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April showers may bring May flowers

HOME•AUTO•LIFE Since 1981 Agency Owner Steve Barry has been saving Floridian’s money on their insurance needs. We represent over 30 carriers to provide customers with the lowest rates. We are conveniently located off of Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in Wesley Chapel next to Burger Monger in the same plaza as Bonefish and First Watch and have over 50 years of combined experience. As your independent Agent We Shop and You Save!



Home Replacement Value

but Florida brings the sun all year round



5379 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa, FL 33647

Annual Premium:

$450,000 $400,000 $350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000

$1,246 $1,115 $987 $849 $745 $602

Rates based on 2012 Construction, Hip Roof, Monitored Burglar & Fire Alarm, Age 55+, Good Credit, $2,500 Deductible, Rates effective 01/29/2016 and are subject to change without notice.


1654 BRUCE B DOWNS BLVD STE. B. • WESLEY CHAPEL, FL 33544 Located between Burger Monger and Bonefish across from McDonalds

Steve Barry, Agency Owner



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Natural Balance

- Massage -



Please submit your photos, articles and news to:


Jennifer Bodanza, LMT

Therapeutic - Deep Tissue - Swedish - & More

3848 Flatiron Loop, Ste. 101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544


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MAY 3-5



PASCO COUNTY ’S ONLY BOAT SHOW 28211 Paseo Dr. Wesley Chapel, FL Tickets: $5

Children 12 and under free.

Seek to keep your goals in mind and your portfolio one step ahead Together, we’ll take a fresh look at the opportunities that a changing world can provide. Call to learn more today.

SHOW HOURS: Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-5pm

Shop a huge selection of new boats, fishing gear and more! We provide the jigs, tackle, and line for hands-on learning with expert anglers.

Sloane Fox, CRPC ® , ADPA ® Vice President Financial Advisor Portfolio Advisor 813.273.8515 • LOCAL APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE

101 E. Kennedy Boulevard Tampa, FL 33602

Fenner & Smith Incorporated, a registered broker-dealer and Member SIPC, and other subsidiaries of Investment products:

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Are Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value

CRPC® is a registered service mark of The College for Financial Planning. ADPA® is a registered service mark of The College for Financial Planning.

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Renovate or Move? How to Decide. HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME MORE MARKETABLE

Want to make sure your home sells quickly and at a great price? Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances: De-clutter and de-personalize. Getting rid of personal items s a homeowner, there may come a time when you ask yourself; should I buy a can help buyers better envision themselves in the home. new home, or stay put and renovate my old one? Invest in your curb appeal. Re-paint the door, add a few Consider these factors when weighing your decision: potted plants, and upgrade your mailbox and address numbers. Mortgage rates. Would your mortgage rate increase if Add a fresh coat of paint. Paint over bold and bright wall you were to buy a new home? colors with a simple white or eggshell. It looks cleaner and offers Renovation scope. How much would you need to do to more possibility. your home to achieve the look you're hoping for? Get new pillows and throw blankets. Add a few colorful or How much would it cost? patterned pillows and transform your old furniture instantly. Local market. What do housing prices look like? Rearrange. Move furniture from room to room and floor to floor, Long-term goals. Are you in a location you're happy creating entirely new looks throughout. with for the long-term? Interior design doesn't have to be a huge investment of time Not sure if now is the right time to buy or sell in your area? and money. Get creative and re-use what you already have. The Contact me to receive up to date hyperlocal real estate market information. right arrangement and decor can give your property a competitive edge. _____________________________________________________________________________________ EVERYDAY HEROES REBATE When selling a home with Amani Warden, Everyday Heroes receives 25% rebate of her commission! Everyday Heroes are doctors, teachers, law enforcement, nurses, firefighters, and others who make our communities better places to live.


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• • • • • •

Amani Warden, Real Estate Advisor, Ranked in Top 4% of All RE/MAX Realtors 813-731-7673 Direct • •

Whether buying or selling a home,

the right Realtor can save you thousands!

40+ YEARS of combined real estate experience! See our reviews @ 5 Star Review!

Amani Warden 813.731.7673

Kay Lehmer 813.416.3099 Flagship Title

Convenient Locations Across Tampa Bay 813.875.1200


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9 Financial Mistakes

Small Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them Page 6 • APRIL 2019





ew business owners often make numerous financial mistakes that will lead to failure or underperformance. As someone who has been in business for many years, I can say that I have made a few mistakes myself. Statistics show that 20% of businesses fail within their first year, followed by 30% that fail in their second year. 50% of businesses will fail after five years, and 70% of businesses won’t make it to year ten! On the other hand, we see that about 30% percent of businesses make it past ten years. So one could ask, what differentiates the successful 30% from the rest? To put it simply, small business ownership is not for the squeamish. A suitable small business owner must be a marketing master, manager, financial wizard, employer, purchaser, salesman and often the one who cleans the bathroom—all together! However, we cannot simply attest that businesses are solely successful based on a business owner’s capabilities. Success also derives from being aware of what can go wrong and being prepared for it. Ultimately, bad business decisions and mistakes have a financial impact, and if you’re unable to rectify your situation, you could sink your business. Understanding common mistakes that business owners make could help prevent you from sinking yours. So, let’s talk about some of the most common mistakes businesses make. (1) Failure to plan is one of the first mistakes entrepreneurs tend to make. As the saying goes, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning should begin at the first inkling of starting or acquiring a business. Your Business Plan will be your overall plan. This is a written record of your goals, and how you plan to achieve them. Every successful business has clear and articulated goals to attain specific objectives. “Get more business” is a typical reply of small business owners when asked of their goal. However, goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Goals should also be shared throughout your business to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same desired results. Your Financial Plan, as a component of your business plan, charts how you will be utilizing your resources. Running a business without a financial plan is like navigating strange territory with only a map, but no compass. Business owners follow their financial plan through the process of budgeting. Comparing budgeted to actual results provides key insights for your business’s problems, and how to solve them. (2) Failure to invest in marketing. Your Marketing Plan will be your way of introducing and providing your services to potential clients. Failure to keep up with your marketing plan could result in your business being ignored. Often, business owners enter a cycle of feast or famine. The work comes in, and in an effort to service the customer, the marketing aspect of the business is ignored. A business owner must find the balance between performing the work and attracting clients. It’s also important to pay attention to how you market your services. Avoid undervaluing your services by offering below market prices. This attempt at reeling in clients will result in a loss of cash flow that you can’t make up. Many small business owners try to cut marketing expenses. As a result, they never build brand awareness, generate leads, or create excitement. Marketing is an investment, not an expense. (3) Failure to establish a legal business structure can be another costly mistake for business owners to make. Often, in the excitement of starting a new business, the business owner may skip the step of establishing their business entity. This can cost them once they begin to hire employees or take a loan. It can also affect how the business will pay taxes. It’s important that you carefully choose the entity that works best for your business with the aid of an attorney and CPA. Put your agreements in writing! When you land a new client or enter into a new partnership, do you jump right into doing business on a handshake or a casual email? That can cause major problems—including



lawsuits if something goes wrong or there is a misunderstanding. For example: I have been asked several times to value a partnership when there’s been a dispute. Invariably, we find that there is no operating agreement to detail how the business should be valued and how the dispute should be settled. Having an operating agreement in place saves time, legal fees, and stress in this kind of scenario. (4) Don’t mix business and personal expenses. Doing this is a well-known mistake that business owners still make! As a small business owner, it is easy to muddle personal and business expenses. This can create a bookkeeping nightmare during tax season, when you will have to spend hours sorting through transactions to determine which ones are business related. It’s impossible to know exactly how successful your business is when the business records are mixed with personal records. It can also result in some unfavorable IRS issues when you use a corporation or LLC as a personal account. (5) Not building a team of trusted advisors is an error that you can easily avoid during your startup. New business owners often think hiring professional services is expensive, so they try to do certain tasks themselves. However, they don’t realize that failure to invest in professional services, such as accounting, web development, and legal structure is a mistake that will cost them money in the long run. The point is, you can’t do it all yourself! Your team of trusted advisors should include: A CPA or accountant, an attorney, and a financial planner. You don’t need to have them all on retainer, but you should have a “go-to” team to lend advice when you need it. (6) Ignoring the accounting for your business is a mistake you want to avoid as a new business owner. As the business grows, you might be tempted to hand it over to a bookkeeper and stop paying attention. This puts you at risk of cash flow problems or embezzlement. If you hire a bookkeeper, you should become familiar with basic bookkeeping and accounting. You should always stay aware of what is going on in your bank account. (7) Working on your business—not in it is another error business owners make. Sometimes we become so involved with the work at hand that we ignore other aspects of the business or fail to step back and appraise how the business is performing. It is important to work on improving your business and this can only happen when you step back and take a critical look. (8) Not planning for upcoming tax obligations may seem like an obvious mistake, but entrepreneurs still forget about this one! Taxes are a fact of life and if you are successful and profitable, you will be paying taxes. Waiting until the end of the year to face the tax burdens associated with operating a successful business, can spell disaster. As you become more successful, be sure to estimate your tax liability and put aside the funds you will need to satisfy Uncle Sam on tax day! (9) Failure to automate payroll and invoicing is an error that tends to be forgotten by most business owners. Payroll is complicated and requires a lot of reporting to social security, the IRS, and the state. It’s easy to make mistakes and incur costly penalties. You need to have a system for tracking who owes you money from the get-go. In Summary, there aren’t any restrictions on who can become a successful entrepreneur. What helps you excel in starting a business is possessing several success-oriented character traits, and implementing a well-developed plan to see your business thrive. You must be driven, dedicated, and have a serious sense of commitment. You need to be willing to make sacrifices, put in the time necessary, and face challenges head-on. We all make mistakes, but the key is learning from them and working consistently to make smart, well-informed business decisions. _________________________________________________________________ Murtha & Murtha, LLC, Certified Public Accountants 813.991.1120 • 2236 Ashley Oaks Circle, Suite 101 • Wesley Chapel

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Mark L. Arey, M.D. Florida Medical Clinic Eye Specialists


native of nearby Winter Haven, Dr. Arey grew up with a dual focus on achieving successes both academically and athletically. Following high school, he attended the University of Virginia as both a pre-med student and a pitcher on the Cavaliers baseball team. A shoulder injury early in college helped narrow his focus towards becoming a physician, and after graduating from UVA he completed his undergraduate medical education at Wake Forest University School of Medicine where his interest in ophthalmology and eye surgery strengthened. Dr. Arey subsequently completed his residency and fellowship training at the nationally recognized Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, easily leading his residency class in the number of cataract surgeries performed during his time at UTSW. In 2008, Dr. Arey returned to the Sunshine State with his wife and growing family and entered private practice with a focus on performing premium-level cataract surgery and comprehensive eye care. Last year in 2018, Dr. Arey successfully launched a new division within Florida Medical Clinic, conveying that Florida Medical Clinic Eye Specialists was created to give area patients access to genuinely advanced medical and surgical eye care in the setting of a truly patient-centered care experience, whether in the office, the surgery center, and even during phone interactions when patients call the clinic. Dr. Arey credits his loyal staff of four with embracing the challenge of striving for excellence in patient care each and every day, and clearly patients are taking note. Said Sandy, a recent surgical patient of Dr. Arey: “I want everyone to know he is a wonderful Doctor. He really cares about patients. He called me at night after surgery to make sure all was well and to say good night; that meant so much to me. He is the best eye doctor I’ve ever seen in my life.” Another recent cataract surgery patient, Vince J. raved, “Five Stars for Dr. Arey and His Staff: The Best!” At Florida Medical Clinic Eye Specialists, Dr. Arey is pleased to offer some of the most advanced technologies available in cataract surgery, including a laser-assisted surgical approach. In fact, Dr. Arey was the first eye surgeon to bring the femtosecond laser to North Tampa. By utilizing a variety of specialized lens implants, Dr. Arey is able to

create a customized surgical plan for each patient to achieve their desired visual results. He also provides his expertise in various other facets of eye care including medical and interventional glaucoma management as well as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration screening. “Early detection and treatment remain essential for the preservation of vision in patients with these potentially devastating ocular conditions,” says Dr. Arey. In the evenings and on weekends, you’re quite likely to find Dr. Arey on a soccer field, baseball diamond, or basketball court where he spends the majority of his free time volunteer coaching young athletes, including his three children. “Over the last decade I’ve had the chance to coach literally hundreds of kids in the area and without a doubt it’s been worth every minute… seeing young athletes progress in ability and confidence over the course of one or more seasons in their sport is truly something special.” Athleticism clearly runs in the family as both competitive soccer player Mikaela, (age 11) and baseball player Evan, (age 8) recently performed well in the annual Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K race. Even budding soccer star Daniela (age 4) has moved beyond training wheels and is preparing for her first kids’ triathlon later this year. When asked what he enjoys most about his professional work, Dr. Arey replied, “It is truly incredible seeing how life changing cataract surgery can be for our patients. The enhancement of vision and in turn the improvement in their quality of life is both immediate and tangible. It’s very gratifying to be able to make such a difference.” Regarding FMC Eye Specialists, Dr. Arey states “I feel very blessed to have been given the chance to design a practice that is centered on my patients. Vision is precious and being entrusted to preserve that gift is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.” Mark L. Arey, MD is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist. His primary practice location is 4444 East Fletcher Avenue, Suite D, Tampa, FL 33613. Dr. Arey also sees patients in Land O’ Lakes at the Florida Medical Clinic facility on State Road 54. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 813-284-2323 or visit

The Eye Specialist You TRUST, a Practice REIMAGINED.

Accepting New and Established Patients Florida Medical Clinic Eye Surgeon Dr. Mark Arey specializes in:

• • • • •

Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery Advanced Technology Intraocular Lens Implantation Complex Dry Eye Syndrome Management Medical and Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma Comprehensive Annual Eye Examinations

NORTH TAMPA 4444 E Fletcher Ave., Suite D

813.284.2323 Page 8 • APRIL 2019

LAND O’ LAKES 2100 Via Bella Blvd., Suite 105


2018 M& a2g0a19zine

TAMPA LMOLOGIST TOP OPHTHAted by as vo physicians!

Mark L. Arey, MD

Board Certified Ophthalmologist


Dr. Mark Arey, M.D. with his three children


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Terrace Smiles Center for Laser, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

here is no way that a patient can walk out of Terrace Smiles Center for Laser, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry without a smile on their face. That’s because Terrace Smiles, founded and run by Dr. Brian Witt, D.M.D., can transform any smile, thanks to his full-service dental practice which also includes specialty services such as orthodontics and laser gum surgery. “Yes, we’d like to be a one-stop shop,” Dr. Witt says with a smile of his own. “Whatever someone needs, we can get it done. We hardly ever refer anyone out because we can take care of anything you need when it comes to a dental procedure.” Dr. Witt adds, “One thing I’ve learned is that if I refer someone out, they don’t follow up and get the work done. Then they’re back in my chair a few years later and it’s even worse and more drastic.” Dr. Witt, of Land O’ Lakes, graduated from Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville in 1995 and founded Terrace Smiles in 1999. During his 25 year dentistry career, not only has Dr. Witt helped thousands of patients with their dental needs and shaping their smiles, but he has furthered his education to include cosmetic surgery, such as full-mouth reconstruction, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) headache-relief treatment, which is necessary for people with misaligned jaws. Dr. Witt also specializes in FDA-approved periodontal laser therapy for treating gum disease with the PerioLase Laser. In addition, he offers full orthodontic services from braces to Invisalign, dental bridges (which fill in gaps left by missing teeth), dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening and bleaching procedures. “People want to be taken care of by the dentist they trust,” Dr. Witt says. “So, I took the time to train myself in all aspects of dentistry. People don’t like seeing several specialists and they told me that.” Terrace Smiles was named the 2017 Business of the Year by the Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce, as Dr. Witt and his entire staff pride themselves Page 10 • APRIL 2019

Try us Introductor Consultation

A $388 valu

Full Service Provider in giving back to the community at large. Terrace Smiles participates in wellness fairs in the community to help educate residents about healthy gums and overall dental care. Dr. Witt and his staff have provided more than 600 free dental cleanings to the community. These complimentary services have helped preserve the health of residents since dental disease can contribute to heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other serious health issues. Dr. Witt participates in mission trips to provide dental work to less-fortunate countries and also contributes to charities that help the nation’s military personnel, veterans and their families. “If there’s anything I’m more proud of besides helping give people healthy smiles for life,” Dr. Witt says, “it’s the work we do in the community that has helped countless people also have healthy smiles for life.”

Make an

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“Because that’s what people want when they come to Terrace Smiles - they want healthy teeth and smiles for life,” Dr. Witt continues. “But, really, getting people healthy, that’s the first thing we do. It’s a huge thing to have a healthy mouth, so we take care of their teeth and gums first and foremost. Then we move on to cosmetics and getting a beautiful smile, but health is our No. 1 priority. That way, they can chew and function, but also smile and be happy for life.”


Terrace Smiles is located at 13214 Telecom Drive, Temple Terrace, FL 33637. For more information, including a new patient internet special ($99 for an exam, cleaning, consultation and digital x-rays), visit TerraceSmiles. com or call (813) 977-7000.


Lawn &


APRIL Plantings & Lawn Maintenance Plan to beautify your landscape with these tips for what to plant in APRIL and lawn maintenance measures! Excerpts are taken from courtesy of University of Florida IFAS Extension.

What to Plant

Annuals: New varieties of coleus do well in sun or shade and provide vivid colors and patterns for months. Bulbs: Planting early-, mid-, and lateblooming varieties of daylily ensures months of color from these low-maintenance plants. Herbs: Add nasturtiums to your herb garden. The leaves and flowers add a peppery zest to salads.

What to Do

Pests: Monitor landscape plants weekly for aphids on tender new growth. Flowering plants: Check for thrips if leaves and/or flowers of gardenias and roses are damaged. Perennials and bulbs: Divide clumps of bulbs, ornamental grasses, or herbaceous perennials to expand or rejuvenate garden beds or to pass along to friends. Lawn insects: Rule out cultural problems, such as lack of water, that resemble insect damage before applying a pesticide. Lawns: Apply fertilizer after new growth has started which is usually early April in north-central and central Florida, Choose a fertilizer (not a "weed and feed") with little or no phosphorus unless a soil test indicates the need for it. A fertilizer with controlled-release nitrogen yields longer-lasting results. Shrubs: Choose from a wide variety of shrubs to add to the landscape now. Mulch: Add mulch to minimize weeds and conserve moisture during dry weather. Organic mulches add nutrients to the soil.


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