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Club Hours

We are now open 7days a week from 8:30 am until 9:00 pm. The pool hours are from 8:30 am until dusk. There is a $2.00 per person or a $5.00 per family guest fee for all non residents at the community club. All non residents must be accompanied by a resident. Non residents may use the facility without being a guest by paying a $20.00 per day usage fee or may join the club for a cost of $1800.00 the first year and $1000 for each year after.

Tennis News

Now that school is back in session are you looking

for activity for the kids after school? Fall tennis lessons begin in September. Starting at age 6 and going to 15 there are private and group lessons available for your children. Private lessons can be scheduled anytime during the week while group lessons are offered Monday thru Friday at 4:00PM and 5:00Pm. Classes meet once a week, last one hour and cost $50.00 per month. Class sizes are limited so if you are interested contact Chet at 977-1160. Our Junior Tennis Teams will be beginning soon also. There are different levels of play, 12 and under “B”, 12 and under “A” and 14 and under “A” and “B”. Our teams compete in Tampa on Sunday afternoons at 1:30PM. If you have some interest or would like some more information contact Chet at 977-1160. Our Ladies Tennis Teams are also beginning in September theis year we will have a combo league that plays Monday mornings and a Night team that will compete in the evenings. For more information call the pool office.

Care for everyone from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. Board certified in family medicine with a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine, Dr. Phillips provides a full range of primary care service.

SERVICES Preventative care Immunizations School and sports physicals Sport injury prevention and treatment Concussion diagnosis and treatment Exercise prescription, strength training and conditioning ∙ Special populations (elderly, disabled, youth, etc.) ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

Jonathan Phillips, MD Family & Sports Medicine

Official sports medicine physician of the

2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel | On the campus of Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel | (813) 929-5350 WEST MEADOWS NEWS


Open Enrollment Looms - Are You Ready? by Capt. Rob Hamilton

Two key dates are nearly upon us and as I pointed out in last month’s issue most folks are either unaware or just choosing to ignore the inevitable. Not a smart idea as the benefits of doing something sooner rather than later may far outweigh the costs of doing nothing at all. Key Dates First date is October 1st for Obamacare Open Enrollment and following very closely is the second date, Oct 15th for Medicare Annual Enrollment. Stacked upon each other as they are currently will likely cause mass confusion amongst folks under age 65 as well as folks 65+ or those on Social Security Disability (SSDI). Families with a wide range of ages will be affected by both Enrollment periods at the same time. Many decisions to make, so little time.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Annual Enrollment for Medicare is vastly different than Open Enrollment for Obamacare. Most folks who are 65+ or on SSDI are already familiar with the Annual Enrollment period. They literally get besieged with junk mail as well as endless, mind-numbing TV ads (you have slept through them I am sure) that are relentless from Oct. 15th to


Dec. 7th, the end of Annual Enrollment. Annual Enrollment is the only time of the year most Medicare beneficiaries can change their current plan to the new 2014 plans. These new plans may be better, worse or just different than their current plan. It takes research to sort out the differences. Miss Annual Enrollment and with only a few exceptions Medicare Beneficiaries will have stay put on their current plans throughout the ensuing year until the next Annual Enrollment period starts. Most Medicare beneficiaries are savvy, know the drill and consult with a licensed agent before they make any plan changes or moves.

Obamacare Open Enrollment Open Enrollment for Obamacare this year is the opposite. There are no Obamacare plans to change from last year as they just now coming into existence. This is sign-up time for millions of people who have not had health insurance, are too sick to qualify or just could not afford coverage of any kind. And many of these millions have no clue how to qualify for a plan or apply for a subsidy. So here we are about a month away from the Exchange opening October 1st and where

are the endless, mind-numbing ads? Are the insurance carriers ready? Is the Federal Government ready? Will the Exchanges still open? My guess is they are not totally ready, but the Exchanges should still open, more or less on time, and we will all get to “beta-test” the Exchange system for them. Joy!

Do you Qualify for a Subsidy? Here is why the Exchange is important. Whether you use an agent or try to wing it on your own, the only way an enrollee can get a “subsidized” Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plan is to qualify and subsequently purchase a plan through the Exchange. In Florida, if your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) earnings are approximately $45,960 for an individual or $94,200 for a family of four, you should qualify for some level of subsidy or tax credit. When you meet with your insurance agent this one piece of information is vital to calculate your tax credit. It is little understood that the tax credit is immediate i.e., if your premium is $300 month unsubsidized, and your subsidy calculation based on your MAGI is 50% then your first month's premium is now $150. The government pays the rest to the insurance company for you. Where do they get the money? Don’t worry, that’s

why we have the Treasury Department.

Navigators Who are they and what do they do? Finally, there are the “Navigators”. There has been a lot of talk and concern, probably valid, about the so-called Navigators and their role in Obamacare. Bottom line: they simply show people how to enroll in Obamacare. It is apparently very easy to become a Navigator - 20 hours training (cut from original 30), no insurance license, no fingerprinting, no background check, no high school diploma and no after-the-enrollment advocacy. Yet they are allowed access to your sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, tax returns and healthcare records. It would appear criminals can easily sign up to become Navigators. Think identity theft, voter fraud. Do you need a Navigator? A resounding no. Any licensed insurance agent, certified for the Exchange, can enroll you in Obamacare without any fee to you. The choice is yours. For more information visit the official government website:

Capt. Rob Hamilton and his wife Vicki are Licensed Insurance Agents specializing in providing Health, Life, Medicare and Dental insurance for the Self-Employed, Individuals, Families. Their office is located at 2211 Ashley Oaks Circle, Wesley Chapel FL 33544 For more information: (813) 994-5399, website: or email


Discover The Clear Difference of 3D Digital Mammography.

Introducing 3D Mammography With a commitment of improving women’s health, The Center for Women’s Health at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel is proud to be the only facility in Pasco County with 3D digital breast tomosynthesis imaging. Discover the difference: increased comfort, most accurate screening available and reduced need for additional testing.

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Why You Need to Protect Your Heart – Now You may be surprised to learn that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States for both men and women. Surprisingly, that’s more than all cancers combined. Your lifestyle, diet and genetics all

Extensive studies have identified several factors that increase the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and lack of exercise. Another significant risk factor is smoking – a

recognize the signs of a heart attack and wait too long before getting help. Signs that a heart attack is happening include an uncomfortable pressure or squeezing in the chest, pain in the neck, jaw, arms or stomach, shortness of breath, nausea, a

Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute is hosting four community health screenings to help you keep your heart beating strong! play a part in your heart health risks and benefits. It is never too early to start taking steps to protect your heart. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends that heart attack prevention should begin at age 20. So where do you start? The first step is to assess your risk for cardiovascular disease. While some risk factors are hereditary and determined by your family history, some risk factors you have the power to change and positively impact your heart health. Remember, you are your first line of defense against heart disease. 6

smoker’s risk of developing heart disease is 2-4 times that of non-smoker’s. The good news is that these risk factors can be lowered by making lifestyle and dietary changes. Diabetes can also increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Children of parents with heart disease are more likely to develop it themselves. Just as you can’t control your age, sex and race, you can’t control your family history. That’s why it’s even more important to manage the other risk factors you have. Today, many people do not

cold sweat or lightheadedness. Because heart attacks can be fatal or disabling, it’s never too late to help protect your heart through prevention and risk assessment. Florida Hospital Tampa September 20 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. Pepin Heart Institute Wallace Conference Center September 26 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. 3100 East Fletcher Avenue Tampa, FL 33613

Florida Hospital Physician Group September 19 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Mark Craft, MD and Edward Scanlan, MD September 27 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. 426 West Brandon Boulevard Brandon, FL 33511 The $25.00 screenings include blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI) and a Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) screening. Once the screening is complete, participants will review their results with a healthcare professional. Sign up for your screening today, it might just you’re your life. Registration is required online at or call (813) 615-7537.

Dr. Charles Lambert, Medical Director Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute WEST MEADOWS NEWS

Creative World School’s New Facility on Cross Creek is full of

Wonder & WOW!

hoW to Be a

$AVVY shOpper at

Creative World School, Cross Creek is currently open to the community. It has got the “Wow!” children and families feel (and even say out loud!) as they enter the beautiful new building. This facility has quality, age appropriate classrooms ready for learning and fun for Infants through School Age children. Here are just a few highlights of what our new building will have to offer. Unique Exploratorium™ This centerpiece of each Creative World building is a fully functional “Wonder Room” with interactive, hands-on educational activities for our Preschool program. Beautiful murals and skylights thirty feet above capture the imagination of parents and children alike. Dynamic Classrooms Creative World classrooms are designed thoughtfully and specifically with the age of each child in mind. With the safety of our children at the top of our list, we equip our classrooms with quality child-sized furniture and equipment, windows between rooms, and video monitors. Throughout each classroom, you will find shelves full of age appropriate toys that inspire imagination and education. In our 40+ years of experience in childcare, we have learned a lot about what children need to succeed in these important early years and we make sure our classrooms are ready to meet those needs and exceed expectations. Large, State of the Art Playgrounds Surrounding our beautiful building will be three large playgrounds which will focus on the developmental stages of our students. Outdoor environments are an important part of Creative World curriculum. Every class will have the opportunity to visit our dynamic playground for 30 minutes in the morning and the afternoon. Creative World playgrounds offer children opportunities to exercise and practice important physical activities. We take the time to bring learning outdoors! Painting, building, and sifting sand will be part of our daily enrichments. We know this all sounds great, but why not be one of the first to come see for yourself? We will be excited to give you a grand tour. We are so excited to show you what Creative World Cross Creek is all about! WEST MEADOWS NEWS

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OPEN DAILY 8AM - 9PM Website: 7

A Child’s Healthy Life By Barbara Bedingfield

Our modern world and its ways of thinking are impacting the health of our children. Aside from trying to protect children from toxins in the environment, harmful additives in foods, and lead in toys, parents must become conscious of other insidious dangers that threaten the health of children.

The Loss of Childhood This may seem like an exaggerated claim, but I refer you to Dr. David Elkind’s books, Preschoolers at Risk, The Hurried Child and All Grown Up and No Place to Go. Elkind presents startling information about how children are being placed under tremendous pressures to achieve too much too soon. Neil Postman echoes this claim in The Disappearance of Childhood. Young children are being rushed off to enrichment classes rather than being allowed to unfold their capabilities according to nature’s timetable. Public schools no longer incorporate recess, that time of the day that allowed children to play freely and experience a great release from concentrated mental work. The childhood games that have been passed from generation to generation have for the most part been lost. Children wear grown-up looking designer clothes. They serve as companions by divorced parents. The boundary between the adult and the child is blurred with children receiving information about the world and grown-up matters long before they are old enough to process it. Children are forced to begin learning to read before the left side of the brain has matured. (at age seven).


Children need warmth in order to grow properly into their bodies. Their inner organs and limbs need to be protected from the cold. Parents give up too 8

easily when children cry, “But I’m not cold,” and they are allowed to dress improperly – with legs, arms and midriffs exposed to the elements or to indoor frigid air conditioning. Parents must serve as the child’s ego and insist on adequate clothing. Dressing in layers is practical because children don’t feel as hampered in their movements as they do with coats and jackets. Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, warns of diseases that appear later in life when the organs have not been properly protected in childhood. But there is another aspect of warmth that is essential for a child’s healthy incarnation and that is the warmth of human relationship -- warmth that embodies affection, patience, undivided attention, and interest. Too many children today are experiencing the cold of the media as a replacement for familial relationship, not to mention the anger and frustration of stressed adults, the coldness of an empty house after school and the sharp, impatient reprimands that erode self esteem. We should imagine ourselves, whether parent, teacher, friend or just an interested adult as surrounding all children with a loving mantle of warmth expressed through our voices, our gestures, our interest and our reverence for the child.


Growing children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night. Even though parents admit that they see the effects on children when they are sleep deprived, we see Little League teams practicing into the night and children shopping at stores such as Wal-Mart at all hours. Many children watch television at night, carrying images and sounds into their sleep life that affect the quality of their sleep.

Teachers certainly notice when children see have little vitality for schoolwork. Children do not have an inner body clock that lets them know when they need to stop and rest. Their impulse is to go until they drop. Parents, once again, must be the ego for the child and set a bedtime for them that is as predictable as the sun going down every day. Yes, children can and will stay up until 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00. This does not mean that it is healthy for a child to do so. Develop a bedtime ritual that is predictable and calming: a candle lit, a verse said, a little song sung, a story read – these can make bedtime a pleasure.

Rhythm in Life

Look at the rhythm in the outer world: night follows day, the tides come and go, the seasons cycle through the year. The earth breathes in and contracts in the winter, the earth breathes out and expands in the summer. Having rhythm in a child’s life is akin to Nature’s rhythms. Children need times when they are expansive, freely playing and breathing out, balanced with times when they are gathered in and quiet. They do best when they have a predictable routine set by their parent – a time to go to bed, a time to get up, a time to eat (preferably with everyone sitting at the table, conversing and not watching TV) a time to help with housework chores, a time to be quiet and restful. Some children are unable to bring themselves to stillness and quiet. Perhaps it is because they never experience the restfulness of a quiet house without the background sound of a television or a radio. They are bombarded with “music” in almost every place of business, with the sounds of lawnmowers, grass blowers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, traffic roar and boom boxes. It is

no wonder that their nerves are frazzled. Rhythm gives strength. Adults must provide children with this rhythmic balance between activity and rest, between quiet and noise, between taking in and breathing out.

Premature Academics

Americans are suffering from too much anxiety over whether their children will learn and succeed in school. This fear-based anxiety has brought the idea that the sooner children begin to read and take in abstract information, the better off they are. Overanxious parents rush out to buy flash cards for infants and highly touted software programs for young children. Kindergartens no longer have a playhouse corner with dolls, tables and chairs and cookware. Creative play, recognized by researchers as a vital part of childhood, is considered non-essential. All play must be “educational,” rather than allowing play for play’s sake. The rosy cheeked, rounded child who lives in a dreamy world of childhood is disappearing and in her place are wan, thin children, awakened in the intellect so early that they neither know how to play nor even seem to want to. They are more comfortable in the adult world. Their intellectual cleverness is highly valued while their childhood needs are ignored. Kindergartens should be places where children can immerse themselves in fantasy, song, verse, play, story, rhythm, and nature – all of the natural elements of childhood. Unless a child has a specific learning disability, he will learn to read all in good time. But if children are forced to read before they are developmentally ready, reading is far more difficult than it needs to be. Abstract education devoid of art, music and WEST MEADOWS NEWS

movement is causing burnout in children as early as third grade. Too much of the wrong thing brought too soon in the wrong way is affecting the health of our children and they are suffering from stomach aches, eye strain, and stress that should have no part in their young lives.

The Real World

Children need to experience the real world and not the mediated world presented on flat screens – the great outdoors, birds singing, breezes blowing on the cheeks, trees inviting them to climb, splashing of water, radiating sunlight, fragrant smells. Children need to experience real human beings who see them, touch them, listen to them, laugh with them and comfort them – not the cold lifeless images on screens. Children

need to move their limbs - to climb, run, jump, crawl, hop, skip, swim and swing. Children who watch television, even for a short time daily, are filled with images that come at them from outside. When images are given to them they do not need to make their own inner images and so this capacity that is necessary for reading, for writing, for thinking, and for creating is diminished. When children are given the option of watching screens, that is exactly what they do – watch. They become heavy limbed, they lack initiative, they don’t learn how to play and entertain themselves, and they are over stimulated. This stimulation is so unmanageable for some children that they literally “bounce off the walls” after watching. Give kids a shovel and permission to dig a hole somewhere in the back

yard and you will be amazed at the energy, the creativity, the cooperation, the focus and the joy! Look, really look at your children. If they are lethargic, scattered in their thought life, unable to play and to amuse themselves, suffering from school stress, nervously hyperactive, irritable, unable to complete a task, whining, demanding, wan, thin, uncoordinated – they are not healthy children. Healthy

children are happy, active, calm, able to play, interested in the real world, bright eyed and rosy cheeked, rounded and graceful in movement, full of energy, and willing to do their part. Barbara Bedingfield holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood and is Founding Director of Suncoast Waldorf School ( She has taught kindergarten and the early grades in the school.

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Whole Foods Market Carrollwood Brings Fresh and Local Food Options to North Tampa With the opening of Tampa Bay’s second Whole Foods Market in the Northdale-Carrollwood area last fall, residents have the best selection of local, organic and specialty items available. As the first nationally certified organic grocer, Whole Foods Market Carrollwood offers an expansive produce department where more than 50 percent of the available fruits and vegetables are grown organically and more than 200 items come from local suppliers. “We try to source our products locally, because this not only helps local growers and has less of an impact on the environment, but it also allows us to provide the freshest offerings possible while supporting the local economy,” says Anna Payne, marketing and community relations team leader at the store. What sets Whole Foods Market apart from other grocery stores is its high quality standards and transparency of the products it sells. Every item in the store is free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. The company recently announced that by 2018 all products containing GMOs are to be labeled as such. Additionally, each month Whole Foods Market Carrollwood features cooking classes, kids’ activities and healthy eating education by its resident Healthy Eating Specialist. The 35,000 square foot Carrollwood store also features a European-style bakery, more than 750 wines hand selected by its on-site Level 2 Sommelier and a Prepared Foods department featuring more than 100 items with an indoor café.

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LITTLE GREEK RESTAURANT OPENS 10th TAMPA BAY AREA LOCATION Little Greek Restaurant, specializing in Americanized Greek food, is opening its 10th Tampa Bay area location in New Tampa. Located at 19022 Bruce B Downs Boulevard, Little Greek is taking the place of the former Firehouse Subs at Bruce B Downs Boulevard and Cross Creek. It opened its doors at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 27. The New Tampa location is a new prototype for Little Greek. “We are excited to introduce the new design; we have been experimenting with changes in the stores atmosphere. We want our décor to match the high quality ingredients to give customers an overall pleasing experience,” said Nick Vojnovic, Little Greek president.

HOME - AUTO - LIFE Since 1981 Agency Owner Steve Barry has been saving Floridian’s money on their insurance needs. We represent over 30 carriers to provide customers with the lowest rates. We are conveniently located off of Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in Wesley Chapel next to Burger Monger in the same plaza as Bonefish and First Watch and have over 50 years of combined experience. As your independent Agent We Shop and You Save!


West Meadows

Home Replacement Value

Annual Premium:













Rates based on 2012 Construction, Hip Roof, Mon. Burglar & Fire Alarm, Retiree, $2,500 Deduct. Eff. 09/11/12

LICENSED AGENTS: Hazel Barbree: Marketing Manager

“In addition to the new prototype, Little Greek is already creating buzz in New Tampa,” said Vojnovic. “Many people have been stopping by or calling to find out when the doors will open. “We believe it will be a great addition to New Tampa by providing jobs and dining options.” “We think of ourselves as the neighborhood Little Greek. We want everyone to feel welcome, and we will host spirit nights and be active in the community. This is not the end of the race--but the beginning of a marathon--one that we are very much looking forward to.” WEST MEADOWS NEWS

Steve Barry: Agency Owner Kelly Watson: Licensed Sales Agent

1654 BRUCE B DOWNS BLVD STE. A WESLEY CHAPEL FL 33544 (Between Bone Fish and Burger Monger).

813-991-6969 FAX: 813-445-4729

Jennifer Ray: Licensed Sales Agent Betty K: Licensed Sales Agent


W E S L E Y C H A P E L . G R E AT F L O R I D A . C O M Each location independently owned and operated. 11


Local Business Woman Overcomes All Odds to Achieve Her Dream August 17, 2005 was the day that changed the future course for Vicki Hutto, owner of VIP Pest Control. The days that followed would be filled with intense pain, frustration and grim predictions. She’d have to rely on her inner strength, determination and stubborn streak to prove once again she could accomplish what others thought impossible. It was the beginning of a journey that would make her lifelong dream come true. Vicki Hutto, owner of VIP Pest Control


Nearly 15 years ago, Ms. Hutto worked in termite sales for a national pest control company. Management assumed that climbing into attics and crawling under houses for a termite inspection would be too physically demanding for a woman. However, Ms. Hutto’s determination in termite sales earned her a place in the prestigious President’s

Club. She was one of the best in sales nationwide and the first female to reach this achievement. Ms. Hutto dreamed of opening her own pest control company in large part because she disagreed with established customers being pushed aside for new sales. She felt that every customer was important and satisfied customers are crucial to a business’ success. The road to her dream had a tragic start. Ms. Hutto had a terrible accident that resulted in her stomach being forced into her chest, both ankles and wrists being broken and back injuries. Her doctors wanted to amputate her left foot, but Ms. Hutto defiantly refused. She was told that she would never be able to walk the same way again. Despite the grim prognosis, Ms. Hutto proved the doctors wrong and was walking three months later. During her recovery Ms. Hutto realized it was time to pursue her dream and set the wheels in motion.

More than once she was told that she was making a huge mistake, this only fueled her fire more to succeed. In January 2006, VIP Pest Control officially opened for business. It’s one of the few woman owned and operated pest control companies. Services include organic and chemical options for pest and termite control; lawn fertilization, insect and weed control; rodent, snake and mosquito control, as well as treatments for fleas and ticks. The company name was inspired by Ms. Hutto’s desire to emphasize that every customer is a VIP. Eight years and over 10 surgeries later, Ms. Hutto’s dream is thriving. VIP Pest Control has earned a reputation for superior customer service where every customer is a VIP. If you are looking for a great pest control company, call VIP Pest Control where “Your Satisfaction is Very Important to Us”, at 813-234-8888 or www. WEST MEADOWS NEWS

Wesley Chapel Primary Care Associates We offer Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hypertension On site Lab, EKG, PFT Minor Procedures and Wound Care performed in office

Gurinder Brar, M.D.

Wesley Chapel Primary Care Associates would like to announce the addition of Dr. Cordies and Dr. Brar

Silvina Cordies, M.D.

2607 Winguard Circle, Suite 102 • Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 • 813.907.6767



29450 State Road 54 Wesley Chapel, FL 3354


As school swingsback back into session, check-ups, bracesand and other dental Dr. Daniel Hwang As school swings the golf course near theircavity fillings, of technique dental procedures are working their way back into our lives again. Thankfully the into session, check-ups, cavity Saddlebrook home. Medicine, technology, driven byrecentlyhis expanded Pasco Dental, run by Dr. Daniel Hwang, can take you through your treatment Dr.If Daniel Hwang you want to make your fillings, braces and other as well as athletics, seems to run enthusiasm for learning. from start to finish. life just a little bit easier this dentalDr. procedures are working in the family: Mrs. Hwang is At Pasco Dental, patients Hwang and his family moved to Wesley Chapel from Long Island nine years ago back-to-school season, consider their way back into our lives an RN at Moffitt, and both his are treated the way they would to support his two sons' passions for tennis. His daughter loves the golf course near Pasco Dentala dental clinic again. the recentlyson and his dentists. seems want totoberun treated: with theirThankfully Saddlebrook home. Medicine, asbrother well asareathletics, in the family: Mrs. with integrity, quality, and even expanded Pasco Dental, run by Dr. Hwang has a passion compassion and with respect. Hwang is an RN at Moffitt, and both his son and his brother are dentists. friendship. Dr. Daniel Hwang,has can atake andand implant Yourand visit has will be comfortable Dr. Hwang passionfor forfamily family implant dentistry, incredible experience in treatment every other field of dentistry. allows him do everything in his you through your dentistry, and has This incredible andtoefficient, and you will be power for his injections!). He strives on the edge of Dr. Daniel Hwang from startpatients to finish. (even Botox experience in every other to staygiven the cutting individual attention technique technology, byThis his allows enthusiasm learning. 813-907-6600 Dr. Hwangand and dental his family field ofdriven dentistry. youfor deserve. The three things AttoPasco patientshim aretotreated the way they would wantdetest to beabout treated: moved WesleyDental, Chapel from do everything in his you most seeingwith 29450 State Road 54 compassion respect. Your will be(even comfortable efficient, andand you will be Wesley Chapel, FL 3354 Long Island nineand yearswith ago to power forvisit his patients the and dentist, cost, time, given the individual attention you deserve. The three things you most detest about support his two sons' passions Botox injections!). He strives pain, are reduced to the seeing the dentist, cost, time, and pain, are reduced to the absolute minimum. for tennis. daughter loves your to onathe cutting edge this back-to-school absolute minimum. If youHis want to make lifestay just little bit easier season, consider Pasco Dental- a dental clinic with integrity, quality, and even friendship.


Dr. Daniel Hwang 29450 State Road 54 Wesley Chapel, FL 3354

Dr. Daniel Hwang



Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

WEST MEADOWS Property Owners Association, Inc. (POA) West Meadows Property Owners Association, Inc. Board of Directors:

Reach your weight loss goals and over all better health with physician supervised clinical care and counseling. We believe that a healthy weight and lifestyle is the key to better long term health.

Brad van Rooyen, President, The Promenade Susann Jarabak, Treasurer, Stone Ridge

BaBatola Durojaiye MD. F.a.C.P.

Mike Carter, Secretary, Strathmoor Estates Steve Licata, Asst-Secretary, The Preserve Ron Jarabak, Director, Stone Ridge Ruth Hall, Director, Lakewood Dennis Blaha, Director, Hawthorne Estates Written Coorespondance with the Board of Directors

Board Certified in internal Medicine

latoSHa NeGrete, arNP, NP-C Certified Nurse Practitioner

New Tampa

WeighT Loss Clinic 5381 Primrose Lake Circle. Tampa, FL 33647


can be mailed, addressed as follows:

West Meadows POA Board of Directors 4131 Gunn Hwy • Tampa , FL 33619 MEETINGS CONVENE AT 7PM AT THE: COMMUNITY CLUB – MEETING ROOM 8401 NEW TAMPA BLVD.

Free PANDORA Bracelet with Purchase September 19-24 (Closed Sun. & Mon.)* *See our store for details.

16053 Tampa Palms Blvd. Tampa, FL 33647 813.972.4653 WEST MEADOWS NEWS


West Meadows

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experience a

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b e a u t I f u l

s m I l e

experience the warm welcome. the kind care. on the phone. In the office. In the chair. experience peace of mind. the feeling of confidence. you’re getting the best in orthodontic care for ages 7 to adult. right from the start. experience the most advanced technology. the specialized expertise of one of the top board certified orthodontists in tampa bay. experience the revolutionary improvements of 3-d imaging and smart-wire technology. experience the comfort, the convenience, the speed. enjoy the results. experience smiling on the way to a new smile.

call 972-2929 for your free 3-d consultation. Free Consultations. Priceless Smiles. w w w. f a r i n a s m i l e s . c o m

I n t r o d u c I n g 3 - d I m a g I n g : a c c u r at e d I a g n o s I s

mark s. farina, d.m.d.


t r e at m e n t r I g h t

Board Certified in Orthodontics.

m e m b e r : a a o, a da , fa o ; a d va n c e d t r a I n I n g I n t m J a n d o r t h o d o n t I c s

from the

s ta r t

Wm sept 2013  
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