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Dominic Kouffman — President Janet C. Wasserberger — Vice President Joanne M. Cline — Secretary Richard Kennedy — Treasurer Ron Deri — Director at Large

Why Settle for leSS? How Someplace the r eal Deal ISSo In Near your WhenCan Take So Far! BackyarD ! oWnYou

Community Association Manager - Rocco Iervasi riervasi@melrosemanagement.com grandhampton@melrosemanagement.com Lifestyle Director - Nichole Miller nmiller@melroselifestyle.com Amenities Supervisor - Barry Moon bmoon@melrosemanagement.com


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Purchase one fifty minute Spa Treatment and The at Saddlebrook is a entire European-style, beSpa a Resort GuestResort for the day! full-service spa. Enjoy private wet areas steam 1/2 million gallon Super Pool • Poolwith Barsaunas, • Jaccuzzis and whirlpools dressing area. Shops • Restaurants • Fitnesswith Center • Kids Camp available

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Relax and get awayor invisit yoursaddlebrook.com own backyard! Call 813-907-4419 Call 813.907.4419 or visit saddlebrook.com

5700 Saddlebrook Way u Wesley Chapel Saddlebrook | Wesley Chapel 1 mile east5700 of I-75 at exit 279 uWay Complimentary Spa Valet Parking 1 mile east of I-75 at exit 279 | Complimentary Spa Valet Parking 2

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Lifestyles DEAR FELLOW GRAND HAMPTON RESIDENTS, I hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic Summer! Let me be the first to say Happy Independence Day! The 4th of July is the biggest birthday celebration in the world and this year we celebrate 240 years as a Nation! While we are a young Nation by most calculations, we have accomplished so much: creators of the internet and cell phones, developers of modern submarines, the Panama Canal and trans-oceanic cable communications, first affordable mass produced vehicle (Ford Model-T), first in flight, and first to put men on the moon! The willingness of our forefathers to fight for our freedom and independence assured a homeland for all of us to reach for our dreams and live in such a great community like Grand Hampton. Independence Day and Summer brings people together to celebrate, relax, and just enjoy outdoor activities. I love walking outside my home and smelling the food cooking on the neighborhood barbeques and hearing the sound of children playing. One of the reason’s I love living here. With so much outdoor activity though, opportunities for sunburn, bug bites, accidents and mishaps are much higher. Sunscreen and lotion is extremely important to protect against sunburn and more importantly skin cancer. Sunburns are a significant risk factor for the development of skin cancer. While Florida doesn’t lead the country in skin cancer cases, it does have one of the highest skin cancer death rates in the nation. So lather up before you hit those beaches or sunny spots! Another problematic area in Florida is all the bugs! Mosquito populations are very high in and around our neighborhoods and these bugs can also carry diseases. Most notably, Dengue, West Nile Fever, Zika and many others. Zika has been in the news and our county is currently under a Public Health Emergency due to imported infections. I don’t want anyone to worry about it so I’m going to spend a little time discussing it here. What is Zika? It is a virus carried by a mosquito that causes fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito. However, Zika infection during pregnancy can cause serious brain birth defects. What does imported infection mean and why are we under a Public Health Emergency? Imported Infection means a Traveler acquired Zika while visiting another country and then returned to the US. We are under a Public Health Emergency because some of those travelers returned to Hillsborough County. Since they returned and are infected with the Zika virus, if another mosquito bites them, it is possible that mosquito could start transmitting the disease locally. The advisory keeps county officials and medical personal on alert for possible cases. What should we do? To protect against bug bites: 1. Wear long sleeved shirts and pants; 2. Stay in places with air conditioning and window and door screens; 3. Use mosquito bed netting when sleeping outside; 4. Use an EPA-registered insect repellent with one of the following active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, IR3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or para-menthane-diol on exposed skin; 5. Treat clothing and gear with permethrin (you can also spray tent windows and doors with permethrin). So if you know it’s a biting area, think about protection. If you want more information, go to www.cdc.gov/zika or check out the Florida Department of Health website. The information listed here is from my personal experience working in the military and from these websites. Thank you for letting me serve our great community! I hope to see you at the Pool or at one of our events!

Grand Hampton’s

2nd Cruise

All Aboard for Some Fun!

Join your friends and neighbors for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic

January 28th 2017 - February 4th 2017

Relax and have a good time! And there is no better way to do it then to pay a visit to the amazing ports we visit on our Caribbean Cruise. Explore the private island, Amber Cove - Carnival’s newest port. Built on a 25 acrecomplex on the north side of the Dominican Republic. Relax on the white sand beaches in Grand Turk or participate in active excursions such as zip-lining or kayaking. “Shop to you drop” on the historic harbor front in Charlotte Amalie, St.Thomas or enjoy the white sands of famous Megan’s Bay Beach. Explore old and new world charm of Puerto Rico. Whatever you decide to do - it will be dream vacation! ITINERARY Date Location Depart Jan 28th Pt Canaveral 4:00PM Jan 29th Fun Day at Sea Jan 30th Amber Cove, Dominican Republic 4:00PM Jan 31st St. Thomas 7:00PM Feb 1st San Juan 4:00PM Feb 2nd Grand Turk 6:00PM Feb 3rd Fun Day at Sea Feb 4th Pt Canaveral 8:00AM Pricing is based on double occupancy and includes all taxes and port charges

Interior $1297.58 Balcony $1857.58 Pricing subject to change until deposit is made. To reserve a stateroom deposit is $250.00 per person and is fully refundable up until final payment. Or to hold a spot you can just deposit $25.00 per person (fully refundable) and remainder of deposit is due August 31st, 2016. Final payment is due by November 14th, 2016 For more details call 404-213-7734 or E-Mail janetn.noblett@gmail.com

Very Respectfully, Joanne “Jody” Cline Secretary, 2016 Grand Hampton HOA Board Joanne.Cline@gmail.com LIFESTYLES at GRAND HAMPTON / JULY 2016

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Oak Creek

ony and Nyree Bland have been Grand Hampton residents for over ten years and love the community they serve. The Blands are members of Victorious Life Church in the Wesley Chapel area. The Blands have always had great relationships with the staff and managers at Grand Hampton. Barry Moon has been a great supporter of all programs since the very beginning. The Blands are the owners of Protential Sports. Protential Sports is a unique after-school, summer camp, and sports league program. Founders Tony and Nyree Bland shared their uncommon approach to children and sports. The Blands hope to instill life skills into every participant, to help improve their lives, on and off of the field. With Tony being a former NFL player and Nyree a


To advertise call 813.501.4894

former tennis star, the Blands know how important coaches have been in their lives. They want to provide great coaching to all of the participants, a way to give back to their community. Grand Hampton offers all Protential Sports programs, year round. Protential Sports is more than a youth sports program; it’s making a difference in lives of children well beyond the physical activity of athletics. The purpose of the program is to teach valuable principles alongside their sports, such as discipline, listening and following directions, respect for others, teamwork, leadership, and encouragement.• “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


Fun Facts Rich Kennedy HOA Treasurer

• Born and raised in Flushing, NY – Home of the NY Mets • Lifelong Met fan – was at the Mets first World Series victory in 1969 • Attended Regis HS in Manhattan and Queens College • Worked for a number of major banks in New York and also in the insurance industry • Married to Janet for 32 years • Has three sons, four grandsons and finally one adorable granddaughter • Lived in Ringwood, NJ for many years before moving to Grand Hampton in 2006 • Founded a computer software development company, KG Solutions, Inc., in 1984 and has run it since then • Has played numerous roles in community theater, including Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady • Directed a number of shows and served as the President of the West Milford Players in northern NJ • Served as Treasurer and other officer positions for a number of organizations in the past • Ran a Kumon franchise with his wife Janet for five years • Loves playing tennis – grandson Jack is the top-rated under 10 player on Long Island • Writes music, plays piano and guitar and was in a band that never got as famous as the Beatles • Active in OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of USF) and planning to teach a class on Presidential Saints and Sinners • Loves history and politics • Resident and BIG FAN of Grand Hampton for 10 years!


Alligator Safety: Protect Yourself in Florida Waters FACTS & SAFETY TIPS

• Leave alligators alone. Alligators are shy animals that usually avoid human contact. • Pay attention. Keep an eye on your surroundings near fresh or brackish waters. Avoid vegetation-filled areas of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. • Do not feed alligators. Feeding alligators is illegal. Alligators that are fed will come to associate humans with food and will lose their natural fear. • Throw fish scraps into trash cans. Do not discard fish scraps in the water at fish camps or boat ramps—you will unintentionally feed alligators. Follow directions on signs. Do not swim outside of posted swimming areas. • Swim during daylight hours only. Alligators are most active at night. • Stay with children. Never allow small children to play unattended near water. • Keep an eye on your pets. Dogs are in more danger from alligators than humans, because they resemble the reptiles’ natural prey. Do not let your dog swim in waters where you know alligators live. Remember the odds. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by an alligator in Florida. If you want to keep alligators out of your yard, install a fence that is at least four and a half feet tall. Alligators are good climbers—anything lower would not be adequate protection. If you do have a close run-in with an alligator that charges at you, run away fast and straight not zig-zag. It is unlikely, however, that an alligator will display this behavior unless you are near its nest. Remember that in Florida, it is illegal to kill or harass alligators.• Adapted and excerpted from: E. Swiman, et al, Living with Alligators: A Florida Reality (WEC203), Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (rev. 06/2011). “Living with Alligators and Crocodiles,” Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (accessed 07/2011).

RETRACTION: The bullet point that instructs to “swim during daylight hours only” is not meant to encourage swimming in the Grand Hampton ponds. There is no swimming permitted in the ponds in Grand Hampton.

Tennis NEWS


Our 12th year at Grand Hampton promises to be our BEST EVER! Our Tennis Camp with Pool Break runs 9-1pm Mon-Fri. Lot’s of fun games, tennis 9am till 11:30am then we eat LUNCH in the shaded area then COOL down in the pool till 1pm. Also, certified USPTA Coaches, FREE Friday Pizza and more... Camps FILL QUICKLY. Multi-week and multi-child discounts. Ages 6-16 ALL LEVELS Cost $175/week. Register online www.TheTennisConnection.com or call for info 813-949-9195. Check website for selected weeks offered. • Summer Class Tennis Schedules Posted online!! NOW REGISTERING. Classes fill quickly. Time to get out and EXERCISE, MEET your neighbors and get in a CLINIC or a LEAGUE. You can do all this CONVENIENTLY at your Grand Hampton Tennis courts. Check out the NEW TENNIS CLASS & PROGRAM SCHEDULES on-line at www.TheTennisConnection.com go to Grand Hampton Tennis. • JGPT Junior Grand Prix Tennis Tournaments: For kids age 6-18 years from Beginning to Advanced levels. Hosted by several Tampa area clubs. For more information, contact Dave Freiman. See you on the Grand Hampton Tennis courts this SUMMER! Dave Freiman, Tennis Director Dave@TheTennisConnection.com 813-949-9195 Hillsborough & Pasco


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Dear Members of the Grand Hampton Homeowners Association,

UPGRADED GATE ACCESS SYSTEM We, at Grand Hampton, take great pride in the many amenities offered to our residents. None add more value and ownership pride to Grand Hampton than the manned gate entry system. We have recently upgraded the ABDi entry system with scanning, face recognition, and mobile login capabilities and although the upgrade will help expedite the process of allowing your preferred guests and vendors into the community, without the assistance of YOU, the resident, the system will never run at its optimal best. Keeping your guest list current and updated, with correct contact information on your profile is crucial to the success of this upgrade. Utilizing the mobile app is another fast and simple way many residents can accomplish this. Information about the website is listed below. Please take the time to set your profile and guest list so the guards at the gate can get your family, friends, and preferred vendors in to see you as fast as possible. Website: log onto www.gateaccess.net/ login to get started. Your community code is: GH. You can also go to the eGrandhampton.com website, click on the gate access link to get you there. If you don’t know or have forgotten your Resident Access 4 digit security code, you would need to contact our office to obtain it at 813 973-8368. Ask for Barry Moon. Office hours are Monday- Friday from 9am-4pm. Mobile App: on your phone, download ABDi GateAccess, and follow the directions. We thank you and appreciate your cooperation in helping us mainstream our gate access system. Cordially, Your 2016 Grand Hampton HOA Board of Directors 6

Summer Fun


Smart Scheduling – The hottest time of day is between 12-2pm in most areas. Try to schedule outdoor time in the morning or take precautions to stay cool in the heat like ice towels, misters, or breaks to go indoors. Be Sunscreen Smart – Use sunscreen consistently. Apply sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours and more if water is involved. Avoid sunscreen less than 15 SPF. Be Stylish and Safe – Wear protective clothing for an extra layer of protection. Wear long shirts and wide brimmed hats. Look for clothing with built-in SPF. Protect Your Eyes – When picking out sunglasses this summer, make sure they are more than just stylish! Pick out sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Frequent exposure to the sun can cause red, irritated eyes and can lead to cataracts. Left untreated, cataracts may lead to blindness. Prevent overheating - Beat the heat by packing cool compresses or misting fans when doing outdoor activities. Stay cool and clean by taking frequent showers and baths. Look out for signs of heat stroke which include a rapid, strong pulse, feeling delirious, losing consciousness, and having an elevated body temperature above 102 degrees Fahrenheit. If you suspect someone may be experiencing heat stroke, experts recommend that you first call 911 or take the victim to the hospital. While waiting for paramedics, initiate first aid such as moving the person to a cool area, wet them with cool water while fanning them, or place ice packs under the arm pits, on the neck and the back to cool faster. Stay protected against insects – Many Floridians joke that the state bird is really the mosquito, but applying insect repellent is no joking matter. Make sure to apply insect repellent containing DEET, Picaradin, oil of lemon, eucalyptus or IR3535. Mosquitos tend to bite in the early morning and evening. Stay HYDRATED! – Drink plenty of water and hydrating fluids about every 20 minutes when doing physical activity or anything outdoors. Know Your Flags – If you are heading to the beach, make sure you know what the different flags are flying from lifeguard towers. Double red – Danger! Water closed to public. Single Red – High hazard, High surf, and/or strong currents. Yellow – Medium hazard; medium surf. Green – Low hazard; calm conditions. Purple – Dangerous marine life (usually a high jelly fish population). Absence of Flags – Does not assure safety. Always be watchful of potential dangers. Pick a Landmark – When swimming along the Florida shoreline, it is easy to stray far from your start point. To avoid getting lost, pick something to keep an eye on to make sure you don’t end up straying too far. A few examples may be a life guard tower, or a unique umbrella. Be Aware of Rip Currents – A rip current is a flow of water moving in the offshore direction and can rapidly pull a swimmer far from shore. If caught in a rip current: Remain calm. Don’t fight the current. Swim in the direction parallel to the shoreline. Beware of Thunder – If you hear thunder, a storm is approaching. Seek shelter IMMEDIATELY. Tampa has one of the highest rates of lightning in the world! Don’t risk it. This article was adapted from articles from webmd.com, floridablue. com, and visitflorida.com.

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Clubhouse Grand Re-Opening


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Summer Spl

ash Bash


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JULY 2016 Sunday










Management Office Closed for Independence Day







Young Adult Movie Night 7:30pm

13 Community Relations Committee 6pm

9 Block Party Bake-Off 12-3pm

Building and Grounds 6:30pm





Stretch class 8:30am

16 Health and Fitness Fair 10am-2pm

CDD 2pm

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 DRC Meeting 6:30pm

Book Club 7pm

Lake Hampton 6:30pm

Girl’s Night Out Weston Manor 6:30pm

Water Aerobics 9:30am

Family Game Night

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Club Manor East 5pm



Bunco 6:30-9pm

Club Manor West 4pm

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State Representative District 63

Proud to Represent District 63. Ready to Serve.


CAPITOL OFFICE 1102 The Capitol 402 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 Phone: (850) 717-5063




To advertise call 813.501.4894

DISTRICT OFFICE Suite 215 15310 Amberly Drive Tampa, FL 33647-2146 Phone: (813) 910-3277



Luis Sanjurjo House Painter Extraordinaire


o you have walls that need to be painted or wallpapered? Do you find yourself too busy with life to stop and do it yourself, or trust in someone for a change to get the job done right the first time? Consider calling Luis Sanjurjo for your entire wallpaper installation and painting needs. He is very personable, honest, dependable, and professional. When you hire him you can expect the level of quality and detail you would find in multi-million dollar homes. Luis has over thirty years of experience in residential contracting work. He is very tiddy and respectful of your home. He cleans up at the end of every day and keeps a clean workspace. Once the job is finished expect a beautiful and a brand new addition to your homes interior.

Luis started in the trades doing residential remodeling in 1972 for seven years in Chicago, Illinois. He then served a three-year painting apprenticeship with a large union painting contractor. In 1982 he started his own painting company. He was a supervisor of seven employees, he provided painting, wallpaper installations and faux finishes all within the company, a successful way to maintain quality and scheduling. He was a one-stop shop that allowed designers to hire him instead of 2 or 3 separate trades to accomplish the job. In 2004, he moved Arizona to change his career to residential real estate (Arizona real estate license holder), but soon turned back to painting after the housing market crashed in 2008. In 2015, he retired and moved to Wesley Chapel to be close to family. He still enjoys his work, but on a part-time basis. The rest of his retirement consists of playing golf and spending time with his family. Luis also donates time working with a group of veterans called A.V.A.S.T. For more information on this organization visit http://avastonline.org. Luis offers 10% off for veterans. If you want a dependable painter with years of experience, Luis is your man. His years of experience make him the best candidate. Do not let age fool you. He can still run circles around some of his younger peers. Luis Sanjurjo Wallpaper Installation and Interior Painting 813-702-2965 LNSanjurjo@gmail.com•




Commercial & Residential

100 OFF

$ Save 25% on camp fees when you become a MOSI member!

Driveway Cleaning with Roof Cleaning

6 years LICENSED AND INSURED a tampa bay pressure washing GOLD WINNER


• Licensed / insured • commerciaL • residentiaL • roof cLeaning • houses • driveways • pooL cages

BRANDON • decks • storefronts

The Brandon News Readers’ Poll 2013


FREE Estimates!

Office: 813-438-5411 Cell: 813-545-9140 Email: tampabaypressurewashing@yahoo.com


tampabaypressurewashing@yahoo.com MUSEUM OF SCIENCE & INDUSTRY | 4801 E. FOWLER AVE., TAMPA | 813-987-6000 MOSI.ORG 12

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Now– August 12


WE A SPOT YOU! You 16 HAVE Stuff The Bus forFOR Teachers!

their July classrooms school supplies riday, 29 Buswith 016 Stuff The for Teachers! You In partnership with the Pasco County school district, the United http://tiny.cc/2016StuffTheBus or Way of Pasco County will conduct the 6th Annual Stuff the Bus k their classrooms with school supplies aturday, Julyare30 for Teachers! Volunteers needed to help Pasco teachers stocks their classrooms with necessary for their students! ”Many on Volunteer forsupplies more details. of our school teachers spend more than $400.00 each year to supply t http://tiny.cc/2016StuffTheBus or their classrooms,” United Way of Pasco HOME•AUTO•LIFE unday, July 31 President/CEO Duggan Cooley stated. Since 1981 Agency Owner Steve Barry has been saving Floridian’s think that’s a lot to ask details. of a teacher.” money on their insurance needs. We represent over 30 carriers on Volunteer“We for more During the event, Pasco residents are to provide customers with the lowest rates. We are conveniently off of Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in Wesley Chapel next to Bus for encouraged to purchase supplies and oming this summer, theextra6th Annuallocated 2016 Stuff The Burger Monger in the same plaza as Bonefish and First Watch and them to a Walmart Supercenter donation site. “Thissites is an esedeliver WAL-MART donation and have over 50 years of combined experience. As your independent easy way to give back to our teachers,” Cooley said, “and allow them NEEDED! Agent We Shop and You Save! an be aon part helping teachers stock their classrooms with to focus what is reallyof important, our students. While you are 727-835-2028 SAMPLE RATES FOR YOUR HOME IN doing your regular school supply shopping, come help us Stuff the Bus!”WAL-MART donation sites and GRAND HAMPTON hese or their EASY UPHomeat http://tiny.cc/2016St Volunteersstudents. will be at the Walmart Supercenter stores SIGN countyReplacement Value Annual Premium: wide to distribute shopping lists and collect much-needed school $450,000 $1,246 727-835-2028 supplies. For East Pasco volunteer and residents who would like to $1,115 for more sit www.unitedwaypasco.org and click$400,000 on Volunteer

Volunteers Needed!


donate, the location is Walmart Supercenter at Gall

in Zephyrhills. Shifts are available Friday, July 6 Stuff blvd The Bus for Teachers! You

$350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000

-hour shifts available! 10a-1p/1p-4p

29; Saturday, 30 and Sunday, Julu 31 from their classrooms with schoolJuly supplies 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. (Volunteers under 18 years http://tiny.cc/2016StuffTheBus or old must be accompanied by an adult) Over 1,000 n Volunteer for more details. Pasco County teachers have signed up for free supplies! WE NEED YOU! Spread the word with family and friends! It’s easy to sign up! Just check available shifts by going online to: http:// se WAL-MART donation sitesvolunteer and tiny.cc/2016StuffTheBus. You can also visit our Stuff the Bus 27-835-2028 Volunteer information page at www.unitedwaypasco.org and click on Volunteer. Questions? 727-835-2028.• S

TES R 54,LOOK Wesley Chapel for the school

$987 $849 $745 $602

Rates based on 2012 Construction, Hip Roof, Monitored Burglar & Fire Alarm, Age 55+, Good Credit, $2,500 Deductible, Rates effective 01/29/2016 and are subject to change without notice.

bus at these WAL-MART donat Barry Insurance, Inc.

1654 BRUCE B DOWNS BLVD STE. B. • WESLEY CHAPEL, FL 33544 elp us STUFF THE BUS! Questions? 727-835-2028 Gall Blvd, Zephyrhills SR 54, Wesley Chapel Steve Barry, Agency Owner


Located between Burger Monger and Bonefish across from McDonalds



813-991-6969 Gall Blvd, Zephyrhills www.barryinsuranceinc.com WAL WAL-MART DONATION SITES

R 54, Wesley Chapel

all Blvd, Zephyrhills


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When Fiona was only four weeks old she was rescued from Animal Services with her three sisters. One week after rescue, the three kittens got very sick. They were so congested that they would not eat or drink. It took three months for Fiona to get better. She is a sweet girl, but she is not fond of the cages at PetSmart

so she is two years old now and still looking for a furrever home. She gets along with other kitties and loves to hang out with the humans. She loves to play, and is especially fond of feather toys! She also loves to be pet and will let you know when she is ready for attention. If you are interested in adopting or getting more information about sweet Fiona, please email us today at adopt@tampacatcrusaders.org.• pay for the love and joy they will bring. See us at PetSmart in New Tampa every Saturday and Sunday and mention the “kittenfest special.”•


o i t p o d A t s e f n e t t Ki


Summer is upon us and that means it’s kitten season once again. Our fosters and the are full of kittens, and we want to save as many as we can, so


that means we are extending adoption specials to everyone wo adopts two kittens. Enjoy two kittens for the price of $85! That’s a small price to

To advertise call 813.501.4894

WE ARE IN GREAT NEED OF VOLUNTEERS We are in need of many volunteers. It takes a village to run our rescue, and the more dedicated volunteers

we have, the more cats we can save. There are many volunteer opportunities with our rescue. If you are interested in any of these areas, please email us a volunteer application (https:// www.tampacatcrusaders.org/ wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ VolunteerApplication.pdf ) to volunteer@tampacatcrusaders. com. Weekend Adoption Center Weekend Teen Adoption Center Weekday Kenneling Laundry Fundraising Fostering Database Management Website Updates Social Media And Much More!•



Feeding Children in Summer


ummer to me means fun in the sun and lounging out by the pool all day. But you may plan to have a cookout to celebrate this wonderful time of the year, or even a family vacation that you have been planning for months. This year while you’re packing your things take a look at all of the families that are not so lucky to be able to go on a vacation. Most importantly take a look at all the children who will not be able to enjoy BBQ’s and what summer has to offer. Over 22 million Children each year receive free or reduced-price meals through the national School Lunch Program. But only about 3.9 million children receive free or reduced-priced meals throughout the summer. This is why some children dread

this time of year. Low income families tend to need the financial support from both parents, so this means that while the child is home all day the parents or legal guardians are out working. This encourages children to act up and get themselves in trouble. Programs such as Feeding America provides aid for low income children and their family who face hunger throughout the summer. When school is out of session, community summer food programs make up the majority of food distributed. These programs typically receive reimbursement through the USDA Summer Food Service Program for meals provided to eligible children. Last year, the Feeding America network served 5.7 million meals to more than 178,000 hungry

children through the Summer Food Service Program, which represents a 15% growth in meals distributed from the previous summer. Donating to programs such as Feeding America ensures that a child will be able to sustain themselves until school starts back up. Locally you can donate to churches as well. Many churches have their own food bank in which a part of the surrounding community is aided by. In Florida, the summer is one of the most

difficult times for church food banks and food banks such as Feeding America. This is because we are at the beginning and prime of the year’s hurricane season. Many families flock to these programs for emergency aids. That is why many food banks collect safety gear such as flashlights and water bottles as well. America should not be going hungry. Help aid your fellow Americans in this time of need. To find your local food bank go online and search food banks with your zip code.•

NOW ACCE PTIN IN WESLEY CHAPEL Lily of the Valley 6542 Applewood Dr. Wesley Chapel, FL - 33544 813.973.2230 Atonement Lutheran Church 29617 State Road 54 Wesley Chapel, FL - 33543 (813) 973-2211



• Most insurances accepted • Full array of sedation options • Preventative and restorative care for infants, children and adolescents • Same day emergencies welcome • Preventive sealants • Custom mouth guards • Games and TV’s for entertainment • Whitening for teens

Suite 3737 Maryweather Lane, #101 • Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 www.seaofsmileschildrensdentist.com • 813.528.8717 To advertise call 813.501.4894


s e l y t t s a e LifGrand Hampt n

ECRWSS Postal Customer


Dr. Allan Fallah & family, Seven Oaks residents!

Exam and X-rays

Only $39 D0140, D0220

FREE Second Opinion A P R I VAT E F A M I LY P R A C T I C E 1207 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Suite #1 | Wesley Chapel (Next to Super Target) | HOURS: M-F, 8am-4pm


staff! g n ri a c , e tl n e g a & ice Great customer serv 16




in-office whitening treatment

Restorative Dentistry • Cosmetic Veneers & Crowns • 1 Hour in Office Whitening To advertise call 813.501.4894 LIFESTYLES at GRAND HAMPTON / JULY 2016 Dentures & Partials • Invisible Braces • Extractions

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"Lifestyles at Grand Hampton" Magazine July 2016  

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