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ow do we get the dense, lower vibrations to move to higher feelings? We take unwanted emotions too seriously. It doesn’t have to be heavy unless you resist. Value and accept all feelings and your awakening can be smooth. There is no value in suffering, let go of that belief. Declare ease and grace. Stop continuing to struggle and resist the lower feelings. Any emotion, fully experienced moves up into a higher vibration. Humans call emotions negative or positive, but it’s all valuable information. Now don’t go looking for negativity. We create negativity by looking for it. That delays your enlightenment. Live life fully and realize all is occurring in perfect timing. Let uncomfortable feelings move quickly by experiencing them. Allow emotions to bubble to the surface and out of your energy field. Don’t try to fix it or make it go away. Value all emotions in their perfect pure state. Emotions and outer changes are signs things are moving. Anytime something happens that isn’t what you want, or you feel something you don’t like, it is life telling you are out of vibrational alignment with your higher self, so it hurts. Here’s a place where you’re not being your true self and it’s painful. Don’t analyze it, feel it. Don’t resist, let it pass through you quickly. Experience the feeling fully and dive in to it. Then move it up. See all emotions as a gauge not negative or positive. Then decide how high you want to fly. It takes time for the higher navigation to stick but don’t give up. If you feel bad, you can choose to lift your altitude. Emotions are valuable information that tell you where you’re pointed. Experience it internally. Don’t think about it too much, analyze it or talk too much about it with others. You’ll just keep recreating and get stuck in the drama. Ignore your disempowering stories. Once you experience your emotions internally instead of playing them out externally, your life becomes drama-free. Your greatest power is in cleaning up your own emotions before speaking to

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someone or acting on it. Your emotions are for you alone. Experience the emotions then have a brighter view of the situation. Name the lower emotion you are feeling (fear, sadness, grief, anger) and think of a replacement emotion (joy, happiness, love, peace, strength). Sitting or hiking in nature, will help you to connect to your emotions and bring in higher vibrations. Now you have an opportunity to let go, and let bliss in. When we don’t feel the bliss, ask the Divine to assist in bringing it in. Invite it! Call on the bliss to enter your being. Here are some guidelines to riding those emotions. ~ The best way to get rid of the pain is to feel the pain and when you feel the pain and go beyond it, you’ll see there’s a very intense love waiting. ~ You can predict how long it will be until something you want arrives by how you feel about it, and which way you’re pointed. If you feel ecstatic about it, you know you’ll be there soon. If you feel doubtful about it, you’re not pointed at it. If you’re depressed about it, you’re heading away from it. ~ As things come up, assist them in releasing by taking Epsom salt baths, journaling, dancing, crying, whatever feels good to you. Don’t judge or over evaluate what

comes up. Feel the emotion and let it go. ~ Drop the story. Feel the feeling. Keep your emotions for yourself. Don’t blame others for how you feel. Stay in your power. ~ Any feeling un-resisted moves, rises and frees you. When you fear no emotion, you are free. Life isn’t a school. We don’t have to pass or fail. When we know who we are, we are one with the Divine. When we are awake, our bodies have a fully flowered heart, and we don’t wish to leave this life. Feel grateful for this life. When you live in love you won’t worry about fixing anything, you won’t push away or cling. You just accept. Life is always in a stream of creation. Relax and enjoy the ride. I love you; we are one! Energy Healing Meditation 1. Sit reasonably straight and close your eyes. 2. Breath slowly a natural and deep, belly breath. 3. As you inhale, feel (see or know) that you are breathing the healing Life Force Energy into your solar plexus. Picture this Life Force Energy as a very refined, light energy. It is pure and powerful. 4. As you exhale, gently direct this light energy to an afflicted area in need of healing. This may be the area most constricted from filling up with breath. Go with what area first pops into head or where the energy flows. 5. Continue until you feel the area has received enough Life Force Energy.

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