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January 2018


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The Sentient Temple Healing Center is the only clinic of its kind in the Tampa Bay Area. Using Chinese Energy Medicine, the Sentient Temple offers age old wisdom. It is the Medicine of the future, the past and the most sought after powerful modality in Alternative Medicine in the World today! Using your body’s own energy system and natural remedies, the Sentient Temple Healing Center successfully handles conditions which western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous. We offer a 5,000 year old healing system that is considered the most powerful and effective healing system in both western and eastern medicine. Energy Medicine can be used for any condition labeled by western medicine. It deals with both the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspect of dis-ease usually considered the cause of all dis-ease in holistic medicine.

Asana Yoga Presents

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BioPulsar Aura Photography/Chakra Analysis System The BioPulsar Aura/Chakra Analysis System is a scientific system that accurately displays your Aura in full color. The analysis also provides your Chakra energy which the practitioner reviews with you. You are given your Aura printout and information how you can balance and energize your Chakras. Please call to schedule your appointment today.

We are here to assist in the Universal shift in consciousness that is happening. Through an assorted array of experiential modalities, people have a safe place to heal, learn and share their feelings, experiences, talents and knowledge with others of a like mind. It is a place of love, peace and tranquility energized by natural energy for all to share in, if they choose. We are always excited to meet new and old friends. LOVE. Lisa, Gene & our Staff! Gene and Lisa - Proprietors

Come - get in touch, get in tune, meet up, share, heal, love!


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Nature’s Food Patch is coming to Dunedin CLEARWATER, Fla. – Your local & organic, family-owned grocery store, Nature’s Food Patch Market & Café, is proud to announce that they will be opening a second store in Downtown Dunedin in spring 2018. The new store will be at the Artisan building on Douglas Avenue in Downtown Dunedin. We look forward to sharing more details with you soon. About Nature’s Food Patch Nature‘s Food Patch Market & Café (est. 1987) is an organic independent natural foods community grocery store & café in Clearwater. The store has been enthusiastically embraced by the health-minded community and is known for its commitment to organic foods, quality natural products, community involvement and health education. Their vision is to serve and inspire their community in order to build a healthier world.




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Intuitive Practitioner Intuitive Practitioner ”Helping frequency ”Helpi ng to torairaise se thethefrequency for the healing of humanity”


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for the healing of humanity”

Intuitive Guidance and Theta Wellness

Intuitive Guidance and Theta Wellness

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NEWS - 2018

How to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick!


By Bobbi Rise

ave you been thinking about making a change in your life? And I’m guessing maybe you’ve already made and broken your New Year’s Resolutions. It would make sense that by now you would be wondering why your goals have already been sabotaged…by you! The most common excuse is that old habits and addictions die hard, but it’s really not only about will power. Psychologists have researched the various reasons people can’t seem to make their changes last, and they can’t find the one answer. In fact, the meta data simply proves there are as many reasons as there are people out there. So, you’re not alone here trying to make positive changes and wondering what went wrong. Truth be known, deeply set into your subconscious is your own, unique belief system which interprets all that happens in

(863) 286.1400

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your world as you perceive it. That perceptual window then creates your negative emotional interpretations as a result. Then these negative emotions end up causing your responding behaviors, and they, in turn, are responsible for your repeated unwanted issues. Basically, your underlying thoughts have become the deeply buried root cause of your very own self-destructive behaviors – and without you even being aware of it! As a hypnotherapist, I have helped many clients relax into a focused mindset to help get in touch with these negative thoughts. With some focused time through a team effort, these thoughts and conflicts are discovered and reframed so that negative beliefs are then seen as outdated and no longer serving them. Then, positive beliefs replace them to rule the day. Once that shift occurs, lasting change is made so much easier to accomplish. Basically, our “whys” (reasons to change) must be bigger and more powerful than our “why nots” (excuses, rationalizations, etc.) To make the “whys” more powerful, we need to shift our core beliefs, thoughts, and emotions with Hypnotherapy. Our subconscious then becomes the muscle or powerhouse to back up the changes we want to make. And keep in mind, when working on your resolutions, the hypnotherapist does not have “control or power over” a client, but rather works to help the client focus on, and communicate with, his or her own thoughts. The client is conscious the entire time, and is able to remember all that happened during their session. In fact, clients actually feel rested and refreshed when they come out of the hypnotic state, with a transformed perspective from when they came in. It’s also important to know that clinical hypnotherapy is not meant to replace your doctors for any medical or psychological issues. This is an effort to help you find what’s not working in your life, and create the life you’d love to live! So, in conclusion, it is important to make resolutions, but just as important to make a plan to reframe the blocks stored in the subconscious and to support and align with the changes we want to see. Resolutions + Action Plan = Results. The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Road, in Oldsmar, FL, has several unique modalities that go deep into the subconscious and can help with your action plan, such as Hypnotherapy with Bobbi Rise, Theta Healing with Terri Cabral and Scio Bio feedback with Ann Beck and Andrea Wurthner. Bobbi’s background includes working as an educator with a BS Ed, as a school counselor with an MS Ed., and with certifications as a substance abuse counselor, a Reiki Master, and a Life Purpose & Career Life Coach. She is also the author of Behind the Counselor’s Door, and a facilitator of A Course in Miracles Discussion Group at The Zen Zone Experience on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30. Her 500-hour training as a Clinical, Transpersonal, and Interpersonal Hypnotherapist was at the state-licensed Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (nationally expanded now as the Interpersonal Institute of Hypnotherapy.)


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Injecting nutrients directly into the blood stream may be the best option to ensure that your body is getting what it needs. This is the goal of IV nutritional therapy.

Hypnotherapy 101 Presented by Bobbi Rise Certified Clinical, Transpersonal & Interpersonal Hypnotherapist Do you need to stop negative patterns in your life? Do you want to actually achieve the goals you set? Do you need to overcome your usual blocks? Do you want clarity about why you self-sabotage? Do you want to break unwanted habits? Do you desire to increase your mental or physical performance? If any one or more of these desires ring true for you, then come and learn what hypnotherapy really is and how it can work to help you. Find out about how your subconscious mind affects all you say and do. Learn how hypnotherapy can help you access what interferes with your efforts towards achieving your goals. Come discover how you can “reach within” to harness that power to create a life you’ll love to live. Then enjoy a delightfully relaxing Hypnotic Programming Session!

Where: The Zen Zone Experience,

From hair regrowth to facelifts to improvements in sexual satisfaction Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy offers you natural solutions you’ve been looking for.

Invitation to free seminars: Stress, Hormones and Belly fat. RSVP: 727-330-3844


Our approach combines conventional and complementary treatment options to achieve optimal health for the patient, and it is based on the research which demonstrates that the human body has an innate healing mechanism. Illness occurs when the regenerative processes in the body are disturbed and the body can no longer keep itself healthy.

Dr. Andreas Grossgold, MD

A well renowned international speaker and a leading wellness expert on the following subjects: Anti-aging Hormone Replacement Therapy Stress, Hormones, Belly Fat Reversing Diabetes Thyroid issues Low T, P-Shots

3964 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677 When: Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm Fee: $45 For more information, call 727-798-3964. or visit


Chelation Therapy Holistic & Natural Medicine Epigenetics PRP O-shot Breast Lift Facial Rejuvenation

1001 S. Fort Harrison Ave. Suite 200 - Clearwater, FL




Dancing is like dreaming with your feet: Dancing with your dreams in 2018!


ooking back on 2017, what do you know and see? What was most significant about last year? What insights did you gain from your success and/or failure? What did you accomplish and achieve? Are you willing to set yourself free from 2017? Are you are ready for a new beginning? The less you hold on to from the past the more you will spring forward! Closing out the past year is a review to reflect and release 2017 and have maximum energy in 2018! Dance outside the lines means stepping out of your box of boundaries and getting out of your way! As a child, were you taught to paint the sky blue, the grass green and trees with leaves? While painting or coloring did you follow directions, stay inside the lines, and avoid coloring outside the lines? Imagine stepping into the beyond and into a new you!


Relax, and Be Open and Soft In Your Heart!

Relax and be in your body. Be quiet and gentled in your heart. Connect with the deeper you. Be aware of the sensory experiences of where you are, what you are listening to, seeing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Be okay with any thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Breathe deeply. Release pent up energy, tightness, & stress in your body, mind, heart and soul. Like being open and soften in your heart. Be love.

Renewal happens in an openness and willingness of heart.

Enjoy dancing your dreams in 2018! Draw a line down the center of your paper, Word document or phone device. List your responses for 2017 on the left and goals and possibilities for 2018 on the right.

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A Community Metaphysical Church

Honoring the Divine Within Sunday Services 11:00 a.m. Rev. LeRoy Zemke, Pastor

• Educational Classes • Discussion Groups • Alternative Healing • Psychic Fairs • Miracles Bookstore

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1950 2nd Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33713 (727) 822-8628 (727) 822-3157 Visit our Website for Class Information


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Gentle Guidance Through the Healing Journey Transforming Into Self Discovery and

Celebrations of the Heart Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA 238 E. Davis Blvd., Suite 302 Tampa, FL 33606 therapist.psychologytoday.com43613

(813) 258-3906 LIC # SW0001738 JANUARY 2018

1. List of all the things that you are grateful for in 2017. As you write, be in your heart with appreciation and gratitude. 2. What would you like to release in 2017? You may want to let go of experiences, patterns, pain, thoughts, feelings, emotions such as anger, abandonment, sadness, fear, & rage, unhealthy habits, memories, relationships, etc. 3. List your dreams for 2018. What will you create in the New Year? How can you fill your life with joy and laughter, health and happiness? What are your financial, health, wellness, exercise, work, career, relationship, and family goals? 4. Be creative and brainstorm changes, experiences and new ways of being for 2018. Creative expression reaches into the window of the past, to know and see the future! Some favorites are: dancing, walking, working out, sharing thoughts and feelings, writing, theater, journaling, making art, painting, watercolors, clay, building, inventing, doing what you do differently, cooking, baking cookies, being creative and having fun. 5. List your personal growth intentions for the New Year. You know and as awareness have the ability to shift into deeper levels. What ways will you evolve? How will you love and nurture you? Arielle Giordano “The greatest gift that I know is to follow what I know with courage confidence and trust.” Following one’s passion means being fearless, having faith and creative intelligence, an awesome combination for living life to the fullest! Passion comes from a zest and vigor for loving oneself and a willingness to pay the price! Arielle’s new book: Dancing with your story from the inside out, Richter Publishers available on Arielle is an author, professional counselor, inspirational speaker, dance and Certified Essentrics instructor and Facilitator of the Goddess Gatherings of Tampa Bay. Arielle has a Masters of Arts in Counselor Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership She has studied philosophy at the College of Integrated Philosophy with John DeRuiter. Arielle has been a featured guest on radio and television, in newspapers, and the media across the US and Canada. Contact Arielle for a Counseling session, Essentrics consultation, Dance, Classes and Workshops. Website: Email: Phone contact: 813545-7173 Tampa Bay Wellness


Tampa's Premier Metaphysical Center

Center for Intuitive & Spiritual Studies

Intuitive Development Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760


Natural Stone Jewelry| Candles by Coventry Creations Psychic Readings | Tarot Readings | Mediums | Metaphysical Classes Meditation Classes | Special Events | Psychic Fairs | Astrology Psychic Referrals | Psychic Classes | Books on Angels

LOCATED AT: 2517 W. Henry Avenue

Tampa, Fl 33614 On the campus of Harmony Metaphysical Church

Rev. Marcella Zinner. MMA, ChT.Th. M Bio: Rev. Marcella Zinner, MMA, Cht., ThM, is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Panel Psychic for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Marcella specializes in helping others heal emotional and karmic struggles blocks and fears. Marcella has studied at many national Intuitive Development centers including the famed Arthur Findley College for Psychic and Mediumship research in England. She holds a Masters Degree in Theology and is currently a Doctoral candidate for Transpersonal Psychology and Theology at Holos University in Springfield Missouri. Marcella and her husband Charlie are the founders of Pathways to Awakening. Marcella has developed a series of products to uplift your energy and vibration.

813-932-6452 We hope to create inspirational gifts ideas to help inspire and elevate the spirit at times of struggle or need. And for those moments when life is good we help you celebrate with gifts that inspire. With angels guiding us we give our creativity and personal touch to each occasion. Benjamin Daniel Hall Owner / Teacher / Tarot Medium



News | Events

LifeWorks Hosts Talk on Inflammation

USDA Commits $10 Million to Innovative Conservation Projects


Proposals sought for grazing lands, organic systems, soil health

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Dec. 19, 2017 –USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is making $10 million available for new Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) nationwide. Grant proposals are due Feb. 26, 2018. This year funding focuses on three areas: Grazing Lands: Helping livestock producers make grazing management decisions, encouraging prescribed burning as a grazing management practice, and improving access to conservation planning tools used for developing grazing management plans. Organic Agriculture Systems: Helping organic producers develop innovative cropping and tillage systems, edge-offield monitoring, crop rotations and intercropping systems. Soil Health: Supporting both cropping and grazing systems, in a variety of climatic zones, that incorporate soil health management systems for addressing specific resource concerns like nutrients and availability. Evaluating multiple soil health assessment methods to assist in the development of new soil health indicators and thresholds. The announcement for program funding, application materials and submission procedures can be found on All U.S.-based entities and individuals are invited to apply, with the sole exception of federal agencies. Up to 20 percent of CIG funds will be set aside for proposals from historically underserved producers, veteran farmers or ranchers or groups serving these customers. NRCS is hosting a webinar for potential CIG applicants on Jan. 11, 2018, at 4 p.m. Eastern. Information on how to join the webinar can be found on the NRCS CIG webpage. CIG is authorized and funded under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Projects can last up to three years. The maximum award amount for any project this year is $2 million. 10

r. George Springer, of LifeWorks Wellness Center, will be hosting a free talk at Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater. The seminar titled Inflammation: The Root of All Evil, will be at 6.30pm on Wednesday January 24th 2018. Dr Springer will explain the underlying causes of inflammation and what can be done to actually correct these problems, instead of just managing the symptoms. Dr Springer explains, “Inflammation is widely acknowledged as the cause of accelerated aging, degeneration, pain and a host of chronic diseases. Many people believe they just have to live with these problems when they don’t. I will talk about what we offer our patients at LifeWorks and how they find lasting relief with our solutions.” Cost: Free. Location: Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St., Clearwater. Seating is limited so you must sign up at Customer Care at Patch or call 727-443-6703. LifeWorks Wellness Center is located at 301 Turner St., Clearwater. For more information call 727-466-6789 or visit


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NEWS Air Pollution is Hurting Human Procreation



anuary 5, 2018 marks the 125th birth anniversary of one of the pioneering fathers of Yoga in the West, Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the modern spiritual classic AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, and subject of the highly acclaimed documentary AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda (2014). Widely recognized as one of the preeminent spiritual figures of our time, Sri Yogananda made an indelible impression on the spiritual landscape of the United States and the world, contributing to a far greater awareness and appreciation of India’s Vedic philosophy through his public lectures, writings and the nonprofit spiritual organization he founded, Self-Realization Fellowship/ Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (SRF/YSS), which includes 800 temples, meditation centers, and retreats around the world. Sri Yogananda’s best-selling spiritual classic, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, has introduced millions of readers to the philosophy and practice of yoga meditation, and has been translated into nearly 50 languages. It remains one of the most important, and most readable, works on yoga and Eastern spiritual thought. At the heart of Sri Yogananda’s teachings is the sacred science of Kriya Yoga, a form of Raja Yoga, which serves to quiet both body and mind, making it possible to withdraw one’s energy and attention from the usual turbulence of thoughts, emotions, and sensory perceptions. In the clarity of that inner stillness, one comes to experience a deepening interior peace and attunement with one’s true self. On March 2 at 8 p.m., a long-time monk of the SRF order, Brother Nakulananda, will present a public lecture in Tampa Bay based on the teachings of Sri Yogananda entitled “Finding Inner Peace Through Meditation,” offering insights and practical advice on how yoga meditation works in one’s life. “Through the scientific techniques of yoga meditation,” Brother Nakulananda says, “we are able to tap into real happiness, a state of bliss that expands the more we go within.” The public event, which includes a guided meditation and reception, will take place at The Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore-Airport. Admission is free and open to all. For more information, please visit html, call (813) 732-4638 or email For more information about Paramahansa Yogananda and Self-Realization Fellowship, visit


ir pollution distorts sperm, makes it harder to get pregnant, and can lead to premature births and low birth weights -- yet another reason why cars and humans don’t mix well. Air pollution has become the world’s single largest environmental health risk, and scientists say it causes more than 3.7 million premature deaths per year (data from 2012). But what does air pollution do to unborn children? Or even to those parents who are trying to get pregnant? New research

shows it’s having a seriously detrimental effect. Problems start with a man’s sperm. In a study titled, “Exposure to ambient fine particulate matter and semen quality in Taiwan,” researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong examined 6,475 men between the ages of 14 and 49 and found that the more air pollution a man is exposed to, the greater his risk of having irregularly shaped and smaller sperm. Most of the participants did not smoke and had less than one alcoholic drink per week. From Newsweek’s report on the study: “Air pollution was also associated with a 26-percent increase in the risk of being in the bottom 10 percent of average sperm size and shape.” Why? Because air pollution contains particulate matter (PM) that consists of heavy metals (such as cadmium, known to be carcinogenic) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that have had toxic effects on semen quality in animal experiments. The study says, “Chronic, low-dose exposure [to PM] may contribute to significant spermatogenesis impairment.” This makes it hard for a couple to get pregnant. With 48.5 million couples affected by infertility worldwide, the researchers “advocate global strategies on mitigation of air pollution to improve reproductive health.”



THEME - Physical Reality

What is Physical Reality? Seems Obvious, Right?


ou know how you usually spend more money for the holidays than perhaps you had planned? Or how you might not finish a project due to interruptions or distractions from email, social media, or other “interruptions” unrelated to the project or task at hand? This usually occurs when our conscious mind is “absent” from physical reality, and is allowing our unconscious mind to engage autopilot - convincing us that the distraction is a good use of our energy (time, money, creativity, etc.) Fact is, the distraction prevents us from being “present” in “physical reality”. Physical reality is where the “present moment” lives. Our minds can dream, imagine, plan, and create just about anything, simply by “thinking”. However, our “thinking” can go on indefinitely- there is no limit to how much time we spend mulling it over, exhausting ourselves while accomplishing nothing tangible! While this mental magic of “thinking, dreaming, imagination” is our source of creativity, the “limitless quality” can prevent us from “realizing” our dreams if it continues unchecked. If we truly, authentically want the dream to materialize, we must “take action” in physical reality, where there is a limited amount of time, space, money, energy, creativity and so on. Physical reality is where dreams come to life, where success happens because we 12

remain focused on the result we intend to achieve, and take the steps necessary to make it “real”. A few examples of when “thinking, dreaming, imagining” requires ‘taking action’ in physical reality: Planning Retirement- While we often plan our finances for retirement, we seldom plan our “life” - how we wish to spend our time, where we plan to live, how we intend to take care of loved ones, and what other accomplishments do we wish to achieve? Career Transitions- We continue to work in situations that do not align with our values, or do not allow our creativity or expertise to be expressed, or the pay and benefits do not support the life style we wish to achieve. We hear our heart asking for a change but we keep “thinking” about a change but do not take action in physical reality to successfully make a move. New Year’s Resolutions - In late weeks of December or early weeks of January we will “think” about our resolutions for the coming year. If we do not write them down, place them in view, and plan action steps for getting them done, we may be writing the same ones again next year.

Thoughts on physical reality from Henry Ford “Vision without execution is just hallucination” JANUARY 2018

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”. The lesson here is to notice the difference between our metaphysical (limitless) selves, and our present-moment physical reality selves, where taking action towards what we want in this life, gives opportunity for the dream to be born, and success to be experienced. As you move into 2018, what are you wishing or dreaming about? Get clear on what that is, focus your time, money and creativity on it, and take the steps required to get it done - Life is Short, Live it Well you are the only one who can decide to live consciously, experiencing the rewards of physical reality in full color. Wishing you all a year of creativity, joyful living, and success!! Coach Dianne

DIANNE KIPP, PCC, BSN, CTT is a nurse, researcher, teacher, lobbyist, sailor, and adventure tour guide. She also organizes Awesome Retreats She is a member of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, the International Coaching Federation, and the Institute of Interspiritual Inquiry. Dianne can be reached at 727-481-1646.

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SAVINGS On ALL Your Landscape Supplies!

Hernie Vann’s Art “Remembering the Florida That Once Was Through My Art” Hernie Vann is an


artist that paints old Florida wildlife and landscapes.

Colored Mulch • Pine Bark • Cypress Gravel • Rock • Stone • Fieldstone • Boulders Sand • Soil • Weed Fabric • Edging • Plants/Trees • Landscape Supplies • Same or Next Day Delivery!

Since 1995 Competitive Pricing

Land O Lakes

10905 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O Lakes, FL 34785


Adorn Your Home With Local Beauty as an Investment Originals and archival prints in various sizes are AVAILABLE and may be made on paper or canvas.

You may view Vann’s art on his website

Wesley Chapel

37245 State Rd 54 Zephyrhills, FL 33542

813-788-5633 Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-4:30, Sat 7:30-12

Phone: 813 949-8832 Email:

Vann has a master’s degree in fine arts; his teaching career of 35 years has been in Hillsborough County schools system, adult education, Junior College and also private lessons.


CHANNELED ACCELERATED REGRESSION HEALING Alchemist Healing - Eliminate traumas and un-desired presences from many lifetimes which still influence our present and future. Teletransportaion healing is a form of regression therapy, which does not use hyponosis, in which the healer moves from one dimension to the other. It can also be applied to homes and land. Release Blocked Energy - from the physical, emotional and mental “bodies” which helps “forgivings and makes “light”. Receive Cosmic Energy - as much as your heart desires. Cosmic Energy cleans, changes, heals and empowers. Receive Channeled Guidance and Information on health and spiritual wealth. Personal guides and teacher guides answer questions.


Call Revs. Jacques and Monika Thomet

(941) 741-8736

1831 N. Belcher Rd. Ste. C2 Clearwater 33765

727-669-6000 Get yourself evaluated! Go to our online store and use coupon code TBW for a special Tampa Bay Wellness discount!



THEME - Physical Reality

Forget Resolutions! Try these Five Steps to Better Mind and Body Health

By Dr. Gina Midyett


ccording to Statistics Brain research 58 percent of Americans are likely to make a New Year’s resolution. The top five most frequent resolutions are: 1) Lose weight/healthier Eating, 21.4%; 2) Make life/self-Improvements, 12.3%; 3) Make better financial decisions, 8.5%; 4) quit smoking, 7.1%; and, 5) do more exciting things, 6.3%. Of those millions of Americans who make resolutions, a whopping 91 percent will have infrequent success or completely fail at their resolutions. But resolutions are merely goals, and we all should have goals. The reason New Year’s resolutions are typically failures is because people set unrealistic goals for themselves. What is holding you back from reaching your goals? Whatever your goal is, the first thing to recognize is what mental blocks are preventing you from achieving your accomplishments. People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They


have learned healthy ways to cope with stress and problems. So many things can disrupt your emotional health and this can lead to strong feelings of sadness and anxiety. Get your mind healthy first and that will help you become physically healthy too. So here are five ways to become emotionally and physically healthy by setting realistic goals every day:

1. Reduce stress.

Your body responds to how you feel, think and act. This is an important mind body connection because when you’re feeling stressed your body reacts in such a way that it may be telling you something is not right. A great way to reduce stress is through meditation. Any time you feel your mind is stressed or your body is tensing up, just take a few minutes to take some slow deep breaths and imagine the most beautiful place you have ever been to or imagined. When it comes to stress or anxiety, two things to remember are distract and replace. You distract with the


deep breathing and you replace the negative thought with a new positive thought. Also, notice any tension in your body while you’re doing this and progressively relax the tensed muscles starting from your head all the way down to your toes.

2. Let go of grudges.

There’s a great saying that reads “Holding a grudge against someone is like feeding yourself poison and waiting for the other person to die.” There is nothing more emotionally damaging than holding on to anger. Start expressing your feelings in appropriate ways. You will notice that your health will improve and you will feel more motivated to do things for yourself because you will feel happier. If talking to someone is not an option, a great way to let your feelings out is to write them down in a journal. By putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, you can visualize them not being part of you anymore.

3. Show gratitude.

It’s so easy to focus on the things that are not going well in your life because

Tampa Bay Wellness

the thought of those parts of your life are so strong. Instead, try focusing on what is going right. I always suggest to my clients to wake up with a positive affirmation and go to bed with a positive statement. Focusing on the negative will affect your physical health and also lower your self-esteem. In order to be in the best physical health, you must have a positive outlook on life. Create a vision board. Cut out pictures from a magazine or write down words that will inspire you. Having that daily reminder that there are great things in your life and so many great things to come, will motivate to start working on your goals.

4. Mindful eating and exercise.

Nothing is more defeating than telling yourself “I need to go on a diet,” or, “I have to lose 20 pounds.” Give taking care of your body a new meaning. Look at it in a new perspective. A great way to do this is to not focus on how much you have to lose but picture your body as being a very precious machine that you need to take care of. Everything you put in it, and every move you make will either keep the

machine running or run it down. When you sit down to eat, focus on what you will be eating and how it’s going to affect your body, good or bad. When you exercise, focus on the muscles flexing or your heart beating and how this is making you stronger and healthier. You only have one body and mind so treat it with great value.

5. Go home before you get home.

With the ever-present mobile phone in our hands, far too many of us physically leave the office, only to find ourselves on the phone doing work-related, or other business that ten years ago would have waited until later with no negative consequences. So instead of being on the phone while commuting home from work, use that time to relax, think to yourself, or listen to some music you enjoy. And if you must be on the phone, don’t make work calls, pick up the phone and speak to someone who is going to calm your mind or put a smile on your face. When you get home, your mind won’t still be at work, and you’ll be far more relaxed. The most important thing to remember

when making any personal improvements like these is to remember to set small goals. Work toward making them a success, but don’t beat yourself up if you have a slice of cake, don’t exercise for a few days, or have to take a call from your boss while on the way home. Tomorrow is another day. Just make sure you set new realistic goals again tomorrow. Happy New Year!

DR. GINA MIDYETT, has her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is a licensed mental health counselor, and president of the Suncoast Mental Health Counselor’s Association. Subscribe to her YouTube channel at: www.tinyurl. com/DrGinaMidyett.

HOLISTIC NATURAL MEDICINE Natural, Functional, and Integrative Medicine

A Path to Wellness

The BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that promotes eco-centric living, social justice, personal development, creativity and the vibrant interplay between these interdependent aspects of life.

Focused on the Cause

Fertility * Hormones Weight Loss * Anti-Aging Thyroid * Kidneys * Liver Diabetes NATURALLY! We Can Help!

Dr. Chris Jackson PhD, DOM.

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When Quitting Is Winning Q

uitting tobacco is hard, but it’s never too late to quit and begin reaping the health benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle. Whether you use cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chew or e-cigarettes, all forms of tobacco are harmful and can be addictive. Tobacco products contain several chemicals, as well as a substance called nicotine that stimulates your nerves, increasing your blood pressure, respiration and heart rate.

Risky Business

Understanding how tobacco affects your body is the first step toward quitting. Using tobacco can shorten your life expectancy by at least 10 years. When you smoke, tobacco’s harmful chemicals can damage your body, putting you at higher risk for health and bodily impact, such as: * Lungs: Respiratory infections and colds * Skin: Skin discoloration, wrinkles and premature aging * Nails: Yellow fingernails * Heart: Heartbeat irregularities * Mouth: Gum inflammation, gingivitis, infections and oral or throat cancers * Teeth: Brown-stained teeth, tooth decay, tooth loss and chronic bad breath * Reproductive System: Cervical cancer, pregnancy complications and infertility

Tobacco not only risks your health, but also affects your looks and social life. Because tobacco restricts blood flow in the body, smoking can cause erectile dysfunction or the inability to achieve orgasm. Other negative side effects include tobacco smoke, which sticks to your hair, vehicle, clothing and furniture. The residue and smell linger long after you finish smoking. Conversely, quitting tobacco use has nearly immediate positive results. In an otherwise healthy person, after 72 smoke-free hours, your lungs begin to repair. Between two weeks and three months after your last cigarette, blood flow and circulation improve and lung function increases by about 30 percent, so you’ll get winded less easily and feel less tired. One year later, your risk of heart disease will be cut in half, and 10 years after quitting, the risk of lung cancer is about half that of a person who smokes.

Getting Help

Although there are cases of people who successfully quit cold turkey, statistics show this is not the most reliable approach to quitting. Fortunately, there are several options to help you kick the habit, manage your withdrawal symptoms and take back your health. Medication, counseling and support groups can all aid you on your journey of quitting tobacco while saving you money and lengthening your lifespan.

Patches and Medications

Tobacco cessation medication can double your chances of kicking the habit permanently. Talk to your health care professional to discuss the best treatment plan for you. Types of medication include: * Nicotine replacement therapies * Nicotine gums or lozenges * Nicotine patches, inhalers or nasal sprays * Quit-smoking pills

Counseling and Support Groups

private sessions, health fairs, corporate programs, events authorized distributor for

Reed ‘Naham’ Myles

BodyPure™ circulation therapy CryoDerm™ pain relief

Certified Reflexologist, LMT MA 28171


for the feet and hands

Massage Therapy

by appointment: 16

727-446-5116 or cell 727-543-3048 JANUARY 2018

If you want to take a non-medical route, a counselor or a quitting coach can give you advice and support while you are trying to quit. The more often you meet, the more likely your choice to quit will be a permanent one. Your quitting coach can help you set a start date, learn coping skills, know the common smoking triggers, gain social support and help you tobacco-proof your life. Other support options for quitting include national help numbers and online chat rooms. Free phone, chat room and texting resources from UCanQuit2 can be a useful supplement to personal counseling and coaching. Learn more at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or In addition, you can find information about support programs in your state at map. Find more resources to help you kick your tobacco habit from Guard Your Health, a health education campaign by the Army National Guard, at Tampa Bay Wellness



5 Facts About E-Cigs E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices often designed to look like regular tobacco cigarettes. Instead of tobacco, e-cigarettes are filled with liquid that contains nicotine and other chemicals. When that liquid is heated it turns into vapor that can be inhaled. 1. They are still addictive. While e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, the main ingredient is nicotine - one of the most addictive stimulants available. 2. They contain harmful chemicals. Medical researchers have identified at least 19 harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes, some of which can cause cancer. Studies show a teaspoon of highly diluted “e-liquid” is enough to kill an adult. 3. No regulation leaves plenty to chance. The Food and Drug Administration recently announced plans to regulate e-cigarettes using the same standards as tobacco products, but there’s no official timetable. This means that for now, nicotine levels and “e-liquid” ingredients vary widely from product to product and there is no proof that these ingredients are safe. 4. They aren’t a proven quitting tool. Although some smokers have found that e-cigarettes helped them stop or cut back tobacco use, e-cigarettes still deliver nicotine by inhaling from a cigarette-like device. Experts warn that this can lead to nicotine dependence and even initiate cigarette use in previous non-smokers. 5. Restrictions are widespread. In many public and private places, e-cigarettes have the same usage limitations as tobacco, meaning you likely can’t use them at hospitals, restaurants and many other indoor and outdoor locations that have restricted tobacco use on their premises.

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Ma gic

THEME - Physical Reality

By Terri Cabral

Manifesting Your


New Year, new possibilities, the opportunity to begin again and experience life in a fresh way. As the New Year arrives, we clear out the old, set new goals and anticipate the excitement of a renewed spirit and guidance, like a kid in the candy store we too, expect a new sweet flavor along with some of the old favorites. Life honors us when we honor ourselves, that’s when it becomes a full circle. What we put out we get back and when we get centered and start from the heart instead of the head, the energy comes from love (heart magic) and from the heart we experience clarity and joy, the feeling that comes so easily to children. Children always experience more feeling than thought, therefore they truly bathe in their joy. As adults we often forget the feeling of joy, bogged down with responsibilities, we don’t remember the simple things in life that do not cost money. Instead we create lives of stress instead of joy and magic. Why not think of 2018 as your year of Magic? A year of joy, the opportunity for a higher frequency to enter your life. Simplify, destress and soothe your soul. Release all that is no longer for your highest and best 18

In 2018

and let go of everything that doesn’t represent you. Live free and authentic, visualize the possibilities. Live in gratitude and count your blessing daily, keep a gratitude journal or jar. “A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances.” Bahaullah Dream the impossible because it is all possible. Believe in the Law of Attraction, know that what you believe and think about, you create. Why not create Magic? Your feelings are creating your future, so if you do more of what you love you will create more fun, joy, fulfillment and the Universe will bring more of the same back to you. Be aware of the language that you use, words can create happiness or disease, we are what we think we are and we must change our thinking so that we can heal our lives and manifest the life that we desire and that is according to our purpose. The life that we were meant to live and enjoy. Lift your frequency in 2018 speak and read words of love and inspiration, use color frequency in your environment and wear more color to lift your energy, decorate using the Feng Shui principles created in Asia, release stagnant energy in your home JANUARY 2018

by clearing with sage and letting in fresh air, be creative, bring plants into your home or office for more oxygen and connection to the earth, dance to your favorite song like no one is watching, drink lots of water and connect with nature. This New Year connect with your soul, worry less, pray more, trust more, love more and except the best. Affirm and visualize this as your best year. Set goals that inspire your soul and make it a Magic year. “Imagination is the true magic carpet” Norman Vincent Peale Blessings from my heart to yours. Celebrate You! Terri holds a Master degree in Spiritual Studies as well as a Bachelor’s in Healing Arts. She is a Certified Life and Business Coach, Certified Spiritual Teacher and Law of Attraction Practitioner. She specializes in personal and business development, purpose driven life, spiritual growth, mind, body and soul balance. She guides you towards a more fulfilling and purpose driven life with real and practical steps. Terri believes that “All You Need Is Already Within You”. You just have to awaken to your true self and create new paradigm shifts. Contact Terri Phone 727-804-8174 Tampa Bay Wellness

We Mapped the Physics of Life To Give You Energy for Life

NES Health is the Worldwide Leader in Bioenergetics, the Study, Detection and Correction of Energy in Living Systems That may sound like a bold statement, but we truly are the cutting-edge of a new physics-based system of wellness and energy enhancement, and the world’s leader in the study of the role of energy in living systems. We call this approach bioenergetics and focus on the energy fields that surround us and are within us. We call this structure the Human Body-Field. It’s the information that directs the body’s energy and controls it’s self-healing abilities. We provide a ground-breaking system to give practitioners deeper insight into health and wellness that goes far beyond biochemistry. Backed by more than 35 years of research we’ve made health easy for practitioners and patients - simply scan your patient’s Body-Field in just 30 seconds, read the scan with our proprietary software system, and use the protocol created by our software to address the body’s priorities.




A Stunning New Scientific Approach That’s Restoring Energy & Health to Thousands


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Our technology scans the Body-Field. We are the only company that has mapped the Body-Field, so we can detect and correct misinformation. With correct energetic signatures, the Body- Field replaces misinformation with perfect information. Proper energy circulating in the Body-Field means physical, mental, and spiritual health are restored.

Just for health and wellness practitioners in Tampa, we have a special pre-release offer of our new Bioenergetic WellNES System at a special introductory price. Find out how you can bring the science of bioenergetics into your practice easily and affordably. You can be at the forefront of a health revolution join us at NES Health!

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Animal Friends Adoption Day at Downtown Dogs

Uproar Pro Wrestling Benefit for Friends of Strays

JANUARY 14, 2018 @ 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Craft Beer & Food Trucks and more for Friends of Strays! Saturday, January 20th, 2018 @ 3pm 3 Daughters Brewing 222 22nd St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Tickets: $10 General Admission Already signed to appear:”The Fire Breathing Monster” Torcher “The Upgrade” Mike ReedShawn PrimeShayne SwyftJaison Moore”The 5 Star Superstar” Maxx Stardom”The Fan’s Hero” Sam... Read more

Date: January 14, 2018 Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Event Category: Adoptions Venue Name: Downtown Dogs Address: 1631 W. Snow Circle Tampa, FL 33606 United States + Google Map Organizer Organizer Name: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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THEME - Physical Reality

What is Your Physical Reality as We Step Forth into the New Year 2018?


e begin a new phase in evolution when the possibilities for more expanded consciousness and super consciousness can occur, allowing for the expansion to experience more unity, love, joy, peace, wholeness and abundance, the 5th Density. There will be no longer be just 3rd Density living, but 4th and 5th Densities as well, and with further evolution, more upward expansion will be possible. These are the New Earth realities that begin to manifest in 2018. Each person decides by their choices, thoughts, actions and consciousness level what will manifest in their physical reality. Ongoing and continuing rising Ascension energies to Earth assist in the awakening of humanity, and souls choosing to elevate into higher consciousness begin to notice new found realities of higher vibrational experiences. Be mindful of what you think, say and do. Be in your highest and live with heart-soul-spirit connection and it will take you into higher consciousness experiences. Release lower vibrational energies and limiting beliefs, and choose to go higher. All of your choices and manifestations determine your consciousness level and thus your physical reality experiences. Begin with conscious deep breathing. That begins to increase your consciousness because the mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind. Through greater conscious awareness, expanded choices, conscious choosing, raising vibration and raising consciousness in more aspects of living, you can find the pathways, people, work and relationships that are in vibrational alignment to your new-found truth. As this happens, you will come to experience the reality you desire, to fulfill your life purpose and to have more joy, peace, love and abundance. Carolyn Puckett is an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.,





By Nia Kaye


first started being interested in fitness when I saw a picture of myself at a family outing in summer 2009. I hated the shape of my face and decided something had to change. I had never eaten badly; my Mom is a fantastic cook who made plenty of healthy, balanced meals throughout my childhood (and still does now!) But when I moved to university, I replaced her home cooking with convenience meals, partying and eating mayonnaise covered cheesy fries at 3am! Over a summer in Florida, I started attending classes at the health club that my Mom was a member of and lost about 8lb as well as growing, yes, growing, an inch taller! My posture had improved so much from exercising that I became taller than my Mom. Check mark on the bucket list! In 2011, my boyfriend at the time persuaded me to join this new low-cost gym. I gave him my debit card details and told him to sign me up, as I am guilty of ‘bookmarking’ such things and leaving all my Internet browser tabs open (anyone else?!) and then never following through! We signed up for a Friday evening class, with a very enthusiastic trainer and we loved it! I became a bit of a regular at the classes from then on until a personal trainer took me into the weights room. I can’t pretend I enjoyed my first few experiences of using real weights as opposed to lurid colored dumbbells that look


like cat toys. Seeing my body change and becoming noticeably stronger was empowering and eventually I plucked up the courage to follow a training plan that involved me entering the weights room 4

Darryl and Heather Photography JANUARY 2018

Artisique Photography Tampa Bay Wellness

BODY - Fitness to 5 times a week. Fast forward a year or so and any doubts about entering the weights room had deserted me. At the same time as I emigrated to Florida, I began preparing for a fitness photoshoot. I followed a very strict, low calorie meal plan and went to the gym twice a day for cardio and weights for six months. I dropped 25lbs in total. After the photoshoot, I felt incredibly lost and was almost in mourning. I lacked a purpose, any sense of direction and was unable to stifle my cravings for extravagant sweet meals. After a couple of months of really struggling, I decided to try something new. I had done a lot of reading on various social media platforms and longed to be utilizing a flexible dieting approach. I decided to calculate the calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats from the meal plan I was given and experiment. I gave myself two weeks. I told myself that if I put on weight then I would go back to ‘eating clean’. Two weeks went by and my weight was actually dropping. Flexible dieting is heavily glamorized online and perceptions seem to be that it is all about fitting in as much junk as possible and taking photos of it. Yes, I eat ‘junk’ in small quantities but most of the time, I don’t want to eat it. I enjoy eating the fresh, crunchy textures of fruits and vegetables and there are few things that give me as much pleasure as cooking up delicious meals for the week. I love experimenting with flavors and different ingredients and am always happy (although teased for it!) bringing my Tupperware pots into work. Why would I want to pay multi-billion dollar companies for mediocre (at best) food, when I can do it better, cheaper and healthier myself? Now, I can’t imagine not tracking macros. It works for me, both mentally and physically. It enables me to pursue two of my passions (cooking and eating….yes, eating is definitely a passion) and it has enabled me to progress. It is as much of a part of my life as getting dressed. With a much healthier relationship with food and my love of working out, stepping on stage seemed like the natural next step. I competed twice this year and I learned so much from this experience. Bodybuilding is often thought of as synonymous with vanity and self-obsession, but, in reality,

Temple of Love & Healing Psychic Fairs 1st Sat. in Jan., Apr., July & Oct. - 10:00 AM-3:00 PM All other months, 1st Fri. 5:30-9:00 PM

the lean physiques showcase a whole host of motivations. There is so much more to bodybuilding than aesthetics. Despite enjoying the experience, I found that being on stage in a glittery bikini just wasn’t really ‘me’. Looking forward to 2018, I have my first powerlifting competition. Powerlifting is a sport which embodies everything I aim to personify; strength, determination and passion. Needless to say, I am excited (although a little nervous…the manicure better stay in tact!) NIA KAYE is a 28 year old British expat living in Tampa, Florida. she is a fitness fanatic, loves lifting weights; cooking (and eating) good food and listening to fitness and nutrition podcasts. She has competed in two bodybuilding competitions and has her first powerlifting competition in February 2018. She fully believes in ’embracing the grey’ and that fitness, life and everything else is never simply black and white. benchpressingbaubles.wordpress. com

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By Imsara ARIES March 21st – April 19th

Take more control of your moods and resentments. Tone down the fired up side of your nature and take stock of others people’s sensitivities and their strengths. Contemplate rather than charging through situations. Be bold, yet conscious. More light tempered with greater insight is your key to success.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Tune into what is happening around you. Sharpen your pencil and start taking names. Final decisions need to be made regarding immediate issues. Notice what makes you shine and what makes you bored as a stick. Focus on what your heart is telling you, not your head. Loyalty to the true self is your road to peace.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22nd – Dec. 21st

Focus on the side of you that is positive, generous, optimistic and humorous. Relish in your network of friends and fine places this month. Plan a trip or two that can boost your serotonin and give your eyes a=sparkle.



April 20th – May 20th

May 21st– June 20th

Soon you will be opening the door to more interesting people, unexpected opportunities and surprising developments. This begins to be more evident as you approach mid-year but after that all bets are off. Your life is going to change. Best idea is to embrace it.

There was a time when gods and goddesses were thought to be in charge of all affairs on earth but no more. Technology is the new boss in town and it is time to get up to speed. Sharpen your skills, apply your know-how and fill in the gaps in order to strengthen your base.



Sept. 23rd – Oct. 22nd

August 23 to September 22

Tone down the areas which tend to wear you down. Make a decision that the only thing that truly matters is you and make well-being your priority this year. Bring yourself into the present, fully and with conscious intent, realizing the only moment to celebrate is now. Chill.

A time for creative reflection draws near. Take stock of what pleases you and tickles your joy bones. Find ways to spend some money that can heighten your sense of delight in the world. Nourish your senses with natural elements. Contemplate ways you can strengthen connection to what matters to you. Forget the rest.



Jan. 20th – Feb. 18th

Dec. 22nd – Jan. 19th

Remember that the best decisions this year focus on the letting go, not the holding on. You will feel a stronger and more internal sense of inner authority over the year. Ease up on everything, take frequent deep breaths and be careful not to kick sand in any faces.

Only fools rush in. Choose carefully any rules to be broken. Surprises can be a theme over the coming months and serve to wake you up more to ways you confine yourself. It can be in thought, word or deed. Most often, a perspective is the issue. Unlock it.

CANCER June 21st – July 22nd

Time to meet the moon on her own terms. This means sensing, slowing down and feeling where you may have some inner gaps to be healed as well as some wounds to be tended. The moon is your ruling sign and keeper of where your needs for fulfillment reside. Take some time to recall old memories and dreams forgotten. It is time to take stock and freshen up.

SCORPIO October 23 to November 21

You possess in great degree a driving force known as Pluto and Pluto is right now busy with a tear down and rebuild within the USA. It will behoove you over 2018 to dispose of situations quickly, to celebrate your successes, expand your freedoms and ask yourself a lot of questions about what you are doing exactly and why. You are in a new growth cycle. Yes!

PISCES Feb. 19th – March 20th

Pay attention to yourself-if you hear any sighs it is time to step out of the social and personal dramas that swirl around an ocean tide for there is no beginning nor end to them. Clarity will come via taking time to meditate, sleep and journal. Jupiter trines your sign now and no telling what can be revealed.

Dr. Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, teacher and facilitator of journeys to expand and support your evolution. She holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health. Imsara is offering a series of excit-ing new classes in St. Petersburg and at Wings Bookstore in St Petersburg. Dr. Im-sara also teaches classes at the Temple of the Living God and in Bradenton. Retreats are planned for 2018 and will be posted on my website and by signing up for my newsletter at: Dr. Imsara sees clients and patients at her home of-fice and also does phone consults. Call for an appointment at: 727. 821.8300 Journey to Egypt - The Regeneration of Spirit - April 13th to April 27th 2019 . Registration opens January 2018 24


Tampa Bay Wellness

Green Living Letter From Sustainable Florida

What is


Executive Director

By Josie Coppolino


ast week, I began my 12th year leading Sustainable Florida. With the support of an incredible Board of Directors, amazing corporate sponsorship and hundreds of Best Practice nominees, I have had one of the best jobs in the state. Over time, we have introduced sustainability - People, Planet and Profit - to more than 50 organizations in presentations, webinars, conferences, panel presentations, and workshops. We have enjoyed sharing how to do well by doing good. Today, sustainability has become an integral part of many organizations. Companies have Sustainability Directors and Managers. Corporate Social Responsibility Executives help lead the charge in their companies. County and city governments have sustainability departments. Universities and colleges not only have Sustainability Directors, but also offer a major in the field to their students. Sustainable Florida is evolving, too. Sustainable Florida is shifting its focus. Our Board of Directors has enjoyed forging a very strong network across disciplines. We have representatives from utilities, green building, hospitality, retail, automotive, waste management, food service, and more. It is clear that no matter the industry, sustainability professionals have a lot in common and can learn from each other. Sharing best practices in a fun, positive environment has helped create stronger sustainability systems for their organizations. We also have begun to take advantage of more social media channels including LinkedIn. If you have not already joined our Facebook page or followed us on Twitter, please do. We invite Florida’s sustainability professionals to become part of Florida’s strongest sustainability network. But, wait! There’s more! You’re asking what’s in it for me? Well, we are coming to you in person. With Board partner Valley Forge Fabrics, we were honored to welcome Repreve to Fort Lauderdale last month at a special event with south Florida sustainability leaders. And, on April 25th, we will be in Orlando for a special networking event to celebrate your Earth Day (Week/Month) efforts. Let us know if you’d like more information about how you can join us (and even have a chance to win tickets to Sea World and Aquatica!). Thank you for a fabulous decade. And, as always, thanks for helping to ensure a sustainable Florida! All the bestTim Center, Esq. Executive Director P.S. Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on the latest sustainability news in Florida and beyond.


ombucha; the word stirs reactions of either love or hate in the people who’ve tried it. If this is the first you’ve heard of Kombucha, you’ve probably at least seen it lining the refrigerated beverage section at your local Publix or health food store. But what is Kombucha? According to the Colorado Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea with origins as early as 414 AD Japan, where the emperor himself consumed the drink to sooth his digestive track! While Kombucha is traditionally made with black tea, white sugar, and something called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), recent surges in popularity have caused the creation of a Homemade, bottled kombucha. Source: variety of flavors and brands to pop up at many grocers. The Colorado Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence goes on to mention that while more research needs to be conducted on the health benefits of Kombucha, animal studies have shown probiotic and antioxidant benefits, immune support, mental wellness, and even antimicrobial properties, as well as many other unexpected positive health effects to consuming the tea. As with many health crazes, however, there are brands that have been criticized as being not as healthy, or even phony substitutes for Kombucha, for methods used to amp up production or lengthen shelf life: these methods include adding carbonated water (in lieu of natural carbonation offered by the live cultures within the tea), sweeteners used for taste following fermentation and before bottling, and even pasteurization, which prevents further culturing of or even reduces the live culture count claimed on a bottle’s label. A quick Google search will pull up dozens of passionately written articles about the best Kombucha brands for consumption. Kombucha can also be safely made at home, and there are many videos, guides, and resources on the web to do it yourself. Kombucha has a mildly acidic smell, not unlike vinegar, but is neutral and bubbly to the taste. While for some people Kombucha can be an acquired taste, to the seasoned health nut, it is a refreshing and rejuvenating super-food that can treat and prevent many ills.



FEATURE - 2018 Numbers

By Charles Zinner

2018 – Power, Wisdom and Light!


018 is an eleven year (2+0+1+8 = 11). Numerologically, this is an extraordinarily powerful number as it shows the energy of 1 going into another 1, enhancing that energy to the point it is seen as explosive. When there are double digits together this indicates disharmonious energies, or in short, two overpowering energies expressing in a conflicting manner. Last year was a 1 year (2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1), and 2018 (11) will at least double last year’s energy. The number one (1) is characterized as energy which is dynamic, a 1 person is a pioneer, leader, projects starter – in short fiery, powerful and often can be egotistical. The number 11 is a master number and is never reduced to a single digit (11 is never 1+1 =2). 11 is high powered and it can bring in higher energies to begin or complete cycles. Remember 911 – this illustrates the properties of both the nine which is often referred to as endings (which can be easy or fiery), and the 11 which introduces forceful energies which bring in a new consciousness. 2018 is indicated in Numerology as a significant ramping up of the 1 energies into the 11. As the 1 person is known as a pioneer, the 11 is the teacher who will bring in new concepts- conceptualizations which have never been formulated, as well as higher spiritual truths. January is a 1 month and the beginning of a 11 calendar year, thus we will have 1-11 energies with us as we go through this month. In fact this upcoming month of January is rife with 1, 11, and includes the Master number 22 (the Master Creator).

Like 11, 22 is never reduced to a single digit either. Following are the January 2018 dates which have an expression of all 1s and 11s: Jan 1 (Jan =1, day =1, year = 2018 =1) 1-1-11, Jan 10 (10 = 1+0=1) thus 1-1-11; Jan 11 (1+11+11) Jan 28 (28 = 1+0) thus 1-1-11; Jan 19 (1=9=10= 1+0 =1) 11, thus gives 1+1+11 Jan 29 (29 =11) thus 1-11-11 Thus: the dates Jan 1, 10, 11, 19, 28, 29 consist of all 1s and 11s. Dates that add up to 1 in January 2018 Jan 7 2018 (1+7+11) = 8+11 =19 = 1+9 =10 = 1+0 =1 Jan 16 2018 (1 +16 + 11) = 17+11 = 28 = 2+8 = 10= 1+0 =1 Jan 25 2018 (1+[2+5=7]+11) = 8=11 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 Date involving the Master Builder master number22 Jan 22 gives us 1+22+11. Adding 1+22+11= 34 = 3+4 = 7. 7 is the mystic’s number in Numerology. The 7, 11 and 22 person often have a spiritual nervousness and heightened sense of intuition and spirituality. The above is only to illustrate the energies which could possibly influence us, and is intended to help us make better decisions. Hopefully it will illuminate what is going on as we move through this year. Thus during the month of January, there is almost 25% of the month ex-

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pressing the potential of 1, 11 and 22 – all of which are concerned with higher than normal energies. Since 2018 is an 11 year, this portends change on the horizon. If you thought 2017 was turbulent, this upcoming year has the potential to far surpass it. What does this mean to the average person? Simply staying calm, centered and going within and working on internal personal development is the best start. Doing this coupled with continuing to expand one’s consciousness through the spiritual practices of one’s choice will lead to clarity and peace of mind. The energies as seen by this numerology merely indicate the 33 percent solution. What this means is free will and educated personal action are the keys to life challenges. We are just five years past the 2012 events during which we were aligned with the center of the galaxy. We have been bathed in tremendous cosmic energies and will continue to experience this for almost another two decades. One’s choices and actions to accomplish that which one wishes to do, is paramount. Our generation and those to come are waking up and advancing at a terrifyingly rapid and ever accelerating rate. Using tools such as meditation, astrology, numerology and other intuitive methods will only serve to help us move forward. As we think so we are. So why not think the highest and brightest? Aim for the stars in your personal spiritual development! All the luck to you in the upcoming New Year!

CHARLES ZINNER is a Reverend, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Theta Healer, Qigong practitioner, and is working on his PH.D. He has been in the military for over 20 yrs as a Special Forces Officer, Paratrooper, etc. He has been a public school teacher and professor at UF. He has studied at The Edgar Casey Foundation, Silva Institute and Findlay College for Spiritualist and Psychical Studies in Stansted UK. And is a regular Transcendental Meditation practitioner. He can be reached at email: mzinner@tampabay. Tampa Bay Wellness

Guardian Angels Bring us Messages


ow many times have you wondered if you were protected by your guardian angels, or even just if they were around you? Sometimes, in moments of desperation, we ask ourselves if our prayers are ever heard, if we are looked after by our Higher Source (God, Divine, Universe, or any other name given depending on your beliefs). At those times we might not realize that our prayers are being heard and, also, that we are protected by our Angels. We might be so busy worrying, that we can be missing our Guardian Angels signs, showing us that we are deeply cared about. Our Guardian Angels send us signs in different manners. One form of sign, which I always enjoy seeing and changes my face into a big smile, is white feathers. Have you ever seen a white feather laying around the ground, or somewhere else unexpectedly, when you were in deep thought about something going on in your life that you weren’t quite happy about? The white feather always reminds me that whatever I do or stop doing about this matter that has me so upset, I have my Angels looking after me and letting me know that I will be alright. Things might not always turn exactly the way we are asking for, but at the end, by trusting that we are watched over and cared about, we should know that we can achieve the desired outcome, or even something better. Another powerful sign that we can receive from our Angels is repeating number sequences. If we think about it, we pay a lot of attention to numbers in our lives, like dates of birth, anniversaries, and holiday dates among others. Our Angels will communicate with us in a level that we can somehow understand by bringing number sequences to our attention. These numbers have a meaning embedded and by understanding their meaning we can better acknowledge and understand the message that is being conveyed to us. For example, the number sequence of 111, as we can see when the clock shows 1:11 or 11:11. This sequence is brought by your Angels to let you know that your thoughts are manifesting, which makes it important to keep your thoughts positive and avoid being in fear, as we manifest what we think and pay attention to. Dreaming brings us messages from our Guardian Angels as well. When we are sleeping, our Ego stops imposing its ideas and thoughts, leaving the space open from any blockage that our busy mind leaves along the way as our Angels deliver their messages to us. One simple way of remembering our dreams and understanding the messages left by the Angels is keeping a journal. Have a writing source nearby where you sleep and write down the dream as soon as you wake up to be able to remember as much detail as possible. These are only a few ways that our Guardian Angels bring us messages to let us know of their presence. Everyone of us has at least one Guardian Angel assigned by and connecting us to our Higher Source. Listen, look around, open your senses to your Guardian Angels. Their mission is to be with you throughout your path in life. They will never leave you stranded. BY Patricia Salas, MA Psychology, Certified Angel Intuitive



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calendar of events January 2018

JANUARY 1-7 SARASOTA - Richard’s Foodporium Presents 5th Annual Health Expo - Sarasota, FL – Richard’s Foodporium

will present their 5th Annual Health Expo taking place at Robarts Arena in Sarasota on January 6th, 2018, featuring special guest Dr. Michael Murray. Doors open at 8am. The Health Expo will begin at 10am . ______________________________

JANUARY 8-14 Living A Higher Frequency Life

with Terri Cabral - Tuesday Jan 9th and Jan 23rd at 7-830pm $30, The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd., Oldsmar, Call 727-798-3964

Chakra Kundalini Yoga

with Carolyn Pucket, starts Thursday Jan 11 at 6pm. The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd., Oldsmar, Call 727-798-3964

A Course In Miracles Discussion Group with Bobbi Rise. Starts Sat Jan 13th at 10am-11:30- $5 love offering. The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd., Oldsmar, Call 727798-3964

Vibrational Attunement

Workshop, Sunday Jan. 14, 12;30-2:30pm, donation accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. 813-962-4361. ______________________________

JANUARY 15-21 Intuitive Development with Terri Cabral - Starts Tues Jan 16th 7-830pm runs every other week for 6 weeks, cost $30 per class or prepay $150 for all and save $30, The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd., Oldsmar, Call 727798-3964 Ageless Soul with Thomas Moore

- Thursday, January 18th at 7 PM. Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, will be speaking on aging and his latest book, Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy. Free. Presented by Wings Bookstore. First Unity Spiritual Campus, 460 46th Ave N, St. Petersburg. 727522-6657,

Immune Support Class

- Saturday January 20 12:30 - 3:30 p.m., Focus on educating time-honored practices to promote wellness through nature. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD - 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, (727) 822-8628 Info:

ASTROLOGY TAROT WORKSHOP: January 20 at 1 PM - 3 PM. You will learn

how to do an Astrological Spread using the Tarot Cards for 2018. Find out what is in store for you this 28

New Year. Instructor: Carla Beetar. Cost is $25. Held at Spiritual Guidance & Learning 11580 Oakhurst Rd. #1 Largo, Florida 33774. RSVP: Carla (727) 460-7656 or email/ for seating.

Breathwork for Mindfulness

with Carolyn Puckett, P.T., Bliss Myofascial Release, Sunday, January 21st, 1pm-2pm. Nature’s Food Patch PaTcHwOrKs Community Room, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 ______________________________

JANUARY 22-31 Inflammation: The Root of all Evil - Wednesday, January 24th 2018 Dr. Springer

from LifeWorks Wellness Center, will discuss Inflammation: The Root of all Evil. Free. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St., Clearwater. Sign-up required. 727-443-6703 or at Customer Care.

Talking Between Worlds

with Janet Reynolds - Come and hear messages from the other side, Thursday Jan 25th 630-8pm $45, The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd., Oldsmar, Call 727-798-3964

Behind the Roles We Play - Saturday January 27, 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. Roles we play at various stages of our life and beliefs about how we should act. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD - 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713. (727) 8228628 Info: 2018 VISION BOARD:

January 27 at 1 PM - 3 PM. Create the life you want by working with the energies to manifest your dreams. Instructor: Deb Durant will help you create a vision board, specifically for you. Cost $25. Held at Spiritual Guidance & Learning 11580 Oakhurst Rd. #1 Largo, Florida 33774. RSVP: Carla Beetar for seating at (727) 4607656 or email/

Crystal Bowl Concert

with Alex Nadeau - Saturday Jan 28th from 1-3pm $30, The Zen Zone Experience, 3964 Tampa Rd., Oldsmar, Call 727-798-3964

Mindful Meditation and Visualization Workshop by Russell Kyle, Sunday

Jan. 28, 12:30-2:30pm, donation accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. 813-9624361. ______________________________

ONGOING Vibrational Attunement

by Angie Castillo, to balance our 10 chakras for well being: Classes, Wednesdays 11am-1pm, donation accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. 813-962-4361.

Ballroom Dance

Mondays - Hale Center Dunedin, 5:15-6:15P,: Long Center Clearwater, JANUARY 2018

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30P, : Essentrics Stretch Hale Center Dunedin, Thursday 9-10A

Retirement or “Re-Career” LIFE Planning- 6 - 7pm Second Monday of each

month. Join Coach Dianne Kipp for a “telecoaching” call to explore your questions, fears, and concerns about how to prepare for a successful, satisfying retirement or “re-career”. Coach Dianne will share the non-financial aspects of a “happy” retirement or “re-career”. Space limited to 6. Call today to register. 727-481-1646

Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain - Every Thursday 9AM. North Shore Pool Aquatic Center Workout room 901 N Shore Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Christa (727) 4187623 Each week we’ll practice a different series of postures, breathing practices, and/or meditation practices appropriate for people with arthritis.

Intro to Meditation Series: Sundays 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm, 4/2 – 4/30 at Asana Yoga of Brandon, 1038 Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico. Appropriate for beginners, experienced yogis and anyone seeking the deeper focus, stillness and peace that meditation brings. $60 Essentrics/Aging program - Would you


like to look and feel younger in just 30 minutes a day? Classes/ Thurs, 9:30am, Hale Senior Center, Dunedin. Schedule a Free 45 minute consultation with Arielle, Special offers and rates/813-545-7173,

Aqua Yoga - Every Thursday 11AM St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center 7701 Boca Ciega Dr, St Pete Beach, FL 33706 Christa (727) 418-7623 Each week is a different series of postures designed to give you a good stretch in the beautiful Florida sunshine. Crystal Bowl Meditation - Wednesdays, 7pm. Rev. Virginia Walsh plays the crystal bowls, leads guided meditation with periods of silence. After meditation individual prayer is offered. Offering accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. Ste. 107, Tampa, FL 33613, Gathering of Light - 1st and 3rd wednesday of the month.   727804-8174 ______________________________

FUTURE Yoga365 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance Certi-

fied. Hands on and interactive posture clinics. Anatomy. “Teaching skills” labs. Philosophy . 9 weekend immersions more info: Tampa Bay Wellness

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Angel Readings bring guidance in your life path. The Angels deliver messages that can help in identifying any blocks in your life and show you the steps to take next to continue with your journey. Patricia Salas, MA Psychology, Certified Angel Intuitive


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Second-generation astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. Over 25 years of experience. Insightful, unique perspective on goals and issues. “Together we will unveil your soul’s purpose.” 727-239-7179

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Rev. Marcella Zinner MMA, ChT.Th. M

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Bachelors Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), India

Dr Riggin

5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760

Aluna Michaels, M.A., Astrologer & Counselor

Ayurvedic consultations, therapies and Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)

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727-323-2793 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY Carolyn Puckett, MPT, MS

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Release tension and physical, emotional, mental discomfort and pain. Myofascial Release works deeply on the crystalline matrix of the body (fascia) and gives you lasting results. Safety Harbor

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THEME - Physical Reality

Angelic Hierarchy, Transformation and Our Physical Reality

By Charles Zinner


nce again we are approaching a time of year in which we all seem to want a change in our physical reality. Some want to lose weight; others want a new love life, money, job, fame or life situation. It is a time in which we want utilize our energies to create newness in our lives. It is a time of potential change, and we feel the possibility of entirely reshaping everything in our lives. Physical reality is dependent upon our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings (emotions), in other words, reality is subjective and personal. Perceptions color our thoughts and beliefs, yet as we know, we change and mature daily, thus what we once perceived and believed may change and no longer hold validity. Thoughts entail the rise of beliefs to which we attach emotions. Some of our most powerful energies are our emotions. Much in life can be accomplished with the addition of the energy of emotions. Emotions are actually ultimately rooted in our deepest level of being. This is because in our first five to six years, we absorb all that goes on around us- in fact; the brainwave level of a young child is in the theta-wave state. This is the state of being which is almost in in a sleep state- a state in which we are most susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. All functions and dysfunctions presented in this time deeply permeate our brain and become the belief that this state of being is “normal”. We develop the understanding and view point that this is the way things are, even though it is really only a personal view. For example if you are in a passive-aggressive situation due to your parents’ role modeling, you believe this is the way you should act and be. This is usually carried into later life. Situations that triggered our emotions in our formative years, are perceived and seen, seemingly again and again, in later life’s circumstances and associated with what we “know” from our early childhood programming. Thus our beliefs and emotions are not only deeply rooted and unseen but they can become directing energies until cleared. It is well known, that the mind and our thoughts have tremendous power. The mind can heal, as can positive emotions which also affect physical and mental healings. In the case of disease, the emotions of anger and fear create the foundation for disease development (such as cancer, liver issues, kidney problems, hypertension). The emotions of laughing, joy and humor, have also shown positive benefits when incorporated in holistic healing modalities- along with relaxation and other calming treatments. This is why beliefs and emotions are so powerful- they literally create our personal world. Thus, we literally have in our very being, the potential for



Tampa Bay Wellness

healing. However, because our “reality” may cause us issues (fear, disease), there are other energies which we can utilize. One can invoke powerful heavenly or Universal energies, the Archangels and angels. Archangels are said to have 50,000 times the energy and power of the angels, who are also powerful in their own right. Key to invoking Beings of Light, such as Archangels and angels is the process of knowing that they are willing and want to help humankind. In fact, biblically they have been commanded by the Creator, to do so, and they wield great power. Raphael, is one of the greatest the Archangels concerned with healing. Remember healing can be on any level and any situation, so no matter what we need rectified, there is a lot of power associated with this great being, the other Archangels, and also the rest of the angelic hierarchy. Call on the angel Oziel for change within – to transform yourself from within by clearing undesirable habits, or Kumiel for rejuvenation if you need energy resulting from overwork. There are many other angels with many strengths and purposes, just waiting to be called on. Regardless of calling on them through thought, word or prayer, or invocation and evocation- they are there and waiting to serve. This is the ultimate secret to working creation of reality- to feel and define the initial energy of the situation- the one you wish to change, and then, in a major positive shift, really “feel” the result of the healing as having already happened. Always give thanks and gratitude for their help because the minute you ask, it Is done! Remember and know, the angelic realm, Spirit, and the celestial hierarchy is there for you.

“Creating A Culture of Health”

222 2nd St. N. | Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 • (727) 551-0857 |

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All is well!



ing the body in existence. Lose weight, reduce pain, and treat your cancer with proven methods used around the world. This is my story....Dr. Dennis Alexander

Afte r NT TEM IE T











including Ozone Therapy. We have this therapy available here now for only $35 a treatment. The benefits of Ozone Transdermal Therapy can be miraculous. It is a method in which Ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a hot steam cabinet. As the pores of the skin open as a result of being surrounded by the warm steam, Ozone enters the body transdermally (i.e. via the skin). Transdermal Ozone Therapy is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenat-


hroat cancer was killing me. How could this happen to me? I eat 90% organic. I consume no sugar. I have an active life style. I am doing everything right. Of course, 50 years of smoking cigars might have a great deal to do with it. Yes, I quit 15 years ago, but the damage had already been done. The slow buildup of symptoms didn’t alert me to my situation until I had achieved a stage four squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue. The tumor was so aggressive it grew out of the side of my throat. I was now forced to take action. I followed the same protocol we prescribe for our patients, and now the cancer is gone. I contribute our success to the many healing modalities we use here,



CHARLES ZINNER is a Reverend, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Theta Healer, Qigong practitioner, and is working on his PH.D. He has been in the military for over 20 yrs as a Special Forces Officer, Paratrooper, etc. He has been a public school teacher and professor at UF. He has studied at The Edgar Casey Foundation, Silva Institute and Findlay College for Spiritualist and Psychical Studies in Stansted UK. And is a regular Transcendental Meditation practitioner. He can be reached at email:





Sentient Temple 727-323-2793


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