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Imagine a Healthier You

Now is the time to make it happen Shedding extra weight impacts your overall health. Your blood pressure, joints and sleep all get a much-needed boost. We’re here to help you regain your whole health. We’ve combined Tampa’s leading weight loss physicians, Dr. Dietrick, Dr. Murr, and Dr. Gonzalvo, into one comprehensive program, the AdventHealth Tampa Bariatric & Metabolic Institute. Together, our supportive team of specialized dieticians, a psychologist, nurses and navigators will work with you and your physician to develop a customized plan. We’ll help you overcome your obstacles, restore your energy, and reclaim your well-being.

You’re just one call away from getting started. 813-536-1640 To learn more about our program and our doctors, visit AdventHealth Tampa Bariatrics & Metabolic Institute 3000 Medical Park Drive, Suite 490 Tampa, Florida 33613


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forget about really connecting,” Mark Gold, of MGold Properties said. “I’m going to build the Downtown of Wesley Chapel at the Grove. It will become a central place for families to enjoy a unique, very relaxed form of entertainment that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.” “Let’s make the dream come true.” Gold believes that restaurants, services and family entertainment for children and their families will draw people together. “Our 685,000 square-foot shopping center hosts national tenants Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ross, along with many more who are completing over 15% - 25% above the national average in sales. The Grove has 300 acres and with authorization to build 1.3 million square feet.” The former office park buildings at The Grove have become The Village, a 40,000 square-foot complex that Gold said he specifically designed for fun. Restaurants, music and entertainment will inhabit the downstairs space and upstairs will deliver more service oriented retail such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts and professional offices. Gold noted, “The interest has been tremendous. In only two months, I’ve leased every single space in The Village, so we are fully leased already.” Micro-brewery Double Branch Artisanal Ales, Cuban Restaurant, Best New York Pizza, Bistro Café, F 45 Fitness, Brooklyn Water Bagels, King of The Coop Chicken Restaurant, Treble Makers, a dueling piano bar, and

Mark Gold - The Visionary

Who is Transforming the Grove into

Wesley Chapel’s New Downtown

The Grove at Wesley Chapel is located at 6105 Wesley Grove Boulevard. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the family at The Grove at Wesley Chapel, please contact Keren Gold at (407) 636-1266 or email For more information on the property, please visit

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The Kilted Axe, a veteran-owned and operated indoor axe throwing range are all set to open shortly. Landscaping and walkways will bring all of the entertainment areas together into one entertainment venue. In the large grassy area facing I-75 between the Village and Outback Restaurant, a huge container park and outdoor entertainment and recreation area will be constructed over the next four to five months. “The Container Park concept is all about doing something very different and unique. It’s about recycling and reusing things. Former semi-truck trailers measuring 40-feet long will be used to develop a park

for weekends and events, that parking is closed and the area becomes a pedestrianfriendly walkable space,” Gold said. “I do the Container Park specifically to support local businesses. If you have a dream to open a small shop, you can do it here because it’s not expensive. The 40-foot retail units now rent for only $1500 a month, with most users taking 2 to 4 containers. This really encourages small, unique businesses to participate. I advertised the Container Park for just two days and I rented close to 80% of the space,” he said. The area will host 27-30 restaurants that will reside within the park. They will offer unique tastes for

and retail area. Overall, retail is moving to a smaller concept on square footage – making things smaller, more efficient & more unique,” he said. Our Container Park design is the only one of its kind and will be the largest in the world,” Gold explained. “A typical container layout is designed in tight clusters with parking usually at a distance from the shops, so you have to park and walk to the shopping area, making it more of a weekend strolling type of thing than everyday use retail space. Our design has parking spaces directly in front of the storefronts Monday through Friday, then

every palate from every cuisine including Cuban, Columbian, Italian, Asian and many more. “We have approximately 20% left to rent in the park and we are looking for unique concepts pertaining to retail, food or service. Additionally, offices are more than welcome.” “Surrounding the Container Park will be a huge outdoor entertainment area boasting a music amphitheater, a dog park, and kids’ playground – basically everything families and kids could want. This area really needs this. We’ll have events every week such as Family Night on Wednesdays, Ladies’ Night on


Mondays and live music on the weekends. We’re even going to do competitions, sort of like a TV show, and we’ll vote for the best singer, best wall mural and best comedian, with big prizes,” Gold noted. “Every few months, we’ll host a big event with a big name act. The idea is to bring every kind of entertainment to The Grove, so people won’t have to drive to Tampa to enjoy downtown style events. The idea is to bring Tampa to Wesley Chapel because this area is really missing this and we’re going to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment and tourist destination for the people in this community. I just imagine the sound of children laughing and having fun, families talking and listening to music and enjoying good food and drinks,” Gold mused. “My company is completely unique in that it is our management, our design, our landscaping and our security. Everything from start to finish is our brand. Each property is my baby. Everything stays in place after the property is completed so that the feel and the quality remains exactly the same. My people stay to run the show and this is why all of my properties are always leased at 90% or higher. There are no vacancy issues. It’s really all about the personal touch that we deliver.” “Wesley Chapel is a very unique community. The people here are super - like a big family - everybody hugs everybody. I love it here and I plan to move my life and my business to this area very soon. I’ve bought a lot of land in this area and I’m going to buy more. My goal is always to build in the fun with things like zip lines, outdoor chess games, trampolines, and skating rinks and much more. I have 1.3 million squarefeet of available space to build out at The Grove,” Gold said. “When I’m done, it’s just going to be…WOW!”

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QSolar &A on My Home


here are 2 main types of solar used in Florida; thermal solar which uses the heat from your roof to warm up your pool or fill your hot water tank, and photovoltaic solar which uses photons from the sun to generate electricity. For this article I’m going to answer some of the common questions homeowners ask when they are shopping for a photovoltaic array to reduce their electric bill. Until the end of 2019 there is a 30% federal tax credit that you can get on solar AND a new roof if you install both in the same calendar year. This means that if you get a new a roof for $12,000 and a solar array for another $12,000 (for a total of $24,000) you will get back $7,200 from the federal government. In the last 2 years I’ve helped over 300 homeowners buy solar across seven different counties around Tampa Bay, and there is a 10 kilowatt solar array on my roof in the Stagecoach subdivision in Wesley Chapel. 1. How much will solar cost? This depends upon 2 factors: the square footage of your roof and the power needs (daily kilowatt usage) of your home. My parents live in a new home in Wesley Chapel, and the cost of their system after the federal tax credit was $8,000. That system eliminated $110 per month in energy costs, and their payment on their system at a 4% loan is $78 per month. Instead of paying $110 per month to the electric company my parents are sending $78 per month to pay off their solar array. If financed, solar is always less expensive than paying the electric company, and solar adds to the value of your home. 2. OK, how much will solar add to the value of my home? A quick Google search on this subject will point you to several different studies made across 40 states that demonstrate how solar increases the resale of a home from

Page 6 • FEBRUARY 2020

3% to 10%. Of course, if you sell during a deep recession you might not see this kind of gain. I live in a home valued at $220,000, my solar array generates $2400 per year in electricity, that’s $24,000 generated in the next decade. My system was $16,000 after the federal tax rebate, so my solar array will pay for itself in less than 7 years. If I sell my home in the future for just 2% more I’ll pocket $4,500 and walk away very happy. 3. How does the Federal Tax Credit on solar work? When you install a solar system, 26% of your total project costs (including equipment, permitting and installation) can be claimed as a credit on your federal tax return. If you spend $10,000 on your system, you owe $2,600 less in taxes the following year. The solar tax credit expires in 2022. The credit can be used for solar hot waters heaters for the home, solar pool pumps and any photovoltaic array. This is a TAX CREDIT, so you can’t use it unless you pay taxes to the federal government. If your annual household income is below $30,000 per year it might take you several years to use your tax credit. For instance, if you only pay $3,000 per year in federal taxes and you get a solar tax credit for $9,000 it will have to carry forward three years for you to recoup the full $9,000. The solar tax credit is dollar for dollar, if you own a business and pay taxes at the end of the year you can use the tax credit instead of writing a check to Uncle Sam. In this case you might owe $10,000 for 2018, but you had solar installed and you have a tax credit for $7,000. Send in the tax credit and $3,000 and you are paid up.

4. How does my solar array work at night? It doesn’t. A solar array in Florida will generate power (even on a cloudy day) from about 8AM until sundown. Most of the systems we install are net metered to the power grid; during the day the system generates more than you need and these extra kilowatts are pushed back to the grid via a bi-directional meter installed by the electric company. These banked kilowatts are like rollover minutes on a cell phone, during the winter my system produces more than I need and these kilowatts are credited to my bill. In the summer when I crank up my AC my stored bank of kilowatts comes back to me. 5. What about during a power outage? If you install an SMA inverter you will have power from your solar during the day, even if the electric company goes dark. I have the SMA system on my home, it gives me 4,000 watts during peak sunlight during an outage. Some inverters do NOT have this capability, namely SolarEdge and Enphase systems. If you want a 24 hour battery back-up system you’ll spend $15,000 to $25,000 for the batteries alone. Battery costs will come down in the next few years, however. If you have any other questions please reach out to me at 813-391-3895. BEN ALEXANDER Sales Director TAMPABAYSOLAR.COM



       It  could  be


WE’LL SELL  IT   COMMUNITY-­‐WIDE  YARD  SALE             SAT.,  MARCH  7,  2010          

HOME•AUTO•LIFE Since 2009 Beau Barry has been serving the needs of New Tampa residents. We represent over 30 carriers to provide customers with the lowest rates. We are conveniently located on Bruce B Downs Blvd in the brand new Nye Commons Plaza. As your independent Agent, We Shop and You Save! SAMPLE RATES FOR YOUR HOME IN


Home Replacement Value

Annual Premium:

$450,000 $400,000 $350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000

$1,246 $1,115 $987 $849 $745 $602

Rates based on 2012 Construction, Hip Roof, Monitored Burglar & Fire Alarm, Age 55+, Good Credit, $2,500 Deductible, Rates effective 04/01/2019 and are subject to change without notice.


   Location:  Compton  Park  in  Tampa  Palms        Benefit:    SCHOLARSHIP    FUND        Sponsor:  Tampa  Palms  Women’s  Club        More  Information:  813-­‐615-­‐9600  

4871 BRUCE B DOWNS BLVD • WESLEY CHAPEL, FL 33544 Located on Bruce B Downs Blvd in the new Nye Commons Plaza

Beau Barry, Agency Owner




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25% OFF

Eliminate Sealing your concrete or wood


APPLIED ONCE Forever Sealed Solution


Pavers, Concrete Wood, Brick, Sto , ne Stucco & More! ,

Keeping Your Finances Fresh Throughout the Year Make Financial Goals More Attainable

The key to achieving financial goals is to make them measurable. Try to focus on achievable outcomes that slowly push you in the right direction financially. For example, if you are planning to make a large purchase, give yourself a specific, short-term goal like saving $50 from a paycheck so you can effectively measure your progress and build toward your purchase over time. Redeeming your credit card rewards wisely can also help you more seamlessly reach your financial goals. Some cards allow you to redeem cash rewards directly into a checking or savings account or to apply to your credit card balance. In some cases, rewards can also be applied into longer-term investments like 529 accounts for college savings or a retirement fund, letting your everyday spending help fuel your future goals. Earning cash back on everyday purchases can provide extra funds to invest, splurge on a family vacation or put a down payment on a new car. Whatever your financial goals are, a rewards card can help you get closer to achieving them. A Bank of America survey found 52% of Americans weigh down their wallets with multiple cards to earn rewards across different categories. By choosing a flexible credit card that allows you to earn benefits across various categories, you can consolidate and eliminate the need to juggle a variety of rewards cards.

Cut Unnecessary Spending and Tackle Debts

If you are dreaming of financial freedom, a budget is one of the first steps toward getting there. Start by reviewing bank and credit card statements from at least the past three months to gain a better understanding of your spending habits and identify areas you could improve. While cutting back on non-essentials is typically a good place to start, this is also an opportunity to identify areas you can get better deals by switching providers for things like car or homeowner's insurance as well as your cellphone, internet and other home services. Once you have addressed your expenses, consider tackling your debts. To determine which debts need to be prioritized, look at the interest rates and principal costs of each and focus on paying off debts with higher interest rates first. Reducing your debt should take priority over most savings goals.

Discover New Ways to be Rewarded

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25 Year Warranty Permanently preserves wood and concrete Our product is a penetrant NOT a top coat Prevents mold and mildew

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100% Green non toxic Prevents concrete from pitting, flaking, dusting and scaling Prevents wood from rotting, deteriorating and further damage from moisture

16350 Bruce B Downs Blvd P.O. Box 47311 Tampa, FL 33646

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You may be eligible to enroll in a banking rewards program that gives members access to a variety of everyday banking benefits including credit card rewards bonuses on eligible cards from 25-75%, home and auto loan discounts, free stock trades, ATM fee waivers and more. Layering your banking rewards program together with airline, hotel, credit card, dining and shopping rewards programs can help boost your financial rewards earnings to the highest level.

Use Digital Banking Tools to Gain Full Visibility Into Your Finances

When using a combination of multiple rewards and savings strategies, it can be hard to keep track of where and how much you’re earning and saving at a given time. Your bank may offer digital tools that provide assistance and resources to simplify your banking experience. For example, some digital dashboards allow cardholders to track their rewards earnings and redemptions, and discover additional benefits. Those using their bank’s application on their computer or phone can typically manage their rewards, deals and benefits across multiple rewards programs.

Keep Tabs on Your Credit Reports and Scores

A numeric representation of your credit, your credit score signifies to lenders what kind of borrower you are. Because it influences everything from mortgage and auto loan rates to credit card approvals, keeping an eye on where you stand can be important in achieving your financial goals. Periodically check your credit score to make sure everything is accurate and know where you stand. You can check your score through the major credit bureaus, and some credit card issuers even allow you to view your score for free through online or mobile banking. PALMS MAGAZINE

17901 Cachet Isle Dr.

EW !

18019 Cozumel Isle Dr. 5/3/3 | 2890 SF $570,000 Pool | Spa | Dock | Outdoor Kitchen

18008 Cozumel Isle Dr. 5/4/3 | 3961 SF $570,000 Oversized Patio | Two Story | Waterfront











5/3.5/3 | 3695 SF $675,000 Waterfront | Outdoor Kitchen | Pool


EW ! N


CE D !

~ Fine Homes of Tampa Bay ~

18010 Cozumel Isle Dr.

18032 Malakai Isle Dr.

4815 Londonderry Dr.

10748 Cory Lake Dr.



4 / 3 / 3 | 2 7 7 2 S F $410,000 Oversized Lot | Conservation




4/3.5/2 | 2918 SF $466,465 Upgraded | Dock | Pool | Waterfront





4/3/2 | 3368 SF $425,000 Waterfront | Two Story | Pool

15902 Danboro Ct.

15831 Dawson Ridge Dr.

5/3.5/3 | 4661 SF $699,900 1/2 Acre Lot | Pool

5/4.5/3 | 4308 SF $639,900 Lakeview | 1/2 Acre Lot | Pool

4/3.5/3 | 3178 SF $520,000 1/2 Acre Lot | Pool | Spa




Cell: (813) 380-3866 • Email:

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Did You Know That Tampa Bay’s Water is Rated the 6th Hardest Water in the Nation?


ost of us fill a glass of water from the tap without giving it much thought…but maybe we should. In this area, homeowners face many challenges with hard water and well water issues. Conditioning your water can solve the issues created by these two common culprits that cause everything from iron stains on fixtures and appliances, a rotten-egg odor, rashes, dry skin, discoloration of hair and nails, to dirty-looking residues on laundry. Residents have become accustomed to water treatment as a way of life, but many are unaware that there are now greener, less toxic ways to clean up the water in your home and even in your swimming pool.

GREEN Non-electric Water Softeners

This water treatment system uses minimal amounts of water and salt during regeneration, replacing the harsh and harmful minerals in your water with softer, silkier ions.

GREEN-ER Hydrogen Peroxide Well Water Treatment System

Far less toxic than chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide works as a powerful oxidizing agent - even more powerful than aeration, chlorine or potassium permanganate. Peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water, leaving no trace of chemical residues. For problem well water containing iron, iron bacteria, manganese or hydrogen sulfide gas, this is a great choice and works safely with your septic system.

GREEN-EST Ozone Generated Well Water Treatment System

A fully automatic ozone based system is a reliable and effortless way to treat the water in your home. It harnesses the natural power of ozone to provide clear, fresh drinking water without using harsh, toxic and expensive chemicals. This provides a green solution for the control of hydrogen sulfide, iron staining and Sulphur reducing bacteria in your water.

A GREEN Pool is Actually a Good Thing

Treating Bad Water Good Since 1980 Offering water softeners, hydrogen peroxide and ozone generated well water treatment systems, pool sanitizing systems, iron filters, chemical pumps and drinking water systems, Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment has been serving residents in Pasco & Hillsborough Counties since 1980. They specialize in same day or next day service because they focus on a 15-20 mile radius from their shop in Land O’ Lakes. Call for a free water test or more information (813) 996-4479. Page 10 • FEBRUARY 2020

It’s now possible to sanitize and de-chlorinate your swimming pool using an all-natural, low maintenance and chemical free system. This set up easily attaches to your existing pool system and uses safe NSF certified materials to effectively sanitize the pool water, killing 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold, and mildew. This method also maintains PH-levels and requires no refilling, ongoing maintenance, or independent power. Looking to ‘green’ up your family’s water? Get a free water test from the experts at Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment and find out what’s going on in your water.


Lawn &


FEBRUARY Plantings & Lawn Maintenance

Plan to beautify your landscape with these tips for what to plant in and lawn maintenance measures! Excerpts are taken from http://edis. courtesy of University of Florida IFAS Extension.

What to Plant

Annuals/Bedding plants: Plants that perform better in the cooler months include petunia, pansy, verbena, dianthus, strawflower, and lobelia. Protect from frosts and freezing temperatures. Bulbs: Many bulbs can be planted now. Provide adequate water for establishment and protect from cold weather with mulch. Some examples include Amazon lily, crinum, and agapanthus. Azaleas: With azaleas in full bloom this month, now is a great time to select varieties to add to the landscape.

What to Do

Palms: Give cold-damaged palms proper care to encourage their recovery. Roses: Prune roses this month to remove damaged canes and improve the overall form. After pruning, fertilize and apply a fresh layer of mulch. Blooming will begin 8–9 weeks after pruning. Shrubs: Fertilize shrubs by spreading fertilizer evenly over the soil surface and watering it in. Follow with a fresh layer of mulch to conserve moisture and reduce weeds. Lawn: Apply a preemergence weed killer (not a "weed and feed") to lawns this month to prevent germination of warm-season weed seeds. Apply when temperatures rise to 65°F for 4–5 days. Timing is important for good control.


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