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Land O’ Lakes Craft Beer Brewery

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Land O' Lakes Craft Beer Brewery Keeps You In the Loop

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Once Upon a Time, a Warlock Lived in Wesley Chapel


Advent Health Wesley Chapel Women's Health and Wellness Day


20 Minutes to Fitness Virginia Phillips

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Land O’ Lakes Craft Beer Brewery

Keeps You In the Loop I

n the Loop Brewery owners, Joe Traina and Pete Abreut, live across the street from each other on, you guessed it, Cherbourg ‘Loop’. The friends shared a mutual passion for brewing craft beer and their 5-year garage hobby developed into In the Loop Brewery in Land O’ Lakes. “When it comes to our craft beers, we haven’t gotten fancy or crazy with anything – we’re keeping our recipes simple,” Joe said. “As we grow, we’ll get into more boutique styles such as imperials or stouts. We have done some barrel aging on our brown ale & our oatmeal stout in charred bourbon barrels,” Joe continued. “We transfer the beer to a barrel for about 4-5 months. We’re looking at aging our Belgian Tripel in a

Loop Brewery owners, Joe Traina and Pete Abreut along with bartender Ally Smith

chardonnay or a Gin barrel soon. When you get into barreling, you can get really experimental.” For their non-beer drinkers, In the Loop serves hard cider, wine and sangria. Located directly on beautiful Lake Padgett, they have hosted countless weddings, events, graduation parties, baby showers, and birthday parties. Pete said, “Neither Joe nor I wanted this to be a sports bar, so we only have four TV’s. We preferred the feel of an old public house or meeting place at the turn of the last century. Lots of our patrons didn’t know each other before we opened and now they have become close friends and meet here every week. People have been very loyal in their patronage and we really appreciate that.” Joe explained, “In the Loop is a Nano brewery, which means we typically brew seven barrels or less. These are small hand-crafted batches, done one and two barrels at a time. We do have a 4-barrel system but it’s not quite on line yet. We run a simple operation with a 600 square foot brew house. We do small pots, but we brew two to three weekly and always keep 7-10 of our beers on tap at a time, including quite a few ales. 6 | LUTZ MAGAZINE | VOLUME II • ISSUE X | TO ADVERTISE CALL 813-501-4894

Alex Brooks, our full-time Brewer, went through USF’s Brewing Arts program to master his craft. My Dad grows two varieties of hops in Lutz that we add to our beers during hops season. We brew a Belgian Tripel and Logan’s Irish Red, which is named after Logan, their brewer’s two year-old German Shepherd, who serves as our company mascot.” He added, “We have a Kolsch that was a Gold Medal winner for Best Florida Beer in 2019, and Alex’s recipe, ‘Blonde of Lakes’ won the Bronze Medal this past year as well.” “We have a staff of 11, and Pete and I still work here for free,” Joe laughed. “We both have full time jobs. The craft beer world is such a great tight knit community and we all love to share ideas. It’s not just about the beer. It also becomes a forum for us to share business strategies to turn hobbies into successful businesses. We’re so happy to be here, even though we have faced some challenges with the property. We continue to grow the business as organically as possible and eventually, we’d like to get into a small distribution operation.” In the Loop Brewing hosts some of their biggest events of the year in the fall, including Cheers for Fears, a big Halloween party on October 25th and on November 23rd they’ll host their 3rd Anniversary Party. They offer great food through a popular food truck on Friday and Saturdays. For more information, visit

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By Ruth Brown

When I first came to 20 Minutes to Fitness in 2005, I knew this was something I needed to do for the rest of my life. But, as is sometimes the case, life and business got in the way. I was in real estate for awhile, where my schedule was not my own, so my workouts were sporadic at best. Then I invented a unique product, the Amazing Candle, which has been very successful. This took even more time away from 20 Minutes. Despite these hurdles, I knew that I had to get back to 20 Minutes and the benefits that I was missing. So, thanks to the encouragement from my husband Stan, who kept reminding me that while I still have a busy schedule and don’t have much free time, the workout takes only one 20 minute session a week. While I am still busy, I am back now. I am on my third discount package, and have made my workouts a top priority. With the research now available, it is clear that weight training is critical in maintaining my health: keeping muscles strong, increasing energy, controlling my weight, and aiding in the prevention of those “age-related diseases,” such as osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, some forms of cancer as well as heart problems. And, on top of all of those important health benefits - I feel great, my weight is perfect, and my clothes fit better. There are so many positive aspects of my experience at 20 Minutes to Fitness that make my visits such an important part of my life. First and foremost, the experience is all about me. This is not about “one process fits all,” as the training is customized to my specific needs and goals. My nationally certified fitness coach, Alex, is at my side every session on each and every piece of equipment. He keeps me safe, listens to my needs, understands my goals, gives me his personalized attention and makes sure that I get the full benefit of my workout.

While I always get a full body workout, the unique 20 Minutes to Fitness slow cadence process really does focus on those specific areas that need help. I even let my coach Alex know what I want to work on during my session! There are times I think that I can’t push myself any further but my trainer encourages me: “let’s do more!” And while I think I can’t, I can! I must admit that I never liked the gym scene. If it were not for 20 Minutes, I would not work out! I’m not there to socialize! I don’t worry about what to wear. The studio is cool and very comfortable. This is a sweatless workout, so I can even work out in my street clothes. And, if I want to wear workout clothes, they have a changing room available. I love the overall “caring attitude” I get and the attention to detail – especially the focus on cleanliness. I am so impressed with their satisfaction guarantee. That’s certainly something you cannot get at a gym! I would highly recommend giving 20 Minutes to Fitness a call. Take advantage of their FREE Orientation session before this offer runs out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. POINT YOUR PHONE CAMERA AT


20 Minutes to Fitness is the best thing that I have ever done for myself.

LAKEWOOD RANCH 941.309.8989 6257 Lake Osprey Drive, Sarasota, FL 34240 20 Minutes to Fitness of LWR, LLC is registered with the State of Florida as a Health Studio. Registration No. HS8407.

DOWNTOWN SARASOTA 941.361.1000 209 N. Lime Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34237 20 Minutes to Fitness of Downtown Sarasota is registered with the State of Florida as a Health Studio. Registration No. HS8722, MM 26628.

TAMPA - CARROLLWOOD 813.664.8888 11610 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33618 20 Minutes to Fitness of Carrollwood, LLC is registered with the State of Florida as a Health Studio. Registration No. HS12507.


20 Minutes to Fitness

Virginia Phillips I

n 2003, when a friend and business associate told Virginia about the “slow cadence” training sessions she was doing and the fabulous results she was getting, Virginia and her husband Al headed to St Louis to meet with Laura and Paul Miller who developed 20 Minutes to Fitness. Virginia explained, “I thought it was a bunch of hooey, simply training for 20 minutes once a week and getting amazing results, especially since I lived in the gym and competed in body building in my 40’s. I loved working out in a gym, but hated the toll it took on my body and I had all the injuries to prove that wasn’t a good idea. Al really hoped it would work because he hated me dragging him to the gym.” “We not only spent a great deal of time with Laura and Paul, but we also traveled the country and spoke with many slow cadence gurus and their clients who have been using this form of strength training for years. We were blown away by the results they were achieving. We read many books as well as the research and science proving that this form of strength training builds bone density and increases muscle tissue, providing Angela, Al & Virginia incredible health benefits in just one 20-minute session a week,” Virginia continued. “We knew we were sold, and we knew we needed to take this strength training protocol to the public in Florida to help people to understand there is a more efficient, effective and safer way to build muscle, increase their bone density and improve their health than spending hours in a gym. We opened our first of three 20 Minutes to Fitness studios in 2005. We will continue to open additional studios in the Florida area. We are the ‘anti-gym’ and our driving passion is helping people improve their health, fitness and overall quality of life without pressure of membership fees and contracts.” Explaining how the protocol works, Virginia said, “The 20 Minutes to Fitness system is a safe way to reverse the aging process, safe and effective for clients who range from age 12 to their 90’s. Each client works with a nationally certified personal fitness coach on each piece of specialized equipment assuring that they stay safe and get the best possible training session, helping each client attain their goals. Our team of extremely professional certified personal fitness coaches led by our General Manager Angela Begin, are all very passionate about helping our clients improve their quality of life.” Virginia noted, “Angela has been with us since the very beginning of our journey. Angela gets it. She understands what makes us different and, most importantly, our commitment to client care. She represents the future of our dream, has ownership in our company, and it could not be in better hands.” Virginia mentioned, “Our clients include tennis players and golf pros and those referred by their doctors for issues such as pre and post-surgery for knee and hip replacements, and those who simply enjoy having a fit, healthy body - improving the quality of their life. Our team of professionals enjoy seeing our clients get into shape, but also love seeing the real, lifealtering improvements in their health, such as reduced hypertension, less pain from arthritis, and improved bone density.” ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 20 Minutes to Fitness offers a Complimentary Orientation for anyone interested in learning about their unique and effective training. For more information, please visit or call to set up a complimentary orientation at one of their three locations. Tampa (813) 664-8888 * Lakewood Ranch (941) 309-8989 * Sarasota (941) 361-1000 TO ADVERTISE CALL 813-501-4894 | VOLUME II • ISSUE X | LUTZ MAGAZINE |



An Afternoon with Harry Wright

local legend, restauranteur, philanthropist and yes, midwife, Harry Wright of Harry’s Bar-B-Que in Land O’ Lakes is known far and wide in these parts. In Harry’s own comedic words, “Some say I’m an institution. Others say I should be institutionalized!” With humble beginnings, Harry’s Bar-B-Que in Land O’ Lakes was founded in 1985 with determination and a lot of very hard work. The landmark restaurant has survived setbacks in the economy and even near death by D.O.T.

choice. I gave my two week notice and told my wife that I was going to open a BBQ restaurant.” Sherry replied, “Are you crazy? We don’t have any money and you’ve never worked in a restaurant!” Harry said, “I can at least do as good as the so called ‘best’ and I think I can do it even better!” 26 days later, in beautiful downtown Land O’ Lakes, Hungry Harry’s Bar-B-Que was born. That isn’t the midwifery story, but we’ll get to that later.

Harry Wright with son-in-law, Chad Hudson

bulldozers and still thrives today. Undoubtedly, the reason the establishment is still so successful is attributable to its fearless, determined, generous and charismatic namesake, Harry Wright. In a bit of ironic foreshadowing, in 1981 when he married his beloved wife Sherry in Arcadia, Harry cooked ribs, chicken and pork for the 150 guests at his own backyard wedding. He never dreamed that in a few short years, he would move to Land O’ Lakes and become a BBQ legend. Harry explained how his path led him into the BBQ world. “In 1984, I was working at the highest volume tire store in Tampa (and probably the world) and in 1985 I was promoted to manager. I was searching for a great BBQ pork sandwich to feed my staff so I went to the place that everyone told me was the ‘best BBQ in Tampa.’ What I received there was a fatty, very gristly, sandwich with a “ho-hum” sauce. I was not happy at all and went back to tell the owner. He told me that I didn’t know anything about Bar-B-Que and told me to get out! This was not my only unhappy occurrence that day. My employer told me when I got back to the tire shop that he was not going to pay me the $11,000 bonus that he owed me. I only saw one 10 | LUTZ MAGAZINE | VOLUME II • ISSUE X | TO ADVERTISE CALL 813-501-4894

Back in the day, Harry’s Bar-B-Que used to seat 130. This was when the dining room used to be where what is now the middle of Highway 41. Years ago, the D.O.T. was granted permission to bulldoze Harry’s building to widen the twolane highway. “I fought them tooth and nail and because our building was built in 1923, I threatened them with filing historical status to protect it.” Harry continued, “They knew it may not be granted, but it would delay the road expansion for a long time. At that time, I had more lawyers than employees! Eventually they made concessions and we were able to keep part of the building and survive. Back then, this area was known as ‘No Man’s Land’ and no one would drive out here. People would come down Highway 41 to Highway 54 and go no further.” Harry said, “In the first 25 years, we gave away over 250,000 meals to people in need. People have asked me why? I tell them, because I wanted to.” Harry’s charity extends from our own backyard throughout Florida. Harry said, “The largest group we’ve ever served at one time was on Thanksgiving Day 1992, in Homestead during the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.

Harry in the early years, stoking the fire.

Harry now, stoking the same fire.

We fed 8,650 hungry people that day – for free. We arrived on Day #6 after the storm and eventually made four trips down there, serving over 50,000 people in that community. The residents desperately needed help, so we did what we could.” Harry’s son-in-law, Chad Hudson, has taken over running the business. Chad was USF Football Coach Jim Leavitt’s assistant and currently also serves as Assistant Football Coach at Land O’ Lakes High School. With many years of previous experience managing bars, Harry wooed Chad into the family BBQ business where he has been Harry’s invaluable right hand man for over 15 years. He knows the business inside and out. Chad and Harry’s daughter, Stacey, have seven children and are renowned bow hunters. In the 35 years that they have been open, all of Harry’s kids and grandkids have all worked in the restaurants. “I’ve taught them to have a strong character and work ethic, and how to provide great service. I think I’m more tactful these days. I’ve certainly had my bouts of not being that way in the past. It’s been an adventure littered with adversity. I used to curse and threaten to beat people up at county commission meetings, and my wife did not approve,” he laughed. With his 6 kids, 15 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild, Harry stays busy with his growing brood. He said his grandkids hate going to the store with him because he runs into old and new customers, and might end up being there

Sherry and Harry

talking for three hours. His granddaughter told him, “Papa we should have just stayed in the car!” Harry noted, “Land O’ Lakes has been a really great place to work, live and to raise our family. I’m very satisfied.” And don’t worry, just because Harry is handing off the reins to his son-in-law, doesn’t mean he’s slowing down one bit. In fact, he told us that he’s ready to focus on a few more athletic pursuits. Harry said, “I turned 69 a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been playing in an over-65 softball league for a few years. Now I’m starting on the over-70 softball team!” Harry has planned a new way that he plans to continue his lifelong charitable legacy. Monthly, the restaurant will begin hosting a special event at the Land O’ Lakes location called, ‘Stories with Hungry Harry.’ The restaurant will put out a spread for 60-70 guests who will purchase dinner and dine on the lakefront under the stars while Harry the storyteller, regales the crowd with his best tales. The proceeds will be donated to the charity chosen for that night. If you may be interested in hosting a charity event for your organization, contact Chad at the restaurant. Last but not least, let’s talk about Harry’s infamous midwife duties. About a half dozen years before water birth was a ‘thing’, Sherry delivered a few of their children under water, in a hot tub, in their kitchen, at home. Harry served as Sherry’s midwife each time. In true form, once Mom and baby were settled, Harry showered and went back to work at the restaurant. BY SANDY PARRISH A Legend indeed.

Hungry Harry’s Bar-B-Que Locations in Land O’ Lakes & Seffner (813) 949-2025 TO ADVERTISE CALL 813-501-4894 | VOLUME II • ISSUE X | LUTZ MAGAZINE |


The Old Lutz School,

located at 18819 U.S. 41, Lutz, FL will host an Autumn Day on October 19th, 2019 from 9am-2pm. The event is free to attend and will include an outdoor vendor market, the Lutz Museum and food items for sale to benefit the historical landmark. There will also be a gardening workshop at 9:30 a.m. given by Lynn Barber of the UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County. Lynn is a Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM Agent and works with the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology(CLCE). Vendor list is available on our Facebook event page. For information regarding the event, please call Stephanie Ensor (813) 244-2256 or email


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813.977.2040 / 5379 Primrose Lake Circle / Tampa, FL 33647 LOCATED IN TAMPA PALMS TO ADVERTISE CALL 813-501-4894 | VOLUME II • ISSUE X | LUTZ MAGAZINE |


Once Upon a Time, a Warlock Lived in Wesley Chapel

‘Warlock’ was mostly a tongue-in-cheek moniker for Lewis VanDercar, the talented sculptor and painter who eventually made Wesley Chapel his home. The starving artist resided in Miami for over 30 years and moved north with his family back in 1973, buying a 16-acre lot in Wesley Chapel. At the time, his 22 year-old daughter, Margaret Stephano, better known as ‘Muggins’, wanted to continue keeping her horses and Wesley Chapel afforded far better real estate prices than Miami. Once VanDercar arrived here, he immediately began creating sculptures of every kind and populated the entire property with gargoyles, mythical creatures, self-portraits, animals and even humorous erotica. There are well over a hundred sculptures scattered throughout the grounds. According to Muggins, he was actually more of a whimsical magician and witty prankster than a warlock. She said, “He was so fun and so loved by so many people - not just for his art - he was known for being a great person.” VanDercar entertained everyone with elaborate magic tricks and the comical classified ads he regularly placed in the Miami Herald, kept people laughing for years. A few examples of his prank ads included, “Free Cruise to Bahamas, bring oar,” and another, “Electric car. $25,000. Extension cord extra.” Years and years before people ever considered actually buying water, Lewis designed amusing labels to sell bottled water, something he never believed anyone would ever ‘buy’. His daughter still has the clever labels and treasures them. “One day maybe we’ll bottle water here and use them,” she said. Muggins said, “It was wonderful growing up in Miami with my Dad. In 1969, when I was about 15 years old, I thought a Halloween party would be fun so I distributed 50 invitations around town and 200 people showed up! The Halloween party tradition was born and grew into a huge event often hosting 800 to 900 guests and continued for many years in Wesley Chapel. My Dad always had lots of parties and people thought that they must be really wild, but actually they were just very chill.” One of VanDercar’s largest scale projects was Annie the Dragon, a bright green 65-foot-long concrete and metal dragon sculpture that the artist created for the home of one of his friends. Despite being protested by the nearby residents initially, Annie grew to become a beloved landmark, causing the area to become known as Dragon Point, affectionately named in her honor. Annie guarded the tip of Merritt Island from her creation in 1971 until 2002, when she collapsed from the elements and was reclaimed by the sea. At this date, a developer has purchased the property and has discussed placing a new dragon sculpture at the same site in Annie’s stead. The Warlock House, as it is known, is no longer open to the public, but the family is working to develop the property once again into an active underground artist community. Muggins’ son, Bobby VanDercar, with his long red hair, bears a strong resemblance to his grandfather in both appearance and artistic talent. At 35, he’s been a painter since he was a young child and painted his first professional mural at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since. He also painted the well-known gator mural at Ukulele Brand’s in Land O’ Lakes. He lives at the Warlock House property with his fiancé, Christine and his Mom. Bobby and Christine are also heavily involved in performance art and the Burning Man community, and eventually hope to provide classes at the property in the lost arts – such as making clay, metalworking, and also painting and sculpture. Over 30 years ago, in classic Warlock form, Lewis VanDercar’s ashes were sprinkled all over the grounds of his home by a helicopter, and by his beloved friends. So like one of his magical tricks, his descendants, along with the younger and older generations, still come together at his house to celebrate each other and commune over art and humanity. It’s abundantly clear that the whimsical Wesley Chapel Warlock is still casting his clever spells. B Y S A N D Y PA R R I S H

Lewis VanDercar, self-sculpture 14 | LUTZ MAGAZINE | VOLUME II • ISSUE X | TO ADVERTISE CALL 813-501-4894

Margaret 'Muggins' Stephano and son Bobby VanDercar

Annie the Dragon

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Saturday, September 21st, AdventHealth Wesley Chapel held their annual Women’s Health and Wellness Day event at Saddlebrook Resort. They had over 500 attendees who enjoyed a fun filled day of health and wellness information for women in every stage of their life. The event included a healthy cooking demo, Zumba and A CL yoga classes, physician lectures, flu shots, health screenings, HOME EAN lunch and much more. Each attendee made a $5 donation H PY IS A to AdventHealth Wesley Chapel Foundation to helpAP fundHOME ! women’s services.

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Attendees enjoying a free Zumba Class

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In the Loop Brewing 3338 Land O’ Lakes Blvd ..............................................

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Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery 28358 Willet Way ..............................................

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The Brass Tap 2000 Ave | 20 | Piazza LUTZ MAGAZINE


Larry’s Deli & Sandwich Shop 4526CALL Land O’ Lakes Blvd TO ADVERTISE 813-501-4894

Marchello’s Pizzeria & Restaurant 17669 N Dale Mabry Hwy .............................................. Mulligans Irish Pub 23253 Plantation Palms Blvd .............................................. Marcos Pizza 7808 Land O’ Lakes Blvd .............................................. Nest 20646 Wilderness Lake Blvd .............................................. Noble Crust 28330 Paseo Drive .............................................. O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Grill Wesley Chapel 5429 Village Market .............................................. Panini’s Bar and Grill 3973 Van Dyke Rd .............................................. Pizza Villa 21501 Village Lakes Shopping Center Dr .............................................. Sam’s New York Pizza 21609 Village Lakes Shopping Center Dr .............................................. Thunderhead Pizza 6745 Land O’ Lakes Blvd .............................................. Twisted Sprocket Cafe 16950 Vibrant Way .............................................. Top Shelf Sports Lounge 3173 Cypress Ridge Blvd .............................................. Ukulele Brand’s 4805 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard .............................................. Vallarta’s Mexican 22948 State Road 54 .............................................. Villaggio Ristorante 102 Flagship Dr

10/18 & 10/19 • 10/25 & 10/26

The Haunted House on 41

7:30pm – 10pm Land O’ Lakes Heritage Park 5401 Land O’ Lakes Blvd - Land O’ Lakes The Haunted House on 41 is making a return to Land O’ Lakes Heritage Park! Each year volunteers, generally from local high schools, pitch in to transform the community center’s interior into a dark and terrifying maze. Admission is $3.00 per person. Cash only please. There will be free popcorn and drinks, plus opportunities to take photos with some of the characters. This event is not recommended for small children. Please call us at (813) 929-1229 if you need more information, or if you are interested in volunteering. Donations are also needed. 10/19

Harvester Fall Festival and Craft Fair

9am - 4pm 2432 Collier Pkwy - Land O’ Lakes Come out for family fun, games, food, and indoor craft fair. Pumpkin carving contest, gift basket raffle, games, bake sale, food, pumpkin patch, and much more kid-friendly fun. 10/20

Fall Wesley Chapel Shabby Chic Vintage Market & Artisan Day

10am – 4pm The Grove at Wesley Chapel Held each Spring & Fall, each Shabby Chic Market offers DIY Workshops & paint demos, all kinds of Shabby Chic items, artisans, fabulous food items and vendors, original art, painted furniture, antique & vintage items, Cottage Glam items, pallet art and signs, boutique clothing and more. Free 10/20

San Antonio Rattlesnake Festival

10am – 5pm Pasco County Fairgrounds 36702 State Rd 52 – Dade City The Rattlesnake Festival is an educational family event featuring rattlesnake and other wildlife shows, an arts and crafts village, music, bounce houses and other children’s activities, fair rides, a pumpkin patch, local talent, a food court, and more. Proceeds benefit The Thomas Promise Foundation, which provides weekend lunches to food-insecure students in Pasco County. Admission $5. For more information, visit 10/23

Bingo, Brews & Bites

7pm – 9pm Franky D’s – 18450 US Hwy 41 - Lutz Join the Rotary Club of Land O’ Lakes at Franky D’s for a Cash Bingo Night. Half of the bingo cash card fees are donated to the Rotary Foundation and those funds are matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help end polio. $10 for 10 bingo games. Cash only.

10/26 & 10/27

15th Annual Wesley Chapel Fall Festival

11am – 6pm The Grove at Wesley Chapel 6105 Wesley Grove Blvd - Wesley Chapel The 15th Annual Wesley Chapel Fall Festival will include carnival rides and games, live music, delicious fall foods, beverages, Arts & Craft area with pumpkin painting, local business expo, and a Pumpkin Patch. There will also be a Halloween celebration on Saturday with free entertainment for families, so come get spooky! 10/31

Knot So Scary Halloween on the Lake

6pm – 9pm Knotted Roots on The Lake 3310 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard – Land O’ Lakes We will be doing pumpkin patch photos, crafts, and giving out goodies & candy for the kids. Walk through our haunted bridal house for some scares! There will be costume contests & PRIZES!! Please register at Eventbrite for tickets to this FREE event. This is a family and kid friendly event. There will be a bar, as well as, some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. 11/16

Pasco Upcycle Arts & Drafts Festival

10am – 5pm Land O’ Lakes Heritage Park 5401 Land O, Lakes Blvd - Land O’ Lakes In its 5th year, the purpose of the Pasco Upcycle Festival is to reduce waste by changing peoples’ perceptions of what can be salvaged into not only something useful, but often a work of art. This event will have numerous upcycle vendors with items such as pallet furniture and spoon bracelets, and there will also be environmental education vendors along with food trucks, live music, and craft beer. In 2018 the event boasted approximately 120 vendors and 6,000 attendees. For more information, contact Free 11/16

Symphony in Lights Tree Lighting & Santa’s Arrival

5pm – 9pm The Shops at Wiregrass 28211 Paseo Dr - Wesley Chapel Join us for the tree lighting celebration and Santa’s Arrival on November 16th and enjoy a lively array of dancing lights, dazzling décor, and snow too! Symphony in Lights is an amazing holiday light show, choreographed to music featuring the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Free entertainment for the entire family! Music by Late Night Brass! A holiday celebration you won’t want to miss. Premieres November 16th. Shows nightly on the hour 6-9pm through December 31st.



Hate Your Bathroom? J

ust mentioning a bathroom renovation can make a homeowner break out in hives, but did you know that you can actually update your old bathroom in as little as one day? It’s true. Gone are the horrors of months of construction mess, hassle and expense to update your old, ugly bathroom. Luckily, there are some new options to quickly get a modern and beautiful new look. A new hybrid of premium bathtub and shower products are now available that can transform an existing bathroom in your home into a space you will love. Whether you want to take out an old bathtub and replace it with a more accessible or modernized option, install a brand new showering system, or renovate your entire bathroom, there is now a vast selection of bath products that are attractive, easy to maintain, and extremely durable. They have been stringently tested and evaluated, and have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. These beautiful, high-gloss acrylic finishes are available in a variety of colors and patterns to complement your existing bathroom’s décor. Because these new products are made with a premium non-porous material, they’re easy to keep clean and maintain by simply wiping the surface down with a non-abrasive cleaner such as vinegar and water. There is no need to use harsh chemicals such as bleach or other caustic agents to keep them clean, and using a squeegee after showering will have them sparkling for years to come. There are products that actually mimic the look of grouted tile, but without the mold and scrubbing that goes with it. Many homeowners want to change out tubs or showers and with this revolutionary manufacturing and installation process, there are many easy renovation projects to choose from. • Tub-to-shower conversions • Bathtub and shower replacements • Barrier-free shower installations • Walk-in tub installations • Wall surround installations • Tub and shower liner installations If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom before the holidays arrive, look to the home improvement professionals at Bath Planet of Tampa, a division of Morgan Exteriors. You can even receive $850 off your bath remodel just by mentioning this article. No matter how you wish to upgrade your bathroom, you can have peace of mind that it is fully protected, because all of Bath Planet’s products are backed by a lifetime warranty and guarantee. Bath Planet of Tampa has completed countless bathroom remodel projects in Tampa and the surrounding cities since 1995. As the No. 1-ranked contractor in the area, they take the risk out of home improvements. For more information, contact Bath Planet at (855) 906-6341.


Lawn &


OCTOBER Plantings & Lawn Maintenance Plan to beautify your landscape with these tips for what to plant in OCTOBER and lawn maintenance measures! Excerpts are taken from courtesy of University of Florida IFAS Extension.

What to Plant

Annuals/Bedding plants: Even though temperatures are still warm, begin planting for the cooler months ahead. Dianthus, petunia, and pansy are good annuals for the fall garden. Bulbs: Plant agapanthus, rain lily, and many varieties of lilies now for blooms next spring or summer. Add organic matter to the planting bed for best results. Herbs: A wide range of herbs can be planted from seeds or plants this month. Includes: parsley, cilantro, chives, garlic, and sage. Vegetables: Plant crops now that will grow and produce throughout the winter months. This includes broccoli, collards, kale, lettuce, and others.

What to Do

Lawn weeds: Preemergence herbicides must be applied at the right time to be effective. Apply when nighttime temperatures are 55°F–60°F for 4–5 days. Avoid "weed and feed" products. Ornamental trees and shrubs: Fertilize plants that are not performing as desired. Controlledrelease fertilizer provides nutrients over a longer period of time. Winter landscapes: Plant evergreen hollies; their bright berries add color to the landscape when other plants have died back for the winter. Water well when planting and mulch to minimize weeds.



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