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June, the Number 6 and Spiritual Upliftment


une is the sixth month in a twelve month cycle, thus representing the mid-point of the year and also containing the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Much like a see-saw, it (6) is in the middle of not only the year, but also in numerology, in which the numbers 1-9 are most commonly used. In the Tarot, six is seen as representing balance, harmony and love. The meaning of the number Six is denoted as being a feminine, subjective, formative, creative and Venusian (meaning it is associated with Venus, thus beauty and love). Six is twice 3. 3 is seen as activity on the lower planes of consciousness while on the higher it is denotes as transmutation and higher spiritual values and action. With 6 being twice three, there is the interrelationship of the human ego being uplifted through transformation and purification to the higher Divine spiritual principles. The perfect illustration of this are the two triangles contained in the six-sided Solomon’s Seal in which one triangle points up and the other down. The downward pointing triangle represents the lower human aspects with the upper pointed one denoting Spirit. The blending, purification of the lower aspect, and the ultimate enlightenment and illumination is shown by the upward pointing one. The Seal of Solomon is a symbol of unification and transformation of these aspects. The six, according to the Pythagoreans, is a feminine number dedicated to Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. In the Tarot’s Major Arcana, the number six is known as the Lover’s card. There is a triangle between the masculine, feminine, and spiritual aspects on the card, a balance, or harmony with the three-sided triangle as one looks upward to higher spiritual consciousness. June is the sixth month and balances the year as well as beginning the upcoming seasons. As we go into a yang / masculine / hot season, we leave behind the yin/ feminine/spring –cooler season. Mother Nature reaches a zenith of light and radiant energy penetrating the Earth and begins the balancing of seasons during the next three (3) months. Cyclical seasons occur in threes and pivot on sixes…. With the next three months representing the September (Autumnal equinox), and six being December (Winter Solstice), nature will progress to low • To Advertise Call 813-501-4894

point of least light. Temperatures and weather become less harsh / yang in September (3 months from now) and then evolve into winter in December (6 months).

Thus the number six as represented by June illustrates the cyclical and creative force of Nature. Much the same can be seen in human nature. Six represents the power that is active beneath the surface and this energy can be directed for either good or otherwise. The Christed one known as Jesus, was the Master Jesus for a period of 42 months (6). Masters, as was Jesus, carry the number 33 (6). King David reigned in Jerusalem for 33 (6) years, and during that time there was a creative energy such that this holy city became admired for its beauty and magnificence. The Masons have 33 (6) levels.

Thus it can be seen that June, the sixth month, is comprised of power and creativity and in the Northern hemisphere, it is a time of growth, beauty and intense energy. It is also a natural evolution in the unceasing cycles of Nature. Six is a vibration which physical form becomes perfected and the spiritual is paramount. The biblical Creation story states the all was completed in six days. The seventh day was a day of rest, thus indicating that a six person will often initially purify, and then complete their spiritual evolution, not in the objective day –to-day mundane world, but rather during the period of rest and within the inner self, and in a time of quiet seclusion. Is it just a historical coincidence or is it, rather, an illustration of the energies of six, that 6 June 1944 was D-day? It was on that 6 day that the creation of a new order, free from the ravages of WWII began. There was a tremendous purification of the old, destructive energies as formulated by the dark, repressive and lethal energies of the Third (3) Reich. In fact, the overall energies of that day were 6+6+9 (1+9+4+4 = 18 = 9) = 21 = 2+1 = 3. Multiple 6’s embodied in that date indicate tremendous energies as a double number usually causes disruption. These energies, subjectively, were directed in this case to the attainment of the new and higher purpose. Thus D-day was an illustration of the upliftment of human consciousness and a transformation of our historical and spiritual existence. REV.CHARLES ZINNER, M.S. holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a spiritual teacher, healer and Reiki Master. He has developed and taught courses in Tarot, numerology, consciousness studies and the teachings of the modern ascended masters. Charles was tenured faculty member of the University Of Florida. Charles and Marcella are co-founders of Pathways to Awakening Center For Intuitive and Spiritual Studies. 727-785-8780, mzinner@ Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2017


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