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March, 2017






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2 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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Tampa Bay Wellness • MARCH 2017


HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) can be used for a broad spectrum of off-label (non-approved) indications. • Multiple Sclerosis • Bell’s Palsy • Autism • Chronic Fatigue • Lyme Disease • Stroke • Cerebral Palsy • Fibromyalgia • Liver Failure • TBI • Diabetes • Sports Injuries • Arthritis • and more

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4 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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CONTENTS March, 2017

Dr. Mary Riggin 727-669-6000

Rev. Charles Zinner


Energy and Healing


The Energy of Consciousness


The Alchemical Transformation

By Dr. Dennis Alexander



By Marcella Zinner

By Imsara

Carolyn Puckett

Dr. Imsara

All Energy is By Charles Zinner

Nicole Miller







By Terri Cabral

Cupping defined

Dr. Dennis Alexander

By Nicole Miller

Migraine Headaches By Dr. Mary Riggin

Terri Cabral

Energy Levels By Dr. Chris Jackson

Dr. Chris Jackson 727-329-96

Energy Healing By Carolyn Puckett

Marcella Zinner

Tampa Bay Wellness • MARCH 2017


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Tampa Bay Wellness • MARCH 2017


Energy and Healing What Is Energy and How Can It Heal?


e’ve heard so much lately about Healing and different kinds of Energy work. There is Holistic healing, Naturopathic healing, Qigong Healing, Reiki healing, Spiritual healing and on and on. Just what is Energy, and how can it heal? Webster’s Dictionary describes Energy as “a vigorous exertion of power”; okay, but how does it work?


Everything is composed of resonance and vibration. These two components make up all things. A rock has a slow vibration and mammals have a higher vibration. Resonance is how we respond to our environment, and the things in it. If you set six Grandfather clocks up on one side of a wall and six on the opposing side of the wall all of the pendulums will swing back and forth willy-nilly; after a period of time they will all swing together at the same time. Mass and Energy are interchangeable. And that both space and time are not absolute. The most important consequence of this is that Mass is nothing but a form of Energy. So, everything is a form of Energy. Objects at rest have stored Energy. Trees, rocks, dogs, water and people are all made up of Energy, in one form or another. The entire body is an electromagnetic field. That field can be altered with energy. If you adjust the energy flow you may affect a change in its condition and change a harmful cell growth into a harmless growth, i.e. cancer cells. This means that Energy can exist as either solid matter or as non-solid matter, such as a beam of light. Radio waves, microwaves and X-rays are all forms of pure non-solid Energy. X-rays and microwaves being the worst of them. An experiment done with seeds showed that seeds grown in tap water did fairly well, creek water did very well and micro-waved water killed them.


Energy is all around us, everywhere in all different wavelengths and frequencies. From Energies with very short wavelengths like Cosmic Radiation and X-rays, to very long wave lengths such as Radio waves and Infra Red waves. Energy is also produced by our bodies from the food and liquids we ingest. “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.” Everyday our bodies are being hit with these Energies from many different sources. We don’t see it, but we know it is there. When we speak, our voice saying words has released sound waves of Energy causing ripples in the air around us. When we think, our brains release wavelengths of Energy. Thought is the most powerful energy in the universe. With thought we can do anything energetically! 8 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness


To the Scientific community, Energy is something measurable with specific instruments to detect for example, heat, light or cosmic radiation. The Energy used in Healing is equally real, with the measuring device being that exquisitely sensitive one, the human body. Our bodies are receiving stations for Energy and also transmitters of Energy. We here at the Sentient Temple use a computer program that proves the effectiveness of Medical Qigong. It is called an HRV, or Heart Rate Variability, and shows the change in the body before and after treatment.


We are made up of a multi-body system, not just the physical body. We have an Etheric Body, an Emotional Body, a Mental Body and an Astral Body. Things don’t just affect us physically; we are affected on all levels. When we think thoughts, these non-solid forms of Energy go out into our multi system body and greatly affect us. In Qigong we call this the “Shen”, Spirit, “QI”, energy, and “Jing”, physical; all of these must be addressed in order to successfully heal.


We all have storage centers in our bodies that store Energy and Energy patterns. Some of these are called Chakras, Dantians and the Taji Pole. The Chakras and Dantians align themselves with the Taji Pole. We can have Energy Patterns stored from events that happened yesterday as well as from many years ago, or many lives ago. Some of these patterns will be happy memories and some of them will be unpleasant and painful memories of something that happened to us. Sometimes we stash them away deep into some recess in our Hippocampus in our brains and in our Qi fields (the Energy field around us), and try to forget about them, but they don’t really go away. Disease is a manifestation of unbalanced Energy. Healing then is a way of balancing Energy. In Medical Qigong, we state, “Doctors treat, God heals.” Negative Forms of Energy. Throughout our lives we pick up negative forms of Energy, such as Fear, Doubt, Anger, Judgment, Criticism, Blame and others. Negative energy can also be directed at us from other people unconsciously such as psychic vampires, enemies, sorcerers or hateful people. There are many ways to balance your Energy. One approach is to balance your energy through Qigong exercise, and another the Ho’oponopono mantra, “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you”. When doing this mantra you direct it to the Divine, whoever that is for you, see the Divine returnContact us 813-501-4894 •

ing the healing energy of the mantra back at you, and once you feel full of Divine healing energy, direct the mantra to The Divine within yourself. “I am sorry for anything I might have done to myself, I forgive myself, I thank myself and I LOVE MYSELF.” When a trained energy worker works with you to help balance your Energy, for many, the process of Healing is accelerated. Energy! Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy, from the minutia to the infinite. We can look at the entire Universe in our own bodies. If we were to look up at the heavens at night and gaze at the stars, we would see white dots and blackness in-between. If we took a microscope and looked at the back of our hands, we would see pore holes, hairs and deep crevasses. If we took it another step in a more powerful microscope, we would see molecules drifting about. If we went another step further and used an electron microscope, we would see electrons, neutrons, protons and croutons. Oops, no salad stuff. What we would see is the same vision we would see if we looked up at the night heavens; bright moving objects with black space between. Oh, my gosh! The Universe and our bodies are built the same way! So, let’s go back a short period of time in the scheme of things. If the Universe is full of stars and Wuji, which is what we of Medical Qigong call the black void (our soul or connection to the Supreme Being), then Wuji is within us. The black space in our bodies is Wuji, then that is the Supreme Being within. The Divinity in each person is their real Savior and Right Healer. This central force regulates the external, the outermost regions of our bodies and keeps all in right order; all of the assimilative, secretive and other processes of the body. This very force controls our thoughts and passions by showing the distinction of right and wrong. This energy, the Divinity, is the moral and physical healer of humankind. Belief and faith are energies! They are the creative force behind all things right and wrong with us. Malady is caused because the cells of the person are filled with the energetic thoughts of disease, fear and undesirable effects, and thus fall under the negative influence of the central mind. If these negative mental thoughts are changed to those of hope, confidence, love, belief and expectancy, the effects upon the cells will be marvelous!


THOUGHT! The entire Universe began with a single thought.....the Prime Creator said, “I am lonely, I shall create a Universe.” And it was done. In the books of Moses, we read that God created the world. He saw His own handiwork and was beautiful, glorious and sublime. Each of us is an energetic matrix comprised of an electromagnetic field. Know how to manipulate that field and you can heal anything. Everything wrong with the body can be corrected without drugs, and for the most part quickly. Our bodies have, in Medical Qigong philosophy, resonance intelligence for self healing. What we do is turn your resonance of healing on. One would think that there is just energy. WRONG! There are energetic boundaries, blockages, invasions, bubbles, casts, patterns, clusters, complications, cords, depletions, disorders, distortions, grids, healing stones, vampires, balancing procedures or leakages. There is energy medicine, diagnosis, cupping, point therapy, protection, unwinding and projection of energy. Oh my. Just when you thought you had it all together. “I know what energy is all about!” Here’s a note I got from the Universe. “The young soul learns to trust by asking questions. The old soul learns to trust by silently observing. BUT a wise soul, my friends, couldn’t care less. They simply don’t depend on others for anything. Whoa! The Universe.” Bottom line; Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed in form. In Medical Qigong, that is what we do. We change the cellular structure of your body to create a new energetic matrix and thus change the way your body functions. And….heals!

DR REV DENNIS ALEXANDER is the founder of the Sentient Temple Healing Center, the College of Alternative Medicine and the National College of Medical Qigong. He is an Ascended Shaman of the Maya community. He uses energy modalities, natural remedies and disease prevention to successfully treat cancer, hard to treat health issues, or health issues that western medicine finds difficult to treat. 727-323-2793

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InTEgRATIvE MEdICInE Our Integrative medicine approach combines conventional and complementary treatment options to achieve optimal health for the patient, and it is based on the research which demonstrates that the human body has an innate healing mechanism. Illness occurs when the regenerative processes in the body are disturbed and the body can no longer keep itself healthy.


Lifestyle Modification

The O-Shot™ - is a non-surgical simple procedure that

Stress Reduction

uses the growth factors each woman has in her own body to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation to activate the orgasm system and improve sexual satisfaction.

Stress Management Weight Loss Support

The Priapus™

Shot (also known as the P-shot) - is designed to deliver improvements in sexual performance and satisfaction, including in those patients who have had changes in function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, drug side effects and other conditions, such as diabetes.

Nutritional Planning Regenerative Medicine Hormone Therapy Bhrt For Men Bhrt For Women Wellness Optimization

Vampire Facelift™ - By combining PRP, dermal fillers,

Body/Mind Regeneration

and artful injection, Dr. Grossgold creates natural-looking volume, restoring a youth shape and glow.

Aesthetic Procedures

Vampire Facial™

- Using a specialized micro-channeling tool to draw PRP deep into the facial tissues, this technical facial stimulates the rejuvenation process at every layer of the skin; creating improved tone, texture, feel, and color.

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Scalp PRP

- stimulates hair regrowth of dormant follicles and improved the thickness, color and quality of hair.



body in existence. Lose weight, reduce pain, and treat your cancer with proven methods used around the world. This is my story....Dr. Dennis Alexander

Afte r NT TEM IE T









10 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

patients, and now the cancer is gone. I contribute our success to the many healing modalities we use here, including Ozone Therapy. We have this therapy available here now for only $35 a treatment. The benefits of Ozone Transdermal Therapy can be miraculous. It is a method in which Ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a hot steam cabinet. As the pores of the skin open as a result of being surrounded by the warm steam, Ozone enters the body transdermally (i.e. via the skin). Transdermal Ozone Therapy is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenating the


hroat cancer was killing me. How could this happen to me? I eat 90% organic. I consume no sugar. I have an active life style. I am doing everything right. Of course, 50 years of smoking cigars might have a great deal to do with it. Yes, I quit 15 years ago, but the damage had already been done. The slow buildup of symptoms didn’t alert me to my situation until I had achieved a stage four squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue. The tumor was so aggressive it grew out of the side of my throat. I was now forced to take action. I followed the same protocol we prescribe for our







Sentient Temple 727-323-2793

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values truth joy o n H O P Eo diver sity LOVE purpose



Wonder how best to live in this world? W E K N O W A W AY.

What if we could all be FOR SOMETHING and against nothing? We are a values-based spiritual community and we offer inspiration and tools for a better life. No matter what your background or spiritual path, visit our community where we value authenticity, diversity, empowerment and we focus on possibilities. Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle will take us on a journey to explore Values Based Spiritual Living from a place of true acceptance and love. Each Sunday we welcome people from all spiritual traditions. Join us for some coffee, snacks and wonderful conversation about a world that works for everyone.

SUNDAYS :: 10:30 am Roland Park Magnet School 1510 North Manhattan Ave, Tampa FL

Join us April 16 for a new and inspiring way to celebrate Easter

Meditation: 10-10:15am :: Bookstore: 10:15am-12:15pm

G I F T F O R N E W V I S I TO R S : F R E E B O O K W I T H T H I S A D Kids educational experience included!

Rev. Dr. Suzi

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Tampa Bay Wellness • MARCH 2017



By Rev. Marcella Zinner


here is an energy field all around us. Some people can feel this energy, some can “see” energy, and some can sense this energy field. This energy field is a vibrant, moving, nebulous, mostly invisible, source filled with atoms, molecules, and whatever else we humans have not been able to identify yet. This energy field is comprising all of totality, endowed with intelligence, providing a function, energized with emotion, forever changing and always interacting with all that is. This is consciousness. The energy of consciousness is “All that is”, the totality of what is all around us, about us, and within us. This energy consciousness interacts with our physical senses, our instinctual senses, our mental senses, our emotional senses and the Cosmic universe. This energy consciousness utilizes the laws of polarity and vibration, and the various levels of matter. This energy consciousness changes according to our awareness, thoughts, and emotions. This, then, becomes a total composite of what a person sees, thinks, feels, senses. As we grow and heal and become more aware of all that is in this cosmic energy soup around us, we begin to evolve into a higher energy consciousness. This is always dependent upon the emotion behind the consciousness, feelings experienced, and the mental awareness. Thus, we are human beings filled with all this life promoting, vital, conscious energy around us, just waiting to expand to a higher and higher level. Also known as higher consciousness. Higher Conscious energy is a choice to evolve and change.

12 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

It is a state of being that is a shift away from our attachments to things and people and to a compassionate perception of all that is. Higher Consciousness means to experience new vistas of awareness, new levels of creativity and new heights of spiritual connections. This higher state of energy moves us into a shift or into a new awareness of interconnectedness with, not only other human beings, but all living creatures. Higher Consciousness includes unconditional love, altruism, inner joy, a love of nature, the development of intuition, idealism, and a sense of wisdom which springs from within. These skills develop the right-brain functions of creativity and intuition as well as the spiritual awareness of a power greater than ourselves. Greater than the individual yet all inclusive of the individual. This spiritual energy awareness is felt at a deeper more profound level. Even though the emotions and feelings are involved, Higher Consciousness offers a serene detachment from emotions. It means following your heart to express your inner joy through making your own meaningful contribution towards the betterment of the world. The most important element in facilitating an upward movement in consciousness is an attitude of willingness which opens up the mind and heart. Shifting our consciousness to a higher awareness or Higher Consciousness is a shift into a reality that accepts that our thoughts, emotions, and desires are our responsibility. This is a belief that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our life...everyone that we meet is a “ME” wearing a different costume! We attract each and every individual Contact us 813-501-4894 •

consciousness and situation in our life as a mirror or a part of us that needs to heal, learn and grow. This growth is an upward shift into a higher sense of self or who we really are underneath the outward display of our emotions. This movement into a Higher Consciousness allows our higher more evolved self to surface. We become increasingly aware of, not only our own self, but all whom we come in contact with as a guide or teacher. Seeing and believing that everyone is a holy being with their own path to follow is a significant step into the Higher Consciousness. Acknowledging each person as a special human being who has appeared in our life for a beneficial reason is an aspect of the developmental stages of the Higher self. Specific Qualities to assume for Higher Conscious energy: • The inherent worth and dignity of every person. • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations. • Acceptance of one another and encouragement towards spiritual growth. • A free search for truth and meaning. • The right of conscience. • The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice. • The interdependent web of all existence of which we are part.

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This is the foundation of a world which is supportive rather than competitive. In such a world there really is more for everyone; much more, because the energy that was spent in competition against others is now funneled into productive work. It is a part of the plan of Infinite Being that we progress to the next stage of conscious human achievement. We are approaching a global paradigm shift. This is not temporary or imaginary. It is a cosmic pressure that is unfolding and relentlessly increasing the frequency of all consciousness upon the planet. The Shift into Higher Consciousness, to put it simply, is the most wonderful transformation in recorded history. This is where humanity gets to build, literally, Heaven on Earth. REV. MARCELLA ZINNER, M.M. A., Ch.T, ThM, Reiki Master, is a teacher of spiritual awareness as well as real life circumstances to facilitate change, peace and harmony. Natural clairvoyant talents and intuitive counseling abilities, regression therapy and spiritual development classes.; at or call 727-785-8780.

Tampa Bay Wellness • MARCH 2017


The Alchemical Transformation of the


(2017-2024) By Imsara


n the morning of November 9. 2016 I sleepily reached for my phone. On my phone screen in bold letters it informed me of who had won the election. I intuitively realized we had, as a nation, stepped onto the alchemical path of transformation. An alchemical depth transformation is truly the only kind that endures. It goes deeper than mere surface change. It endures because it will tend to transform us as a nation to our core, a level that can only be compared to the process of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly…a transmutation of actual form that is so deep that the end product bears little substance to the original. This transformation will take seven years and last from 2017 to 2024. Our choices and focus are very important over this time, as you will see. Energetically the seven stages of alchemical transformation begins in Calcination, in that the dross, or shadow of the collective ego is brought up for view. The purpose is for it to be made conscious and to be witnessed and purified. It will act as a laser beam and that everything we judged, feared, shamed and denied is brought up and dumped on the table.

It is the unmasking of who we thought we were and pretended to be. It can create intense periods of heat via anger, rage and angst as we deal with elements within our collective ego we thought were put to rest. We can see this in the growing social divides. It emphasizes the stub-born, materialistic and fearful sides of our nature that must be confronted and challenged in or-der to topple arrogance and entitlement once and for all. It calls on ALL of us to confront our inner rationalization, apathy and blame. As we continue our fated path, created from ignorance and denial, we will move into stage two. This is the Dissolution stage where we will have to learn to let go of illusions, both personal and collective relative to what we hold dear about our collective society and America’s “image” within the world. It is a further breakdown of an egoled social whole that has forgotten it is a spark of the cosmic whole. The goal of this stage is to create experiences in which the false king ego will be further broken down and released into the field of ashes. It is about seeking out and bringing up hidden light from the uncon-

New Student Special Month Unlimited is


$ 1112 W Platt St, Tampa 813-702-YOGA (9642)


14 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

scious ways we have perjured ourselves as a society. It is an accounting that will reveal more of the false elements of the social ego. Eventually, it will be purified enough to infuse the world with a more conscious awareness of its soul but not until the entire process is complete. Ongoing points of surrender occur within this stage as well as the need to confront internal dynamics of blame, shame and guilt. These darker fear based elements must be owned and responsibility taken for secret faults exposed. Journeying on, we reach stage three. This is the Separation stage and is experienced by further extraction and purification. The purpose is to bring opposing forces into full view of the other and eventually unite them so as to bring more consciousness into the situation at hand. Again, this can be the inner male or female, or the Congress. Again, this will tend to occur both individually and collectively in some fashion. The next step is stage four, the Conjunction. The purpose is to form a more authentic sense of identify from the deep cleansing of stubborn beliefs and attitudes that has created such a “wall” of resistance to really knowing “the other.” It seeks to create the purified, authentic potential of a new identify from all of the “junk” that had gone before. Collectively, the idea is to then create a new “vessel” for what this country holds near and dear relative to the United States Constitution. Personally, it is about lessening of ego conflicts with-in. Socially, it is about more equality and respect between the genders. Following this reconfiguration, we embark upon stage five. After uniting both our newly purified Mind and Heart, we enter stage five, that of FermentaContact us 813-501-4894 •

tion. It goes through a process that can be compared to one big compost heap, in which the goal is to break down the most stubborn components that have somehow survived up to now. It can give the appearance of a “death” but do not be deceived. Much is happening beneath the surface. It is here we realize our human-ness and that we truly are all in this together. As our Lady of the Lamp rises again to shine this new and purified light upon the masses, we reach the sixth energetic stage called Distillation. It is about experimenting with our newly washed consciousness and refining it to become better than ever. The potential here is to walk in humility and then take an equal place at the table. It is about the embrace of strength that stems not from false ideas of power but comes from embracing the light within all. The seventh and final stage is that of Coagulation. It is here that we individually and collectively can perceive that the spirit is within each and every one of us. It truly is the spirit made flesh. As this heart level knowing fuses with the mind

once again, a new perspective is born on the shores of deliverance. It is a stage where small points of view can transcend and raise up to reach and receive a true light that serves all. It is a light that can shine from shore to shore and that is born from a cosmic understanding of what liberty and freedom is for. Thanks to those who are now acting to pull off the masks. The start of the true return journey has begun and there is room on the path for all….

DR. IMSARA is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, teacher and facilitator of journeys to expand and support your evolution. She holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health. Dr. Imsara also teaches classes at the Temple of the Living God and mentors astrological students. For further information please see her website at 727. 821.8300

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Zen in Your Den Mobile Massage Therapy & Spray Tanning In the COMFORT of your home

I have been working as a licensed massage therapist for 15 years now. My business is strictly mobile. Clients truly enjoy the convenience of not having to leave their home to find relaxation. One of the many positive aspects of having a massage in your home is I take time with each client. There is no one there to rush you out, in order to get the next client in. I enjoy what I do because I am continuously helping people. Over the years I have had clients as young as 8 and as old as 99. I am constantly looking for new modalities to learn and services to offer. Aside from massage therapy, I offer spray tanning, body scrubs and body wraps.



Zen in Your Den

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PATHWAYS TO AWAKENING Center for Intuitive & Spiritual Studies

Intuitive Development Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760

727.785.8780 Rev. Marcella Zinner. MMA, ChT.Th. M Bio: Rev. Marcella Zinner, MMA, Cht., ThM, is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Panel Psychic for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Marcella specializes in helping others heal emotional and karmic struggles blocks and fears. Marcella has studied at many national Intuitive Development centers including the famed Arthur Findley College for Psychic and Mediumship research in England. She holds a Masters Degree in Theology and is currently a Doctoral candidate for Transpersonal Psychology and Theology at Holos University in Springfield Missouri. Marcella and her husband Charlie are the founders of Pathways to Awakening. Marcella has developed a series of products to uplift your energy and vibration. She can be reached at 727-785-8780 or Visit her web page at




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alotherapy is an exposure to kinetically activated dry salt where the micro sized particles are inhaled. Since dry salt is antibacterial and super absorbent it actively kills bacteria and reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and widens the airways for better breathing. Halotherapy helps manage COPD, asthma and allergies. It also boosts the immune system, increases energy improves the quality of sleep and improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Halotherapy is: • 100% natural drug free treatment • Safe for adults and children six months and up • Has no known side effects


Dr. Felix Botchkowski observed back in 1843 that his underground Russian salt miners rarely suffered from respiratory issues. It was soon discovered that the dry salt climate that they were exposed to in the underground salt mines was the reason. This began Dr. Botchkowski’s practice of directing his respiratory patients to the salt mine for overnight stays. Soon thereafter the first salt cave therapy center was opened 9 stories underground. This became known in medical terms as Speleotherapy. Nearly 40 years later a female Russian Pulmonologist directed the development of a machine that recreated the underground environment above ground. This became known as Halotherapy.


Studies in Europe and Russia have confirmed that Halotherapy is safe and helps children effectively manage existing respiratory conditions, support better breathing and build a stronger immune system. Regular Halotherapy, 2-3 times a week, can help prevent the common coughs and colds, runny nose and earaches. In addition, regular Halotherapy also calms the nervous system and helps children to focus better in school as well as sleep better at night. Contact us 813-501-4894 •


Clean and clear airways allow more efficient oxygen distribution and increases the elimination of the CO2 from the body. The result is having more vitality and energy while being relaxed and having an increased ability to focus on daily tasks.


Regular and consistent Halotherapy helps to expand the lung capacity, increase the oxygen intake, and boost endurance. Dry salt is super absorbent and antibacterial. These micro sized salt particles travel deep into the respiratory system and absorb excess moisture, remove allergens, toxins and foreign substances, break up stagnated mucus, restore the function of cilia and widen

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the airways. Regular Halotherapy, combined with the workout regimen, helps athletes to improve respiratory efficiency by delivering more oxygen to the musculature as well as increasing the removal of carbon dioxide from the body. Having control over the oxygen circulation gives athletes an extra competitive edge in high performance activities.


Regular and consistent Halotherapy helps to manage respiratory conditions, reduce medications, and boost the immune system. Medical studies in Europe have proven that the benefits of Halotherapy are accumulative. Many adults and children with asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, COPD and other respiratory conditions have found that Halotherapy sessions 2-3 times a week can help manage respiratory problems and reduce the intake of medications.

RESPIRATORY HYGIENE HALOTHERAPY HELPS THE WHOLE FAMILY TO BREATHE BETTER AND FEEL BETTER Regular Halotherapy 2-3 times a week, combined with yoga practice or any other fitness routine, provides deep relaxation and stress relief, a balanced nervous system and an improved sense of well being. Halotherapy keeps the lungs and the skin clean, boosts oxygen circulation, energizes the whole body and enhances mental alertness. Available at: East West Healing Solutions Call 727-316-3972

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“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real”

~ Niels Bohr, Nobel Physics Award

By Charles Zinner


odern western science, along with the ancient teachings, espouses that ultimately, all things are comprised of energy. In reality, energy is all there is, and there is no thing that is not energy. How can one define energy? Energy is defined as that quality which provides vitality, vigor, life, liveliness, animation, vibrancy, spark, sparkle, effervescence, ebullience, exuberance, buoyancy or spirit. Healers, martial artists, acupuncturists, spiritual and religious devotees and many others, know that one’s intention leads and directs energy to a desired objective. A result of research, our “modern” science of physics recognizes the observer effect in our reality and now regard the universe as a “mental” construct. “The stream of knowledge is heading towards a nonmechanical reality….Mind no longer looks like an accidental intruder into the realm of matter….we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.” (R.C. Henry) Energy is manifested through thought, desires, emotions, intentions- and the methods utilized vary - they may include prayer, meditation, breathing, mental direction such as visualization, ritual or other means such as imagining, or receiving inspiration, symbols while in a meditative or an active state of being.


Some healers are able to direct energy through visualization while in a slow, deep brainwave state. At one time it was believed that a slightly relaxed, non-dreaming level of brain activity, known as the alpha state, was an ultimate method of manifestation and healing. Deeper states, however, such as the theta wave state (the state we are in just before falling asleep or upon wakening up) may be even more effective when combined with strong imaginative skills. These states are relaxed and allow the clutter in our minds to subside, thus allowing the flow of energy to be more powerful in the sense that a clear, calm, relaxed state decreases inhibitory influences….such as worry, anxiety etc. Some practitioners use breath work. Breath work is known to relax the nervous system, thereby enabling energy to flow. Whether simply doing long, slow breathing or perhaps some of the yogic types (such as the fire breath), the energy will be enhanced due to the nervous system relaxing. With relaxation comes lowered brainwave cycles, reduced thoughts and anxiety, and enhanced healing. Essentially we have discussed physical and mental states, but probably one of the most powerful aspects of energy work is the involvement of the heart energy. When one opens or feels



• • Restore colon tone • Alleviate allergies • Hydrate the body • Clear the mind •

Alchemist Healing - Eliminate traumas and un-desired presences from many lifetimes which still influence our present and future. Teletransportaion healing is a form of regression therapy, which does not use hyponosis, in which the healer moves from one dimension to the other. It can also be applied to homes and land.



Michele McKee

Professional Experienced

Release Blocked Energy - from the physical, emotional and mental “bodies” which helps “forgivings and makes “light”.

• • • • • •

Regulate bowel movements

Assist in weight loss

Reduce toxic liver overload

Improve complexion

Feel lighter and more vital Improve cardio-vascular Enhance the circulation Alleviate Constipation

Massage Pamper yourself with a deep

relaxation massage. Customized to enliven the senses while quieting the mind into a peaceful state. Expect to leave with a heightened sense of awareness, a clear focus, and refreshed energy.



18 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Receive Cosmic Energy - as much as your heart desires. Cosmic Energy cleans, changes, heals and empowers. Receive Channeled Guidance and Information on health and spiritual wealth. Personal guides and teacher guides answer questions.


Lic. MA40720MM28537

Dr. Martin Luther Blvd Tampa

Call Revs. Jacques and Monika Thomet Visit our Website at:

(941) 741-8736 Contact us 813-501-4894 •

from the heart, there is an outflowing of joy and happiness. With these emotions there is an immeasurably large and strong increase in the energy. The heart, rather than the brain, is now believed to an even more powerful center of power than previously understood. Open-heartedness leads to the power of love being expressed and utilized. In manifestation and healing, it is love that conquers all…..and one can experience tremendous heights of joy, happiness and higher forms of love, to include spiritual ecstasy. Spiritual ecstasy is perhaps the highest and most powerful form of love and total union with All That Is. Joy and happiness, when experienced continuously and regularly, build an energy that can be quickly utilized to clear and raise one’s personal energy. Some refer this to a form, others, a clearing and purification, or a raising of one’s personal vibration. The higher the personal vibration, the easier it is to allow the flow of Universal Healing energy. This clearing the mind and balancing of the nervous system, and consequently

the building of positive personal energy can be enhanced by practicing the methods as mentioned above, and also by stretching, breathing and visualizing through yoga, qigong, tai chi, Taoist qigong, nei kung, the Tibetan five rites as well as many of the martial arts. Many of these work by enhancing the chakras and balancing the organs. If this seems too esoteric, then it is interesting to note that the vocation in which people tend to live the longest is the orchestra conductor. Why? Because the movement that he/she does, stimulates the heart chakra and meridian energy which leads to that organ having tremendous internal energy, thus enhancing and prolonging one’s life. Combining all of these aspects into one’s life plays a major part in one’s emotional health. When one increases one’s emotional being in a positive manner, then one’s consciousness and personal vibration is exuded, influencing one’s outer reality. When one heals another, because all is energy, this positive energy, the heart energy of joy, love and happiness is sensed and positively affects all who are within one’s sphere

of energy. Because love is the most important emotion and energy there is, the healings that are given, positively affect both healer and client. What one does for oneself, what one gives, is returned in multiples, in other words, the Universe gives back in excess that which is shared with unconditional love. “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla

REV.CHARLES ZINNER, M.S. holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a spiritual teacher, healer and Reiki Master. He has developed and taught courses in Tarot, numerology, consciousness studies and the teachings of the modern ascended masters. Charles was tenured faculty member of the University Of Florida. Charles and Marcella are co-founders of Pathways to Awakening Center For Intuitive and Spiritual Studies. 727-785-8780, mzinner@tampabay.



• Fast Acting • Painless Therapy • FDA Approved • Non-Invasive Get both Acupuncture & Laser for $65 (Value $130)

• Neck, Back, Knees, Feet Pain • Arthritis, Bursitis, TMJ, Sinusitis • Plantar Fascitis, Sport Injuries 1831 N. Belcher Rd. Ste. C2 Clearwater 33765

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• Migraine, Neuropathy, Sciatica • Carpal Tunnel, Shingles Lumina Healing Center • 2903 Dr. MLK St. N. • St. Pete. Oscar Hernandez, AP

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Energy By:Terri Cabral


ll things are inseparable, it is the ultimate powerful connection. Want to feel energy? Rub your hands together and put your palms facing each other, feel the pull of energy. Move them in and out towards and away from the other. All is energy, everything, the chair you sit in, the home you live in, the people you work with, the food you eat, the Universe. Yes the Universe, all of it. People that are feelers are called “Empaths” and have known this since they were very young, they felt the energy of the person that walked into the room and as a child they might even have separated themselves from certain people and situations. Children are not in their heads as much as adults, the programs have not develop in their subconscious mind yet. Therefore they are more aware of energy,

they feel and observe a lot more, no wonder they play in sand, dirt, water, etc. for long periods of time and get lost in wonders of nature and mother earth. Energy has a beat, a pulse a frequency, lay down on the grass sometime and put your ear to the ground, you can hear the sound of the earth. Like the song by Carol King says “I feel the Earth move under my feet”, the beat of energy. When we are really grounded and centered we feel energy much easier and that also guides us intuitively. I have had moments that saved me from making some mistakes, just because I really payed attention to the energy and others that were the exact opposite of results. This is very important especially when making big decisions and other people are involved. Words also have energy, be aware

Essentrics/ Aging Backwards Private Sessions /Classes


Arielle Giordano

re you ready to look and feel younger?? Did you know that the sharpest most powerful tool for retaining a healthy long life and beautiful youth is not your heart, brain or lungs, it is your muscles? This dynamic workout will activate all 650 muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility.


Author, Inspirational Speaker & Counselor, Essentrics and Dance Instructor and Goddess Workshop Facilitator. Certified Essentrics/ Aging Backwards Consultations/ Classes

20 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Arielle


of what follows the words I Am and also the disempowering words of your friends, family and coworkers.

Energy is life force. It is within us and it is all around us. The world is now paying more attention to energy and energy healing and we are in a time period of growth for alternative healing, which is really ancient healing. The healing that our ancestors practiced before main stream doctors came about. We are now becoming more open to ancient energy modalities like Reiki, Pranic healing and many others. The East has been using these practices for many years and so have some European countries. Scientists explain that objects can have energy by virtue of their motion, Contact us 813-501-4894 •

position or mass. Energy can be transferred and transformed between one another. People pass energy from one to another. If you spend all day around someone who is depressed which is a lower energy, you will walk away feeling depleted and the same for the opposite, walking away happy and inspired. When we spend time under the sun or a beautiful tree we feel energized because of the very high energy that is on us. Take time to replenish your energy, like spending time in nature and feeding your soul and mind with good nourishment. Pay attention to the energy of your space, does it feel heavy or stale? Clear it often with sage, incense, rose water, frankincense or use tingsha bells. You can purchase these in metaphysical shops. Clapp around the corners of your home to clear the space that has collected the negative or stale energy. You will hear different sounds when you clap from bottom to top, flat or dull sound is stuck energy. Also pay attention to items that you are bringing home, many people have touched the same thing, clear it so that the energy doesn’t blend with yours. If something doesn’t feel right to you, you are right. That’s a sign. If you have toxic energy in your environment, get fresh white flowers to put by the entrance. White flowers are of the highest frequency and will absorb negative energy, Himalayan salt lamps are also a great investment to clear a room and if you feel off, take a shower. Water cleanses and releases stuck energy. Most of all know that you are energy and be aware of what energy you are bringing into the world daily. Energy is contagious, therefore center yourself and take a deep breath. Namaste TERRI CABRAL holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healing Arts and is a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She specializes in personal development, spiritual growth, mind, body, soul balance and healing. She guides you towards a healthier, peaceful, more fulfilling and purpose driven life with real and practical steps. Contact Terri, Phone 727-804-8174 www.terricabral. com E-mail: • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

NEWS 5TH ANNUAL ROCK ASANA Free Yoga Come to the 5th Annual Rock Asana Free Yoga community event. The event is March 31st at Curtis Hixon Park. This year there will be food trucks, local media sponsors and vendors. Meet Roni Elissabeth of Bella Prana Yoga.

Roni Elissabeth Bella Prana Yoga

private sessions, health fairs, corporate programs, events authorized distributor for

Reed ‘Naham’ Myles

BodyPure™ circulation therapy CryoDerm™ pain relief

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for the feet and hands

Massage Therapy

by appointment:

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Cupping So, What’s in the Cup? By Nicole Miller


ou may have heard a story from a good friend who received a traditional cupping treatment while traveling in China, or perhaps you recall when Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was questioned about the mysterious circles that decorated his shoulders. Cupping therapy often strikes curiosity as its popularity increases in the Western world. So, what is cupping and who can benefit from this type of treatment? Healing by the use of cups has origins in ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Europe. Traditionally, glass cups are placed upon the body using heat, which creates a suction mechanism. The cups remain on the body for a varied amount of time

22 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

depending on the need and comfort of the recipient. Because of the suction, the skin is pulled away from the underlying muscle, which stretches the layer of fascia in between. Fascia is essentially a dense web that connects our soft tissue structures in the body – such as skin, muscles, and organs. Muscular tension causes the fascial layer to become constricted, which prevents proper movement and repair of damaged tissues. The cups allow for blood and lymphatic fluid to be rushed to specific areas of the body, especially in areas of pain or injury. Blood circulation increases, which creates an all-over rejuvenation of the body system. The circles that remain after cupping

are not defined as bruises, but rather painless broken capillaries which are a result of the suction. The broken capillaries stimulate the activation of phagocytes – the mechanism in the body that diminishes unhealthy and dead cells. Areas that are especially dark often indicate a problematic area and a need for more focus in that specific region of the body, which allows for a comprehensive treatment regimen as the indications of the body are studied by the practitioner. Imagine an injury – either old or new – finally experiencing relief from daily stress or pain. Especially when paired with massage, cupping therapy can be useful in relieving tension headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, neuralgia, muscle strain, muscle weakness, chronic pain, joint pain and stiffness, and many other conditions of the body. After initial healing has occurred, cupping can be used near surgery sites to prevent scar tissue, allowing the surrounding muscles to relax and heal. Gentle realignment of the skeletal system can occur as the cups assist in relaxing the surrounding muscles, which often relieves discomfort. Cupping therapy is in the process of being scientifically studied to understand more deeply how the treatment method assists Contact us 813-501-4894 •

the body in structural repair. Over time, multiple forms of cupping treatments have been developed. Silicone cups are an ideal option for beginners to become accustomed to the sensation of cupping, and are very useful in conjunction with detoxification because they can stimulate the release of fluids and toxins which are trapped in the tissues. Individuals who are quitting a smoking habit or undergoing a dietary transition may find relief in allowing years of built up toxins to be released from the body. Glass cupping can be practiced either with fire to create heat, or with a manual suction pump that pulls the air out of the cup once it is placed upon the body. Talking with a practitioner about the available methods and safety factors can be helpful to optimize the benefit of the recipient. Finding a well educated and licensed massage therapist who has been trained in cupping therapy is essential for a safe and effective treatment. In-home treatment sessions are ideal for cupping, because traveling to and from a clinic can be problematic if the treatment creates a need for rest or a rush of energy within the body as the structural and energetic systems begin to realign. Treatments within the home of the recipient allow the individual to stay within their own comfort zone to stretch, shower, or simply take a nap following a cupping session. A feeling of comfort and safety encourages the positive psychological response to massage and cupping, which stimulates physical healing. The body is one’s most permanent possession on this planet, and caring for the body is an essential part of life. Many view healing as a luxury, when in reality it is a necessity. Finding a modality that resonates with the body is a gateway to discover true healing, and experiencing the ancient tradition of cupping could reveal a new world – unbound to pain!


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7228 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, FL


NICOLE J. MILLER is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Kundalini Reiki Master, and owner of Awaken Holistic Bodywork & Wellness. She brings holistic healing to the home of her clients and specializes in Cupping Therapy, Integrated Energy Healing, Vital Herbalism, and Women’s Wellness. She believes that true healing comes from within the Self, and that as a practitioner, she is a deeply involved assistant of this process. Additionally, she is an educator of the feminine Yoni Egg practice to awaken the divine and sensual woman. Visit her website at www.awakenholistic. net or call 330-842-6002 for more information.

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By Aluna Michaels, M.A.

ARIES March 21st – April 19th

Venus, the planet of love, self-worth and finances, is retrograde in your sign. Venus retrogrades the least of any planet, and the last time this happened in Aries was 2009! From now until mid-April, meditate on releasing “issues” that have built up in Venusian areas these past 8 years. You can have a true change of consciousness that heals your world, or makes good stuff even better! Look for areas where you feel you’ve been wronged, and allow other perspectives into your mind.

LEO July 23rd – Aug. 22nd

Create a balance of spirituality and “real life”. This can mean applying yoga principles at work or with family. Practice seeing others (and also yourself!) through eyes of compassion. Make time for a short meditation at work, even just taking a few deep centering breaths in the privacy of the bathroom. Read books on money and spiritual energy. This type of integration will draw amazing people toward you, as well as lift your spirits and bring solutions to challenges!

Astrology TAURUS


April 20th – May 20th

May 21st– June 20th

Confident Mars moves into your sign, giving you courage to make changes and have new beginnings! Venus retrograde also gives insights into your subconscious blocks to emotional or financial abundance. Meditate with an open mind and take note of little ideas that pop up, even throughout the day after your quiet time. Something simple or seemly silly can hold a key to huge healing! You can also have health improvements in an area you thought was permanent.

VIRGO Venus retrograde has an eight year cycle. This month, meditate to release disappointment in intimacy or finances. Also forgive experiences of betrayal and broken trust. Even ponder any deaths in the past eight years. Opening old wounds helps them heal more fully and open you to new depth in relationships, sexuality, spirituality and prosperity. The wonderful sense of connection you’ll have at the end of Venus retrograde (Mid-April) will make it worth the journey!

Venus retrograde wants you to be less analytical. You’re so smart and see many sides to things, but that can make you unhappy because you’re less likely to feel emotionally present in experiences and relationships. Being in your head causes you to find or exaggerate faults instead of feeling joy. Meditate to practice “being” rather than thinking. When you come upon a strong belief, ask yourself if it is possible a different conclusion exists. Then open your focus to include that option.

MARCH 2017 CANCER June 21st – July 22nd

Working hard with no recognition? This is the month you’ve been waiting for! Open your heart to receive the praise, promotion, new job or bonuses that are due you! Meditate to release any stories of resentment or unworthiness. These are just repetitive thoughts that seem real, but are not the truth of you or of your situation, as these new experiences will prove. But you need to be ready to view this month’s blessings without suspicion or caution. Confront limiting beliefs, even if inherited from family — you can move beyond those ideas to a better reality!!



Sept. 23rd – Oct. 22nd

Oct. 23rd – Nov. 21st

Your ruling planet, Venus, turns retrograde March and April. You’ll open to new joy and bonding in longterm partnerships, or starting a wonderful new relationship if single. Meditate to find subconscious blocks to commitment and connection. As a Libra, part of your spiritual path is learning balance in relationships in order to heal your heart and your soul. Forgive past errors on your part or those of others to be able to receive the love that is surrounding you now and in the future!

Meditate about being frustrated with yourself about changes you need to make, but haven’t taken steps to correct. Venus retrograde wants you to examine stress-relief resources and your ability to self-soothe. Are you nurturing yourself with healthy foods, rest and quiet reflection time? Or are use using substances like caffeine, sugar, or being overly busy to drive yourself? Being gentle releases tension in relationships, and opens you to better work opportunities. Pushing less hard creates more success in all areas!





Nov. 22nd – Dec. 21st

Dec. 22nd – Jan. 19th

Jan. 20th – Feb. 18th

Feb. 19th – March 20th

You’re generally very optimistic and positive. Venus retrograde asks you to meditate and find disappointments or frustrations with love, children or friends that have impacted your joyous nature the past eight years. You can gloss things over, but the pain might be buried and needs to surface and truly heal. This make current relationships better, or draws in awesome new ones. A new work project or job can pop up unexpectedly. Your internal compass is back on track and leads you to happy adventures!

It may sound strange, but this Venus retrograde helps with childhood issues you project onto authority figures. Meditation reveals unconscious vulnerabilities that cause emotional reactions at work with superiors, or other people who intimidated you. You might even have the same triggers in romantic relationships. It feels your partner has power over you since you’re vulnerable there too. Work and love will improve. Also a deep, unsettling anxiety or fear of failure that constantly lurks in your mind will lift!

Mastering the mind is a huge goal as an Aquarian! Venus retrograde wants you to ask yourself constantly, “Is this thought loving to me?” And it is not loving if thoughts create fear, obsession, worry or distraction from the joy of the present moment (that’s a big Aquarius issue, thinking about life rather than experiencing it by feeling it!) Practice being truly connected to people and events. Gratitude lists can help. And be patient with your busy mind in meditation — don’t give up trying to have moments of mental peace!

Happy birthday Pisces! Give yourself the gift of healed self-esteem. You’re the only one who can re-wire yourself to receive the abundant love around you. Meditate to heal old experiences that “prove” it’s not safe to open your heart. Picture love washing through you. You’ll be able to change patterns, while still having discernment about what’s right for you (so you can say no to people or circumstances!) Also look squarely at finances to repair “leaks” and feel worthy enough to draw prosperity in!

ALUNA MICHAELS is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no text) or text (248) 583-1663 or visit 24 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Contact us 813-501-4894 •

Self-help Strategies for

Migraine Headaches By Dr. Mary Riggin


a Doctor’s Story…

xercise has historically been a “sore spot” for me in life. Even knowing, on an intellectual and practical way all the benefits and necessity of physical fitness, changing my habit (or lack of) took 49 years and looking at the possibly of disability due to the injury that now caused weekly migraine headaches - that lasted 2 days. I was looking at selling my Oriental Medicine practice, and just stay home and “baby” my neck. It was becoming too stressful on my neck to treat patients (with acupuncture) all day for multiple days in a row. The instability in my neck that was caused by the accident (along with a history of multiple neck and head injuries from multiple falls as a child) all contributed to this current lifedebilitating condition. If you’ve never experienced a migraine headache, you should thank God for that blessing! Any type of headache is an indicator of a deeper problem, and they do come from a variety of causes. Mine was complex and the solution required a strong commitment to the time and money it would take to fix this problem. There’s a saying I once heard: “A healthy person has 1,000 dreams and goals; but someone who struggles in their body, has but one.” I was living that, and I realized that I had to do self-analysis on my own case. I had been using a variety of natural methods for treatment including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition - but none of it completely handled the weakness and pain completely. I knew there had to be more. In evaluating the situation before me, and taking my “self” out of it (the best I could) I determined that the first course of home-care was to start an aggressive program to “strengthen” the “instability” the MRI showed. No doctor or chiropractor or acupuncturist advised me to do this, or asked if I was doing anything at home. Maybe they assumed I knew to do it, since I was a doctor myself; but I have to tell you, that makes it even harder to objectively evaluate because you can’t! Anyway, I signed myself up with the best yoga/pilates reformer trainer and injury expert in my area, and made my physical training a priority. I showed up 3 times a week. It was hard, I cried sometimes, was always vocal (still am), but KNEW this was the only way I was going to have a chance at getting my body back. I had to also cut my work hours so I could give my body the time it needed to rehabilitate. I also knew I couldn’t do this as a “do-it-your-

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self” since, well - we all know how THAT can turn out, and this was my body and the only one I get so I wanted to use a professional to get me to the level of full function. This needed to be done right, and it was so worth the effort. It took 10 months of hard training for the headaches to finally disappear - I never gave up because logic dictated that this needed to be done and it just needed time. During all of this, my brain needed a reset, and the fitness training helped that as well! That was in May 2012 and five years later, I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, and those weekly headaches are gone. Maybe 1 or 2 times a year now and THAT is usually something I can directly identify as a known “chemical stressor” to my body. As a side note; restaurant food in the US is a big chemical trigger. Its all the food chemicals in the processed food products, and the technology (like GMO and cloning) being incorporated into the food industry in the US that for some, like me, makes the food a chemical trigger for illness. That’s why I can get so “militant”, as my son once called me, about using my food as my medicine - for me, it’s about keeping my body’s fuel source as “high end” as possible so my body can rebuild “high end” body parts. My genetics are not so good, so I have to work extra hard to achieve and maintain optimal health. After 25 years of using Oriental Medicine as my personal primary care, and watching for the past 21 years the benefits it brings to our patients in the clinic, I can testify that this medicine is one of the best kept health secrets in our country. I invite you to check out the benefits that Oriental Medicine can bring to your life; regardless of where you are at, you can always work towards optimal health! DR. MARY RIGGIN, LAc, DAc, AP, DOM, is founder of Healing Touch Oriental Medicine in Clearwater, FL, www.healingtouchom. com, is a community educator, a free lance writer, and creator of the online learning program, Call 727-6696000, mention you read this article, and receive a complementary consultation in her Clearwater, FL clinic. Tampa Bay Wellness • MARCH 2017



march 2017


MARCH 1-7 ROOMS OF OUR LIVES, Sat March 4, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm, Building Our Spiritual Vibration, TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD - 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, (727) 822-8628 Info: MINDFULNESS SERIES - March 5-26, 7:308:45pm. 4 week sereis for $60. In this sereis you will learn to change your way of thinking to become more peaceful inside and out. Learn to be aware of your movement, thoughts and patterns to releive your racing mind with this quiet reflection. Asana Yoga located ate 1038 Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico, Fl 33596, 813-390-3887

MARCH 8-14 LIVING A HIGHER FREQUENCY LIFE - March 8th 7-8:30 pm $22 by Terri Cabral, Class will be held in Largo, Call 727-804-8174 BIKRAM BEGINNERS YOGA WORKSHOP with Aaron Ledesma - Explore the Bikram series in depth with an emphasis on correct alignment. Receive individual instruction, tips and corrections. Come with questions and transform your experience of the hot class. Sat March 11th 1-3 pm. $25, www. 727-712-0365.

MARCH 22-28 COMMUNICATION AND ITS LOVE LANGUAGES March 22nd 1-3pm $25 By Terri Cabral, Class will be held in Largo Call 727-8048174 FREE HEALTH SEMINAR: Hair, Nail, Tongue Diagnosis Workshop with Dr. Carrie Graves, DOM, AP, The Wellness Tree. What does your body say about your health? From hidden allergies, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances & more; unlock the secrets your body is holding about your health. Wednesday, March 22nd @ 6:30pm. Nature’s Food Patch PaTcHwOrKs Community Room, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755

SEXUAL WELLNESS - Sat March 25, 12:30 4 pm - Explore Facts, Acts, Beliefs and Feelings in a Comfortable Sex-Positive manner. TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD 1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, (727) 822-8628 Info: templeofthelivinggod. org

ONGOING LEARN MEDITATION: A HEARTFULNESS APPROACH and it’s FREE of Charge! Experience peace, joy and your deepening spiritual connectedness through simple techniques to quiet the mind, open the heart and transcend personal limitations using the teachings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Offered as a community service by the Sri Chinmoy Centre of Tampa Bay. For more information please call 727-831-1124.www. HOW TO THINK CLEARLY - Lecture-How to Think Clearly, Every Tuesday 6:15 pm. Find out about the negative effects of drugs and toxic residues and how you can get rid of them. Have a healthy body, be energetic and think clearly. Free. Church of Scientology of Tampa, 1300 E. 8th Ave, Tampa, R.S.V.P. Prabhjot (813) 872-0722 ESSENTRICS/AGING BACKWARDS PROGRAM Would you like to look and feel younger in just 30 minutes a day? Classes/ Thurs, 9:30am, Hale Senior Center, Dunedin. Schedule a Free 45 minute consultation with Arielle, Special offers and rates/813-545-7173, CRYSTAL BOWL MEDITATION - Wednesdays, 7pm. Rev. Virginia Walsh plays the crystal bowls, leads guided meditation with periods of silence. After meditation individual prayer is offered. Offering accepted. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Ave. Ste. 107, Tampa, FL 33613, www.unitynorthtampa. org.

26 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

SUNDAY CELEBRATION SERVICE. 10:30 a.m., Suncoast Center for Spiritual Living, Roland Park School, 1510 N. Manhattan Ave., Tampa. Meditation 10–10:15 a.m., bookstore 10–10:30. Service begins at 10:30. A welcoming, diverse spiritual community. Children’s program available. UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL LECTURE - Every Monday at 6 pm. You’ve always known you had potential. Isn’t it time you unleashed it? Come to this lecture and find out how you can be happy and successful. Refreshments are served. Cost: FREE. Dianetics Foundation of Tampa 1300 E. 8th Ave. Tampa, Juan Carlos (813) 872-0722

FUTURE YOGA 365 COSTA RICA RETREAT with Aaron Ledesma, June 12th-17th, 5 night escape focused on yoga, mindfulness and healing. Bask in tranquility at Pura Vida Spa, a private mountainside retreat. daily heated and non heated yoga sessions. fresh local cuisine. from $865. included- 3 gourmet meals/day, accomodations, daily yoga sessions. call 727-712-0365 or www.hotyogaclearwater. com A NEW AND DIFFERENT EASTER. Sunday, April 16, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Suncoast Center for Spiritual Living, Roland Park School auditorium, 1510 N. Manhattan Ave., Tampa. Join us for a New Thought perspective on this traditional holiday. www.

I finally realized that my only recourse was to forget everything I thought I knew and surrender to a state I called “the great unknown.”

MANIFESTING MIRACLE MINDEDNESS by Dr. Jon Mundy, noted ACIM speaker. Learn how to get the results we really want. Thurs. Mar. 23, 7pm. $25 advanced reservation, $30 at the door; no one turned away who cannot pay. Unity North Tampa, 13540 N. Florida Av, Suite 107,; 813-962-4361. LOVER AND FIGHTER WORKSHOP - March 25, 7-8;30 pm. $25 early sign up or $30 day of event. Join Eric and Erin Wheeler and DJ Bongos for a free spirited class. Enjoy flowing to a new sound aand style as you yoga your way into a spectacular evening. Asana Yoga located ate 1038 Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico, Fl 33596, 813-390-3887

QIGONG FREE CLASS FOR BLISSFUL RELAXATION 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Every Monday New Port Richey Library, Main Street Contact: Debbie Plotkin

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Call me at: (727) 821-8300 My website: Email:

Evolutionary Astrological Consultations Evolutionary Growth and Personal Consultations Energy Medicine and Acupuncture Teaching, Mentoring, Classes Travel Experiences to Mt. Shasta, South Africa and the White Lions, Egypt, Peru Guest Lecture, Teaching and Speaking Workshops in Evolutionary Astrology, MAP, the I Ching. The Pyramids of Light. Contact us 813-501-4894 •

Energy Levels

By Dr. Chris Jackson, PhD, DOM


hen I discuss health and well-being with an individual, the subject of energy is a key part of the conversation. If this conversation takes place during an intake or follow-up session I usually ask for an idea of the individual’s energy level on a scale of 10. So what does this mean? In the article on Connections last month, I stated my belief that we are all connected with a universal source that fuels our growth spiritually, vibrationally, energetically, and physiologically. Our energy is produced under the influence of an electromagnetic field that surrounds each of our individual bodies and co-mingles when we are near each other. At a lower level this electromagnetic field influences energy yielding processes in our cells including respiration, glycolysis and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, and the action of our little energy factories in our cells known as mitochondria that are involved in a process called electron transport. Energy can be derived frenetically as well. When we are under stressful time-constrained circumstances we may feel energized in the moment, yet at the end of the day tend to collapse from exhaustion. This is what I call “running on fumes”. This kind of energy is actually very draining of our accumulated energy banks. It derives from adrenaline and cortisol produced by our adrenal glands. However, the supply of this energy is far from infinite and adrenals can begin to fatigue and weaken under chronic fight-or-flight circumstances (STRESS). Yet, all is not lost. Calming meditation, deep-breathing, yoga, and other mindfulness practices can help us regenerate our furnaces. We can rebuild! More cardio exercise benefits us by dissipating adrenaline and cortisol as these help to fuel our exercise. Also, perspiration helps us detox. If you are just overwhelmed and flustered, another way to reduce your cortisol levels and feel better is to cry. No judgment. A good cry can be very healing. Another way we can re-energize is through shared common interpersonal energy, the fulfillment we receive from closeness with

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others. Although this effect may be lessened for an introvert as opposed to an extrovert, we generally experience a resurgence as our mutual energies converge, which helps to diminish the effects of our stressors. Combining mindfulness and closeness allows us to find our own individual centers, grounding us within the common pool of our energies. So, this type of synergy can lead to more energy. Of course, an energy level goal of 10 out of 10 on an on-going basis may be optimal, but if we have not achieved this goal our efforts toward mindfulness and fitness can help us move up the scale. Wellness, including energy levels, will grow as we mindfully shift our consciousness and understand the many factors affecting our health and well-being. Such practices help us to increase the depth of our self-understanding and to tune into the energies around and among us. Thus, our energy levels can give us insight into how well we are doing on our own personal paths to wellness.

BY DR. CHRIS JACKSON, DOM, PhD Natural Health, PhD-c Behavioral Medicine A Path to Wellness 7901 4th Street North Suite 312, St. Pete, Fl. 33702 727-329-9637

Natural Stone Jewelry| Candles by Coventry Creations Psychic Readings | Tarot Readings | Mediums | Metaphysical Classes Meditation Classes | Special Events | Psychic Fairs | Astrology Psychic Referrals | Psychic Classes | Books on Angels



2312 W. Waters Av. Suite 1 Tampa, FL 33604

2517 W. Henry Av Tampa, Fl 33614 “Harmony Gift shop”

813-932-6452 We hope to create inspirational gifts ideas to help inspire and elevate the spirit at times of struggle or need. And for those moments when life is good we help you celebrate with gifts that inspire. With angels guiding us we give our creativity and personal touch to each occasion.

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Safety Harbor SongFest announces nationally acclaimed artist lineup The Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMc), announced Friday, a lineup of 20 nationally acclaimed musical acts, scheduled to perform at the fourth annual Safety Harbor Song Fest on Apr. 1-2. The festival’s confirmed lineup includes national recording artists, Magic Giant, Grammy award nominee Fantastic Negrito, Rising Appalachia, The Wood Brothers, Charlie Mars, Kina Grannis, Daphne Willis, Joe Craven, The Mulligan Brothers, Emily Kopp, The Accidentals, Birds of Chicago, Dan Rodriguez, Davin McCoy, Caravan of Thieves, Kristin Diable, Victor and Penny, Trevor Green, and Chasing Lovely. This year’s artists draw inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, including blues, indie alternative, folk, bluegrass, country, jazz, pop, world beat and more. Additionally, award-winning Canadian spoken word artist, Shane Koyczan, is scheduled to perform on stage throughout the weekend. Tickets are on sale now for the two-day event, which takes place on the town’s picturesque waterfront park located next to the Safety Harbor marina and pier. Members of the public interested in purchasing tickets can do so by visiting “We’re thrilled to once again celebrate music, poetry, and performing and visual arts with this festival for our community, as well as those folks who come to Safety Harbor 28 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

from all over the country,” said Kiaralinda, SHAMc co-founder and festival organizer. “One hundred percent of the profits raised from SongFest will go back to music and art programs at the newly opened Safety Harbor Art and Music Center, making it a festival that keeps on giving back to the community throughout the year.” Performances will be enjoyed at two stage areas on both days, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Musicians will also perform at local venues in downtown Safety Harbor throughout the weekend. For more information on Safety Harbor Song Fest and Safety Harbor Art and Music Center or to purchase tickets for the 2017 Safety Harbor SongFest, visit

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Energy Healing Read the energy. Everything is energy. Learn about Energy. It’s amazing!


eleasing the energy blocks in the vessel is energy healing. The energy blocks are stored in the fascia and have a blocking effect on the meridians, chakras, organ systems, health, aura and vitality. Other terms for fascia are crystalline matrix and microtubules. Energy healing is needed by everyone living in existence where there is stress, trauma and lower vibrational experiences and that pertains to all living on Earth, no doubt. Know that more healing can be found through energy healing pathways so you may experience feeling better, more energy, lightness, higher vibrational states, instead of pain, fogginess, compression, anxiety and suffering. Clearing lower vibrational experiences of the past, experiences that got trapped and stuck in the fascia (crystalline matrix) of the vessel is Myofascial Release. If the energy has anomaly of the structure, it needs restructuring to restore it to a more perfect state. So as technology advances, the future of medicine is in quantum energy healing. There are simple concepts in energy for understanding better what you may need. Everything matters—from the water, air, food, the way you breathe, what you think, how you communicate with pain… Everything is vibrational energy—choose higher vibrational options. On the energy healing path, you will find a new you—more of your true self and higher vibrational states. Awareness is the first step in healing. Seek and find. Don’t give up. There’s a pathway or several things on your healing journey that will bring you to the state of more perfect energy—a more expanded, connected vessel of light. I too journeyed through Myofascial Release, a John of God Healing in Brazil, Kundalini Yoga teacher training, Spiritual Response Therapy, self-study and work to transform all negative thoughts and emotions, pain and experiences to neutrality. Peace, wholeness, connection, light, love, liberation are found on the authentic energy healing pathways. Working to clear blockages in the mind-emotions-physical-spiritual body assists in returning to purity, vitality and wholeness. Each one of us was originally created as a pure light channel. It’s never too late, there is hope and there is higher purpose in clearing the energy blocks, reconnecting and restoring your energy body.

Carolyn Puckett is a Myofascial Release Therapist, Physical Therapist, Quantum Energy Healer, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, author of “Divine Connection Stories and Tools for Synchronicities and Miracles” and teacher on the topics of meditation, higher life purpose, vibrational energy and Ascension. You can find more information at www.BlissMyofascialRelease. com. Email: • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

Business Spotlight Stacey Karseras


Are you tired of tired and sick of being sick? I was too! I spent decades trying to get well with no relief in sight until I began lifting free weights aka dumbbells. Many of the items I consumed contributed to my poor health. I became more aware of my symptoms, so I could detect what my body did not like. After listening to thousands of patients, I knew I was not alone and many of us wanted answers. I developed a plan that I gradually eased into without any regret. This plan is very easy to follow without any restrictions and a head to toe work out called BJ21 several times a month that is mostly anaerobic conditioning. I used to kill myself exercising with aerobic activities without any results. I actually enjoy this plan because of the health benefits; including the way it makes me feel and look. It’s a WIN/ WIN with the Black Jack Lifestyle. I am available for consult and training, so get started today. Please don’t put off your health another minute. My self-help guides are available on Amazon or favorite book retailer

BLACK JACK TO LOSE FAT Black Jack to get your health back Black Jack to prevent a surgery setback Website: Contact info: Stacey Karseras Nurse and Author 813-833-8106

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Dawn Balusik, AP, DOM Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition


Natural relief from Allergies, Infections, Headaches, Fatigue, Neck/Back/ Knee Pain, Endometriosis, Infertility, Menopause and more.

2431 Estancia Blvd., Ste A-2 Clearwater, FL 33761.

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Learn the 3 BIGGEST mistakes people make when trying to eat healthy and lose weight. To get your FREE report go to:

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St. Petersburg HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY Integrative & Holistic Psychotherapy EMDR, EFT, Mindfulness & More. Individual & Couples, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Relationships, Transitions, Trauma & more.

Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA. Fl. Lic. S.W.0001738

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Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760


ing to achieve the best in your personal relationships, professional or business goals? Try coaching with a certified coach. You will be amazed at the results! Call Coach Dianne M. Kipp, BSN, PCC, CTT - Coaching Courageous Living choices for over 8 years - Illuminating Possibilities & Moving you from Good to Great! Complimentary Personal Values Assessment & session available.

Dianne M. Kipp & Associates, LLC





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Life is Short, Live it Well! Looking for more satisfaction? Want-


Acupuncture | Herbal Medicine | Homeopathy | Nutritional Medicine

Rev. Marcella Zinner MMA, ChT.Th. M

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Second-generation astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. Over 25 years of experience. Insightful, unique perspective on goals and issues. “Together we will unveil your soul’s purpose.” 727-239-7179


Astrology for Your Soul

Aluna Michaels, M.A., Astrologer & Counselor


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Sri Chinmoy Centre of Tampa Bay Learn to Meditate


Eastern Light for the Western Mind We offer FREE meditation workshops using the heart-centered teachings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Experience an integral lifestyle of peace, devotion, good health and dynamism. •

South Tampa Premier Massage Center

INTRODUCTORY OFFER First Massage Swedish Massage, 50 Min. Offer Expires end of this month


937 S. Howard Ave., Tampa (813) 254-4777 HOLISTIC ENERGY MEDICINE Sentient Temple Healing Center

Dr. Alexander, DMQ(China), Dr. Terri Dluhy, MMQ, PhD.

A healing/teaching facility using energy modalities, natural remedies and disease prevention. Specializing in cancer treatment and hard to treat health issues. We have successfully treated extremely ill patients around the world.

727-323-2793 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY Carolyn Puckett, MPT, MS Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner & Physical Therapist

Release tension and physical, emotional, mental discomfort and pain. Myofascial Release works deeply on the crystalline matrix of the body (fascia) and gives you lasting results. Safety Harbor

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Karla M. Gutierrez

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To schedule a reading or energy work call: (813) 340-1874 or email: for more info on Karla please visit Located in Tampa, FL

...Your bridge between the spiritual & physical world...

The BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that promotes eco-centric living, social justice, personal development, creativity and the vibrant interplay between these interdependent aspects of life.

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• Small Semi-Private Classes in Home or Studio • All Styles - Flow, Restorative, Yin, Kundalini Yoga 20% Off 1st Time Clients Aiyana Fraley MA, LMT

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HORMONE THERAPY At Hermann Wellness we prescribe Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy to balance hormones for men and women. Bio-Identical hormones are similar to the molecular structure of the hormones our body naturally produces. Using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allows us to use the lowest possible dose of hormones to address your symptoms and easily adjust the dose as needed. We evaluate your need for testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and Clomid. Forms of BioIdentical Hormone Replacement for men and women include: Creams | Patches | Troches | Pellets | Pills | Injectables After your evaluation and assessment, you can take your individualized prescription to a compounding pharmacy or we can have it shipped to you directly. Please feel free to contact us at or call to make an appointment.

BENEFITS OF HORMONE THERAPY? Increase Lean Muscle Mass Decrease Body Fat Increase Sexual Function Reduce Wrinkles

Decrease Cardiovascular Risk Restore Energy & Vitality Improvement of Well-Being Improvement of Mood


• Undergraduate degree from Binghamton University – 1995 • Medical school at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Med School – 2000 • Residency at Columbia University and served as chief resident – 2003 • Board Certified in Internal Medicine – 2003 • Training in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians from UCLA Medical school – 2004 • Certified as a Professional Hypnologist from the Cord Institute of Hypnosis – 2004 • Board Certified as a Physician Nutrition Specialist- 2004 • Advanced training in botox, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic procedures • Holistic approach to medicine • Specialization in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine

32 MARCH 2017 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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Tampa bay wellness march 2017  

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