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The Grand Room

Grand Hampton Clubhouse Renovations Coming May 2016

The Hampton Room

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Grand Hampton HOA 8301 Dunham Station Drive Tampa FL 33647 T: 813.973.8368 F: 813.929.1972 www. Melrose 24 hour emergency number - 813-854-5033 Grand Hampton Board of Directors

Dominic Kouffman — President Janet C. Wasserberger — Vice President Joanne M. Cline — Secretary


Richard Kennedy — Treasurer Ron Deri — Director at Large

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Community Association Manager - Rocco Iervasi Lifestyle Director - Nichole Miller Amenities Supervisor - Barry Moon

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News DEAR FELLOW GRAND HAMPTON RESIDENTS, Our family is celebrating ten years as grand Hampton residents this month. Every time we return from a trip I am reminded how special grand Hampton is and how lucky we are to live here. I know I’m probably dating myself, but coming down Grand Hampton Drive after being away for a while and seeing the clubhouse and the beautiful grounds reminds me of South Fork from the old Dallas TV show: simple and elegant, and to me a symbol of a peaceful place to call home in what is sometimes a chaotic world outside. We are grateful to be able to live in such a wonderful community, and I am honored as well to be able to serve on your Board of Directors. As your Treasurer this year one of my goals is to examine the longrange plans for maintaining the financial security of our Homeowners Association. We are very fortunate to have weathered the recessionary storms of recent years and to have had previous boards who have kept our community fiscally sound while many other communities have suffered in this regard. I will do everything possible to continue that positive tradition and I know the rest of the Board joins me in that effort. It’s hard not to take what we have for granted sometimes, and thankfulness can often get lost in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life, but I encourage everyone to take a moment every day to remind themselves how very fortunate we are to live in a safe environment with a dynamic community life. Like many of you who are working and raising families we were often too busy over the years to participate in Grand Hampton events. In the past few years, as we’ve moved into semiretirement, we’ve become more involved and we encourage all of you to do the same, to the best of your ability. Your Board of Directors and the Melrose Management team are working hard to provide a variety of activities for residents of all ages to take advantage of the social life in Grand Hampton. I encourage you to get involved - it will pay benefits, I promise! Maybe we can all plan to make the grand reopening of our newly renovated clubhouse in May a focal point for a renewed interest in community activities. We look forward to seeing you all there. On a practical note, I hope that this mindfulness translates into reinforcing the values that have attracted many of us to live and raise our families in Grand Hampton in the first place: respect for others and respect for the environment and community, in which we all live, work and play. In part, this means following the simple rules we all agreed to when we became members of this community. Please make an effort to SLOW DOWN when you’re driving anywhere in Grand Hampton. Just this past week I personally witnessed a near miss when a child on a bike darted out into the street behind a parked car, and a neighbor who was obviously in a rush and driving too fast almost hit him. Unfortunately, this is an almost daily occurrence and many of us fear it will eventually lead to a tragedy. Please take a minute to consider the consequences of speeding when there are so many others around. On a similar note, there are a handful of residents who continue to block sidewalks with parked cars forcing children and other pedestrians into the street to walk around them. It’s such a simple thing – please help us all by NOT BLOCKING SIDEWALKS. I look forward to meeting more residents at Board of Directors meetings and the many social events at Grand Hampton and welcome your input for any ways to keep our community strong.

Richard Kennedy — Treasurer GRAND HAMPTON MAGAZINE / APRIL 2016

WINNER OF OUR Poetry Contest! Wafah Hasan Age Group 19+ Anticipation The evening breeze carries a sweet melody The jingling of her anklets as she drifts by me Separated by bricks and glass, I watch her An anticipatory smile on her lips as she waits As she lingers, unfortunately I know what follows next The disappointment of not finding what you expect The smile from before wilts to an unspoken sadness Another sun has come and gone, and yet no news Her shoulders sag and the sounds of her anklet are quiet The night seems silent sensing her pain, affected by it I wonder why she walks the same path with no avail Starting from a hope in each step to trudging back solo What ties her to the place that she must come again? Why bear the pain when there is nothing to attain? I know not the answer as I continue to watch her All I know is that she will be here again tomorrow The evening breeze bringing back the sweet melody The jingling of her anklets as she drifts by me


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CLUB MANOR EAST This month’s highlighted neighborhood is Club Manor East comprised of 53 townhomes across from the clubhouse. These townhomes were some of the first structures built in Grand Hampton. Club Manor East is one of four specialty neighborhoods where residents pay regular HOA dues as well as additional dues for exterior painting, roofing, lawn maintenance and landscape replacement, as well as termite protection. The Club Manor East resident committee meets with Rocco Iervasi, our community manager, each fourth Tuesday of the month at 5 pm to voice their concerns and work hand in hand with management to better the Club Manor East community.

Club Manor East…2006 to the Present During the height of the real estate market, Club Manor East was little more than elevated sand, one foundation and a few bricks. That was when my wife, Alice and I first visited Grand Hampton. At the beginning of 2006, you had to enter a Lottery and hope you won the right to purchase the next home to be built. We became one of the first residents of Club Manor East….one of the first Three Unit Townhouses built in the area. After 27 years of maintaining our property in Smithtown, New York, a new townhouse with very limited maintenance was great. Residing across the street from a resort


quality pool and amenities area was a real bonus. This was our retirement paradise in the making. New developments come with a host of issues…and we have had our share. However, as CME and Grand Hampton grew and developed, we also had neighbors again, we shared the adventures and irritations inherent in new infrastructures. We found our voice and a sense of community. We worked together to address our concerns and find common ground for solutions. As one of the earlier members of Grand Hampton, I have seen us grow from a Developer driven to a

To advertise call 813.501.4894

Resident owned community. In today’s Club Manor East, the walking Gray Cranes have been replaced by happily running children, young adults and even a few elder residents. There are families here, many from other states, from all walks of life. We are friends, neighbors or just people enjoying this amazing lifestyle. This is Club Manor East, Grand Hampton. This is my home. Anthony J. Curiale, (Tampa Tony) CLUB MANOR EAST RESIDENT


News Living in Club Manor East is Our Pleasure It was December 15, 2010 when my wife and I stopped in at the title company to pick up the keys to our new home in Grand Hampton. The simple fact that we purchased our first home was a very exciting thing for us. We had been looking for a home for 2 years and had made several offers in the Grand Hampton community with no success. We had visited this neighborhood many times and could see ourselves living here for a very long. Then, it finally happened. We began moving in to our amazing Townhouse in Club Manor East and within the first couple of weeks we began to meet some of the neighbors. They were all very nice and welcoming. After we settled in, we began to venture out and see what the neighborhood and HOA were all about. We had heard of all of the activities that we could be a part of at the Clubhouse. My wife and I had never been a part of an HOA and didn’t know what to expect. Several of the neighbors gave us some advice on what to expect and introduced us to all of the benefits of our incredible neighborhood. They really took care of us and

were so incredibly friendly. I remember talking to my wife and imaging having our own family and raising our children in this positive environment. Since moving in we have grown as a family and our son is now 16 months old. We have been taking advantage of the activities and the amenities, which, in our opinion, are top notch in comparison to all of the other neighborhoods we had looked at. I have the pleasure of serving on the CME Advisory Board along with some of my incredible neighbors. It’s always nice to be around others who are equally as passionate about living in a nice neighborhood and preserving the quality of our surroundings. The staff at the clubhouse along with the Board of Directors of our HOA has done so many things to improve and add to our already fantastic experience that I find my wife saying that when we buy another house it will be in Grand Hampton. We love everything about our incredible neighborhood and hope that every resident takes as much pride and pleasure in living here. We look forward to meeting more incredible neighbors in the near future. Carlos Espinel, CLUB MANOR EAST RESIDENT

I was asked recently what makes Club Manor East in Grand Hampton a great place to live. My response was


About 10 years ago my husband and I became empty nesters and we were looking for a community to live in that was easy access to the interstate, maintenance free, and beautiful. We found that here in Club Manor East. The location of this community is perfect. Shopping, restaurants, etc. Are all close by without being on top of you. And because we travel a lot we feel very comfortable leaving our place knowing we are in a secure gated community of Grand Hampton. We actually bought in here from a picture as they had not started building the townhomes yet. We loved how the townhomes were in small clusters with the garages in the back. This small community has done very well, and can only get better with the support of its neighbors. Club Manor East is everything we expected it would be “easy living”. Dave and Linda Taylor, CLUB MANOR EAST RESIDENTS GRAND HAMPTON MAGAZINE / APRIL 2016

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To advertise call 813.501.4894



Grand Hampton FAQ’s for Our Quality of Life

Is there an email distribution list for email blasts sent to all Grand Hampton residents? Yes, to be added to the email list, contact the Lifestyles Director at 813-973-8368 or or register on the website to add your email information.


How do I add visitors or vendors to my household guest list? On the website, select the Community Tab and then Links and Information or download the mobile app ABDI GateAccess. To receive your individual password, contact the Community Association Manager at or 813-973-8368.


How do I get a replacement Grand Hampton Access Card? There is a $15 fee for each replacement card. Contact the Community Association Manager or the Facilities Manager at 813-973-8368 or visit the clubhouse during normal business hours to get your replacement card. Lost access cards will be disabled.


Where can I find an online copy of the Grand Hampton Covenants and Restrictions? On the www.egrandhamp- website, look under the Docs and Forms tab and select HOA Documents.


Where can I find an online copy of the Design Review Committee paperwork to submit for architectural changes? On the website, look under the Docs and Forms tab and select Design Review.


Where can I find a copy of the minutes from HOA board meetings? The meeting minutes can be viewed on the website. Look under Docs and Forms and select BOD meeting minutes.


hampton@melrosemanagement. com or 813-973-8368. You will need to include the light pole number.


How do I report a car exceeding the 25 mph speed limit? Contacting the Community Association Manager or a board member about speeding will not result in an increased Tampa Police presence in Grand Hampton. Rather, you should call the Tampa Police Non-emergency number at 813-231-6130 with a description of the car and the tag number. TPD tracks the numbers of speeding complaints from citizens in each community and supplies traffic officers based on the number of complaints.


Can residents rent the Grand Room in the clubhouse, Multipurpose/ Aerobics Studio, and Event/Sports field? Yes, these can be rented for parties and other social events by residents. Contact the Lifestyles Director at 813-973-8368 or More information on the rental and Rules and Regulations is available on the website under the Amenities tab.

Can cars be parked on the street overnight? No. Regular street parking is not allowed during midnight to 6 am. Residents who regularly park on a street overnight may be towed.

Who do I contact if a street light is not working? Contact the Community Association Manager at Grand-





Can any parked cars ever block the sidewalk? No. Blocking a sidewalk violates the Americans’ with Disabilities Act, a federal law, and causes unsafe situations when pedestrians are forced to walk in the streets. Residents who habitually park so as to block a sidewalk may be towed. Who is responsible for maintaining the trees between the sidewalks and the streets?

To advertise call 813.501.4894

The homeowner is responsible for these trees. Lower limbs must be trimmed so that they do not hang below 8 feet and pose a safety hazard to pedestrians.


Who should I contact if the back gate is not working? Contact the Community Association Manager at or 813-973-8368, or after hours, call the Melrose Emergency Assistance number at 813-854-5033.


Do residents have to pick up after their dogs? Yes. Article II, Sec. 6-32 of the Hillsborough County Ordinance states: “Any feces deposited by a dog, cat, or pet pig on public property, public walks, recreation areas or the private property of others must be immediately removed the person who has custody or control of the animal unless otherwise authorized by the property owner.”


Who do I contact if I have a disagreement or problem with my neighbor? Your neighbor is always the first point of contact if you have a problem or disagreement. A polite conversation may be all that is needed to correct the situation.•


Grand Hampton’s

2nd Cruise

Dear Members of the Grand Hampton Homeowners Association,

UPGRADED GATE ACCESS SYSTEM We, at Grand Hampton, take great pride in the many amenities offered to our residents. None add more value and ownership pride to Grand Hampton than the manned gate entry system. We have recently upgraded the ABDi entry system with scanning, face recognition, and mobile login capabilities and although the upgrade will help expedite the process of allowing your preferred guests and vendors into the community, without the assistance of YOU, the resident, the system will never run at its optimal best. Keeping your guest list current and updated, with correct contact information on your profile is crucial to the success of this upgrade. Utilizing the mobile app is another fast and simple way many residents can accomplish this. Information about the website is listed below. Please take the time to set your profile and guest list so the guards at the gate can get your family, friends, and preferred vendors in to see you as fast as possible. Website: log onto to get started. Your community code is: GH. You can also go to the website, click on the gate access link to get you there. If you don’t know or have forgotten your Resident Access 4 digit security code, you would need to contact our office to obtain it at 813 973-8368. Ask for Barry Moon. Office hours are Monday- Friday from 9am-4pm. Mobile App: on your phone, download ABDi GateAccess, and follow the directions. We thank you and appreciate your cooperation in helping us mainstream our gate access system.

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Cordially, Your 2016 Grand Hampton HOA Board of Directors 8

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2016 Sunday
















Grand Hampton Music Festival Building and 3-9pm Coffee Social Grounds Meeting Boot Camp 6 PM 6 PM 9:30am-10:30am $15 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Board of Director’s Meeting 6:30 PM

Community Relations Meeting 6 PM

Yard Sale 7am-1pm

CDD Meeting 2:00 PM

Boot Camp 9:30am-10:30am $15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 DRC Meeting 6:30 PM

Weston Manor 6:30 PM

Water Aerobics 10am

Toddler Hour 10am

Earth Day

Fresh Market 10am-2pm

Boot Camp Lake Hampton 9:30am-10:30am Meeting $15 6:30 PM 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Club Manor West 4 PM

Girl's Night Out

Club Manor East 5 PM


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Movie on the Lawn 8pm

Boot Camp 9:30am-10:30am $15



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News Political Signs are a


in Grand Hampton

I am sure we all have some interest in the upcoming Presidential Election, some more than others. We also see various political signs littered along the state and county roads all around us. That is where they belong. Please be aware that the posting of political signs on your property, (lawns, windows, etc.), is not permitted in Grand Hampton. Help do your part in keeping your neighborhood a clean and beautiful place to live. Thank You! Your Board of Directors and Management

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