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birds that make your heart sing®



wholesale enquiries Alexandra Sommer t. 0409 942 293 e. wholesale@songbirdcollection.com Songbird is a proudly Tasmanian owned business.

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Songbird has found its home in the h ethical consumers alike. Since 2015, provided employment to nine artisan donated over $10,000 to Australian B

hearts of birdlife lovers and Songbird has successfully ns in Thailand, and has Birdlife Conservation projects.

birds that make your heart sing® jewellery, gifts & keepsakes for lovers of birds and beautiful things

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birds that make your heart sing®

Songbird has found a home in the hearts of nature-lovers and ethical consumers alike with their unique range of jewellery, gifts and keepsakes.


Songbird Whistle Necklace & Earrings Boobook Owl Design


our story Songbird’s story starts with founder Alexandra Sommer, who brings her rich background in design and her appreciation of the natural world into the foundations of the business. In 2011, Alexandra first travelled to a small village, about 30 minutes drive from Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. As soon as she arrived, she was overwhelmed by the immense talent of the women with whom she met. When they weren’t taking part in seasonal agricultural work, they were working with clay and creating unique pieces of art that were full of colour and story. Unfortunately, their craft depended on tourism, which was too unpredictable. With so many women being the sole bread-winner for their families, there wasn’t enough work to rely on to support their families. Alexandra kept in touch with the women and, in 2015, when she heard that demand for the women’s work had dried up and they were no longer producing their craft, she founded Songbird. She already knew there was a market for beautiful pieces, as she’d introduced the original bird necklaces in her hometown of Hobart after her first travels to great success. Alexandra knew she could create an opportunity to sustain the women’s craft while also pursuing her own vision for the company.

Songbird is now stocked in over 70 stores across Australian — you can find them in zoos, museums, botanical gardens, boutique gift stores and more. 6

the Songbird team enjoying a visit to Mae Fah Luang, March 2019 L-R: Asa, Ao, Marie, Sukanya, Buser, Alex


australian songbird collection Each Songbird has been thoughtfully selected to be a part of our collection - designed to showcase the iconic and visually striking birds that we know and love, whilst raising awareness of some of Australia’s most vulnerable and critically endangered bird varieties.


Australian Songbird Collection

Songbird Whistle Necklace Superb Fairy Wren


whistle necklaces


SBA001NL Spotted Pardalote

SBA002NL Sacred Kingfisher

SBA009NL Laughing Kookaburra

SBA010NL Gouldian Finch

SBA017NL Wedge-Tailed Eagle

SBA018NL King Penguin

Australian Songbird Collection

SBA003NL Swift Parrot

SBA020NL Crimson Rosella

SBA004NL Flame Robin


SBA011NL Superb Fairy Wren

SBA012NL Boobook Owl


SBA021NL Major Mitchell Cockatoo

SBA022NL White-Bellied Sea Eagle

Recommended Retail Price: $30-$35 each of our Songbird Whistle Necklaces come presented on a story card with a fabric gift bag

SBA005NL Eastern Rosella

SBA006NL Australian Magpie

SBA013NL Rainbow Lorikeet

SBA023NL Orange-Bellied Parrot

SBA007NL New Holland Honeyeater

SBA008NL Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

SBA014NL Princess Parrot

SBA015NL Diamond Firetail

SBA16NL Rainbow Bee-Eater




Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo

SBA026NL Black-Throated Finch

SBA031NL Silvereye


paperweight whistles


Recommended Retail Price: $49 - $55 each Songbird comes presented with a story card

SBA001PW Spotted Pardalote

SBA002PW Sacred Kingfisher

SBA005PW Eastern Rosella

SBA008PW Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

SBA009PW Laughing Kookaburra

SBA010PW Gouldian Finch

SBA011PW Superb Fairy Wren

SBA012PW Boobook Owl

SBA013PW Rainbow Lorikeet

SBA014PW Princess Parrot

SBA021PW Major Mitchell Cockatoo

SBA024PW Budgerigar


Australian Songbird Collection

SBA006PW Australian Magpie

Black-Throated Finch

Songbird Paperweight Whistle Boobook Owl



SBA001ER Spotted Pardalote


SBA009ER Laughing Kookaburra


SBA020ER Crimson Rosella


Songbird Earrings Spotted Pardalote

Australian Songbird Collection

Recommended Retail Price: $45 each Songbird comes presented on a story card with a fabric gift bag

SBA002ER Sacred Kingfisher

SBA005ER Eastern Rosella

SBA006ER Australian Magpie

SBA008ER Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

SBA010ER Gouldian Finch

SBA011ER Superb Fairy Wren

SBA012ER Boobook Owl

SBA013ER Rainbow Lorikeet

SBA014ER Princess Parrot

SBA021ER Major Mitchell Cockatoo





Black-Throated Finch


Australian Songbird Collection


global songbird collection This year we are excited to spread our wings and explore the wonderful world of birds. Presenting our new Global Songbird Collection - featuring some of our favourite bird varieties from New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia.


Global Songbird Collection

Songbird Whistle Necklace Peacock


new zealand

SBNZ001NL SBNZ002NL pîwakawaka / New Zealand Fantail kotare / Sacred Kingfisher


SBNZ003NL kea


SBNZ031NL tauhou / silvereye


Global Songbird Collection

ruru / Morepork

ruru / Morepork

SBNZ002PW kotare / Sacred Kingfisher

SBNZ012ER ruru / Morepork

SBNZ031ER tauhou / silvereye

SBNZ002ER kotare / Sacred Kingfisher


north america

SBEU001NL Blue Tit

SBEU012NL Snowy Owl

SBNA001NL Blue Jay

SBNA001ER Blue Jay

SBEU001ER Blue Tit

SBEU012ER Snowy Owl

SBNA002NL Northern Cardinal

SBNA002ER Northern Cardinal

SBEU001PW Blue Tit

SBEU012PW Snowy Owl

SBNA003NL Bald Eagle

SBNA004NL Wild Turkey




SBAS006NL Great Hornbill

SBAS026NL Red-Whiskered BulBul

SBAS028NL Mandarin Duck

SBAS084NL Peacock

SBAS058NL Spoon-Billed Sandpiper

SBAS060NL Lineated Barbet

Global Songbird Collection

SBAS084PW Peacock

SBAS067NL Caspian Tern

SBAS079NL Mountain Scops Owl

SBAS049NL Silver-Eared Mesia

SBAS049NL Silver-Eared Mesia

SBAS046ER Banded Kingfisher

SBAS046NL Banded Kingfisher

SBAS042NL Strawberry Finch

SBAS042ER Strawberry Finch

Songbird Whistle Necklace Silver-Eared Mesia


our impact Since 2015, Songbird has successfully sustained fair, secure and skilled employment for their team of women artisans in northern Thailand. In 2020, the Songbird Artisan Community Fund was formally established to extend the impact of our social enterprise, providing health and education support to our artisans, their families and village community. So far, this has allowed us to support the following initiatives: •

annual health support for each artisan including optical and physio;

supporting the provision of ergonomic and safe workplace practices;

twice annual professional development trips to visit other ceramic and clay manufactories and industry educators;


ongoing repairs and updates of production facilities and equipment;

Global Songbird Collection

Songbird also helps provide support to the artisans’ broader community through the work of our partner organisation, the Mirror Foundation. For well over 20 years Mirror has worked to improve accessibility of health and education services to the remote hilltribe communities throughout northern Thailand. Their ongoing work includes disaster relief and preparedness, development of hilltribe-specific education resources, improvement of water and sanitary hygeine in remote villages, eco-tourism activities that responsibly share hilltribe village experiences - just to name a few.

Top: Songbird Artisans dressed in traditional Akha wear; View from our production workshop.


songbird collection NL = Whistle Necklace, ER = Earrings, PW = Paperweight Whistle




SBA001 Spotted Pardalote NL ER PW

SBA010 Gouldian Finch NL ER PW

SBA020 Crimson Rosella NL ER

BEU001 Blue Tit NL PW

SBA002 Sacred Kingfisher NL ER PW

SBA011 Superb Fairy Wren NL ER PW

SBA021 Major Mitchell Cockatoo NL ER PW

SBEU012 Snowy Owl NL

SBA003 Swift Parrot NL

SBA012 Boobook Owl NL ER PW

SBA022 Orange-Bellied Parrot NL

SBEU067 Caspian Tern NL

SBA004 Flame Robin NL

SBA013 Rainbow Lorikeet NL ER PW

SBA023 White-Bellied Sea Eagle NL

SBA005 Eastern Rosella NL ER PW

SBA014 Princess Parrot NL ER PW

SBA024 Budgerigar NL ER PW

SBNA001 Blue Jay NL ER

SBA006 Australian Magpie NL ER PW

SBA015 Diamond Firetail NL

SBA025 Yellow-Tail Black Cockatoo NL

SBNA002 Northern Cardinal NL ER

SBA007 New Holland Honeyeater NL

SBA016 Rainbow Bee-eater NL

SBA026 Black-Throated Finch NL ER

SBNA003 Bald Eagle NL

SBA008 Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo NL ER PW

SBA017 Wedge-Tailed Eagle NL

SBA031 Silvereye NL

SBNA004 Wild Turkey NL

SBA009 Laughing Kookaburra NL ER PW

SBA018 / SBNZ018 King Penguin NL

SBA067 Caspian Tern NL

SBNA067 Caspian Tern NL

Global Songbird Collection

north america

new zealand SBNZ001 piwakawaka NL

SBNZ003 Kea NL

SBNZ018 King Penguin NL

SBNZ031 tauhou NL ER

SBNZ002 kotare NL ER PW

SBNZ012 ruru / Morepork NL ER PW

SBNZ023 White-Bellied Sea Eagle NL

SBNZ067 Caspian Tern NL

asia SBAS006 Great Hornbill NL

SBAS042 Strawberry Finch NL ER

SBAS058 Spoon-Billed Sandpiper NL

SBAS079 Mountain Scops Owl NL

SBAS026 Red-Whiskered Bulbul NL

SBAS046 Banded Kingfisher NL ER

SBAS060 Lineated Barbet NL

SBAS084 Peacock NL PW

SBAS028 Mandarin Duck NL

SBAS049 Silver-Eared Mesia NL ER

SBAS067 Caspian Tern NL

terms & conditions • • • • •

minimum order amount $500 ex freight. minimum quantities required on selected designs. payment required prior to despatch (excludes approved Government stockists). no consignment available Strictly no selling via Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shopping, eBay, Etsy or any other online marketplace.

Contact us at wholesale@songbirdcollection.com for full Terms and Conditions.


wholesale enquiries Alexandra Sommer t. 0409 942 293 e. wholesale@songbirdcollection.com Songbird is a proudly Tasmanian owned business.

register to browse our wholesale website at wholesale.songbird.org.au

Last updated 23 February 2021 All Content © Copyright Songbird Collection 2021. All rights reserved.


Global Songbird Collection

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