by these fabulous affairs

Click ME!!

The beautiful wedding decor and the brilliant ideas came from my mum, me, Kak Pah, and Nas Idea. My Mum was more hands on on the décor arrangement cos im not a detailed person. The wedding coordinator, Kak Pah has been working together with mum with other clients for years. So, they were quite co-operative and Kak Pah accepted our input and played as team player throughout the whole wedding planning process.

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The Highlighted Moments

"We only had 5 trays for me and 7 trays for Khairul, I didnt ask for all the fancy things,but my favourite dulang would have to be my Stuart Weizman shoes” Page 9 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

Get inspired by these fabulous affairs

I chose Kurung as my Nikah outfit, coz its simple and most of all it looks appropriate for such as a holy ceremony

A tip: If u opt for a fitted attire, ensure to make take an inch or 2 off the waist so when you sit down either on the dais or the floor, any unflattering areas wont be bulging or even worse recorded in your video

Makeup Sponser Shu Uemura

Nikah accessories Sponser: Salun & Andaman Kak Eika.

Day Reception accessories: Tiara

by Kak Pah

Shoes : Shoes shoes shoes

My Designer Was a personal choice that I wanted my family designer to make my Nikah attire. I wore a white kurung moden that was made entirely out off chiffon

Hair & accessories My veil was very intricate therefore I opt for a simple chignon and wore my favorite earing.

We love that Hunny support’s Malaysian Shoes Designer, Click pic for Shoes shoes Shoes link

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Note: before you plan your entire theme, plan what kind of bride you want to be? Romantic bride? Traditional? Fairytale kinda gal? Modern & simple Chic? want to know more? stay tune for our next issue & will tell you more how knowing what kind of bride you want to be can help determine your theme.

My Designer: Nurita Harith

The Wedding Inspiration

Click Pic below for Nurita Harith's website

I had 5 dulang girls who were my close relatives and had 5 close frens/family member who wore – gold kaftan by Nurita Harith as my bridemaids

I chosed her because i love her designs and her workmanship also I'm comfortable with Nurita and i believe that its important for a bride to be comfortable with their wedding gown designer. Nurita especially designed for me, both of of my receptions attire. Both of my material was a sari material from mumbai. For the Day Reception, i opt for my favourite colour, green and since its more of a cultural ceremony, Nurita had designed me a kebaya and i styled it with a extravagant crown since i didnt want to wear any veil. so, you know how there is a malay saying that the bride and groom are "Raja Sehari" (King and Queens of the day) well Nurita did a brilliant job, i truly felt like a queen! For the night reception, i went for a red dress and was utterly speechless when i saw the end product, I love that my dress were elegant, modern and with a touch of traditional essence. Page 11 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

! Bride’s Story TACKY WORK For me, im not satisfied at all with my Pelamin (dais) & my wedding pictures! Our pelamin was done by a newly openned wedding boutique so they didnt have much experience when comes to designing a big pelamin ;( and about photographer, what was most upsetting ..we had to find another photographer in last hours because we had a huge disagreement with the initial phographer. And due to last minute, the price is still sooo expensive compared to their end result. ..and worst photo editing looks like 1% work! Horrible. Until today i still dont want to recommend them to anyone ever again! (Anonymous bride) EXTRA DRAMA My worst experience in my wedding was i had some guests bringing extra guests without prior notification. Not only they didnt say anything to us, that particular guest was very upset, caused a drama scene and left the wedding early. (Anonymous bride) ZIP BROKEN It was awhile back but mine was when the zip of my bridesmaid dress was broken, and I had to be sewn in by the hotel tailor. It was quite chaotic cos the hotel tailor was nowhere of sight, took them 1 hour to find her and i was worried safety pin was my only option. (it was badly torn) (Bridesmaid – anonymous)

We've always been CURIOUS as to how BRIDES deal with horrific conditions on their wedding day. Things like power outages, storms, getting sick, someone not showing up, food being missing or awful, cake being dropped, ANYTHING you can think of, so miss little birdie went on snooping and dug out experiences and stories from past brides, so here are some interesting stories that some may have dealt with or been there to witness it, in hoped that you B2B's out there can learn from their experience and be prepared for disasters like this. Read On….Enjoy! FAVOR FEUD During the reception, i was entrusted by the mother of the bride (MOB) to distribute out these lovely doorgifts (quite an expensive favor) to the reception guests. While i was busy doing my job, some of the brides relatives came up to me (causing a scene) and tried to take over my task & claimed they were more entitled to do so. I knew the doorgifts were sought after, so i stood up for myself and firmly insisted them to ask permisson from MOB first. They left with sour faces (failing to do so) and i was happy to be able to do my job. (Anonymous Wedding Attendant) LIFT TOO HIGH I once went to a kampung wedding which was a wet one right after heavy rain. The walkway path was muddy and dirty. So, when it was time for the bride to walk along her aisle, her Maiden of honor had to lift the bride's train skirt to avoid the muddy patches. However she seem to lift it up too high that it it went up to her knees & looked so ugly from behind! Plus the bride is a hijab bride! (Anonymous Guest) VIP NO SHOW My worst experience would be when we have invited VIPS (important people) to my wedding which they decided at the very last minute not show up due to unacceptable reasons. Worst they were scheduled to perform the renjis ceremony (blessing act for us!) (Anonymous Bride) Page 12 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

SABOTAGED I think my hairstylist sabotaged my wedding hair cos i refuse to wear his tiara! But thank god, it wasnt all that bad and i have compliments who loved my hairdo. However, i learnt my lesson. Brides, always bring a wedding hairdo desire photo to your hair stylist to avoid hair disaster! (Anonymous featured bride)

TURN-AROUND It was a quite chaotic pre-ceremony but in a good way. We were new in this malay Johor tradition and the groom is a caucasian. We were already late to head for the bride's house when the best man forgot the money bag (Green packet for bride's house entrance) So we managed to turned back to get the money and had to call the bridesmaids to delay the bride from being ready. Phew. It turned well in the end. (Anonymous Groom Attendant) NO SHOW On my wedding ceremony morning, i burst into tears when i was told my makeup artist is not coming to do my makeup cos they got into an accident. When i heard the bad news, the groom party were already on their way to the mosque. We had no choice and i had to makeup my own for the ceremony! (Anonymous bride)

LATE FINISH It was heavy rain downpouring right before our wedding ceremony. Although this weather is quite common in KL & we were all indoors, however most guests includng the religious officials came late and and we finally started being solemnized at 10pm. Guess what time was dinner? 11.30pm. Our stomachs were making noise then during prayers! (Anonymous Groom) FALLEN BRIDE I went to a wedding once when i witnessed the bride tripped on her own dress as she was walking along the aisle. i felt sorry for her. and i blame the hotel for having slippery floors! (Anonymous Guest)

Planning is the key to Smooth Weddings LATE YET ON TIME We only had a couple little problems. We took the bridal advise that you put the ceremony time 30 min ahead on when it really should start. So I had my guest starting to arrive around 5:00 for a 5:30 Ceremony. Well my friend that was performing the ceremony was staying at another friends house here in town. So she is driving these to brothers to the ceremony while they are getting ready Tim's belt breaks he has to get another one, so she is running them to the store to run in pick up a belt. As it is already 5:20 I am calling her to see where she is she tells me she is on the way and in mid sentence she says she has to turn around she forgot the ceremony papers, there where clear on the otherside of town, needless to say she gets there about 5:40 my dad is having a fit because he did not know that we were not starting till 5:30 anyway and he is thinking we are 45 min late and I am trying to calm him down and she comes running in red faced and all and everything goes smooth after that. GONE Greedy Guests manners. It was a lovely reception of my friend and we (7 of us) put our wedding favors on a table next to us to take photo with the groom. To our surprise, seconds later after snapping pictures, we turned back to get our favors - they all disappeared to thin air! (Anonymous Guest)

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TOOTH - INCIDENT BEFORE THE WEDDING Hilary Duffs worst wedding nightmare came true just hours before she walked down the aisle: Her tooth fell out. "I bit into a bagel", she says on Fridays The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I was sitting on the bed with my mom and my sister, and theyre like, Youre an idiot. You did not. Come on." The actress, who married Mike Comrie at La Quinta Estate in Montecito on August 14, had only a few hours to fix the problem. "I burst into tears," she says. Then I started laughing at myself, and then I really burst into tears.

WEDDING CHAOS Yes wedding disasters do happened to them too

Kathering Heigl's PRE-Wedding disasters

Two days before the wedding, Kelly went skiing, against Heigl's wishes and crashed into a tree. No stitches, but an ugly cut on his nose. But Heigl was pissed. "I wouldn't speak to him until the wedding day. Then I had to - I had to direct my vows at someone.“ Then, the day AFTER the wedding, Kelly lost his wedding ring in the snow. Heigl admits that it wasn't his fault -- the ring was too big and fell off during a snowball fight. Here's the best part of the story: "My brother, who doesn't generally care that much about sentimentality and wedding bands I guess, found some guys with metal detectors at a gas station in the middle of nowhere in Utah - and they found it.“

Oh, there's more! The couple were planning to honeymoon in Mexico, but on the way to the airport, Heigl realized that she didn't have a passport. Whoops. "So all of this great stuff I had over him," she says, "was lost when I forgot my passport.“

In the end, her wedding planner Mindy Weiss knew a dentist who came to the rescue. The actual wedding was perfect, she says. Thank God I didnt swallow [my tooth]. Not good for a bride on her wedding day.

Nicole Richie Had An Elephant At Her Wedding!

Despite all of that, the couple say that married life is off to a good start. But the moral still seems to be don't ski, get the ring fitted & get a passport before the wedding even celebrities have wedding disasters

LAURENCE HORROR BEST MAN SPEECH It was my friend's first wedding disaster! first of all, she caught her fiance cheating on her one week before the wedding. then her FIL convinced her to go ahead with the wedding when she was going to call it off. that's one! two: her best man in the wedding was laurence fishborne. Yes, the actor! and when he delivers his best man speech at the rehearsal dinner, he proceeds to talk about every woman that her fiancée had slept with, and when it came to her, he said " then Dom said, i think i want to marry kate." and he said " you sure?" end of speech! OMG!! Three!!! when it came to the wedding, aside from being the unhappiest bride on earth, when her mother was zipping her into the dress, she said "don't worry. you can always get divorced." after they were married, they had a horrible honeymoon and they did get divorced 4 months later. crazy!

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had an elephant at their wedding because they believe the animal provides good energy. My grandmother used to have 3 elephants in her house all facing different directions for the same reason. Guess more people believe in this than I thought. The 29-year-old designer had always dreamed of having one present on her big day and was elated when it kissed her. "I love elephants and they're good luck and have a good energy. The elephant actually gave me a kiss." She says with joy in the end.Well it could have been a disaster if the elephant wasnt in good mood!

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! Bridesmaids Story RUNNING MAIDEN

In 2004 I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding and on that day a lot of oops were made. First as we were lining up to enter the Church one of the other Bridesmaids heel broke on her shoe so we scampered around until I ran across the street to the corner store to see if they carried Krazy Glue then had one of the Groomsmen repair the shoe. Then after that I think the worst part was that my sister let the church potluck her wedding. We were finally ready to begin the ceremony when word came from the Kitchen that there were no drinks for the reception. My sister asked if I would run to CVS and purchase about twenty pops. Mind you I'm dressed up in my Bridesmaid attire running to CVS. The worst part of all was after the ceremony the wedding party stopped to take pictures and before the Bride and Groom were announced the church had already started serving the reception dinner to the church members. By the time the wedding party and family arrived ALL OF THE FOOD WAS GONE! Talk about inconsiderate. Nikia T. MI To all future brides: Even with small weddings it is good to have a person who will act as coordinator if you can not afford one or have the DJ that will take charge of the reception to make sure this does not happen at your wedding! TIPS: Bridesmaid' careful how high you lift the Bride's train when you are holding it to go up steps or to straighten it... Brides...wear nice undies and preferably a slip to avoid embarrassment... In a friend's extremely large and very formal wedding, the maid of honor gave everyone a flash of the bride's backside as she held up the long train and gave it a "wave" to straighten it. While the guests did not know what was borrowed, we sure knew what was "blue:" the bride's undies!

GLUED TO DRESS Soon after getting engaged I searched for the "Dress of My Dreams" On the morning of my wedding day my mother helped to zip me into my dress and the both of us noticed that the zipper was resistant. The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Our wedding reception was held at a hotel and for the night we booked a room. Before the reception I visited the bathroom in my room and while the matron of honor zipped me back into my dress she noticed that one of the teeth in the zipper was slightly bent. Consequently she carefully edged the zipper upwards. During dinner my husband and I stood up to kiss and the zipper completely broke resembling as if I was wearing a hospital gown exposing my white thong underwear. I quickly regained my composure and existed the reception along with my matron of honor. It was impossible to pin the dress together due its sheer weight. Another suggestion was to sew the back of the dress but this would have taken a long time. So i decided on the other option. Amongst the contents in my bag I found bottles of NAIL GLUE. I told my matron of honor to NAIL GLUE ME, hairspray me, and stitch parts of me back into my dress. The look on her face was priceless. I think that should have been a Kodak moment. My matron of honor was concerned that the dress would be super glued to my skin which might require medical assistance. I was so desperate and not thinking clearly I did not care about the consequences. Fortunately the guests at the reception were unaware what had happened to me. The back of my dress looked as though it was never unzipped and I had been gone less than 20 minutes. That night after the reception my husband had to cut me out of my dress. Lucky for me the glue was not stuck to my skin. I think my wedding was one of the BEST weddings I ever attended despite the 20 minute wedding dress disaster. I still get tons of complements to this day about my wedding and reception. Never let one bad incident ruin your day. It never ruined mine! Page 15 â—? Songket Affairs â—? Jun 2011 Val M. OH

Things for you to know Dont worry -- those nightmares you're having about your wedding going wrong are perfectly normal. While its impossible to predict everything that might go awry on your wedding day, you can take steps to prevent some of the most-common major upsets ahead of time. So, check out our tips on avoiding wedding disasters, and dealing with them head-on if they cant be avoided... and start sleeping better at night. RAINING DISASTER: Its raining and your ceremony will take place BAND M.I.A DISASTER: outdoors. Your band or DJ doesn’t show up. AVOID IT: Have a back-up plan already in AVOID IT: Confirm all dates and times the week place. before the wedding with every vendor youv’e COPE WITH IT: If the venue doesn't have an hired, and have a list of contact numbers with indoor space available, get your wedding you. party to start calling tent companies in case a COPE WITH IT: Hook an iPod or MP3 player up vendor can accommodate you at the last to the stereo system, and let the dancing begin. minute. If this doesn't work, send your groomsmen out to buy dozens of umbrellas VIDEOGRAPHY DISASTER (preferably in white). Live feed videographer or photographer capturing your moments that is not up to TIGHT FIT DISASTER satisfactory performance. Your Bridesmaids Dresses Dont Fit . AVOID IT: Be sure to explain to them what is Dont just assume multiple fittings will solve your ceremony itinerary or provide them checklist this situation. . Also arrange a reccee prior ceremony to avoid AVOID IT: Make sure you have your girls poor media performance. fitting for their dresses 1 month prior to the COPE WITH IT: Assign a party attendant to fill up wedding. Like that you can avoid size the details or to assist them as good as possible. changes and altering can be still be done. COPE WITH IT: Standby tailor or someone EXTRA GUESTS DISASTER: who can sew for the lastminute alterations. Your guests exceed the final guest count by Or perhaps you can get your girls to invest in about 20 people, so you're short on food and matching shawls / wraps to go with the rest space at the reception. of their ensembles AVOID IT: Contact people via telephone who haven’t RSVPd two weeks before the wedding OFFICIANT LATE DISASTER (feel free to pawn this task off on members of the Due to uncertainty circumstances (could be traffic, wedding party, your mom, etc.), and then pad weather etc) your religious officiates arrives late at your final guest count by five people. your wedding ceremony causing the ceremony to COPE WITH IT: delay. Tell your catering manager and/or venue AVOID IT: Make sure you provide the correct manager about the problem and ask them to address & map to your ceremony venue. Best arrange seating either by squeezing extra chairs would be to assign someone to pick them up or to around existing tables, or slipping extra guests guide them to the ceremony venue into a cocktail area where they can munch on COPE WITH IT: If they're lost; get your party appetizers (and vow to each other that theyll attendant to find and guide them to your venue, In never again neglect to RSVP). the mean time, serve waiting guests light refreshments. Page 16● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

SPILL ON WEDDING GOWN DISASTER: Somebody spills something on your wedding gown before the ceremony. AVOID IT: Ban anything colourful like juice, wine, or dark lipstick from any room youl’l be in while wearing the dress. COPE WITH IT: White out the stain as much as you can with chalk, and remind yourself all eyes will be on you, not your gown. ZIT DISASTER: You Wake Up With a Big Zit. No, you’re not going to ruin your pictures you just need to be a bit more strategic. AVOID IT: Wash your face every night and put moisturiser. Make sure your face is always fresh and have a good night sleep to avoid blackouts. COPE WITH IT: Check with your makeup artist/beautician/ Dont try to pop it. It will only make the situation worse and harder for your makeup artist to hide. (and not all skin can take Oxy5)

Of course, nothing will go wrong on your big day - but better safe than sorry. Below is a great DIY wedding day emergency list. And just like your big day, make this list your own - pick out items you want, don't worry about the others. And here's a list for the groom, too. Download forms for both the bride and groom, fill them in and save to your desktop. (You'll need Acrobat Reader.)

~ Tip from a Bride: Bring the Dress! Dont forget, add on the list, was the dress, veil, undergarments, and shoes! Click below to download DIY Wedding day Emergency List for bride & groom pdf file

PART II CAKE DISASTER: The wedding cake melts, falls to the floor, or never shows up. AVOID IT: Confirm in advance there is a cool place to store a butter cream cake to avoid a meltdown, and go over transportation, set-up, and back-up plans with the cake designer. COPE WITH IT: Call local bakeries to see if one will let you borrow a wedding cake for photos, and then slice up a sheet cake behind closed doors to serve to guests. If you cant swing that, send someone out for cupcakes, and act like that was the plan all along (cupcakes are nowadays very fashionable at weddings). FLOWERS / DECOR DISASTER Your flowers did not arrived on time or the quantity is insufficient to fit the venue or withered flowers. AVOID IT Check with the wedding planner how much flowers needed for your wedding event. Make sure purchase them from a good florist (provides good quality flowers) COPE WITH IT For insufficient flowers, use more props to hide the empty spaces such as crystal, huge vases or decor jars that can bring out the focus of the room. For withered flowers, use the petals & sprinkle them everywhere. Candles also works perfectly with petals. Whatever happens, keep in mind that even if the details may not go as planned, if you carry it off well, the guests often won’t know the difference. And above all else, remember what's really important if you are married at the end of the day, the wedding was a success! Yours Truly,

Little Birdie Bride

Groom Page 17 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

Get inspired by these fabulous affair How do i get a wow reception Attention to detail and consistency throughout the entire wedding will make it extra special. Once a theme has been chosen and colours selected, the styling should flow effortlessly and connect throughout the wedding's entirety, from the gowns and bouquets to the dais and the reception decor

help where do i start? "Before you do anything, decide on a specific colour scheme. It should reflect your dress or bridesmaids' dresses and be worked into the invitations, cake and decor. When choosing your colour palette, stick to a maximum of three shades otherwise your decor would look messy. Create a scrapbook of ideas that you love and inspiration for how you'd like your reception to look. It will help you pinpoint your theme and give the stylist a grasp of how you want your wedding to be styled.

Page 18 â—? Songket Affairs â—? Jun 2011

Instant Inpirations How important is my venue choice? To ensure your styling and decor will complement the overall character, its important to work with aesthetics of the venue. For example, if u select a historic setting, your styling choices should reflect this. likewise, an exotic nautical theme works best in a location that’s by the water


What about lighting? Candlelight can create the perfect setting for a romantic mood, while fairy lights will add magical atmosphere to an otherwise bland space. To create a warming, modern touch, up-lightingwhich illuminates a wall with soft lighting – works best

fresh rose petals always look fantastic as an alternative to a carpet runner. set up a gorgeous arch or bridal canopy, would be the perfect frame for bride and groom in the wedding photos. Page 19 ● Songket Affairs ● Jun 2011

Get inspired by these fabulous affairs

Pre-wedding shoots are now a simply must to do when a couple is getting hitch, Although many couple tend to opt for outdoor shoot, you don't have to follow the pack, talk to your photographer on how you want your prewedding shoot to be, sometimes the simplest locations such as an apple farm can be romantic and exquisite.

Qippy did our Preweddi ng shoot, loved the concept, location and fantastic end product

Page 20 â—? Songket Affairs â—? Jun 2011

The Magical moments Q: Overall are you happy & satisfied with your wedding event? Yes. Laughs. I think the new generation brides now prefer a small low key wedding “beach wedding” and big wedding trend is just a temporary phase. Day Reception: I was more control, maintain ayu. Cos there’s makcik & distant families from Kelantan. Night Reception: We were more comfortable. We didn’t invite VIPs cos we want be ourselves and be around the family more. For us; wedding is the time for us to be together & we don’t want protocols to get in the middle of our happy moments. There were “warm” & feeling of close with family which was perfect for me. . Q: When planning your wedding, what was your biggest obstacle? How did you overcome that? Cos mum was handling it mostly and the most challenging was she got sooo worried when one vendor (Nas idea) completed their décor task (pelamin, hall, main table etc) 45mins before the Reception starts. (They claim the reason they got another wedding before ours) Well luckily they managed to get it done on time and I was told about it after the wedding. Q: Who would you say gave you the biggest support & help throughout your toughest time as a bride to be? My partner & Mum. Cos im not into details much, mum was very hands on the wedding. Q: Any words of wisdoms to Bride to be out there? In preparation: brides advised to tolerate each other, patient with lotsa give and take as planning, preparation is one step to marriage. Gotta support one another. Q:Any word of wisdoms to the vendors in the wedding industry? 1.Don’t stress out clients with last minute workmanship. 2.Do not quote so much (overprice) and then don’t deliver as promised. Wedding is supposed to be a unity of love. Not to make money of it.

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