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March 2018




MARCH 2018

Tampa Bay Wellness


March Modality Madness ice 1/2 pr 4 n Sale o es liti Moda $15 for 30 minutes or $30 for 1 hour for each 4 modality

1) Ion Foot Bath which pulls toxins and foreign substances out through the feet to cleanse and purify the entire body. 2) Jade and Tourmaline Bio Mat generates negative ions with warmth to help relieve pain & stiffness, and enhances immunity and detoxes the body of harmful pathogens 3) Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber session which increases oxygen delivery throughout the body, to enhance the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate 4) AmpCoil combines PEMF+Biofeedback+Bioresonance to help manage stress & pain, supports nutrition & organ systems, neutralizes microbes, metals and toxins to promote cleansing. Originally developed for treatment of Lyme disease. We are here to assist in the Universal shift in consciousness that is happening. Through an assorted array of experiential modalities, people have a safe place to heal, learn and share their feelings, experiences, talents and knowledge with others of a like mind. It is a place of love, peace and tranquility energized by natural energy for all to share in, if they choose. We are always excited to meet new and old friends.

LOVE. Lisa, Gene & our Staff!

Gene and Lisa

$5 Yoga, Tai Chi Classes in March


Kris Lorello

Teaching Hatha Yoga

Mon at 9am and Fri at 11am

David Yee Tai Chi

Tuesdays & Saturdays 9am

Monica Stolz

Pet Psychic and Holistic Health Psychic Thursday & Friday 12-5



3964 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677 www.tampabaywellness.com

MARCH 2018

Call to register for classes or to book an Appointment for our Services. Or download our free mobile app: “The Zen Zone Experience” 3


-Eckhart Tolle “Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and it is secondary. Your inner purpose is to awaken. It is as simple as that. You share that purpose with every other person on the planet – because it is the purpose of humanity. Your inner purpose is an essential part of the purpose of the whole, the universe and its emerging intelligence. Your outer purpose can change over time. It varies greatly from person to person. Finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose. It is the basis for true success. Without that alignment, you can still achieve certain things through effort, struggle, determination, and sheer hard work or cunning. But there is no joy in such endevor, and it invariably ends in some form of suffering.”




Keith Matter


Jenna Fox


Karla M. Gutierrez



Danni Matter

Medium Clairvoyant Reiki Master


Do you want to communicate with a loved one on the other side?

To receive information about becoming part of Tampa Bay Wellness through advertising or editorial please

She can help you find the answers you need now.

To schedule a reading or energy work call: (813) 340-1874 or email: kgutierr@tampabay.rr.com for more info on Karla please visit www.karla-gutierrez.com Located in Tampa, FL



...Your bridge between the spiritual & physical world...


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MARCH 2018

Tampa Bay Wellness


Intuitive Practitioner Intuitive Practitioner ”Helping frequency ”Helpi ng to torairaise se thethefrequency for the healing of humanity”


CarrollwoodStock................................................ 7 Spring Cleaning................................................... 10


for the healing of humanity”

Intuitive Guidance and Theta Wellness

Intuitive Guidance and Theta Wellness

727-804-8174 * terri@terricabral.com * www.terricabral.com


727-804-8174 * terri@terricabral.com * www.terricabral.com

Curcumin............................................................. 11 THEME - PURPOSE

True Purpose....................................................... 8 Frequency Holder’s............................................. 14 What’s the Point.................................................. 16 Reason for Being................................................. 18 One is All - All is One........................................... 22

Rev. Janet M. Reynolds Intuitive Counselor Certified Spirit Medium www.bluefeather.net janet@bluefeather.net 813-814-1601

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When Life Gives You Lemons............................. 30 BODY

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Self-compassion.................................................. 12 The Stigma of Crazy............................................ 27 HOLISTIC PETS

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MARCH 2018


Finding Inner Peace Through Meditation

Presented by


plus guided meditation Friday, March 2, 2018 8:00 P.M. Brother Nakulananda a monk of the Self-Realization Fellowship Monastic Order

THE HOLIDAY INN Tampa Westshore Airport 700 N. Westshore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33609

The Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

For further information, please call ( 81 3 ) 505-3 6 01 or visit our website

Self-Realization Fellowship

www. SRFtampabay.o rg

BE THE TEACHER Why Teach Yoga:

Located in the North Tampa/Lutz Area

• Deepen your physical practice • Learn some skills • Find your yoga family • Challenge yourself mentally and physically • Explore your spirituality • Become a teacher


Sunday February 18th, 2:30pm Saturday March 3rd 1:30pm

Call: 813-955-1262 www.SunYogaTampa.com 6

Warm Friendly Relaxed

Holding small group training sessions. This sets us apart from the rest of the crowd. MARCH 2018

Tampa Bay Wellness



Injecting nutrients directly into the blood stream may be the best option to ensure that your body is getting what it needs. This is the goal of IV nutritional therapy.


From hair regrowth to facelifts to improvements in sexual satisfaction Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy offers you natural solutions you’ve been looking for.


he Carrollwood Village Homeowners Associations will host Carrollwoodstock, an outdoor music festival open to the community at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, located at 4537 Lowell Road in Tampa, on Saturday, March 3 from noon until 5 p.m. The event will feature five bands, each representing a different musical genre every hour. The festival will open at noon with George Pennington III playing a mix of blues. Pennington has been featured on local radio station WMNF 88.5’s “Live Music Showcase” and ABC Channel 10’s “Studio 10 Live”. In 2013, he was selected to be one of 25 participants in the GRAMMY Museum’s “GRAMMY Music Revolution Project”. Following Pennington will be Ozona Roots at 1 p.m. The band will perform selections from artists such as Neil Young, John Cougar Mellencamp, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash and more. Next, the rock bank Fifty Grit will perform 60s classic rock as well as current rock music from today. Fifty Grit is scheduled to perform at 2:10 p.m. FUJO, an indie Motown band founded in 2017, will take the stage at 3:10 p.m., performing music that blends folk, classic rock, punk rock, j-rock, jazz, and Motown. The festival will close with Tampa singer-songwriter Greg White Jr. at 4:10 p.m. White’s music blends fresh rock-country sounds with traditional country elements. Admission to Carrollwoodstock is free. For more information about free community events and festivals at the Center, visit carrollwoodcenter.org or email Aaron Washington at aaron@carrollwoodcenter.org. #



Invitation to free seminars: Stress, Hormones and Belly fat. RSVP: 727-330-3844


Our approach combines conventional and complementary treatment options to achieve optimal health for the patient, and it is based on the research which demonstrates that the human body has an innate healing mechanism. Illness occurs when the regenerative processes in the body are disturbed and the body can no longer keep itself healthy.

Dr. Andreas Grossgold, MD

A well renowned international speaker and a leading wellness expert on the following subjects: Anti-aging Hormone Replacement Therapy Stress, Hormones, Belly Fat Reversing Diabetes Thyroid issues Low T, P-Shots

The Carrollwood Cultural Center is a partnership between Hillsborough County and the Friends of the Carrollwood Cultural Center. The mission of the Friends of the Center is to create culture through community and community through culture. The Friends of the Carrollwood Cultural Center, a 501(c)3 organization. For more information visit the Center website at www.carrollwoodcenter.org. www.tampabaywellness.com

MARCH 2018

Chelation Therapy Holistic & Natural Medicine Epigenetics PRP O-shot Breast Lift Facial Rejuvenation

1001 S. Fort Harrison Ave. Suite 200 - Clearwater, FL

727-330-3844 www.TheGClinic.org


THEME - Purpose

True Purpose What is your true purpose in life?

By Carolyn Puckett


tate your intention to live for true purpose and you will begin. Ask and receive the answer, seek and find, knock and the door that aligns can then appear to you to step through. As you ask, seek, knock within and then manifest into the outer world, you will experience true purpose. Surrender and let go of old habits, limited beliefs, negative thinking and set yourself free to discover who you are as a soul embodied and manifest your true purpose as you are living life. All is energy in the Universe. Consciousness can expand as one focuses on being more aware and clearing away non- beneficial habits, negative thinking, subconscious clutter and discordant subconscious programs, for they will continue to manifest and result in similar outcomes. Clear, delete, repro-


gram those kind of thoughts, emotions and actions. Command your awareness to consciously choose and define with details what you desire to experience. See and live every moment as new and choose to live fully present, in the moment. One miraculous healing path I found on my path of discovering true purpose was Spiritual Response Therapy or SRT. It’s an energy healing process that involves researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness, spiritual growth and soul evolution. It clears the subconscious clutter and programs at the subconscious mind of the soul to allow you to be freer and able to live out your greatest potential. Intuitive development is important

 Therapy With Heart  HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY         

A Community Metaphysical Church

Honoring the Divine Within Sunday Services 11:00 a.m. Rev. LeRoy Zemke, Pastor

• Educational Classes • Discussion Groups • Alternative Healing • Psychic Fairs • Miracles Bookstore

• Gifts, Candles, Greeting Cards Come Join Us!

1950 2nd Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33713 (727) 822-8628 (727) 822-3157 Visit our Website for Class Information



Breathwork / E.F.T. Energy Psychology EMDR / Mindfulness Rapid Trauma Resolution Abuse History / Grief / PTSD Anxiety / Depression Relationships / Couples Divorce / Life Transitions Women’s & Men’s Issues

Gentle Guidance Through the Healing Journey Transforming Into Self Discovery and

Celebrations of the Heart Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA 238 E. Davis Blvd., Suite 302 Tampa, FL 33606

www.mytherapywithheart.com therapist.psychologytoday.com43613

(813) 258-3906 LIC # SW0001738 MARCH 2018

to learn about, then practice, so that you can connect to your Higher Self to receive guidance, knowledge, wisdom and knowing true purpose as you live out each day. For the majority of people, we have lived in separation, not knowing about the Higher Self, so it takes practice to link up and synchronize connection and communication in order to use this channel for everything in life—to get the details for guidance, knowledge, wisdom and true purpose. With this Higher Self channel, we can live true purpose and have the highest outcomes for manifesting joy, prosperity and abundance. As one practices, intuition starts happening more and more and with daily practice, it can become more frequent and ongoing, and perhaps even developing into telepathic communication over time. What you’re not aware of, you cannot change. With awareness, there can be transformation, healing, new potentials, opportunities, enhanced relationships and co-partnering opportunities, prosperity and abundance. True purpose is powerful. Just begin to meditate on “true purpose” every day and set the intention to start manifesting true purpose. Then as the awareness of details for true purpose are known to you, create short-term and long-term goals and then manifest true purpose. Soon you will start to see changes in you and your life, opportunities for expansion and sharing. That is the way to create a joyful, prosperous, abundant and fulfilled life. Life is for the living of true purpose—affirm it, choose it, live it! Carolyn Puckett is an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Intuition Development Teacher. www.BlissMyofascialRelease.com. Facebook- Bliss Myofascial Release. Tampa Bay Wellness

Asana Yoga Presents

Let Your Journey Begin

2018 813-390-3887



MARCH 2018




Spring cleaning: Clean the forgotten places in your home

t’s spring cleaning season, but you don’t have to dread the chores associated with freshening your home for warm weather. With the winter chill still in the air, thoughts turn to warmer weather, days spent outdoors and one dreaded task -spring cleaning. This year, avoid the huge overhaul and use simple steps to ensure your home is sparkling fresh and clean, even in places you might forget to look. Follow the advice of “The Accidental Housewife” Julie Edelman and use these simple tips and tricks to help maintain a clean home while preserving both your pocketbooks and manicures.

Counter attack: Keepin’ it clear

The average household uses 20 percent of its kitchen-related tools 80 percent of the time - that’s a lot of space wasters. This spring, invest in long-lasting and functional appliances that will stand the test of time. You can also use hooks and shelves over the cooking area to clear space on counters and in cabinets.

De-stink the wash: Keepin’ it smellin’ clean

Residue from laundry soil, water hardness, and detergent residue can build up and cause odor in your washing machine during the wash cycle. This is actually a common problem that many high efficiency (HE) machine owners face, and they do not know how to fix it. Fear not - your machine is not broken and your detergent is working just fine. Help is here, with handy-dandy, manicure-friendly, premeasured packets called Tide Washing Machine Cleaner that help remove those odor causing residues. Just tear one open and pour into your powder dispenser (works in either your HE or traditional washer) and it’ll help wash away those stinky smells and residues, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Tampa's Premier Metaphysical Center

Fight the fungus among us: Keepin’ it dry

Moisture build-up can become a nasty problem whether it is in your towels, clothing or footwear. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, so keep shoes and clothing dry by using newspaper to absorb excess water. During warmer months, make sure to toss towels into the dryer instead of placing on lines to dry.

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Practice feng shui the simple way: Keepin’ it organized

2517 W. Henry Avenue

Feng shui is all about placing things in a certain way to find harmony and balance within your surroundings and to ease the flow of chi (that’s Chinese for energy, not tea). To help keep the positive energy flowing, take steps to de-clutter your home. Throw away junk mail you keep lying around as well as magazines that are older than three months. You can also toss remotes or other gadgets you have lying around into decorative boxes with fun flower patterns for spring. 10

Tampa, Fl 33614 On the campus of Harmony Metaphysical Church

813-932-6452 We hope to create inspirational gifts ideas to help inspire and elevate the spirit at times of struggle or need. And for those moments when life is good we help you celebrate with gifts that inspire. With angels guiding us we give our creativity and personal touch to each occasion.

EarthAngel_Gifts@Yahoo.com Benjamin Daniel Hall EarthAngelGifts.com Owner / Teacher / Tarot Medium

MARCH 2018

Tampa Bay Wellness

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(863) 286.1400

The next time you feel utterly beat after playing sports, try taking curcumin supplements instead of the usual pain-killers. That’s the recommendation of a new European study conducted on injured and hurting rugby players, reported a NutraIngredients.com article. The European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences recently published the results of a pilot-study by several Italian pharmaceutical companies regarding the effectiveness of Meriva, a proprietary curcumin supplement that’s delivered through a lecithin base. The 50 male rugby players who participated in the small study sported symptoms of osteo-muscular discomfort. Causes include chronic pain, deliberate overload during exercise and tackling – or getting tackled by – opponents during games. These players were treated with either standard analgesic drugs or Meriva-based curcumin supplements. They underwent observation for a period of 20 days. The study found out that curcumin supplements could match typical analgesics when it comes to reducing muscle soreness following intense physical activity, as well as remedy pain derived from injuries. (Related: Don’t take ibuprofen during pregnancy, especially if you’re having a boy: Research shows it suppresses testosterone and disrupts male development.)

$10 OFF

Fresh Organic Produce Grass Fed Meat | Raw Dairy & Natural Groceries

Delivered to your Door!

PATHWAYS TO AWAKENING Center for Intuitive & Spiritual Studies

Intuitive Development Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760

Pain relief without gastric side effects The supplement group took a one-gram tablet of Meriva every 12 hours for either five days or 10 days. The analgesics drugs group received medication for three, five or 10 days. The researchers used a Visual Analog Scale to assess any changes in pain as experienced by the players. They determined the level of improvement in physical function through an arbitrary 0 to 10 scale. A score of 0 indicated complete functionality while a rating of 10 denoted total impairment. The limited number of participants precluded the inclusion of a control group. According to the study, both groups reported positive improvements during the monitoring period. Players reported decreased pain and increased physical capability during treatment. The results for the curcumin supplement group matched those from the conventional analgesics group. Curcumin is found in the popular spice turmeric. Extracted from the dried rhizome of the turmeric plant, it’s garnered significant scientific attention due to its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.


mzinner@tampabay.rr.com www.marcellaz.com

Rev. Marcella Zinner. MMA, ChT.Th. M Bio: Rev. Marcella Zinner, MMA, Cht., ThM, is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Panel Psychic for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Marcella specializes in helping others heal emotional and karmic struggles blocks and fears. Marcella has studied at many national Intuitive Development centers including the famed Arthur Findley College for Psychic and Mediumship research in England. She holds a Masters Degree in Theology and is currently a Doctoral candidate for Transpersonal Psychology and Theology at Holos University in Springfield Missouri. Marcella and her husband Charlie are the founders of Pathways to Awakening. Marcella has developed a series of products to uplift your energy and vibration.


MARCH 2018



Why self-compassion is a better motivator than self-criticism

About Laurie J. Cameron: Mindful leadership expert Laurie J. Cameron is author of “The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening” (March 27, 2018). Laurie is founder and CEO of PurposeBlue, an organization that brings evidence-based mindful leadership programs to companies, change makers, universities, and federal agencies.


any of us can be quite tough on ourselves, believing it is necessary to grow, improve, or simply execute our lengthy to-do lists. But research suggests that self-criticism can lead to lowered selfworth, anxiety, and depression. The good news is there is another way. Self-compassion, recognizing a difficult moment or situation, and treating yourself with kindness, as you would a friend, has been found to be empowering and motivating. “In our culture, the unwritten message is that being hard on yourself is the price you have to pay to get things done and meet the often impossible expectations, standards, and ideals we sometimes hold for ourselves,” Laurie says. People may resist a self-compassionate approach, seeing it as “soft” or believing it leads us to avoid problems, stay unmotivated, or become passive about our own or 12

others’ missteps. But researchers have found that the opposite to be true. A 2012 study at UC Berkeley found that self-compassion is more effective than self-criticism and more effective than a self-esteem boost, “not only in helping you cope with a setback, but also in encouraging you to move forward.” Self-compassion creates self-confidence, because you learn to face challenges, disappointments and failures with acceptance and kindness. From this place, you have the ability to choose effective and skillful actions.

Here are three keys to tame your inner critic: 1. Make friends with the voice in your head. Realize that the worrying, scolding voice is trying to help you, keep you out of trouble, and be sure you’re okay. Greet the MARCH 2018

voice with “Thank you. I know you are trying to help. I am okay. I’ve got this.” 2. Realize that you are not alone. It is part of our common experience to struggle or have hard times. Realizing that you are not the only one to fail, experience job loss, drop the ball, hurt others, or make mistakes helps you see that all of this is part of being human. 3. Deepen your self-awareness. Pay attention to the language you use to talk to yourself. Would you say that to a friend? Practice talking to yourself as a kind mentor or close friend would talk to you Laurie can share additional suggestions that can help people be more compassionate with themselves and, in the process, grow more calm and less anxious. “If self-compassion feels counterintuitive, know that you can shift how you see and relate to the voice in your head,” she says Tampa Bay Wellness


CHANNELED ACCELERATED REGRESSION HEALING Alchemist Healing - Eliminate traumas and un-desired presences from many lifetimes which still influence our present and future. Teletransportaion healing is a form of regression therapy, which does not use hyponosis, in which the healer moves from one dimension to the other. It can also be applied to homes and land. Release Blocked Energy - from the physical, emotional and mental “bodies” which helps “forgivings and makes “light”. Receive Cosmic Energy - as much as your heart desires. Cosmic Energy cleans, changes, heals and empowers. Receive Channeled Guidance and Information on health and spiritual wealth. Personal guides and teacher guides answer questions.

I CAN STOP YOUR MIGRAINE HEADACHE! When I put my hand on your forehead I can feel the energy of your headache roll down my arm into my stomach and back. This does not hurt me. After 5-10 minutes your headache will disappear. I can not stop Flu headaches or headaches due to trauma. I charge $20 for this treatment. If you still have a headache after the treatment I will not charge you.


Tommy Wiesenfeld - St. Petersburg, FL

Call Revs. Jacques and Monika Thomet

Phone: 813-335-2748

(941) 741-8736

Daily except Sundays 11am to 8pm





Is something missing from your current health care program?

Sentient Temple Healing Center

Call us today and get on the path to feeling better with.....

5438 3rd Ave S St Petersburg, FL



The Sentient Temple Healing Center is the only clinic of its kind in the Tampa Bay Area. Using Chinese Energy Medicine, the Sentient Temple offers age old wisdom. It is the Medicine of the future, the past and the most sought after powerful modality in Alternative Medicine in the World today! Using your body’s own energy system and natural remedies, the Sentient Temple Healing Center successfully handles conditions which western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous. We offer a 5,000 year old healing system that is considered the most powerful and effective healing system in both western and eastern medicine. Energy Medicine can be used for any condition labeled by western medicine. It deals with both the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspect of dis-ease usually considered the cause of all dis-ease in holistic medicine. www.tampabaywellness.com

MARCH 2018




he Universe now has openings for Frequency Holders. All races, religions and ages are welcome to apply. Training is ongoing. Please submit your intention through direct connection.

Purpose Description: The main function of a frequency holder is anchoring the frequency of the new consciousness on the planet in order to manifest a world where Love and Peace abides. This includes learning how to recognize and cut through false fear, resistance and oth-er lower vibrational energies in order

to reach and maintain higher vibrational states of being.

Qualifications: 1. Willingness to feel Empowered and on Purpose.

Frequency Holders

A Universal Purpose

By Judy Lacroix 14

MARCH 2018

Tampa Bay Wellness

2. Willingness to elevate Unique Vibrational Frequency to the level of Gratitude daily. 3. Willingness to know the Wisdom behind aligning the Heart, Mind and Body. 4. Willingness to experience Divine Self Love. 5. Willingness to just BE. Anyone who has been wondering what their purpose is, or searching for a more meaningful purpose may want to consider becoming a “Frequency Holder”. There are many benefits from serving as a frequency holder for the universe. For example, when one learns to reach and maintain higher vi-brational states of consciousness, they naturally begin to practice and experience more gratitude, compassion, and acceptance. This can eliminate a great deal of time spent on worrying, becoming frustrated or just resisting what is. As one continues to shift their vibrational resonance, and become more aware, they not only elevate their own being but also can elevate others in their immediate vi-cinity, their community and beyond. A frequency holder who serves as a direct connection for the Earth and the Universe can expect to build courage and receive wisdom as a result of making regu-lar connections.

“On the arising new earth, the role of the frequency holder is just as vital as that of the creators, the doers, the reformers. Their function is to anchor the frequency of the new consciousness on the planet. They are here to generate consciousness through the activities of daily life, through their interactions as well as through ‘just being.’”

show up regularly is the most vital requirement to begin with. A fre-quency holder can also expect to learn how to clear lower vibrational energies as they arise. This is done by reviewing and changing old outdated beliefs and behavioral patterns that block further ex-pansion. Training also includes learning to ask for direction and then taking the guided action steps provided. A frequency holder also learns to connect with and use the powerful rhythmic electroma-gnetic field of the heart for energetic communication. An advanced frequency holder will find they have a much better understanding and ability to take command of their own energy in just about any situation. The benefits and experiences one receives as a frequency holder will be unique to each individual. Setting the intention and being willing to show up is all it takes to get started. Even if one is consid-ering frequency holder as an interim purpose, they are welcome to apply. One can certainly gain a whole new perspective about life serving as a “Frequency Holder”. A most fulfilling and benevolent purpose indeed!

JUDY LACROIX - Founder of JustAscendNow and creator of Conscious Ascension. Conscious Ascension occurs when the body, mind and Intrinsic Guidance System are fully united. A Frequency Holder for Global Ascension. A Transformational Mentor who loves showing others how to “take back the command” or authority of their own energy and learn to raise their vibrational resonance. Justascendnow. com; justascendnow@gmail.com or call Judy @727- 386-6543

Eckhart Tolle

Empaths and sensitives often find the purpose of frequency holder suites them well. Even those that are considered creators, doers and reformers (as Eckhart Tolle refers to them in his book A New Earth) can benefit from practicing the higher vibrational state of Be-ing. Frequency holders are re-quired to take time for physical and mental rest and rejuvenation. Working as a frequency holder should be a consideration when searching for an interim purpose option for those in between ca-reers, retired, or when one is experiencing a lower vibrational life occurrence. This purpose can open minds and doors to additional opportunities. Of course, as with any new purpose there is a learning curve. Learning to “just be” can take some practice. The willingness to

Just Ascend Now 5 Fundamental Steps to Raise Your Vibration and become a Frequency Holder. Private Mentoring Sessions Available Classes now forming

Visit www.JustAscendNow.com Join the Love Evolution Rocking the Globe!

HOLISTIC NATURAL MEDICINE Natural, Functional, and Integrative Medicine

A Path to Wellness


The BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that promotes eco-centric living, social justice, personal development, creativity and the vibrant interplay between these interdependent aspects of life. www.tampabaywellness.com

Focused on the Cause

Fertility * Hormones Weight Loss * Anti-Aging Thyroid * Kidneys * Liver Diabetes NATURALLY! We Can Help!

Dr. Chris Jackson PhD, DOM.

(727) 329-9637 www.aptw.net

Acupuncture | Herbal Medicine | Homeopathy | Nutritional Medicine MARCH 2018



What’s the Point? “There is a point in every philosophy at which the “conviction” of the philosopher appears on the scene; or, to put it in the words of an ancient mystery: adventavit asinus, pulcher et fortissimus. (Translation: The ass arrives, beautiful and most brave.)”

Friedrich Nietzsche


or Nietzsche, life didn’t have an automatic inherited meaning or a “universal truth” but rather, he believed, it was up to you to work and find a meaning of life. To find a meaning that aligned with your own reason and aspirations. And just because someone else had a different meaning from you, that didn’t mean that their meaning or your meaning was invalid or less just because it was different. He accepted that all human minds had different ways to cope with the world. However, in his writings, he did write about things he considered nihilist or only brought misery to those that believed it. Many people are embarrassed to ask if life has a meaning or a point. Is this a common feature of our culture? “Certainly it’s a great question to ask if you want to kill a conversation. Throwing “the meaning question” out there for discussion seems to embarrass people, and those who ask it are taken to have some sort of deficit in social skills, ranging from being “too serious” at the milder end to just plain weird. But at the same time people will happily tell you their thoughts on politics, religion and sex, often


without being asked, and sometimes to levels of details which we don’t really want to know. And it’s not unusual to hear approving references made to the Big Bang or to evolution when a discussion accidentally stumbles on something which turns our minds to the origins of life, the universe and everything else. All these topics of more or less everyday conversation ultimately take us to the question of the meaning of life and the value we place on different aspects of it. And of course particular moments in life -- the birth of a child, the death of a loved one (and especially the death of a parent or child), times of serious illness or hardship -- do set us wondering about things, as does the confrontation with evil and suffering. What has changed in our situation is that the culture no longer provides a wider frame of reference to help people make sense of things. One of culture’s functions is to help people go deeper in their questions and wonderings about meaning. Without this framework it’s very difficult to integrate the various silos we occupy in day-to-day life. This throws people back on their own resources. Unless you are

MARCH 2018

very lucky or have some sort of religious background this makes you much more averse to asking “deep” questions. We settle instead for our own personal solutions to the question of meaning, taking “small M” meaning from the little things we find along the way and giving up on the idea of a source of meaning which is available to everyone.” In our secularized society, many people live without a deep sense of purpose. What does your research into the philosophical underpinnings of meaningless show about the success of this approach to existence? “Well, we are living in the middle of what some have called an “anthropological revolution” -- a major attempt to remake human nature and to make it easier than ever before to live without the bothersome need for deeper purpose. Insulation is one of the keys to this: insulation from physical weakness, from material want, and most importantly, from other people. Modern life has made it easier than ever before to live on the surface of existence and apparently without the need for any deeper sense of purpose. The pace of life for one thing gives us little time for reflection, and this suits a lot of us very well. In developed countries, we don’t have to worry about basic survival and we enjoy greater and greater freedom to cut our own course in life. This is one of the great achievements of Western culture, a genuine liberation -- for those who can enjoy it. But the down side is that it is easier than ever before to avoid commitments and to evade dependence -- both the dependence of others on us and the dependence we have on others. The worst thing you can be in personal relationships, so we are told, is dependent. The second worst thing is to have a partner who is dependent on you. But to be human is to be dependent, and to accept the dependence of others on us. AcTampa Bay Wellness

THEME - PURPOSE cepting our need for others when we are weak and our responsibility for others when we are strong is one of the main entry points into the deeper dimensions of existence, to the fully human life. Modern culture, however, seeks the maximum possible freedom from both dependence and responsibility. Insulation is the key to making this work, and while no one lives as in perfect isolation, plenty of us live with sufficient levels of hardness of heart and self-assertion against others to achieve a pretty good approximation of it. I’m not sure this is sustainable, at least not if we want to live lives that are fully human. But I also have to say that the results are not yet in and we could be surprised at how successful this approach may yet prove to be. The promise of a life lived “lightly”, skating gracefully on the surface rather than foundering in the murky depths, has a lot of appeal. It may even prove irresistible. Like other world-remaking revolutions this one too will produce disfigurement rather than utopia. But the difference is that it will come incrementally rather than all at once, and it is amazing what we can get used to when change comes bit by bit.”


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I finally realized that my only recourse was to forget everything I thought I knew and surrender to a state I called “the great unknown.”

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THEME - Purpose

The Reason for Our Being By Trinda Latherow


e understand that which man calls God or the Creator of all, One of all, or Source of all to have many names. For the Christian, it can be Lord or Father in Heaven. For the Muslim it is Allah and for the Hindu it is ParaBrahma, the Supreme God, or Lord Brahma, the god of creation. Those are the names of God, which come from the three largest religions of the world today. In Hebrew scripture, Jewish names for God include Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, Elohim, and El Shaddai. In Buddhism, while a non-theistic religion that does not look to a Creator per se, one does look to the Buddha for certain teachings and attributes as to how to not only live a better or more purposeful life, but eventually escape the seemingly unending cycle of birth and death through a greater enlightenment of self, the goal or reason for our being to reach the highest level of rebirth as a god-like being. While some may be seeking a more god-like existence and others to move ever closer to God, many are still looking for the reason to their being. Asking such age old questions of self and life as who am I and why am I here in human form? What’s the purpose to my being? Why be a child of God, spark of creation, or simply born of flesh, blood, and bone alone? Each wondering if there is indeed a purpose to our life. Yet, before we can begin to answer some of life’s biggest questions, we must first be open to discovering the truths to our existence. We must be open to recognizing the miraculous within the mundane or unexpected within our world and us. We must be open to something beyond what is seen and known to the unseen and unknown. Open to something greater than us alone or a greater power and presence that flows through and around everyone and everything or all of creation. Open to learning who we really are and if only something of whence we came, as well as why we are here. Open to truth above all religions, teachings, or understandings as to our being. Once we welcome truth above all else, we begin to have experiences like no other before. We begin to see our world and 18

us much differently. We begin to see our interconnectedness to everyone and everything. We begin to see the same needs and desires in others as in ourselves and how simply a life in service not only meets or exceeds our hopes and desires, but also answers the question as to the reason for our being. We find purpose in our being among others. Yes, living a more purposeful life or life in service in both real and meaningful ways allow us to see each as an individual expression of creation. Living in service allows us to live more in harmony with every other being or more in peace, love, and joy, especially in a world of billions. So live like a servant! To live like a servant is to think, speak, and act like a servant. Ponder the ways of a servant. Think of how you might be of service in the highest and best ways possible? Speak like a servant. Ask others how you might be of help or useful in some way, be it physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Ask, “If I can be of some service, please call upon me.” Act like a servant. Be ready to be of help, even if you can do nothing but listen or pray. Be of use to someone or at their disposal. Act without the expectation of something in return. It is as easy as remembering your vital connections – to your higher self or the part of you that lives in the best of virtues, to others in both real and meaningful ways, and to a greater power and presence that man calls God or the Creator of all, One of all, or Source of all. Living like a servant is like being a steward and not an owner of anything or anyone. Living like a servant does not lesson us in anyway. Instead, it gives much more. It allows us to learn and grow - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Allows us to heal and become even greater than we were. Living like a servant allows us to share something of ourselves with others, be it our time, talent, or treasure. Reminds us of our divinity or divine ancestry and inherent gifts or innate abilities, those that come in with us at birth for the betterment of all. Allows us to know compassion and generosity. Demonstrate that which is greater than our knowledge and skills – experiential wisdom MARCH 2018

and unconditionally love. Yes, living like a service allows us to experience in ways too numerous to count, miracles both large and small, and finally live as we are truly meant or happier, healthier, and wealthier than ever before. Live more fully and freely from knowing that a life in service is both a necessary and natural part of who we really are and why we are here, if not something of whence we came. Verily, unto God, the Creator of all, or One of all do we belong, and shall one day return. Until then, may you find even greater happiness, health, and true wealth by living more purposefully in joyful service to others – the reason for our being.

About the Author: Trinda Latherow Medium and Spirit Artist www.Trinda.net Appearing at The Zen Zone Experience For all those interested in yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, meditation, aura photos, singing bowls, Scio healing, massage, intuitive (psychic) readings, acupuncture, and even a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, as well as unique gifts for self and others, you are invited to visit The Zen Zone Experience in Oldsmar, Florida. The Zen Zone Experience is more than just a new meditation or metaphysical shop, it is a place to meet and make a closer connection with self, others, and a greater power and presence that fills our every sense with peace, comfort, and joy! Yes, it’s time for joy to enter into our lives and, finally, there is a place for all of us to meet and make a connection like never before. A place we can come into, sit and chat, sip some tea, and come to experience the unexpected or miraculous aspects to our being. A place where friendships form, bodies heal, spirits soar, and minds explore more of our world and us. A place for all the senses to delight in discovering the reason for our being. The Zen Zone Experience, a place for the mind, body, heart, and soul. Offering unique items and services that comfort, uplift, inspire, and heal the whole of us. Meet and make a connection with Amy Howard the new services coordinator, owners Lisa and Gene, and all the practitioners and visitors to The Zen Zone Experience, now open in Oldsmar, Florida at 3964 Tampa Road. Tampa Bay Wellness



In this course, you will learn Usui/Mayan Reiki, I, II, III and Mind Projection, a form of Remote Viewing. This is The Sentient Temple’s most powerful course and has brought success to hundreds of students. You will understand Shamanism and how to create the life you have always dreamt about. Bring REAL SUCCESS into your life in 3 days! Learn how to intuitively diagnose disease and dis-harmony in people here and in other parts of the world. You will be Certified as a Reiki Master and Ascended to status of Shaman with Certification. Now is the time for Multidimensional Mind to change your life for the better! FOREVER! This course has not been offered in 4 years, but after great demand, we are now offering it to you! This workshop was phenomenal! My Reiki is so much stronger and the meditation exercises have disciplined my mind extremely. Thanks again!!! Namaste` Chelsea, Tampa

The Multi-Dimensional Mind classes were an eye opener for me. I am happy to recommend these classes to anyone who is interested in improving their life and the lives of others around them. Kathryn L. Orlando Florida

You are to be congratulated on the environment and power of the Sentient Temple, and the Shamanic training offered to assist in understanding that “I am another you.” Tom E. Sawyer, Utah, Govt. advisor to 3 U.S. Presidents


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HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) can be used for a broad spectrum of off-label (non-approved) indications. • Multiple Sclerosis • Bell’s Palsy • Autism • Chronic Fatigue • Lyme Disease • Stroke • Cerebral Palsy • Fibromyalgia • Liver Failure • TBI • Diabetes • Sports Injuries • Arthritis • and more • Stem Cell Mobilization

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Tips and tools that help you get fit and stay slim


t’s easy to over-indulge in the rich foods that feel comforting and warm during the cold winter months. When it starts to be a challenge to get your pants buttoned, you know it’s time to cut back. It’s hard to put down the cookies and step away from the cream sauces, but it’s even more difficult to reverse those extra inches and pounds you’ve gained.

Eating a healthier, more balanced diet is a great way to start. Along those lines, you might try to develop some new eating habits, like keeping a more limited supply of foods in your kitchen and focusing on buying fresh, whole ingredients more often, or switching your eating schedule so that your biggest meal of the day is lunch, not dinner. Whole, nutritious foods like greens and other vegetables are not only packed with vitamins - they’re often more filling than manufactured products loaded with fillers and chemicals. And moving your main meal to the middle of the day allows you more time to work off some of the calories you consume than you would have in the evening. Another important key is to be more active. There’s a good reason that yoga is such a popular exercise option for many people - it helps to build strength and increase flexibility, but it’s also calming and restorative. Because the countless poses can be adapted to make programs for people of all ages and ability levels, it’s an exercise that can be practiced throughout your life. An added benefit is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment - just invest in a high-quality yoga mat and you’re ready to get started. Low- and non-impact exercises are a great way for people of all ages to slim down because they build strength without putting too much strain on the body. www.tampabaywellness.com

Balance balls are a great way to tone your core muscles, like the all-important abdominals, without impact that can cause damage now or down the road. For a safe workout, it’s important to use an anti-burst balance ball that is appropriate for your height - they typically range in size from 55 cm to 85 cm. Even if you’re exercising and eating right, you might still not feel comfortable in your clothes while you wait for the changes to happen - after all, the healthiest weight loss takes a little bit longer. While you’re working toward your goal, a body shaper can help you regain the silhouette you’re striving to get back to. There are numerous options for body shapers for women and men, many of which are virtually undetectable under your everyday clothes. To encourage yourself to keep going toward your goal of slimming down, it’s important to track your progress. While you might see some quick results, it’s likely that changes will slow down and stay slow but steady over a longer period of time. Because it can be difficult to notice such subtle changes, you should be equipped with tools that can help you determine how far you’ve come and how far you have to go to reach your goal. A scale is an essential choice, but for a more detailed read-out, look for a scale that incorporates a body-fat monitor. Another worthwhile investment is a small, portable body fat analyzer that can give you an analysis in about five seconds. Some models have memory functions that allow you keep track of your past measurements so that you can see what you’ve accomplished. Once you’re on the road to a slimmer you this year, you’ll feel more energetic and happier than ever. Shedding pounds isn’t just important for your self-esteem; it’s good for your health. For more information on slimming aids, go to www.sports-hoop.com.

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he eternal trip back to one’s spiritual origins is the journey back to our original pristine state of divinity. It simply means the return to our original consciousness, that is, the oneness with All That Is. We are inseparable but individualized aspects of Divine Perfection, that is, we are not separate from Creator and the awakening and realization of who and what we truly are, is our spiritual journey’s goal. In order to accomplish this, we set up scenarios long before we inhabit this dimension and place (Earth). In fact, we often set the stage so that it appears illusionary – that is, with a limited initial Earth consciousness, we see and believe that the external everyday reality is the way it is supposed to be. This often causes us to ask “is this all there is, and if so, why is it so hard?” The answer to this is that what we see is a reflection of that which is within, and that we, because of our divine 22



THEME - Purpose

nature, have access to unlimited Power and Creation and can create a different and better life. That sounds, perhaps, to be an easy answer, but it seems we often, in this earth school, have to struggle to really “get it”. That is because there are apparently few sources of this wisdom that clearly elucidate this and fewer that seem to help change our consciousness. So what does this mean? The journey is one of self-discovery and creation. Creator, in all of His/Her/It’s wisdom created us, learns through our endless experiences, and the creation of “reality” is an eternal and never ending cycle of evolution. As our divine experiences create anew, they are also never-ending free will choices and actions. As we think and act, new realities are created and that is the power we have in the present. We can literally create any reality through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions MARCH 2018

and actions. There are many examples of those who have come from less than ideal circumstances who learned how to empower themselves- in other words they realized the power within and gave much to the uplifting of humanity. Civil rights leaders in America, Asia, and all other continents come to mind. Some have survived assassination attempts, yet they have remained as advocates for peace and women’s rights in war torn areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle and Far East and Africa. They have moved resources to help the hungry, needy and diseased worldwide. These may appear to be players on the big stage, but it all starts at the individual level. This is where all higher level consciousness and awareness begins. All of this contributes to the universal and spiritual level of knowledge, wisdom, humanitarianism, reverence for human life, and human Tampa Bay Wellness

dignity. In other words, the exploration and lessons that one accomplishes within, is shared to promote those qualities which promote life…love, joy, happiness, positive thoughts and higher states of being. So how does one discover and realize this Divine state of being? Take time to seriously meditate, or be in a meditative state. Maintain that state in all that you do in order to make, as much as is possible, every waking moment a meditation.



What does this mean?

Your Body | Your Mind | Your Spirit

We are not perfect, but as much as is possible, maintain the state of calm, realizing that connection to Creator is the same for all others. In other words, know that all is well, that all are divine, and that Creator, no matter what, surrounds you with unconditional Love. Recognize there are always a host of Light beings around you to assist. You have to act, but they can help and in some instances, miracles happen. There are many angelic occurrences, in which personages appear, help and then literally disappear. This is real, just commune with the Divine constantly! Those who recognize the access to the infinite Power is within, and cultivate the state of mind of Oneness, that is, being at one with Creator, learn the most powerful lesson of all. It is that we are totally divine spiritual beings with the power to create a beautiful reality not only for self, but all others- that we are all one and the journey is all about unconditional Love for self and others. Once we experience this state of being, the state of pure love, our world and reality changes for all of us in untold and beautiful ways!

CHARLES ZINNER is a Reverend, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Theta Healer, Qigong practitioner, and is working on his PH.D. He has been in the military for over 20 yrs as a Special Forces Officer, Paratrooper, etc. He has been a public school teacher and professor at UF. He has studied at The Edgar Casey Foundation, Silva Institute and Findlay College for Spiritualist and Psychical Studies in Stansted UK. And is a regular Transcendental Meditation practitioner. He can be reached at email: mzinner@tampabay.rr.com

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Your Body | Your Mind | Your Spirit



Top 16 Sources for Anti-Inflamatory Diets




- NES Healing Beyond Biochemistry


You Can’t Outrun Your Microbes





Your Body | Your Mind | Your Spirit



Taming The Monkey Mind

November 2017

T r a n s i t i o n s

FEATURE Spicing Up Your Life


Zen Awakening Festival

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MARCH 2018


Horoscopes ARIES March 21st – April 19th Mercury retrogrades in your sign through mid-April. It’s a great time to focus on developing your intuition and spiritual path. Reflect upon and be authentic with yourself about your values. By connecting with what’s truly important to you, you can set new goals that are meaningful and vital! Also, work toward forgiving old resentments when it comes to committed emotional partnerships, breeches of trust or financial issues. In other news, you can get a new job offer or a cool project can begin.

LEO July 23 – August 22 Meditation brings healing insights about deep family or childhood issues. Also, practice feeling compassion and love for yourself. As a Leo, when you truly feel self-love and self-esteem, you radiate joy to others like the warmth of the sun! Be gentle as you bring yourself back to the generous present moment with kind self-talk, especially if you catch yourself being mean and self-critical. Even a few full breaths bring a momentary quiet that works wonders. In other news, you can have an exciting job offer!

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22nd – Dec. 21st Make a list of your deepest desires. What would you like to manifest in terms of relationships, prosperity, or spiritual growth? As a Sag, it is vital to center your life around joy. Being a spiritual person can be fun. In fact, you evolve faster when you have humor about yourself and life. Laughter is sacred! Pay attention to dreams, intuition and guidance in meditation, since you’re really “tuned in” right now. Read your “divine wish list” a few times each day and watch your cherished ideas appear with ease!

Astrology GEMINI

TAURUS April 20th – May 20th

May 21st– June 20th

This Mercury retrograde gives depth in meditation and power to dreams. Pay close attention to intuitions and subtle inner messages that inspire your spiritual path. In fact, you can start a new discipline like yoga, read a powerful book that shifts your consciousness, or begin a different meditation style. This fresh life perspective also heals a current relationship from old wounds and allows for more trust. If single, you can meet someone who will be a powerful partner!

Jupiter turns retrograde, asking you to pay more attention to your health. That can mean physically, but also how you deal with work and life stress. Geminis are famous for endless mind chatter that depletes your energy and joy. Become aware that you are having constant thoughts. Be friendly to yourself and gently say, “Thinking!” This habit brings a burst of focus and extra vitality for new goals. Also, make an effort to get in touch with old friends, as those reconnections can give a boost too!



August 23 to September 22

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 22nd

Meditate on beliefs about communication, trust and intimacy. Forgive negative experiences of betrayal. Write about how safe or unsafe it feels to express your authentic self. Maybe read books about positive communication and apply new ideas. Also examine if it’s hard to be quiet and present within yourself for yourself. In meditation, let thoughts and emotions arise and greet them in a friendly way. Observe how they just float by when you don’t label them as bad. Then you’ll feel less shame about being you, and that’s great because you’re wonderful!

Mercury retrograde can bring pointless arguments in relationships based on misunderstandings. But it can also trigger old resentments from important unresolved issues. Those bigger themes buried in you can surface as little fights. In meditation, have the courage to see what you are harboring. You might even be reacting from childhood “buttons”. If you can let it go within you in a healthy way, do that. If you need to have an open discussion, be clear and centered as you talk so resolution will be easier. Also, work on healing negative beliefs about prosperity so yours can flow!

CAPRICORN Dec. 22nd – Jan. 19th Energetic, passionate Mars is your sign until mid-May. Meditate on your goals and write a list. Next to each, write action steps and your level of willingness to take those steps. Now you can see what’s truly important to you and not just what you should want to accomplish. Once you’re clear on your real priorities, you’ll find it easier to make strides and be filled with self-confidence! Create a special sacred space in your home for quiet time — you deserve it! You can also start a new relationship if single, or re-invigorate a current connection!

MARCH 2018 CANCER June 21st – July 22nd You can have amazing healing with relationships, but you must let go of past hurts. Of course, set limits and hold to boundaries where needed, but observe how you overly protect your heart. Meditate on beliefs you’ve formed and how they isolate you from love. Challenge your ideas, and see if opening your mind improves a current connection. If single, you can draw in a positive new partner. Check for negative thoughts about work, too. Everything changes when you dwell on positive options rather than shield yourself from a predictable “bad” future!

SCORPIO October 23 to November 21 Jupiter retrogrades in your sign until July. It’s a great time to deepen your spiritual path. You can have extra-intense meditations. Your intuition will be easy to access and depend on. Jupiter also is about fun, so be sure you allow yourself to play, laugh and generally enjoy life! Think about ways you’d like to change and put those concepts into action. Release limiting beliefs. Dream big and practice seeing the impossible as possible! Love yourself and open your heart to others without fear.



Jan. 20th – Feb. 18th

Feb. 19th – March 20th

With both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde, practice slowing down your thoughts. You carry unconscious anxiety from your super-smart, but non-stop mind. In meditation, rather than ignoring thoughts or trying to stop them, welcome their presence. Without engaging them, notice how they float in and notice there’s space between them. Focus on the spaciousness between each thought. You’ll feel much more peaceful, in meditation and all day long! Also release old anger so your heart can be open to joy with others and open to love for yourself!

Happy birthday Pisces! Celebrate your special month by having fun! Often your spiritual path gets bogged down with shame and isolation. Give yourself a break and seek out happy friends and cool activities. When you meditate or reflect, cultivate compassion for “issues” you’re working on. Self-love can heal your heart, mind and soul in wonderful ways. When in doubt, be gentle with yourself so the Universe can work its magic within you. This is also a strong financial time, so enjoy that too!

Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


MARCH 2018

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How to Tell if Your Dog is in Pain


ogs feel pain for many of the same reasons as humans: infections, dental problems, arthritis, bone disease and cancer. They also feel discomfort following surgical procedures. Unfortunately, unlike humans, they are unable to speak to us about when and where they hurt. You are in the best position to look for the subtle changes in behavior that may indicate your pet is suffering. It’s important to stay alert to these signs, because the sooner your dog’s pain is diagnosed and treated, the sooner he or she can heal and resume a normal, happy life. If your dog shows one or more of these behaviors and you suspect it may be due to pain, notify your veterinarian immediate.


• Restless • Reluctant to move • Difficulty getting up from a laying position • Repetitively gets up and lays down • Trembling, circling or lying very still • Seeks more affection than usual


• Grimaces, vacant stare • Glazed, wide-eyed or looks sleepy • Enlarged pupils • Flattened ears • Pants excessively when at rest


• Coat lacks normal shine • Hair stands up in places


Especially a previously friendly dog • Acts out of character • Growls, bites • Pins ears back • A normally aggressive dog may act docile


• Hunched, with hind quarters raised and front end down on the ground • Lays on its side

VOCALIZING: • Whining • Howling • Whimpering • Yelping • Groaning • Grunting

• Decreased appetite • Withdraws from social interaction • Changes in sleeping or drinking • Lapses in housetraining • Sleeps more


• Protects a body part • Doesn’t put weight on a limb • Limps • Doesn’t want to be held or picked up • Hides

Don’t Treat Your Dog’s Pain by Yourself

Never administer pain medication to a pet without consulting your veterinarian. After diagnosing the problem, your veterinarian will explain the benefits, risks and costs associated with various treatment options. That way, you and your veterinarian can choose the approach that best meets the needs of you and your dog. If Your Veterinarian Prescribes a Pain Medication:


• Follow your veterinarian’s instructions. • Watch for possible side effects, including: o Vomiting o Diarrhea o Blood in stools (the stool appears black, tarry, like it contains coffee grounds) o Change in drinking or urinating o Change in behavior, such as depression, restlessness or appetite loss o Yellowing of gums, skin or whites of eyes o Changes in skin (redness, scabs or scratching) • Stop medicating immediately if your dog shows any of these symptoms and call your veterinarian at once. • Keep the drug(s) safely out of reach of your pets and children


SELF-MUTILA TION: • Licking • Biting • Scratching a particular part of its body DAILY HABITS:


• Change the dosage or frequency unless directed by your veterinarian • Give any other drug to your dog while it is taking the pain medication without first talking to your veterinarian • Hesitate to call your veterinarian if you ever have questions or concerns Healthy, Happy Pets are Our Business!

MARCH 2018

Animal Alternatives Holistic Healthcare Clinic 238 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613 Phone: (813)265-2411 Fax: (813)962-4477 25

THEME - Purpose


Dance in the Deeper Meaning in Life…

eal spirituality is living thru the heart from within the being, instead of having and being a “self” having a being. We are beings that have a heart, a self and a person. Instead being a self that has a being, be a being that has a heart and a self. Living through the heart from within the being is the purpose of the soul. As your self transforms into what is higher as a being evolves your soul. You being what you know in your heart is you being what you truly are. Being what you really are does not need to register in yourself for you to be it. You do not need to understand it. You only need to know it. Your access is through and in your heart. The heart is the doorway to your being on a heart level and deeper in your being. When you are with a loved one on this level, you are genuinely meeting. Make what you know your life. Your heart is free comes up into you face and it is your heart in your face that tells yourself the truth. Your heart coming up into your face the presence of what you really are addresses your nervous system that is how yourself is told the truth. The value of profound honesty is honesty that is deeper than ourselves. This is the realization of the deepest truth within. The greatest inspiration is being core splitting honesty being honest in a way that takes you past your emotions, thinking, feeling and will. Profound honesty means having access to levels of your being and from within that manifesting that in yourself and relationships. Everyone is connected to being what is deeper within and different levels of meaning. Meaning cannot be found outside of yourself. Meaning is you being quiet and in a profound restedness in your heart. This enables you to be what you are looking for and find everything you are looking for. It would not make any difference what you do or where you go. If you are being what meaning is then every way you move is meaningful because you are being meaning. All of us are able to be meaning and not everyone is being meaning. When we take ourselves to heart we are separate from our heart and no longer being what we truly are. Know your way and everything follows. ARIELLE GIORDANO, M. A Counseling and M.E. Educational Leadership, Author of Dancing with your story from the inside out. Inspirational Speaker, Counselor and Member on Psychology Today Website, Wellness Consultant and Facilitator of Goddess Gatherings of Tampa Bay (like us on Facebook). Certified Classical Stretch/Essentrics/ Aging Backwards instructor offers private sessions and classes. Ballroom Dance Instructor and Dancing from the inside out workshops. Contact:www. dancingfromtheinsideout.com Email: agbeautifuldance@gmail.com 813-545-7173 26

MARCH 2018

Tampa Bay Wellness

MIND - Crazy?

Fighting the STIGMA of Being Crazy By Natalie Noa “I don’t want to be crazy.” This thought echoed in my head for months. I shared it with my husband. Friends have shared it with me.

The Disappointing Diagnosis

When I began feeling that something was really wrong, that I was not getting a handle on whatever was causing me to feel so abnormal, I was extremely fearful. I went to a host of doctor appointments, had bloodwork done multiple times and nearly broke Google trying to self-diagnose myself with something that would explain my state of mind with a physical cause. This sounds illogical, but I wanted it to be my thyroid, my blood pressure or my hydration. I was desperate for a reason that I felt so un-me, and I honestly didn’t care what the medical reason was as long as it gave me an answer. My biggest fear diving into that unknown search was what ultimately came true: there was no medical cause of my symptoms. I was completely healthy. Normally, this is cause for celebration, right? But I was genuinely disappointed. I wondered, if I am physically healthy, then what is wrong with me? I must be crazy. No one wants to hear “there’s nothing wrong with you” when you are absolutely certain there is something wrong. Like, really, really wrong. It feels like the doctor is calling you a liar or that you are weak or exaggerating. You wonder if the symptoms have actually been as bad as you thought. Maybe this isn’t a big deal after all. Until you go home and realize, nope, I am not okay.

Stepping Beyond the Fear

The next step may be the hardest one that we have to take as moms or women or people suffering from mental health disorders. We have to accept that our bodies are healthy but our minds are not. We have to accept the fact that the problem is not going to be named from a physical exam, lab work, x-ray or MRI. For me, the battle transformed into something completely unrecognizable from what I’d initially imagined. The fight would be different and utterly foreign to me. And www.tampabaywellness.com

then it hit me. What will people say? What will my friends think if they know I am seeing a counselor? What will my family think if I take medication? What will people think about my husband? My children? My ability to parent my kids? There are enough doubts to make a lot of people, including me, avoid seeking help altogether. The stigma of being the crazy mom, the mom on the news, the mom who just can’t figure it out, was enough to make me retreat from the idea of help. Because I was so scared of how other people might perceive me, I didn’t reach out when I should have. I waited, and I had to hit the bottom of a hole that still scares me to think about. I waited until I was more afraid of what would happen if I didn’t reach out. Please don’t do this. It breaks my heart to think of other moms waiting to find themselves in that dark, isolating, self-loathing place because of what the rest of us might think about them.

The Stigma Exists…but so What?

I didn’t have a clue about depression, anxiety or any other mental health conditions before I experienced them myself. I assumed you could just wish yourself well or fake it until you make it if you were that unhappy. I didn’t understand any of it and never tried to. We’ve come a long way; women aren’t locked up for being “hysterical” any more, but the stigma remains, even if it’s more subtle and subdued. People who were genuinely trying to help me said the absolute worst comments that left me more ashamed. My primary doctor didn’t understand how to talk to me in a constructive way. You may confront disbelief, judgment and confusion. If you haven’t lived it, you can’t begin to empathize. Here’s the thing: so what if someone thinks less of you? So what if someone doesn’t understand that you can’t get better by putting on a happy face? I had to realize there were so many other factors I was focused on that I simply didn’t have the energy or head space to worry about the potential judgment of people that didn’t matter or couldn’t relate. MARCH 2018

Trust your instinct: if you think there is a problem, admit it. You can control what you can control, and that includes the steps you take to get better. It does NOT include what anyone else may think about you or your path to being healthy.

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

When I was finally honest with my family and close friends, they were incredibly supportive and understanding. At least the ones who talked to me face to face. Sharing my story has even opened the door for other moms to share their experiences with me, which I love and appreciate so much. Owning your reality is one of the most difficult parts of this process. Some of my hardest days were those right before I reached out for help, when I was not only wrestling with my anxiety and depression but also with the fears of what those words would mean to other people. But if you asked any of us who are on the other side, I’d bet we’d all say the same thing: I wish I’d said something sooner.

Natalie Noa is a writer, wife and frequently overwhelmed momma to two young kids. Her blog is about her own experiences with anxiety and depression and explores ways that we can work toward finding ourselves after having children. http://mindovermomma.com

natalie.noa@gmail.com 27


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MARCH 22-31

The Celestine Prophecy Thursday March 1, 8, 15 11 a.m. - 1 p.m This material discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD - 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713 (727) 822-8628 Info: templeofthelivinggod.org

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Renee Saturday March 24th, $20. Crystal Bowls

JOHN OF GOD CRYSTAL HEALING BED - March 3rd & 4th from 10 AM till

AM - 4 PM. Many Gifted Clairvoyants and Spirit Mediums will be available. Receive the answers to your questions. Get the advice and the choices available to you from spirit. Readings are $15/15 mins. or $40 for 3 readings. Location - Spiritual Guidance & Learning 11580 Oakhurst Rd. #1 Largo, Florida 33774. For inquires call Carla (727) 460-7656/carla.beetar@gmail. com.

4 PM. We are honored to have the John of God Bed brought to us from Lilly Dale, NY for healing sessions. Wayne Dyer and Oprah both have testimonials on this infamous Psychic Healer. Cost $50. Must schedule for an appointment. Also, Rev. John White, Medium from the Spiritualist Community of Lilly Dale is available for readings. John has been on the Discovery Channel & Vision Channel. Held at Spiritual Guidance & Learning 11580 Oakhurst Rd. #1 Largo, Florida 33774. RSVP: Carla Beetar (727) 4607656/carla.beetar@gmail.com.

Free Yoga Teacher Training Session Saturday March 3rd 1:30pm Sun Yoga, 19026

Geraci Rd Lutz, Fl 33548, More info at SunYogaTampa.com 813- 955-1262

Yoga for detox with Mary Waugh Sunday, March 4th 3-5pm, Sun Yoga, 19026 Geraci Rd Lutz, Fl 33548, More info at SunYogaTampa.com 813- 955-1262

Jewelry Wrap Your Crystal class

$25 1-3pm, March 4th Sunday, Bring your own crystal or buy one in our store to learn how to wrap creatively with non tarnish silver artistic wire (inc) and we have plenty of tools to borrow at Zen Zone Experience 3964 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar, Fl 34677 727798-3964

MARCH 8-14 Psychic Showcase Saturday March 10 10 - 4 p.m. For spiritual wellness come meet our 12 Psychics. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD - 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, (727) 822-8628 Info: templeofthelivinggod.org Reiki I with Howard Minton,

Saturday March 10th, 12-6 $150 Comprehensive course includes history, attunement, certificate and much more.Zen Zone Experience 3964 Tampa Rd 34677 727-798-3964

Tai Chi with Singing Bowls Sunday March 11th 4-5:30pm, Sun Yoga, 19026 Geraci Rd Lutz, Fl 33548, More info at SunYogaTampa.com 813- 955-1262

MARCH 15-21 Dr. Dream Sound Healing Experience featuring 55 Tibetan Healing Bowls- Sat. March 17, 1-3:30pm. Only $25 in advance, $33 at the door. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave Suite 107 813-962-4361.


work directly with Universal energy to channel it into the body to heal the body from within at the Zen Zone Experience 3964 Tampa Rd 34677

PSYCHIC FAIR - Saturday, March 24th at 10

“Attuned to Love Unplugged” work-

shop by Korrine Holt, Life Coach and Energy Healer. Interactive event with poetry, videos and music to experience our Pure Essence and tap into limitless potentialities. Sun. March 25, 12:30-3pm. Only $25 for adults, $20 for seniors and students. More or less gratefully accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave Suite 107 813-962-4361.

your own mat as one will not be provided. 1st Sunday of every month. Sun, March 4th @ 4pm. Come early, attendance is limited. Nature’s Food Patch PaTcHwOrKs Community Room, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755

Intro to Meditation Series: Sundays 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm, 4/2 – 4/30 at Asana Yoga of Brandon, 1038 Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico. Appropriate for beginners, experienced yogis and anyone seeking the deeper focus, stillness and peace that meditation brings. $60 www.asanayogaofbrandon.com Essentrics/Aging program - Would you


like to look and feel younger in just 30 minutes a day? Classes/ Thurs, 9:30am, Hale Senior Center, Dunedin. Schedule a Free 45 minute consultation with Arielle, Special offers and rates/813-545-7173, agbeautifuldance@gmail.com

Peace and Calm thru Hypnotherapy, Saturday, March 31, 12:30-1:30 $15 with Bob-

Aqua Yoga - Every Thursday 11AM St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center 7701 Boca Ciega Dr, St Pete Beach, FL 33706 Christa (727) 418-7623 Each week is a different series of postures designed to give you a good stretch in the beautiful Florida sunshine. www.beecontentyoga.com


Crystal Bowl Meditation - Wednesdays, 7pm. Rev. Virginia Walsh plays the crystal bowls, leads guided meditation with periods of silence. After meditation individual prayer is offered. Offering accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. Ste. 107, Tampa, FL 33613, www.unitynorthtampa.org.

bi Rise. Learn how hypnosis really works to reach within the sub-conscious mind to clear negative beliefs and emotions. Zen Zone Experience 3964 Tampa Rd Oldsmar Fl 34677 727-798-3964 ______________________________

Vibrational Attunement by Angie Castillo, to balance our 10 chakras for well being: Classes, Wednesdays 11am-1pm, donation accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. 813-962-4361. Retirement or “Re-Career” LIFE Planning- 6 - 7pm Second Monday of each

month. Join Coach Dianne Kipp for a “telecoaching” call to explore your questions, fears, and concerns about how to prepare for a successful, satisfying retirement or “re-career”. Coach Dianne will share the non-financial aspects of a “happy” retirement or “re-career”. Space limited to 6. Call today to register. 727-481-1646

Astrology Association of St. Petersburg is now SPICA, St.Petersburg Interna-

tional Community of Astrologers. Monthly meetings on the third Thursday at 7:00 pm Mainlands Office Complex 9365 US Hwy 19 N. Suite B, Pinellas Park 33782. General meeting $10 cash; special events start at $15. www.facebook.com/ AASP is now SPICA : St. Petersburg International Community of Astrologers 727-347-4737.

FREE YOGA CLASS: Yoga for Beginners with Crystal Carnahan RYT 200, Wellness Strategist, Zenfully Aware. New to yoga? Practice basic yoga poses to get stronger & more flexible! *Donation-based, pay what you can. Please bring MARCH 2018

Gathering of Light - 1st and 3rd wednesday of the month. www.terricabral.com   727804-8174 ______________________________

FUTURE Living a Higher frequency Life,

March 3rd 11:30 -1pm $33, Palm Harbor This class will guide you to make the essential changes in yourself and your environment in order to raise your frequency and live with increased health, vitality and wealth. Please contact Terri 727-8048174

Belly Core Fitness with Terez

starts: Thursday March 6 , 630-8pm $5 Tone and Have fun with this sale priced class thru March 31. Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar Fl 34677, 727798-3964

Meditation with Michell,

starts: Monday March 5 7-8pm $15, Come relax and get balanced and centered for the rest of the week with this beautiful guided meditation.Zen Zone Experience 3964 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar, Fl 34677, 727-798-3964

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Bachelors Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), India

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Angel Readings bring guidance in your life path. The Angels deliver messages that can help in identifying any blocks in your life and show you the steps to take next to continue with your journey. Patricia Salas, MA Psychology, Certified Angel Intuitive www.colorsofjoybypatricia.com


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727-323-2793 www.alexanderhealing.com MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY Carolyn Puckett, MPT, MS

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Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner & Physical Therapist

Release tension and physical, emotional, mental discomfort and pain. Myofascial Release works deeply on the crystalline matrix of the body (fascia) and gives you lasting results. Safety Harbor


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When Life Gives You Lemons, Smile! By Joy Stephenson-Laws, JD, Founder


ere is one instance where life gives you lemons, and it’s actually a good thing. You don’t even have to make lemonade. Lemons, a popular citrus fruit, are about as sour as you can get. But although they are not sweet, they are great for adding flavor to foods and beverages. And any foods that may help us reduce salt without sacrificing flavor are great agents that can help us be proactive about our health. These citrus fruits are believed to be native to Asia. They are a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron. Reportedly, California and Arizona produce most of the U.S.’s lemons. Lemons are often disregarded as a garnish or something you simply throw in your iced tea from time to time. But after looking at the health benefits of these sour fruits, I realized lemons may need to be a starring food in everyday meals.

benefits. “PMFs inhibit carcinogenesis by mechanisms like blocking the metastasis cascade, inhibition of cancer cell mobility in circulatory systems, proapoptosis [promoting or causing cell death], and antiangiogenesis [helps stop tumors from growing their own blood vessels]”reports the National Institutes of Health (NIH). And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “How am I going to eat a lemon peel?!” There are actually a lot of great ways to use the lemon peel. You can zest a lemon and use the peel. I zest (the zest is the colorful part of the peel - not the bitter white part) and sprinkle lemon peel on rice, lentils, salads and even in a cup of tea. Some cake recipes I use even require lemon peel. (Hopefully, the PMFs survive the baking process).

Lemons may help fight cancer.

Polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) are compounds exclusively found in citrus fruits, like lemons, especially in their peels. PMFs are believed to have great anticancer 30

Lemons may boost your immune system.

It’s cold and flu season, so we now especially have to be proactive about protecting our immune system. And one of the ways we can do this is by getting an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals that help boost our immune system and aid with white blood cell production. One of these nutrients is vitamin C. And as mentioned, lemons are rich in this nutrient. Squeeze lemon into your water, tea and maybe even over a baked potato to help ensure you get enough of this flu and cold preventing nutrient. And lemons also have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Lemons may help prevent kidney stones.

Lemons are rich in citric acid, which may help prevent kidney stones. “It [citric acid] inhibits stone formation and breaks up small stones that are beginning to form. Citric acid is protective; the more citric acid in your urine, the more protected you are against forming new kidney stones,” reports UW Health. Citrus fruits and juices, especially lemons and limes, contain the most citric acid.

Lemons may help prevent metabolic syndrome.

Lemons contain polyphenols, a category of chemicals that naturally occur in plants. These chemicals act as antioxidants and are sometimes referred to as phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are of great interest in the healthcare field, because “long term consumption of diets rich in plant polyphenols offer protection against development of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and neurodegenerative diseases,” reports the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Some of the polyphenols in lemons may help prevent obesity and insulin resistance, two medical conditions that fall into the group of risk factors for having metabolic syndrome (a condition that increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes). One study suggests “that a supplementation with lemon polyphenols may prevent or improve obesity and insulin resistance by modulating lipid metabolism [break down or storage of fats for energy] and preventing metabolic syndrome as a representative, lifestyle-related cluster of diseases caused by an excessively high fat diet. “

ach, squeeze some lemon juice over it!

Lemons may help fight the damaging effects of excessive drinking.

Lemons may help increase iron absorption.

Avoiding nutritional deficiency is important. If you are not nutritionally balanced, your body may not function at its best both physically and mentally. Take, for example, low iron levels (a pretty common nutrient deficiency). If you have low iron levels, you may find that you feel very sluggish and tired. This may be due to iron-deficiency anemia. There are two types of iron -- heme and non-heme. Heme iron is rich in lean meat and seafood. This type of iron is more bioavailable, meaning your body can use it better. However, non-heme iron is less bioavailable and is found in nuts, grains, vegetables and certain fortified products. And the vitamin C in lemons may help your body better absorb iron from non-heme sources. So the next time you have some spinMARCH 2018

A study, reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), looked at the effects of lemon juice on chronic alcohol-induced liver injury in mice. “Treatment with lemon juice lowered the increased levels of AST [aspartate transaminase] and ALT [alanine transaminase] in serum,” according to the study. AST is an enzyme that is released when your liver or muscles are damaged. ALT is another enzyme your liver releases when damaged. According to the study, “[t]he return of the activities of aminotransferases (AST or ALT) in serum to normal indicates the regeneration of hepatocytes [major cells in the liver] and the healing of hepatic parenchyma [liver tissue]; therefore, lemon juice had a protective effect on alcohol-induced liver injury.” Even though lemon may help combat liver damage, you should not drink excessively. Tampa Bay Wellness

Let’s now take a look at some of the nutrients in one cup of raw lemon sections (without peel). Calcium, 55 mg. You probably know calcium is critical for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. What you may not know is this mineral may decrease your risk for colorectal cancer. Recent studies confirm that high calcium intake is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer among both men and women. Magnesium, 17 mg. This mineral is needed by more than 300 human body enzymes to facilitate biochemical reactions. It helps create energy for the body and activates muscle and nerve tissues by enabling potassium and calcium transfer through your cell membranes. If magnesium levels in the body are too low, whole body systems don’t work properly, resulting in fatigue and cramps. Phosphorus, 34 mg. This mineral works with calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. It is also needed to help balance and use other vitamins and minerals including vitamin D, iodine, magnesium and zinc. Potassium, 293 mg. This must-have mineral works with sodium to balance the fluids and electrolytes in the body. Potassium helps keep blood pressure under control and may even help reduce kidney stones and bone loss as you age.

high-energy blue wavelengths of light and help protect and maintain healthy cells in the eyes. Of the 600 carotenoids found in nature, only these two are deposited in high quantities in the retina (macula) of the eye.” Finally, know that lemons are high in acid with a pH between 2 and 3. This makes it at least 10,000 times more acidic than water. However, fruits like lemons also produce alkaline byproducts when they are metabolized in the body. Metabolization brings out bicarbonate which creates a net alkaline effect. This is called the Fruit Juice Paradox (Vander’s Renal Physiology 8th Edition). This is why lemons are often considered to be alkaline even though they have an acidic pH before they are digested. There are some reports that suggest the acid in lemon may damage your tooth enamel. So you may want to drink your lemon water with a straw. If you are taking any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, talk to your doctor about including lemon in your diet. You never know how foods can alter drug-metabolizing systems in the body, and you always want to avoid drug interactions so that you will be healthy and your medication will work as effectively as possible. Enjoy your healthy life!



ing the body in existence. Lose weight, reduce pain, and treat your cancer with proven methods used around the world. This is my story....Dr. Dennis Alexander

Afte r NT TEM IE T





MARCH 2018






including Ozone Therapy. We have this therapy available here now for only $35 a treatment. The benefits of Ozone Transdermal Therapy can be miraculous. It is a method in which Ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a hot steam cabinet. As the pores of the skin open as a result of being surrounded by the warm steam, Ozone enters the body transdermally (i.e. via the skin). Transdermal Ozone Therapy is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenat-


hroat cancer was killing me. How could this happen to me? I eat 90% organic. I consume no sugar. I have an active life style. I am doing everything right. Of course, 50 years of smoking cigars might have a great deal to do with it. Yes, I quit 15 years ago, but the damage had already been done. The slow buildup of symptoms didn’t alert me to my situation until I had achieved a stage four squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue. The tumor was so aggressive it grew out of the side of my throat. I was now forced to take action. I followed the same protocol we prescribe for our patients, and now the cancer is gone. I contribute our success to the many healing modalities we use here,



Vitamin C, 112.4 mg. You likely know about the immune-boosting benefits of vitamin C, but what about this nutrient’s importance regarding aging? Click here to find out. Folate, 23 mcg. Folate (also known as vitamin B9) is one of the eight B vitamins. B vitamins help our bodies properly use the food we eat as fuel. They are involved in building DNA that the body uses for cell growth. For more information on folate, read here. Vitamin A, 47 IU. This vitamin is an antioxidant that supports the immune system and is good for skin and eye health. Vitamin A also promotes cell growth. Choline, 10.8 mg. Choline is a nutrient that was recognized as an essential nutrient by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1998. “The importance of choline in the diet extends into adulthood and old age. In a study of healthy adult subjects deprived of dietary choline, 77% of the men and 80% of the postmenopausal women developed signs of subclinical organ dysfunction (fatty liver or muscle damage),” reports the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Lutein + Zeaxanthin, 23 mcg. These are two carotenoids and antioxidants that concentrate in eye tissue. According to the American Optometric Association, “[l]utein and zeaxanthin filter harmful





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