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March 2018

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Expert Care for KIDS

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The logo above will soon go into retirement. Over the past few years the areas, and members, the logo has represented has grow and expanded beyond the nondescript borders of Wesley Chapel. The Chamber has absorbed the New Tampa Chamber and now the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce. Membership has gone from the low 400's to over 800. Letter to the new

North Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce Members From the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Chamber Members,

This season

BEE Blooming

with a great Smile,

Dr. Bee will make it shine

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Before most of us called Wesley Chapel home, the founders of our organization knew that something spectacular was happening here. What began in 1998 as a small group of business owners gathered to network and influence economic development initiatives had recently grown to almost 600 members representing a diverse range of businesses serving our vibrant community. In recent years, volunteers and staff worked to implement refined business systems and protocols into chamber operations. As resources amassed, they were utilized to provide greater value to our members and the community we serve together. The operational capacity of our organization and its engaged members proved to be a helpful model for neighboring areas and a newly unified chamber emerged. With renewed focus on the now broader geography that is home to those we serve and consistent with the momentum of this evolving community, your board of directors recently revisited our strategic plan and our membership experience. Over the next few months, we will continue to refine our programs and services to ensure they are meaningful and relevant. Serving the communities of Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Trinity, Odessa, and New Port Richey, our 830 members are uniquely positioned to leverage our strength in numbers to promote a pro-business legislative agenda with federal, state, and local policy makers. Collectively, we will stimulate regional economic development initiatives that diversify and secure prosperous opportunities well into the future. Understanding that enticing national and international businesses to explore and consider investing in our area requires a readily identifiable location and reflective of the inclusive nature of our organization, a new name for our chamber was selected. Upon consultation with the membership and recommendation of a brand identity task force, your board of directors voted to make the name of our newly emerging chamber, the North Tampa Bay Chamber. During the next few weeks, we will transition to the new name and we will celebrate this new chapter of our story in early March. We are excited about the possibilities and it is our honor to support the success of our members!

Wesley Chapel


Land O' Lakes


Dr. Zack Kalarickal – Wesley Chapel Dentistry Chairman of the Board of Directors – North Tampa Bay Chamber PALMS MAGAZINE

March, 2018

What to Plant ANNUALS: Replace declining winter annuals with varieties such as angelonia, gazania, and salvia that will provide color now and into the summer months. BULBS: Plant caladium for a showy tropical display all summer. CALADIUM

Credit: UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones

HERBS: In addition to their culinary value, many herbs are ornamental and attract butterflies to the garden. VEGETABLES: Warm-season crops, such as beans, peppers, squash, and others can be planted now.

What to Do AZALEAS: Prune azaleas just after plants finish blooming to shape or produce a fuller plant. SHRUBS AND TREES: Prune when new growth begins after the end of the dormant season. To guard next season’s blooms, begin pruning after the last flowers fade but before the new buds set. PALMS AND SHRUBS: Fertilize palms, azaleas, camellias, and other ornamental shrubs if needed. IRRIGATION: Check sprinkler systems for efficient water use. PALMS MAGAZINE

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The Pre-History of


By Robert Page Director, TBFC


Where: Florida State Fairgrounds, Special Events Center When: March 10 & 11, 2018 Time: Saturday - 9AM until 5PM, Sunday 10AM until 4PM Admission: $8.00 for adults, children 12 and under admitted free. Contact: Michael Searle, (813) 909-9358, Cell (813) 300-6129 - fossilnerd@msn.com Web Site: www.tampabayfossilclub.com


elatively little is known about the history of Florida during the Paleozoic Era (550-225 million years ago). Most geologists agree that Florida, along with the rest of the southeastern United States and Mexico, were part of the super-continent of Gondwana. Gondwana included Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica along with parts of Europe and Asia. At the same time, North America, Europe and Asia were combined into another super-continent called Laurasia. About 300 million years ago these two land masses collided forming one great super-continent called Pangea. Florida was in the middle of this huge landmass, thousands of miles from any ocean. In the early Mesozoic Era, during the Triassic Period (225-190 million years ago) Pangea began to break apart through a process called rifting. Rifting stretches continental crust until it breaks, and causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. As Pangea separated, rifting began in a northeastsouthwest line running from Charleston, South Carolina through Savannah, Georgia to an area near the Apalachicola river in the Florida panhandle. If rifting had continued in this area, then most of Florida and part of Georgia would have separated from North America along with South America and Africa. In the early Jurassic Period however, rifting shifted to an area east of the Bahamas and stopped in Georgia and the Florida panhandle. By about 175 million years ago the newly opened Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico were between Florida and the Page 6 • MARCH 2018

other continents. Throughout the Triassic, Jurassic and even into the early Cretaceous Periods, about 125 million years ago, much of northern Florida remained above sea level and probably would have been inhabited by dinosaurs, however, no dinosaurs fossils have been found since the rocks that would contain them are deeply buried beneath younger deposits. Rising sea levels during the Jurassic would have submerged the southern part of Florida by midway through the period and by the mid-Cretaceous, Florida, along with the southern half of Georgia and Alabama, were underwater. For nearly the next 100 million years Florida remained submerged. In the Oligocene Epoch about 30 million years ago, when global cooling caused sea levels to fall, northern Florida emerged from the sea. The oldest known fossils of terrestrial vertebrates were found near Gainesville and date from this time. Later in the Oligocene sea levels rose and Florida was submerged once again. Sea levels fluctuated considerably over the next 24 million years and at times of higher sea level, much, if not all, of Florida was submerged. At other times the sea was close to modern levels and parts of the northern peninsula and panhandle were emergent. During the Miocene Epoch (26-5 million years ago) the South American plate was again drifting north, slowly uplifting the southern peninsula. This, along with sands and clays eroded from the Piedmont highlands of central Georgia and Alabama, created what is now south and central Florida. By the

In Florida’s last Ice Age, prehistoric people hunted mammoths, built pyramids along Florida’s coast, and lived in fear of the saber cat, giant lion, and wolf. On March 10th and 11th, the Florida State Fairgrounds will go back in time to a different place, a different Florida, a land long lost. The Tampa Bay Fossil Club presents the 31th annual, FossilFest 2018 – The Ice Age Returns! FossilFest is Florida’s largest prehistoric show where the public can view amazing fossils that were found right here in Florida, as well as, artifacts left behind by Florida’s first people. FossilFest features educational activities for both children and adults designed to teach the public about Florida’s exciting prehistoric past. A time when saber-toothed cats, giant wolves, sharks as big as school buses, and prehistoric Indians ruled Florida’s peninsula. Also on display will be gems, minerals, fossil shells, and antique bottles. Vendors will be on hand to sell and trade fossils found both here in Florida, and all over the world. On both Saturday and Sunday there will be free workshops to teach folks how they can legally hunt for fossils in Florida and how to identify and preserve what they find. A highlight of FossilFest is the children's Fossil Mine at Paleo Park. For a small fee kids can dig through a sand pit to recover actual prehistoric fossils donated by members of the Tampa Bay Fossil Club. Then, at the "Learning Table," they sit down with a club member who will identify and explain their new treasures. The children keep all the fossils they find! “It’s a wonderful “hands-on” learning experience,” says Club member and Hillsborough County schoolteacher, Patrick McGirk. “You just can’t believe how excited these kids get over finding fossils. They don’t even realize how much they’re learning!” PALMS MAGAZINE

Pliocene, North and South America were joined by the Panamanian Isthmus, disrupting ocean currents and causing widespread continental glaciation to begin. The last major sea level high stand was 4.5 to 2.5 million years ago, when Florida was submerged for the last time in geologic history. The next 2.5 million years are know as the Ice Age. Continental glaciers had advanced and retreated many times from the poles, at times covering all of Canada and the northern United States. Ice piling up on the continents caused sea levels to fall as much as 400 feet. Florida, in these times of glaciation, had a climate similar to that of Virginia today, with annual snowfall. With lower sea levels, Florida was more than twice as wide as it is today. St. Petersburg would have been more than 75 miles from the Gulf of Mexico during this time. What is now Tampa Bay, and far beyond, would have been a combination of palmetto landscape, grassy plains and woodlands, dotted with lakes and crossed by winding rivers. For animals seeking refuge from the bitter cold of the north, Florida was a welcomed haven. Between times of glaciation, the sea level and climate were close to that of today. During this time Florida’s wildlife would have included: antelope, bears, bison, deer, gi ant beavers, giant armadillos, ground sloths, glyptodonts, horses, lions, llamas, mammoths, mastodons, peccaries, saber-tooth cats, tapirs, wolves, alligators, crocodiles, and many others. Man first inhabited Florida during the last period of glaciation, about 10 to 15 thousand years ago. Many Paleo-Indian artifacts have been found in Florida. These Florida natives developed several sophisticated cultures and thrived up until about 500 years ago when the Spanish explorers arrived. None of these native peoples or their cultures survived this encounter. In the last 12,000 years there has been a mass extinction of many of the megafauna (large vertebrate animals weighing more than 100lbs) not only in Florida, but throughout North America and in some cases, worldwide. There are several schools of thought on the cause(s) for these extinctions. One opinion is that these animals were unable to adapt to the climate changes at the end of the last glaciation period and subsequent changes in vegetation. Another opinion is that proficient human “big-game” hunters caused the animal populations to drop below a sustainable level. Some believe it was a combination of th e two, while others think disease played a role. We may never know the answer to this mystery, but surely the world is a poorer place with their loss. The Tampa Bay Fossil Club invites you to join us in our quest for knowledge of the pre-history of Florida. Join us on field trips as we hunt for the fossils from the long lost creatures that once inhabited our area. Meet with us monthly as we discuss and ponder the mysteries that pre-historic Florida poses. Join us.

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