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February, 2017


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Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017



Lose up to 10 pounds your first week and up to 20 pounds your first month!†


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2 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017


HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) can be used for a broad spectrum of off-label (non-approved) indications. • Multiple Sclerosis • Bell’s Palsy • Autism • Chronic Fatigue • Lyme Disease • Stroke • Cerebral Palsy • Fibromyalgia • Liver Failure • TBI • Diabetes • Sports Injuries • Arthritis • and more

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“Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.” -Charles B. Corbin PUBLISHER KEM Media Group, LLC Keith Matter


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4 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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CONTENTS February, 2017 Self-Love Through Yoga


Universal Love Connection


Dancing With Love

By Aiyana Fraley







By Charles Zinner

Carolyn Puckett

By Arielle Giordano

Aiyana Fraley

Soul Connections By Carolyn Puckett

Seven Connections/Happiness By Maria Pierre

Rev. Maria Pierre

Numerology for Lovers By Charles Zinner

Sun Salutation Yoga Poses By Lorena Smith

By Aluna Michaels

Three Deities

Aiyana Fraley

By Dennis Alexander

Boost Energy Naturally


Are you Last on Your List

Dr. Dennis Alexander

Love is Never Lost


Aiyana Fraley

Rev. Charles Zinner



By Hermann Kepler

Arielle Giordano

Quest Self Defense

Marcella Zinner

Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017


Asana Yoga Presents

Fall 2017

Let Your Journey Begin


Get started today! Concepts and practical applications using concepts from The Feldenkrais Method®

(813.949.1112 50% OFF

6 CEs for LMT

x yOur First bO


Bonnie K

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“Walking Engine”… finding diagonals January 22

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in St. Petersburg at Body Electric Yoga, 685 30th Ave N from 10AM - 5PM

Feb 26 Moving from and through FEET (6 CEs) Apr 30 Moving from and Through Your CORE (6 CEs) Jun 4 Soft Eyes/Hands Easy Neck/Shoulders (6 CEs) or 941.587.4535 for more information. NCBTMB Provider # 452056-12! Touch to Inform Seminars is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork as a continuing education. Approved Provider FL CE Broker #50-1980.

6 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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Sentient Temple Healing Center Takes Advanced Training

The holiday season was a busy one for Dr Dennis and Dr Terri of the Sentient Temple. While taking time to spend with family, they also spent the season taking advanced course work in the field of specialized nutrition. Their specialized testing method can pinpoint health issues that can remain undetected by conventional medicine. This has catapulted their healing capabilities to an even greater extent.They can help those diagnosed with diseases such as Cancer, Mesothelioma, HIV, Herpes, Recluse Spider bites, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Back Pain, Migraines, Lupus, ADHD, Autism, Bi-Polar, Addictions, Infertility, emotional disorders, allergies and so many other health issues. They are offering Wellness readers a free initial visit for the months of February and March. See if you are a candidate for our specialized nutrition program. Call the Sentient Temple at 727-323-2793 for an appointment, and mention Wellness for your free consultation. For more information go to and read about Nutrition Response Testing.

Are you Called to a Life of Peaceful, Joyful Service?

2-Year Ministerial Training Rolling Admissions

Training for:

• Interfaith Ministers • Spiritual Directors • Chaplains • Companions

Rev. Maria Serrano-Pierre

Call: 813-539-0764 Rev. Maria: • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894


FEET, POSTURE, ACTION and the Feldenkrais Method® FEET are often placed neatly away in shoes and forgotten. Yet FEET are used to run, dance, or walk. FEET are designed to be the foundation on which to stand and thus a source of stability. At the same time FEET are designed to propel an action forward and thus a source of mobility. Optimally FEET support stability and mobility – but lets not forget that POSTURE and ACTION affect FEET. Taking your FEET out of your shoes and re-establish subtle differentiations support recent research that suggests using light touch sensors in the feet helps the spinal cord to “allow the body to reflexively make small adjustments to foot positions and body balance.” Bonnie Kissam, Feldenkrais® Practitioner for 30 years offers Moving from and through your FEET , a TOUCH TO INFORM Seminar that focuses on how you can re-sensitize your FEET receptors to support better balance and posture — better mobility and stability . Seminar will be held at Body Electric Yoga 685 30th Avenue N, ST Petersburg, Sunday February 26-10:00 -- 5:00 Cost $120 – less with early registration. For therapists, educators, coaches ( including self coaches) with CEs for LMTS Call Bonnie Kissam, M.A., Feldenkrais Practitioner 941.360.2248 Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017


Self-Love Through Yoga

4 Yoga Techniques To Foster A Positive Relationship With Yourself By Aiyana Fraley


he most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life is the one you have with yourself. Yet many of us spend most of our lives pleasing others and pay little attention to the relationship we have with ourselves. Thoughts of doubt and fear creep in and kick our self confidence down, and feelings of anxiety and depression are not far behind. Yoga reverses that by building your inner strength, confidence and promoting a positive body image. This the practice of self-love and it happens naturally with yoga. Take a moment to evaluate your relationship with yourself. Are you unkind to yourself? Is your self-talk negative? What is it saying to you? Do your make yourself feel guilty about decisions you’ve made? If you answered yes, there’s no shame in it. We’ve all been there and experienced the difficulty in putting ourselves first. Self-love is about developing a healthier relationship with yourself and recognizing your worth. How do we get there? With all the poses we do in yoga - downward dog, chaturanga, utkatasana chair pose - it all comes down to one thing. The breath. The breath is the founda-

tion in a yoga class. It allows us to connect with our body and feel where the discomforts lie, what emotional imbalances are lurking and what thoughts are causing us to feel that way. It is the practice of awareness and self-love that gives us the freedom from our negative mind and connection to our own divinity. Yoga is a practice and although it starts on the mat you take the teachings with you everywhere you go. Becoming your own best friend won’t happen overnight. It takes practice and comes with time. These yoga tools helped me develop a positive relationship with myself and I hope you can benefit from them too. 1. Meditation: Sitting in meditation can be hard at first, but start with just 3 minutes and work your way up. Find a comfortable and quiet place to meditate and sit in easy sitting pose. Arms are relaxed and hands resting on your knees or in your lap. Close your eyes and focus on pushing the navel away from your spine as you inhale and moving it toward your spine as you exhale. Set a timer on your phone for 3 minutes. When you





8 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness


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are done, write down in a journal any thoughts that came up. Don’t over think it just write the first thing that comes to mind and if nothing comes up just write a sentence or two about how you feel. Over time you will begin to notice more of the negative self-talk patterns going on in the background of your mind and be able to let them go. 2. Mirror Talk: This technique seems silly at first but works like a charm. Go with it and you’ll see. Stand in front of a mirror and say “I Love You [Your Name]” look at your eyes in the mirror and tell yourself this 3-5 times in one session and anytime thereafter that you see yourself in the mirror. It will help you begin to see yourself as a friend and work on rebuilding your connection to yourself. This technique is like taking the expressway to self-love. 3. Mantra: There is a powerful kundalini mantra by Yogi Bhajan for self love that I sing often and it fills my heart with love and harmony. It makes me feel inspired with awe of my soul in the same way I am in awe of life itself. Chant this mantra aloud in your meditation and if you are inclined give it a melody and make it your own. This mantra reminds us that it is not only the divine guiding us along our journey but that divine source is present within us. The I AM presence is our recognition of higher selves. This mantra creates a subtle shift in how you start to see yourself. “I am the light of my soul; I am beautiful I am bountiful I am bliss; I am, I am.” 4. Asana: The warrior of self-love brings about strength, groundedness in the root chakra, and helps to dispel fear. Practice a short sequence of Warrior I and Warrior II. Activate your sacral chakra (center for emotional balance) in these poses by drawing the navel in. In Warrior I, lean slightly back while opening the chest to activate the solar plexus (center for personal power) and heart chakra (center for love). Imagine your feet as roots of a tree firmly holding you in place as your upper body is light and balanced. Channel your strength and courage to face any obstacle with love. Try integrating all four of these practices into your daily routine for the next 40 days and reevaluate how you feel. Practicing these yoga techniques will help you develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself. By doing them you are opening up a part of you that has been waiting to express the beauty that is you for all the years you’ve been alive.

AIYANA FRALEY has been helping people with massage therapy, holistic health, and meditation for 16 years. She is a yoga instructor, reiki master teacher, and licensed massage therapist. She holds an MA in journalism and an AS in Natural Health. She is the founder of Drops Of Yoga, a company that provides yoga, massage and meditation services in Tampa Bay. • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

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Kinga Sojka

Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017


We Fix Your Health...Naturally

’t y o u Aren to ready be as finally y health well & u as yo be? should

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body in existence. Lose weight, reduce pain, and treat your cancer with proven methods used around the world. This is my story....Dr. Dennis Alexander

Afte r NT TEM IE T









10 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

patients, and now the cancer is gone. I contribute our success to the many healing modalities we use here, including Ozone Therapy. We have this therapy available here now for only $35 a treatment. The benefits of Ozone Transdermal Therapy can be miraculous. It is a method in which Ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a hot steam cabinet. As the pores of the skin open as a result of being surrounded by the warm steam, Ozone enters the body transdermally (i.e. via the skin). Transdermal Ozone Therapy is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenating the


hroat cancer was killing me. How could this happen to me? I eat 90% organic. I consume no sugar. I have an active life style. I am doing everything right. Of course, 50 years of smoking cigars might have a great deal to do with it. Yes, I quit 15 years ago, but the damage had already been done. The slow buildup of symptoms didn’t alert me to my situation until I had achieved a stage four squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue. The tumor was so aggressive it grew out of the side of my throat. I was now forced to take action. I followed the same protocol we prescribe for our







Sentient Temple 727-323-2793

ALEXANDERHEALING.COM Contact us 813-501-4894 •

values truth joy o n H O P Eo diver sity LOVE





Wonder how best to live in this world? W E K N O W A W AY.

What if we could all be FOR SOMETHING and against nothing? We are a values-based spiritual community and we offer inspiration and tools for a better life. No matter what your background or spiritual path, visit our community where we value authenticity, diversity, empowerment and we focus on possibilities. Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle will take us on a journey to explore Values Based Spiritual Living from a place of true acceptance and love. Each Sunday we welcome people from all spiritual traditions. Join us for some coffee, snacks and wonderful conversation about a world that works for everyone.

SUNDAYS :: 10:30 am Roland Park Magnet School 1510 North Manhattan Ave, Tampa FL Meditation: 10-10:15am :: Bookstore: 10:15am-12:15pm

G I F T F O R N E W V I S I TO R S : F R E E B O O K W I T H T H I S A D Kids educational experience included!

Rev. Dr. Suzi

InTEgRATIvE MEdICInE Our Integrative medicine approach combines conventional and complementary treatment options to achieve optimal health for the patient, and it is based on the research which demonstrates that the human body has an innate healing mechanism. Illness occurs when the regenerative processes in the body are disturbed and the body can no longer keep itself healthy.

Lifestyle Modification Stress Reduction Stress Management Weight Loss Support Nutritional Planning Regenerative Medicine Hormone Therapy Bhrt For Men Bhrt For Women Wellness Optimization Body/Mind Regeneration Aesthetic Procedures

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(PLATELET RICH PLASMA) The O-Shot™ - is a non-surgical simple procedure that

uses the growth factors each woman has in her own body to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation to activate the orgasm system and improve sexual satisfaction.

The Priapus™

Shot (also known as the P-shot) - is designed to deliver improvements in sexual performance and satisfaction, including in those patients who have had changes in function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, drug side effects and other conditions, such as diabetes.

Vampire Facelift™ - By combining PRP, dermal fillers, and artful injection, Dr. Grossgold creates natural-looking volume, restoring a youth shape and glow.

Vampire Facial™

- Using a specialized micro-channeling tool to draw PRP deep into the facial tissues, this technical facial stimulates the rejuvenation process at every layer of the skin; creating improved tone, texture, feel, and color.

Scalp PRP

- stimulates hair regrowth of dormant follicles and improved the thickness, color and quality of hair. Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017


Our Universal

Love Connection

By Rev. Charles Zinner

What is the source of irrational behavior? Find out.



by L. Ron Hubbard

Price: $25 Hubbard Dianetics Foundation 1300 East 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 872-0722 12 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness


ll things, people and situations are connected in an allpervading field of Universal spiritual energy. Within the field of energy, are levels, much like frequencies. We, in simply existing, are part of and included in that field as individualized aspects, but yet inseparable from All That Is. Having free will and choice, with each of us being developmentally different, the path is to return to All That Is and realize that we are It, that we can and will, realize who and what we are, that is, that we are no different, ultimately, than that Source energy from which we came. Expanded awareness is ours once we access that Divine spark within, and while seeming to be an infinite journey, we will reach ultimately our highest soul reality- communion and finally union with Ultimate Divinity/All That Is. Most of us, believe we have the ability to “create” reality through sheer mental drive and will power. We believe reality, or what a person seeks on the material plane, is the result of mental effort and actions taken on the physical level. The usual advice is to concisely decide what one wants, and then repeatedly apply tremendous conscious effort towards a very specific vision or outcome. Essentially, one applies “effort” through will. Will is located in an energetic area (notice the energetic aspect) of the body known as the third chakra or solar plexus. This is the seat of the will and this is where the ego, especially, expresses itself. The ego is a self-centered aspect of oneself. It, the ego, is largely concerned with, and dominated by fear. The ego is all about “me” – and its focus is to bring reality into existence. It Contact us 813-501-4894 •

concentrates on vitality, creation, ambition and personal power. Working in combination, the will and ego, are driven by fear to create reality – a reality which is defined by the ego’s fear-based assumptions. These assumptions are limited, formed from judgmental energy – and represent a clear cut system of duality, meaning that there is a right or a wrong and nothing can be seen as existing outside of this paradigm. Beliefs, views and definitions are, then, forced upon one’s perceptual view of reality.

At a higher literal, figurative and energetic level, the heart chakra, centered in the heart area, is a powerful leap beyond the solar plexus. The heart accepts reality and its flow. Synchronicity happens, in other words, fortuitous realities appear when one is in tune with the heart’s desire. Reality created is truly in alignment with your highest and best desires. The heart does not have set beliefs or values, nor does it judge. One postpones moral judgments until there is a full understanding of the situation. The heart is not interested in definitions, it desires to beyond the definite and defined, as it is open, ready to explore infinite realms, re-examine existent aspects, as well as forgiving, and being compassionate. When one lives in a heart-centered reality, wondrous happenings occur. The reality is more expansive and incredible because there is no limitation as to what, how and when the reality occurs. The energy is far more dynamic and powerful and the attraction creating the reality, at times, results in unbelievably fantastic personal experiences. Recent medical physiological findings have, in fact, found, that the heart has more electromagnetic energy than any other part of the body- surpassing the brain’s energy. There may be a heart memory that is unknown to scientists – which is illustrated by the fact that people who have experienced heart transplants, sometimes take on the habits and traits of the organ donors. The fact that the heart –centered life is so much more powerful than the mentally-centered can be seen in that because of its unlimited and expansive energy, the reality that is attracted mirrors that fact (expansion and joy), plus heart energy is always in alignment with one’s highest interests. In the movie, “The Secret” it is emphasized that one must “feel” the reality one wishes to manifest – on all levels. When one emotionally (heart) feels how good it is, and that the desired reality exists- it appears magically because it is drawn or attracted through this enhanced heart-centered energy. The heart knows, too, because of its higher love energy, which realities are the most energetically auspicious and appropriate, or in other words, most in alignment with one’s higher • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

purpose. This love energy, because it is Divine, is the energy that connects all of us. We only have to take the time to access this infinite, powerful and totally good energy through our inner Divine being. Because we are Divine, and are one with All That Is, we have this power residing internally and readily accessible. In order to access the power of Universal Love, it is imperative that inner work be applied to quieting the mind, and letting the inspiration come forth. Many meditative methods, inner energy work, personal self-development, breathing and others exist which can be applied. Consistency and belief in the effort are necessary, which, while taking time, are of the highest rewards spiritually. Take time to clear the mind on a regular basis, through whichever method you wish, and you will connect with All That Is, which is the “true” you and connects us all! Enjoy the journey – it’s magical! REV. CHARLES ZINNER, M.S. holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a spiritual teacher, healer and Reiki Master. He has developed and taught courses in Tarot, numerology, consciousness studies and the teachings of the modern ascended masters. Charles was tenured faculty member of the University Of Florida. Charles and Marcella are co-founders of Pathways to Awakening Center For Intuitive and Spiritual Studies. 727-785-8780, mzinner@

Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017


Dancing with love from the inside out!

By Arielle Giordano


he inner journey begins in our heart. Knowing and responding to what is true in our hearts, let our hearts open. There is no formula or complication. The universal truth is the same truth that you knew in your heart as a child, nothing has changed. It is absolutely simple and simply absolute. The knowing in your heart is being in it. It is similar to you going to sleep every night. You lie down and close your eyes; you open, relax your body and let your life, your past, your experiences, stories and everything go. As awareness you are no longer, in the space, as you were when you were completely awake. As the body relaxes the heart opens and softens. You, as awareness, have the ability to discover the deeper levels within you. As the heart opens, your be-

ing enters into it. When we let our heart relax, we are held by our own beings. The dance begins in the open and soft interconnection in our hearts between awareness and being. We experience a sense of nurture within. We know. Even though, we may not understand. When we are upset and close our hearts, we harden. We know the difference. Even in the most difficult and challenging times, we can let our hearts be open and soft. As awareness, our knowing subtly brings us back into the tiniest opening in our hearts and into what is real. Our openness of heart lets us be vulnerable. Closing and hardening our heart protects us from our vulnerability. Gaining personal control is the loss of what is most precious, the delicate and deepest you. Real control is honesty.

New Student Special Month Unlimited is


$ 1112 W Platt St, Tampa 813-702-YOGA (9642)


14 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Honesty of heart has its own levels. You can be honest about your thoughts and feelings. A deeper honesty knows to be open and soft in your heart. Openness and softness of heart is the golden key to knowing the truth within. Truth is stillness and the movement of truth is love. Love is the expression of truth. Openness and softness of heart changes you from the inside out. Your heart is where goodness moves. As you open your heart, love flows into you! Enjoy dancing in the lovely sweet presence of vulnerability and the openness and softness of heart.

ARIELLE GIORDANO, Masters of Arts, Masters of Education, is an author, professional dancer, inspirational speaker, certified Aging Backwards with Classical Stretch instructor, and Goddess Gatherings of Tampa Bay Facilitator. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with an authentic style rich in grace in dance, psychology, philosophy and the expressive arts. Her career includes: provisional psychologist, guidance counselor and substanceabuse therapist. She is a published author of Dancing with your story from the inside out! Arielle offers classes and workshops on Aging Backwards, Celebrating Women, Creativity, and Dance. She offers consultations, private sessions. To schedule a consultation, visit www.dancingfromtheinsideout. com or email or call 813-545-7173. Contact us 813-501-4894 •


Earth Angel Gifts

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February, 2017 schedule 2nd

Messages from the Other Side with Psychic Medium Karen Arbuckle $25. 7pm.


Sunday, 1-4pm Reiki 1 with Rev. Luna $75.


Healing Circle with Rev. Luna Kline $10 donation. 7pm.


Guided Meditation with Radio Host Tony Valen and Psychic Benjamin Hall $10 donation. 7pm.

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Guided Meditation with Radio Host Tony Valen and Psychic Benjamin Hall $10 donation. 7pm


Psychometry Workshop and Meetup $5 donation. 7pm

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Oscar Hernandez, AP

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Zen in Your Den Mobile Massage Therapy & Spray Tanning In the COMFORT of your home

I have been working as a licensed massage therapist for 15 years now. My business is strictly mobile. Clients truly enjoy the convenience of not having to leave their home to find relaxation. One of the many positive aspects of having a massage in your home is I take time with each client. There is no one there to rush you out, in order to get the next client in. I enjoy what I do because I am continuously helping people. Over the years I have had clients as young as 8 and as old as 99. I am constantly looking for new modalities to learn and services to offer. Aside from massage therapy, I offer spray tanning, body scrubs and body wraps.



Zen in Your Den

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PATHWAYS TO AWAKENING Center for Intuitive & Spiritual Studies

Intuitive Development Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760

727.785.8780 Rev. Marcella Zinner. MMA, ChT.Th. M Bio: Rev. Marcella Zinner, MMA, Cht., ThM, is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Panel Psychic for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Marcella specializes in helping others heal emotional and karmic struggles blocks and fears. Marcella has studied at many national Intuitive Development centers including the famed Arthur Findley College for Psychic and Mediumship research in England. She holds a Masters Degree in Theology and is currently a Doctoral candidate for Transpersonal Psychology and Theology at Holos University in Springfield Missouri. Marcella and her husband Charlie are the founders of Pathways to Awakening. Marcella has developed a series of products to uplift your energy and vibration. She can be reached at 727-785-8780 or Visit her web page at

Soul Connections... Bridging Past to Present and Inspiring Co-Creation for A New Earth By Carolyn Puckett


ach of us has soul families and connections that we are meant to meet. As we flow in life, we can be guided to align, meet and share. We help each other to awaken more to higher self-knowledge, past lives, this life’s purpose and destiny. Reckon, we all have come far in this life as we ponder to the past and there is so much more expansion to occur—for it is the phase of the ascension of Earth from 3 Density to 5 Density, the New Earth. As you raise your vibrations and expand your consciousness to unity consciousness, do your work—forgive, release, heal, purify yourself, relationships and lifestyle, as well as connect to soul and spiritual growth/evolution, you will awaken more and experience the ever presence of synchronicities in your life. The alignments place you in proximity so that reunions could occur, so that karmic rebalancing could occur, so that ideas and knowledge could be shared, so that love and care could be shared and so that services could be exchanged. This pathway is part of the awakening and ascension process. Allow this process to unfold, let go of resistance, strongholds and fears so that you may be in divine flow, living in the present moment, each and every day, to experience your destiny more and more. As we meet with others, inspired and supported, we will co-create in harmony the changes in the world we hope to bring to fruition. Come together and share-to create, grow and be the force for the changes in our communities and New Earth. CAROLYN PUCKETT is a Myofascial Release Therapist, Physical Therapist, Quantum Energy Healer, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, author of “Divine Connection Stories and Tools for Synchronicities and Miracles” and teacher on the topics of meditation, higher life purpose, vibrational energy and Ascension. You can find more information at Email:

16 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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Seven Connections to Happiness

Well-being and joy are achieved by 7 connections. Count them: 1. Yourself


Know yourself. Spend time alone, spend time in silence. I am a 12 Stepper, you know those cooky Anonymous groups. For 39 years, I have worked the Program. Issues like: incest, codependency, depression, overwork, overeating,etc. All the answers are in knowing myself.

I have a Spiritual Director. I tithe 3% to her. I want her to be available for 20 more years. She listens, questions me, and is a role model of joy in God/dess. How much are you willing to spend on a teacher that can increase your joy by 30% and decrease your misery by 50%?

2. God/Spirit/Oneness

5. Holy Book

The Holy and Sacred exist whether you believe or not. Find your perfect Lover in Spirit. Spend time alone together everyday. I do my relationship with The Holy throughout the day but I went to Seminary where I learned all the ways to be with God. What is your way?

The Bible, A Course in Miracles, The Bhagavad Gita, Eurantia, Book of Common Prayer. Whatever you like. But be vigilant for spiritual indigestion. Too many ideas in one head and no peace.

3. Silence/Meditation/Prayer The hardest thing in life is being in silence- no phone, tv, book, radio, people, or activity. I use an application like Calm or Headspace but any will do to get you started.

4. Teacher/Spiritual


6. Community of Positive-likeminded People If you only spend time with sick people, you are bound to catch viruses and diseases. Find a few positive people. Talk to them. Watch them. Copy how they speak, work, and live. Be picky about your flock.

7. Cash/Money/Prudence

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Money, mula, dough, bank-in our modern world nothing happens without money. If you do not have a good relationship with money, you cannot be well and joyous. $75,000 is the minimum level in the US for well being. If you have money worries, if you feel guilty, ashamed, afraid about money you are not fully connected to Source. Have some fun creating these connections-improving them. Laugh, skip, enjoy today. Do not wait until these 7 connections improve. Write your Gratitude/Blessing list today. Forgive yourself and serve others. Choose happiness and God again. The Love Remains. Enjoy it now.

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Numerology for Lovers February is the month of love featuring Valentine’s Day. Numerology is particularly helpful for people seeking true love and romance! By Charles Zinner


umerology is the ancient science of using the esoteric meanings of numbers to make successful and happy life decisions. It can be used to determine the potentials of many things to include one’s life purpose, and even more exciting, the best matches for an exciting and romantic relationship! Simply by using your birthdate, your life’s purpose (aka Life Path) can be determined. The Life Path is your main life purpose or life lesson, and denotes the opportunities that may occur during your journey through life. This is “what you were meant to do”, which is probably the main question people want to know about their life. Following that, the second most common question is, “where is my true love?” Both of these questions can be answered by determining and comparing the Life Paths - of you and your potential partner. The Life Path is the most important determinant of a successful relationship. If two people have similar Life Paths, they stand a better chance of happiness, love, and joy because they are headed in the same direction. Numerology provides the method using numbers and their meanings to be aware of when meeting, dating and ultimately deciding to engage in a fulfilling relationship.


Here is how it works: Using the birthdate (month, day and year), first : add the number value of the month (Jan = 1, Feb = 2 etc. and reduce to a single digit – Oct is the 10th month and reduced to 1+0 = 1; Nov is the exception and is 11, and December is the 12th month 1+2 =3), then second, add this to the day and reduce to a single digit, and finally add to the year and reduce to single digit. Add these three values and reduce to a single digit. Example 1: June 4, 1975 This shows 6 (month of June) +4 (birth day) +22 (year 1+9+7+5 = 22) (Note: like 11, 22 is an exception and not reduced); thus the Life Path is: 6 + 4 +22 = 32 - 3+2 =5. This person has a 5 Life Path. 5 is known to be always changing and experiencing new situations and opportunities, a free spirit, unrestricted and not tied down. Example 2: December 18, 1963 This shows: 3 (12 is the month of December; reduced is 1+2 = 3); 9 (day 18 = 1+8 = 9); 1 year (1963 = 1+9+6+3 = 19 ; 1+9 =10; =1+0= 1)



• • Restore colon tone • Alleviate allergies • Hydrate the body • Clear the mind •

Alchemist Healing - Eliminate traumas and un-desired presences from many lifetimes which still influence our present and future. Teletransportaion healing is a form of regression therapy, which does not use hyponosis, in which the healer moves from one dimension to the other. It can also be applied to homes and land.



Michele McKee

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Release Blocked Energy - from the physical, emotional and mental “bodies” which helps “forgivings and makes “light”.

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Regulate bowel movements

Assist in weight loss

Reduce toxic liver overload

Improve complexion

Feel lighter and more vital Improve cardio-vascular Enhance the circulation Alleviate Constipation

Massage Pamper yourself with a deep

relaxation massage. Customized to enliven the senses while quieting the mind into a peaceful state. Expect to leave with a heightened sense of awareness, a clear focus, and refreshed energy.



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Receive Cosmic Energy - as much as your heart desires. Cosmic Energy cleans, changes, heals and empowers. Receive Channeled Guidance and Information on health and spiritual wealth. Personal guides and teacher guides answer questions.


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The Life Path is: 3 + 9 +1 = 13; 1+3 = 4 The Life Path is 4, which denotes one who works, lays foundations, honest hardworking down to earth, busy with building structures both physical as well as business, career etc. The above examples provide insights into the relationship interaction between these two people. A number 5, by virtue of its apparent free-spirit, coupled with a person who is generally working on his career (4) is a strong contrast and not cohesive as far as relationships go….they simply are going in opposite directions. The two people above are Angelina Jolie (Life Path 5) and Brad Pitt (Life Path 4). The story could have been foretold prior to their getting together. As we know it, the result of that relationship is unfolding bitterly and very unhappily. So how does this apply to the average person? Intelligent use of the science of Numerology can foretell the probable outcomes of potential relationships. There are number combinations that are favorable, as well as unfavorable. Some examples of number combinations that are intensely not favorable are

those that are both identical such as 1 &1, 2&2…etc. Why? It plays out like double voltage overload in relationships. Some combinations are not harmonious such as 4 & 5 (see Brad and Angie above); 2 & 7 (2 works with groups, 7 is a hermit); 8 & 9 (8: executive in your face energy with the loving humanitarian: 9); 11 & 22 (11 the medium psychic with the ultimate hard driving empire builder 22). Some are harmonious and work well together such as 1 & 3 (1 is the pioneer and 3 is the creative partner); 2 & 4 (2 works with small groups building consensus as in diplomacy, and 4 builds and works in the sense of societal structures); 3 & 5 (creative one, 3, with a free spirit 5); 6 & 22 (6 is the balanced responsible one who takes care of all things with the 22 who is the consummate empire builder who also takes care of all details and aspects in building and manifesting multiple international networks and material abundance). The above is only a partial an incomplete listing and explanation of all Life Path combinations.

When one understands the numbers, the Life Path combinations and ultimate potential ramifications can be easily determined which in turn can lead to intelligent and harmonious decisions. With those decisions, you can then create a happier and more joyful life. Keep in mind, free will choice can counteract much of the energies; however, if the combination is not harmonious, the road is still likely to be rocky. Above all, have fun, enjoy life, and let the numbers be your guide!

REV.CHARLES ZINNER, M.S. holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a spiritual teacher, healer and Reiki Master. He has developed and taught courses in Tarot, numerology, consciousness studies and the teachings of the modern ascended masters. Charles was tenured faculty member of the University Of Florida. Charles and Marcella are co-founders of Pathways to Awakening Center For Intuitive and Spiritual Studies. 727-785-8780, mzinner@tampabay.

CRYSTALS & STONE CLASS Date: 1/15/17 - Sunday Fee: $10.00 per class Time: 1pm to 3pm

Location: Alternative Health Therapies, Inc. 1201 Sheridan Rd. Clearwater, Fl. 33755 1 block north of Sunset Point, corner of Douglas/Sheridan Rd. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Each class is designed for those of you who are interested in Crystals & Stones. Join our class to learn more information on these wonderful natural tools so that you can apply and use them on yourself and others.


•How each stone has it’s own Energy properties •How to place them on your body and where •How their properties affect our bodies •How you can wear them as jewelry •How to wake them up and how to charge them and what not to use on them •How to clean their energies You will know the names of different stones; be able to know by strips, orbicular circles, color, and how each structure feels different.

Also available is Mantra Prayer Practices and Instructions

1831 N. Belcher Rd. Ste. C2 Clearwater 33765

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Please bring 1 favorite stone or crystal, especially if you do not know what kind of stone it is, maybe I can identify. Be prepared to experience the energies of these wonderful tools. RESERVATIONS are a must and yes please bring a friend. Please call Helen at

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By: Lorena Saavedra Smith, ERYT. RP.


ased on multiple studies about yoga philosophy Sryanamaskra sequence may have developed from an ancient sunrise practice honoring Surya as the source of energy and light for the world. This sequence of 12 poses in modern times known as Sun Salutation has been practiced by yoga practitioners prior to the early 20th century as a warm up routine. Now days, yoga students around the world learn some version of this practice early in their studies, some versions includes mantras accompanying the movement some don’t. While there is no definitively “right” way to do this practice the sun salutation sequence allows to awakens the energy of the sun that normally lies dormant at the navel center.

The Benefits of Surya Namaskara Being one of the most complete prac-

tices of hatha yoga. The sun salutation sequence allows us to reach deep into our solar plexus awaken and circulate the sun’s healing power to restore a radiant body and cultivate a clear, calm, and tranquil mind, builds heat and improves circulation, increases stamina and overall body strength, lengthens, releases, improves balance and neurological integration between the two sides of the body, and tones the spinal column.

The Contraindications Those with preexisting spinal problems such as spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis should be cautious in the backward-bending movements. Those with disk degeneration may have difficulty in the forward-bending movements and with lateral flexion and rotation. For those with weakness in the wrists and carpal tunnel syndrome need to be cau-

Essentrics/ Aging Backwards Private Sessions /Classes


Arielle Giordano

re you ready to look and feel younger?? Did you know that the sharpest most powerful tool for retaining a healthy long life and beautiful youth is not your heart, brain or lungs, it is your muscles? This dynamic workout will activate all 650 muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility.


Author, Inspirational Speaker & Counselor, Essentrics and Dance Instructor and Goddess Workshop Facilitator. Certified Essentrics/ Aging Backwards Consultations/ Classes

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tious in the movements that require wrist flexion.

The Modifications A small wedge placed underneath the base of the wrist in the downward-facing dog pose, the four-limbed stick pose, and the upward-facing dog pose can help to reduce strain to the joint. If you are new into the practice, start with modifications and beginners variations, wait for 24-hour to determine whether these are healthy movements to include in your daily overall wellness and fitness routine.

The practice

Generally involves a sequence of twelve poses like, standing pose, lifting the arms, bending to touch the earth, a lunge, the V- shaped asana commonly known as downward facing dog, a prone pose which flows into an upward facing lift of the chest, followed by a return to downward dog, another lunge, and once again touching the earth in a forward bend, then lifting the arms, and returning to the initial standing pose. Through each cycle of the series, you move backward, then forward. Below is an example of the classical Sun Salutation practice.

1 - Namaste Step your feet under your hip joints and press them evenly into the floor. Contact us 813-501-4894 •

Press the hands together, draw the shoulder blades down, broaden the collar bones, and lift up through the crown of the head.

Inhale, press the hands into the floor, glide

2 - Overhead Stretch Inhale, sweep the arms out to the side and overhead. Press down through the feet, lift the heart, and look up between the hands as you draw the shoulder blades down.

3 - Standing Forward Bend Exhale, sweep the arms out to the side, bend the knees, and fold forward from the hip joints. Lift the sit bones as you roll the thighs in and draw back the upper groin and outer hip.

4 - Lunge Inhale, step the right foot back. Keep the left knee square over the left ankle as you lift the heart, moving the spine toward the front of the body. Draw the thighs away from each other. Lift through the crown of the head, broaden the collar bones, draw the chin in slightly. (Alternately, press the left thigh down and away from the pelvis with the hands, or stretch the arms overhead.)

5 - Plank Pose

Exhale, bend the elbows, and lower the chest to the floor between the hands. Keep the pelvis off the floor and draw the shoulder blades down.

7 - Cobra Pose • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

10 - Standing Forward Bend Exhale, lift the pelvis, and step the left foot forward. Lift the sit bones, roll the thighs in, and draw back the upper groin.

11 - Overhead Stretch forward, and then lift the chest. Press the pelvis into the floor. Draw the shoulder blades down and lift from the back, drawing the legs down into the floor and out of the pelvis. Lengthen the back of the neck and draw the crown of the head and the toes away from each other.

8 - Downward-Facing Dog Exhale, lower the chest. Press through the shoulders up onto the hands and knees. Lift the sit bones to bring the pelvis up and back, and straighten the legs. Bend the knees or lift the heels if necessary to keep the spine neutral. Keep your weight equally distributed between the hands and the feet. Hold for a couple of breaths.

9 - Lunge Inhale, step the right foot forward between the hands. Keep the right knee square over the ankle. Draw the thighs away from each other, lower the pelvis, and lift through the crown of the head. Broaden the collar bones, and draw the chin in slightly. (Alternately, stretch the

Exhale, turn the right toes under and step the left foot back, straightening the legs. (Alternately, be on your knees.) Keep the lower belly engaged and the pelvis in line with the chest. Inhale

6 - Eight-Point Pose / variation of Chaturanga

arms overhead.)

Inhale, bend the knees and unfold from the hip joints to standing position, sweeping the arms out to the side and overhead.

12 - Namaste Exhale the arms out to the side. Press the palms together and

the feet into the floor. Lengthen up through the crown of the head.


an international bilingual, expert yoga teacher (E-RYT), meditation guide, reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, integrative wellness & life coach and the founder of Hanaq Prana Yoga Studio. www.

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Love Is Never Lost! By Aluna Michaels


s an astrologer and spiritual counselor, the most common topic my clients want to discuss is relationships -- woman or man, young or old, married or single -- that’s the major concern for most people. It is certainly a loaded subject no matter what. When we’re alone, we yearn for a partner. Yet when we’re coupled, we

22 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

bemoan the flaws in our relationship. One of the most challenging steps on the spiritual path is to move beyond appearances. Our day-to-day minds cannot perceive the greater context of life. We only see what is in front of our faces and what seems to be true. It is bold to believe that the universe is constructed of and run by the power of love, especially

when the world appears to be filled with hate and suffering. It is courageous to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are lovable when you were brought up in an abusive home or are in a disempowering relationship. It is a risk to hold the idea that a wonderful partner is out there for you when you’ve been single and lonely for years. Another metaphysical concept that is crucial to remember is the law of the conservation of energy. This is also a scientific theory stating that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. For example, ice melts into water, and water evaporates into steam. The water is no longer visible, yet it still exists in the air and can form back into water or ice depending on environmental conditions. The same concept applies to love, since it is also under the same laws of nature as water. When we start a relationship, it seems Contact us 813-501-4894 •

so free-flowing and refreshing. Love is like a happy bubbling river, or a beautiful overflowing fountain. It has the strength and depth of the ocean and the delightful surprise of a endless underground spring. Eventually, many of our relationships imitate water in a less desirable way. The connection may seem to run through our fingers, or even evaporate before our eyes. One day we wake up and love appears to be gone. Suddenly we are in an unhappy marriage, are single yet again, or just feel miserably lonely. All those spiritual concepts about love seem to be a joke. But the truth is we never love in vain. All our hopes and unfulfilled dreams went somewhere -- nothing is ever lost in the heart of God. The energy of the love you received or gave out has not ceased to exist, it has merely changed form. Imagine it as being held in an “energetic storage bin”. The Universe has a special storage space where the desires of your soul are being held for the perfect manifestation time. When the next romantic situation that is right for you comes forward in your life, that “stored love” will reappear from the ethers as a gentle, faith-restoring rain. It has to -- it is a law of the Universe. Just like a cloud must release the water that it holds when the conditions are right, so the Universe will shower you with the love that is due you at the right time and place. This is why it is so important to forgive our lovers and keep our hearts open to new people and new possibilities. Even if you don’t want to leave your relationship, forgiveness opens the door to more loving and satisfying emotional patterns. Give yourself the gift of cleansing your heart and mind of old hurts and disappointments. First forgive each bitter memory of unrequited or unsatisfying emotional situations. Release yourself from your own mistakes -- what you wish you’d done and what you wish you hadn’t. The next step is more difficult. You must sit with that freshly cleaned and open heart -- and wait for the time of re-filling. This involves much faith and patience. Instead of thinking of yourself as “empty”, meditate on the word “receptive”. Please use discernment to not fill your inner spaciousness with any old thing that happens by. Try not to repeat old patterns or grab for less than you deserve due to feelings of anxiety or desperation. In order to assist you with your inner cleansing process, you may wish to get a copy of the meditation CD called “The Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions” by Jane Hart. It is designed to help with matters of disappointment and unforgiveness in either past or present relationships. You can find it at or on Amazon.


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ALUNA MICHAELS is a secondgeneration astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call or text (248) 583-1663 or visit • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

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By Imsara

ARIES March 21st – April 19th

You need some friends and helpers to truly accomplish your goals and through their help you will be led to a better position. Life lessons include cooperation and true regard for others opinions if given respectfully. Take your cue from nature: be tolerant, giving, collaborative and productive. Much can be gained.

Your new ideas are not yet ready to fully blossom and so just accept this. Struggling can only lead you into greater confusion and doubts. You are in the beginning of a new phase of growth so time is your ally. Spend it in productivity, not negativity regarding useless expectations.


May 21st– June 20th

June 21st – July 22nd

VIRGO Wait until all situations are go in your environment. Some things can just not be done now. The best way is to keep simple, honest and open and allow the way to show itself. It will and you will see how easily it straightens out. Do tasks that re-quire simplicity and quiet. Get your taxes and affairs in order— some details need re-view.



Dec. 22nd – Jan. 19th

Nov. 22nd – Dec. 21st

Deepen awareness of your truth against a backdrop of what your insights may offer to others. You can sense the difficulties that can lay on the path ahead beyond your personal level of interest. Speak out as opportunities present themselves. Nothing needs to be made to happen. Just allow.


Greater good fortune can come into your life and there is a need to recognize it. Sometimes the tiniest seeds grow the biggest trees. Following a routine of commitment, perseverance and simple nurturing can make a big difference in all of your affairs. Be stoic not stubborn.

LEO July 23rd – Aug. 22nd

TAURUS April 20th – May 20th

Learn how to accept help without needing to be right. It is time too shake a few more blocks loose within your own inner walls. Making small yet consistent efforts in this will bring good fortune. Strengthen your foundation by shoring up your heart. Be open, more tolerant, kind and withhold judgements.

Your new found strength is best utilized in constructive ways. Practice a careful synthesis of non-action with action taking your cues from regular morning listening. Make your lists and avoid aggressive, misguided attempts to get your way. Others can often show you sides of a situation are blind to.

Really feeling and accepting your true inner worth can lead you into deeper levels of internal security and fulfilment. Haste makes waste. Shore up your internal reserves and moderate tendencies to retreat or hide when feeling threatened. The truth is, you are a lot stronger than you think you are.



Sept. 23rd – Oct. 22nd

Oct. 23rd – Nov. 21st

Seek advice from someone you trust and respect regarding situations that emerge over this time. We all have things to learn and this indicates that there are new things to discover and absorb. Ask for help when it s needed. Talk about elements within your relationships that are causing consternation and stress.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20th – Feb. 18th

Success tends to come to those that can weather storms well. You have the capacity to have gales blow around you and still remain calm and detached. This is the essence of your gift of Aquarius and can come in increasingly useful in the months ahead. Be tall, be strong, be true, be authentic. Repeat 1000 times.

There are new tastes and new desires coming to the fore. It is very important to not lose what you have gained over the last four years. Instead, now is the time to deepen it and begin to strengthen your root base. Tests will come but you must be prepared for them.

PISCES Feb. 19th – March 20th

Time to clear house of fantasies, escape mechanisms, even obsessions and come to terms with what is happening around you. No, peace will not come because you wish it so. It will come from an inner recognition and validation of who you truly are. This is to be coupled with being genuine with others. Speak your truth—and you do not have to save anybody. That is not your job.

About the Author BIO Come, My Friends...Tis Newer Worlds to Explore....Dr. Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, teacher and facilitator of journeys to expand and support your evolution. She holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health. Imsara is offering a series of exciting new classes in St. Petersburg and at Wings Bookstore in St Petersburg. Dr. Imsara also teaches classes in Bradenton and is available to teach in your area. Dr Imsara also has a home office in St. Pete. The new website is Call for an appointment at: 727. 821.8300 Imsara & Earthwork © 2016 - all rights reserved.

The August 8th-16th, 2017 “WindSong” Journey to Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake is ready for registration. Stay tuned for details! 24 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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our skin is the largest organ your body has. Taking care of your skin medically and cosmetically could not only save your life, but make you feel better about yourself and how you look. The Wesley Chapel office of Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery opened across from Florida Hospital on (date). This office is the most recent addition to Bay Dermatology, bringing the number of offices in the Bay Area to eight. Since 1988, (over 28 years) Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery has offered Central Florida patients’ the region’s highest quality care for advanced treatment of all skin, hair and nail disorders. Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Board Certified dermatologists specialize in diseases of the skin as well as how your skin looks, including: skin cancer, acne treatment, psoriasis therapy, moles and cysts, vein treatment, ultraviolet light therapy, Vitiligo treatment as well as a variety of cosmetic procedures, including dermal fillers, Laxel and Latisse. All of their procedures are performed with the utmost care. They take great pride in the personal, one-on-one attention they give their patients. Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is also a teaching facility affiliated with NOVA Southeastern College of

Osteopathic Medicine. Routinely, medical students, interns and residents rotate through its offices learning the most up to date and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities in dermatology. In July of 2012 Bay Dermatology expanded with a Psoriasis & Vitiligo Center in the St. Pete Beach office. This one-of-akind treatment center offers the latest laser treatments, biologics and topical/oral medications. No longer do you have to hide from your skin disorders, we are here to help. With offices conveniently located in Port Richey, Tampa, Largo, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Homosassa, and now Wesley Chapel, Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is the only practice of its kind serving all of Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando and Citrus Counties. The providers at Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery are happy to see you for a consultation to discuss any questions or concerns you might have regarding medical or cosmetic dermatologic procedures. Call today. Bay Dermatology- 2653 Bruce B Downs Blvd Suite 120A, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 Tel: (813) 514-0823 I Fax: (813) 406-5167


Wellness Event Promotes Better Living for Older Americans

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Senior citizens and Baby Boomers are invited to attend a health and wellness event that is designed to show that smart living equals better living. The health fair will take place on Feb. 23 at the Magnolia Auditorium in Five Towns, a 55+ Retirement Condo Community, located at 7950 58th Ave. N in St Petersburg. Smart Healthy Living, a local health and wellness company that specializes in being healthy in mind, body and faith, is spearheading the event. Along with Smart Healthy Living, the event is sponsored by A&B Insurance/Florida Blue; Advantage Performance Therapy with Harvey Pearlman; Simone Health Care, a nursing and therapy home health service; Pasadena Hearing Center; and Touching Hearts at Home, a companion home care company. Participants will be able to have health screenings, see demonstrations of products, dance to Zumba exercises and have fun. Vendors will be available to answer questions for people who are older than 50. The event will feature natural products for the home and people’s health; products that promote safety for the elderly; products for hearing, including an amplified • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

phone; food and nutrition for seniors; fitness ideas; massage therapy; essential oils; ways to promote weight loss; home health care services; chiropractic services; health coaching services; skin care products; retirement planning; medicare information; physical therapy; home and garden services; insurance information; pharmacy information; and dental or medical information. In addition, the health fair will highlight a seminar by Dr. Christopher Hood. “I want people to understand that to live the life they want, they have to start with their health,” said Sara Im, president of Smart Healthy Living. “If they want to live independent for as long as possible, they need to make healthy choices, and this fair is to give them the information to make healthy choices.” The health fair runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is open to Five Towns residents and nonresidents. Participants will not have to pay an entrance fee. Smart Healthy Living is accepting additional vendors for the event. To promote products or services at the fair, contact Im, 727-512-3017. Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017



february 2017


FEBRUARY 1-7 PROSPERITY PLUS - 10 weeks starting Wed Feb. 1, 7 pm …a new way of living. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD, 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, (727) 822-8628 Info:

FEBRUARY 8-14 FREE HEALTH SEMINAR: Beyond CBD: The Future of Whole Food Hemp with Jason Mitchell, HempFusion. Learn what phytocannabinoids are, how they work in the body & why they are becoming such a popular topic of discussion. Discover safe & legal full-spectrum phytocannabinoid products. Thursday, February 9th @ 6:30pm. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 YOGA TO MASTER STRESS – FEBRUARY 11 , 1pm – 3:30pm. The steady growth of stress in an unhealthy direction has become the current cultural norm. This high level of stress is the cause of many disorders and diseases as well as being an amplifier for existing issues. Discover how the ancient mind/body/life practices of authentic Yoga can be tailored to challenge this direction and all the ill effects that come with unhealthy stress. Cost is included with unlimited pass or $25 without. Sign up:,, 727-894-9642 IYENGAR WORKSHOP with Anastasia Bizzarri February 11th , 1-3pm - Gain flexibility. build strength .​ Realign the body. Improve the overall posture and increase mental and physical strength and stamina. This dynamic workshop is open to all levels. Anastasia is Iyengar certified with 15 yrs of experience. $25 advance/ $30 at the door to book call 727-712-0365 or www.hotyogaclearwater. com, Yoga365 in Clearwater

FEBRUARY 15-21 NATURE’S FOOD PATCH 30TH ANNIVERSARY: FREE SPECIAL EVENT Celebrate with Us! Save the date! We are celebrating our 30th anniversary, 80s style. Join us and enjoy free samples, celebratory sales and more. Our employees will be wearing their best 1980s outfits, customers are invited to dress the part too. We hope to see everyone there! Saturday, February 18th @ 11am – 4pm. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755

FEBRUARY 22-28 YOGA FOR THE ATHLETE – FEBRUARY 25 , 1pm – 3:30pm. Learn how to use yoga to restore flexibility, promote recovery and prevent injury in your sport. Ideal for fitness walkers, runners, cyclists, triathletes, and other athletes. No experience needed. 26 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Workshop cost is included with unlimited pass or $25 without. Sign up: StPeteYoga. com,, 727-894-9642 SHAMANIC EXPLORER - Sat Feb. 25, 9:30 am - 6 pm, An Introduction to the Mystery of Love. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD - 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, (727) 822-8628 Info: templeofthelivinggod. org ROCKET 2 WORKSHOP with Miranda Zimmer (Ashtanga) 1-3pm, February 25th, modified 2nd series with advanced A&B postures, Inversions and deep hip openers. slower paced and spending extra time in the foundational postures. Open to Intermediate to advanced yogis, $25 advance/$30 at the door to book call 727-712-0365 or, Yoga365 in Clearwater J.D. MARTIN & JAN GARRETT, ASCAP award winning musicians, will present a heartcentered message and meaningful music, Sun Feb. 26, 10:30 am. Offering accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Av, Suite 107,; 813962-4361.

ONGOING LEARN MEDITATION: A HEARTFULNESS APPROACH and it’s FREE of Charge! Experience peace, joy and your deepening spiritual connectedness through simple techniques to quiet the mind, open the heart and transcend personal limitations using the teachings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Offered as a community service by the Sri Chinmoy Centre of Tampa Bay. For more information please call 727-831-1124.www. ESSENTRICS/AGING BACKWARDS PROGRAM Would you like to look and feel younger in just 30 minutes a day? Classes/ Thurs, 9:30am, Hale Senior Center, Dunedin. Schedule a Free 45 minute consultation with Arielle,

Special offers and rates/813-545-7173, CRYSTAL BOWL MEDITATION - Wednesdays, 7pm. Rev. Virginia Walsh plays the crystal bowls, leads guided meditation with periods of silence. After meditation individual prayer is offered. Offering accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. Ste. 107, Tampa, FL 33613, www.unitynorthtampa. org. QIGONG FREE CLASS FOR BLISSFUL RELAXATION 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Every Monday New Port Richey Library, Main Street Contact: Debbie Plotkin SUNDAY CELEBRATION SERVICE. 10:30 a.m., Suncoast Center for Spiritual Living, Roland Park School, 1510 N. Manhattan Ave., Tampa. Meditation 10–10:15 a.m., bookstore 10–10:30. Service begins at 10:30. A welcoming, diverse spiritual community. Children’s program available. UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL LECTURE - Every Monday at 6 pm. You’ve always known you had potential. Isn’t it time you unleashed it? Come to this lecture and find out how you can be happy and successful. Refreshments are served. Cost: FREE. Dianetics Foundation of Tampa 1300 E. 8th Ave. Tampa, Juan Carlos (813) 872-0722

FUTURE YOGA 365 COSTA RICA RETREAT with Aaron Ledesma, June 12th-17th, 5 night escape focused on yoga, mindfulness and healing. Bask in tranquility at Pura Vida Spa, a private mountainside retreat. daily heated and non heated yoga sessions. fresh local cuisine. from $865. included- 3 gourmet meals/day, accomodations, daily yoga sessions. call 727-712-0365 or www.hotyogaclearwater. com

I finally realized that my only recourse was to forget everything I thought I knew and surrender to a state I called “the great unknown.”

Unique Services I offer to you... • • • • • • •

Call me at: (727) 821-8300 My website: Email:

Evolutionary Astrological Consultations Evolutionary Growth and Personal Consultations Energy Medicine and Acupuncture Teaching, Mentoring, Classes Travel Experiences to Mt. Shasta, South Africa and the White Lions, Egypt, Peru Guest Lecture, Teaching and Speaking Workshops in Evolutionary Astrology, MAP, the I Ching. The Pyramids of Light. Contact us 813-501-4894 •

Connections By Dr. Chris Jackson, PhD, DOM


ur connectedness to each other, personally and professionally, is essential to the continuous development and expansion of the quantum shift we are seeing in mindfulness practices and holistic natural, functional, and integrative medicine. Systematic study of self-reports suggests that an individual’s belief systems, expectancies, and assumptions exert a strong influence on his/her state of well-being. Thus, the shifting belief systems of our populations, as part of a growing universal consciousness, contribute to the overall well-being of human beings and move us forward on a path to wellness. It is my belief that we are all connected with a universal source that fuels our growth spiritually, vibrationally, energetically, and physiologically. To a certain extent, technology is enhancing this connectedness as we live in a time in which the sharing of information is happening at a pace never seen in the history of human kind. Yet simultaneously the use of handheld devices, such as smart phones and tablets, may be furthering the cause of isolation. As children and adults, couples and friends sit at a table playing computer games or even texting each other (across the table), a fundamental part of being human begins to fade from our society. Simply speaking to each other, sharing the events of the day, and growing relationships in more complete communicative pathways that include body language, eye contact, and human touch, may help us improve our interpersonal connectedness. Basic human dignity may be awakened as we expand our understanding of the journey we all walk together. By sharing our true selves, exploring our commonality, and enjoying the richness of humanity offered within our communities, we further the cause that unites us and our society as a whole. The shared common interpersonal energy, the fulfillment we receive from the closeness we experience as our energies converge, helps to diminish our stressors and allows us to find our own • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

individual centers, grounding us within the common pool of our energies. Wellness will grow as we mindfully shift our consciousness and understand the many factors affecting our health and well-being, as individuals and as a society. Within our daily lives, awareness of how we communicate greatly affects our level of connectedness. At times, we may be distracted subconsciously by elements of the English language as it differentiates before it generalizes. For example, we talk of a white woman rather than a woman who is white, or an autistic child rather than a child who has autism. Thus, we may tend to be initially focused on race, disability, or the like, rather than the basic humanity of the individual. Due to this kind of prioritization in our language and culture, we are inclined to note the differences first, rather than the commonality. By gaining awareness of the nuance and implications of the language, increasing the depth of our self-expression, and loosening the reigns of the limitations of conventional cultural norms, we may begin tuning into the energies around and among us. We are all connected and as a society we have a huge need to understand these connections first. To paraphrase Steven Covey, the author of the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, in order to improve our connectedness we need to seek first to understand. By focusing our efforts on understanding the other person first, clarifying and verifying our understanding, and only then coherently feeding back our own interpretations to help others understand our views, we may further the cause of peace, civility, serenity, and connectedness in our relationships and as a society. Let’s face it. We need each other as much as we need ourselves. Let’s all tune into ourselves at deeper levels, and deeply enjoy sharing the human experience with each other. Namaste. Be well. BY DR. CHRIS JACKSON, DOM, PhD Natural Health, PhD-c Behavioral Medicine A Path to Wellness 7901 4th Street North Suite 312, St. Pete, Fl. 33702 727-329-9637 Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017



Boost Energy Naturally

veryone gets tired. More often than not a couple of early nights puts things right. If you are feeling tired or flat all the time, however, and even routine daily tasks feel like a big effort, you may need to look at your diet and habits. Our bodies can be put under severe stress from a less than wholesome diet, and from daily chemical intake from food additives. We are affected, too, by environmental pollution ranging from electro-magnetic radiation from our increasingly hi-tech lives, to traffic and industrial pollutants in the air we breathe.

production of your sleep hormone, melatonin, and your happy hormone, serotonin. Eating a protein rich food at every meal is helpful. Choices can come from wild fish, organic eggs, nuts and seeds, pulses, legumes, quinoa, or sprouted seeds and beans, or organic meat.

Lesser symptoms may include: • Palpitations • Sweating • Feeling faint or problems with balance • Headaches • Feeling sick • Mood swings

Change your habits Good sleep hygiene is essential to combat tiredness. Over time we have extended our daylight hours significantly, which is affecting us negatively. It is too easy to stay stimulated before we go to sleep. We need to create ‘winding down’ habits; excluding television, internet searching, or mobile phone device applications. We have forgotten about lavender baths or foot soaks, reading books, listening to relaxing music. If you have trouble sleeping, you need to start breaking some bad habits with some new nourishing ones. This also includes removing the communication devices from your bedroom which should contain as little electrical equipment as possible, and increasing your outdoor exercise during the day. Look carefully at the chemicals contained in your personal care products, from shampoo to face products, to sunscreen. Toxic ingredients may be sabotaging your health. Smoking and significant consumption of alcohol should be stopped.

Change your diet Eating organic whole foods is a good way to cut down on your daily dose of toxins. Keeping blood sugar well balanced throughout the day with meals that contain protein and healthy fats as well as carbohydrates can also make a real difference to our energy levels over the course of the day. The foods we choose not only give us energy, but certain plant compounds can manipulate how our bodies function. A nutritional therapist can help you look into certain food groups that you may be missing. Protein is essential for every single cell in the body. It breaks down into amino acids and these key nutrients are part of many different functions in the body; including the 28 FEBRUARY 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

• Problems with memory or concentration • Sore throats • Tender neck or armpit glands • Muscle pain (myalgia) • Headaches of a new type, pattern or severity • Unrefreshing sleep • Post-exertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours • Multi-joint pain (arthralgia) without swelling or redness

Some amino acids need help from cofactors to be utilised sufficiently; your B vitamins, Magnesium and vitamin C levels are some of these key helpers. They are found in vegetables and by increasing your intake to at least 8 portions a day you can meet your daily needs. If you’re living largely from processed foods, these key nutrients will be missing. Drinking water is of course essential to life: 85% of our brains are made from it. Dehydration can manifest as tiredness, fatigue and low mood. We should aim to drink 2 litres of clean water a day.

When tiredness continues For some people, unexplained fatigue continues no matter how much rest is taken. If your GP has ruled out any underlying health problems that may be contributing to your tiredness, and if you experience unexplained tiredness for more than 6 months, combined with at least 4 other symptoms from the list below, you may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS):

The causes of CFS can vary from person to person and usually stem from any number of underlying imbalances, all of which can be affected by food and environmental or emotional factors. These include everything from nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, toxicity, low energy output (from mitochondria, which form part of the cells responsible for energy production) and viral infections, to psychological stress, metabolic disturbances (especially in the liver), autonomic nervous system or immune dysfunction, and allergies. Everyone is biochemically different, and therefore no two cases either or tiredness, or of chronic fatigue syndrome are the same. Depending on imbalances identified in the body, there are many nutritional approaches which can help. Acupuncture, and herbal medicine are additionally useful therapies. The message for sufferers of tiredness is a positive one. You CAN feel better, but you may have to re-evaluate the way that you live.

HERMANN KEPPLER, founder and President of the American School of Natural Health, has more than 30 years experience in treating patients as a Naturopath. During his studies in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Denmark and the USA, he gained specialist skills in Homeopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Clinic Management. He has written several books and has given many interviews on radio and TV. Clearwater, FL 813445-4202 or send an email to Contact us 813-501-4894 •

Soul Mate Connection


- Adapted from the Edgar Cayce teachings

lmost every person feels a longing for companionship, a special connection with a special someone. At times, we may understand this desire as a directive toward union with God, and at other times, as a desire for union with another person. Many may label this a soul mate. Two ideas come together in the material from the Edgar Cayce teachings concerning the choice of a companion-particularly a life partner. First is the principle that we are here on the earth for the purpose of growth and development in consciousness. Associations with some individuals are more conducive to growth than associations with others; therefore, it is prudent to choose our companions carefully. This principle is probably easy for us to accept if we merely reflect on the types of connections various friends and acquaintances have had on us in the past. The impact is most powerful in a partnered relationship, and a good union should be founded upon a shared purpose in life and the capacity to help each other to grow. This may be considered a soul mate connection. We, as spiritual beings (or souls), experience our growth in consciousness through a series of connections with other people. We have had close personal relationships with particular souls. Attraction to another person and thoughts of marriage and/or partnership could very likely be related to memory patterns (even subconscious memories!) of having been with that soul in the distant past. Often, we are attracted to a particular person for marriage and/or partnership in this lifetime because of such a relationship at least once before. As Edgar Cayce suggested in his readings, reincarnation is a fact. We might expect that we have been married or partnered to many souls in the course of other incarnations. Which one of these partnerships is the best one to build upon now, in this life? Does each person have exactly one other special soul that we are meant to be with whenever possible? Not necessarily. There are many souls who may be a very compatible connection for us this lifetime. The attraction and connection depends on may very intricate factors. Such as desires, expectations, health, attitude,

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needs, age, money, pheromones, sexual chemistry, spiritual beliefs, religious affiliations, children, location, demographics, career choices, personality, looks, family influences, as well as many more. However, in order to learn and grow, our soul chooses many experiences, many people, and many circumstances for our highest and best expression. Soul connections are varied and always meaningful, but not necessarily happy, joyful and, especially not perfect. Many experiences are needed and wanted. Our soul does strive for balance and/or a complement that is needed, such as can be found in a soul mate partner. This is not to say that important spiritual growth is impossible during a life without marriage or partnership; rather, the marriage or partnership relationship is one great avenue for development. What, then, is a soul mate? Is it the soul that one has married in the most incarnations? Frequency of marriage or partnership may be one factor because, according to Cayce, status as soul mates is built by shared physical experiences over a long period. However, a more precise understanding is this: A soul mate is a complement to oneself. It is more than merely a physical attraction; it is a capacity to help each other at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. One could have more than a solitary soul mate, although such a fact is not explicitly spelled out in any Cayce reading. However, we should, no doubt, be cautious about leaving a current marriage partner merely because of an attraction to someone else. In all likelihood, the very same problems and “opportunities” we are currently facing would be the same regardless of which partner we have in our lives-in relationships we most often come to terms with those things we need to work on in ourselves, even though we might sometimes think of our partner as being the source of our frustration. Those who come across the idea of soul mates after having already married can still rest assured that their partner is, in fact, a “soul mate.” Finally, we might ask ourselves, “Where does this subject of soul mates lead us? Is our destiny to find and be reunited with some other special soul?” As helpful as marriage or partnership relationships may be, it is our destiny to find wholeness

within our own souls. The principle of soul mate connections are, therefore, potentially both helpful and misleading. These concepts can help us understand some of the key factors in making a wise choice of a marriage or partnership and can remind us that some relationships are tremendous storehouses of love and helpfulness which can be reawakened. Also, some relationships are for the primary purpose of healing and growth on many levels of our being. However, these concepts can be misleading if we forget that our ultimate companion is our own soul-our higher consciousness. REV. MARCELLA ZINNER, M.M. A., Ch.T, ThM, Reiki Master, is a teacher of spiritual awareness as well as real life circumstances to facilitate change, peace and harmony. Natural clairvoyant talents and intuitive counseling abilities, regression therapy and spiritual development classes.; at mzinner@tampabay. or call 727-785-8780.

Tampa Bay Wellness • FEBRUARY 2017



Tampa Bay Wellness Resource Directory HOLISTIC STRESS MANAGEMENT


Dawn Balusik, AP, DOM Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition


Natural relief from Allergies, Infections, Headaches, Fatigue, Neck/Back/ Knee Pain, Endometriosis, Infertility, Menopause and more.

2431 Estancia Blvd., Ste A-2 Clearwater, FL 33761.

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St. Petersburg HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY Integrative & Holistic Psychotherapy EMDR, EFT, Mindfulness & More. Individual & Couples, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Relationships, Transitions, Trauma & more.

Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA. Fl. Lic. S.W.0001738

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Pathways To Awakening

Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760


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ing to achieve the best in your personal relationships, professional or business goals? Try coaching with a certified coach. You will be amazed at the results! Call Coach Dianne M. Kipp, BSN, PCC, CTT - Coaching Courageous Living choices for over 8 years - Illuminating Possibilities & Moving you from Good to Great! Complimentary Personal Values Assessment & session available.

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Second-generation astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. Over 25 years of experience. Insightful, unique perspective on goals and issues. “Together we will unveil your soul’s purpose.” 727-239-7179


Astrology for Your Soul

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Sri Chinmoy Centre of Tampa Bay Learn to Meditate


Eastern Light for the Western Mind We offer FREE meditation workshops using the heart-centered teachings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Experience an integral lifestyle of peace, devotion, good health and dynamism. •

South Tampa Premier Massage Center

INTRODUCTORY OFFER First Massage Swedish Massage, 50 Min. Offer Expires end of this month


937 S. Howard Ave., Tampa (813) 254-4777 HOLISTIC ENERGY MEDICINE Sentient Temple Healing Center

Dr. Alexander, DMQ(China), Dr. Terri Dluhy, MMQ, PhD.

A healing/teaching facility using energy modalities, natural remedies and disease prevention. Specializing in cancer treatment and hard to treat health issues. We have successfully treated extremely ill patients around the world.

727-323-2793 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY Carolyn Puckett, MPT, MS Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner & Physical Therapist

Release tension and physical, emotional, mental discomfort and pain. Myofascial Release works deeply on the crystalline matrix of the body (fascia) and gives you lasting results. Safety Harbor

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Pain Relief | Holistic approach:

Neurosomatic Therapy Neurosomatic Therapy is an evolution in the massage therapy field that incorporates a wide range of techniques to alleviate chronic and acute pain. Postural asymmetry assessments are performed during each session to identify and locate the areas of the body that are at the root of the painful condition. Cranial Balancing, Soft tissue manipulation, Visceral (Organ) massage and Joint Mobilizations are some of the therapies that may be applied during any given session. A balanced posture and a body that is functioning optimally is one that can be free of pain. There are many conditions that have been treated successfully using NST:

Joint Disorder CALL TODAY! •• Temporomandibular Sciatica FOR RELIEF TODAY

• Whiplash • Plantar Fasciitis • Hip Pain • Low Back Pain • Scoliosis • Neck Pain • Thoracic Outlet • Carpal Tunnel • Golfers/Tennis Elbow • Migraine Headaches • and Frozen Shoulder to name a few.

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Medium Clairvoyant Reiki Master Do you want to communicate with a loved one on the other side?

She can help you find the answers you need now.

To schedule a reading or energy work call: (813) 340-1874 or email: for more info on Karla please visit Located in Tampa, FL

...Your bridge between the spiritual & physical world...

The BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that promotes eco-centric living, social justice, personal development, creativity and the vibrant interplay between these interdependent aspects of life.

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HORMONE THERAPY At Hermann Wellness we prescribe Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy to balance hormones for men and women. Bio-Identical hormones are similar to the molecular structure of the hormones our body naturally produces. Using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allows us to use the lowest possible dose of hormones to address your symptoms and easily adjust the dose as needed. We evaluate your need for testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and Clomid. Forms of BioIdentical Hormone Replacement for men and women include: Creams | Patches | Troches | Pellets | Pills | Injectables After your evaluation and assessment, you can take your individualized prescription to a compounding pharmacy or we can have it shipped to you directly. Please feel free to contact us at or call to make an appointment.

BENEFITS OF HORMONE THERAPY? Increase Lean Muscle Mass Decrease Body Fat Increase Sexual Function Reduce Wrinkles

Decrease Cardiovascular Risk Restore Energy & Vitality Improvement of Well-Being Improvement of Mood


• Undergraduate degree from Binghamton University – 1995 • Medical school at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Med School – 2000 • Residency at Columbia University and served as chief resident – 2003 • Board Certified in Internal Medicine – 2003 • Training in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians from UCLA Medical school – 2004 • Certified as a Professional Hypnologist from the Cord Institute of Hypnosis – 2004 • Board Certified as a Physician Nutrition Specialist- 2004 • Advanced training in botox, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic procedures • Holistic approach to medicine • Specialization in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine

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