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Cory Lake Isles Monthly Information Resource Guide • April, 2016

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Steve Barry, Agency Owner



,.CORY LAKE ISLES CDD Board Members Baiju Cyril Spiro............................................................... Robert Woodards............................................ Joyce Jorge CDD Management Company Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC. Chuck Adams, District Manager 239.464.7114........................................... CDD Facilities Manager John Hall O: 813.986.1031 C: CDD Office Administrator Carrie Bercan O: 813.986.1031 F: 813.986.1056 ................. Lifestyle Director Lisa Kagan O: 877.221.6919 F: 813.986.1056.............. CDD Committee Chairs Landscape/Aquascape/Facilities Committee Richard Carpenter .......................................... Security Committee AJ Forbes ................................................... Finance Committee Anthony POA Management Company Rory Harding FirstService Residential 2870 Scherer Dr. N. #100 St. Petersburg, FL 33716 (P) 813.986.3200 (C) 813.390.7582 POA Board Members Greg Nielsen .......................................................................... President Andreas Dettlaff .............................................................. Vice President Don Reich ...............................................................................Treasurer Bob Abajian ............................................................................ Secretary Violation Committee Sam Badawi, Chair Revision Committee Luise Burman, Chair CEC Committee Harry Ramphal, Chair DRC Committee Angela Mason Reimer, Chair COVER PHOTO SUBMITTED BY RICHARD CARPENTER

PUBLISHER: KEM Media Group, LLC 1936 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., #105 • Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION: 813-501-4894 Send in your photos, articles and news to: © 2016 The Islander. All rights reserved. The Islander is currently published monthly, distributed by the U.S. Postal Service free to all residents of the Cory Lake Isles area and advertisers. Unless otherwise noted, the views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent those of the Publisher. The Islander is not an officially sanctioned publication of the The Cory Lake Isles Association. The Islander logo used with permission. Lists are for reference only and do not imply official sanction or recommendation by The Islander. Editorial submissions are welcome. Publisher reserves the right to reject or edit all submissions for length and clarity. The Publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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CORY LAKE ISLES PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION MANAGER RORY HARDING, LCAM I hope everyone is looking forward to the spring. Thank you for all of those who have been working on getting their roofs cleaned the past couple of months. The Board appreciates all of the work the residents have been putting into their properties. The community has really worked hard at keeping Cory Lake Isles the premier place to live in Tampa Bay. I have had only a couple of issues that have been brought to my attention. I just wanted to remind our parents to make sure the kids are staying on their property and in the play areas in the community. I have had a few complaints of kids going into neighboring screened lanais and that could be a dangerous situation. Thank you for your cooperation and help in this matter. I would also ask that we continue to make sure we are picking up after our pets in the community. This would also be the time of year that we are getting all of our pressure washing done before the summer showers start. Thank you again for all of your cooperation and hard work. Please remember I am always available by e-mail or phone should you have any questions or concerns.

RORY HARDING, LCAM Cory Lake Isles Property Owners Association Manager 10441 Cory Lakes Drive | Tampa, FL 33647 813.986.3200 Email:


CDD Office Hours Monday ..................................9am – 1pm Tuesday ..................................9am – 5pm Wednesday .............................9am – 1pm Thursday ................................9am – 7pm Friday......................................9am – 5pm Saturday................................. 9am - 5pm Beach Club Hours Monday – Saturday.................... 9am-9pm Sunday.................................... 12pm-6pm Pool Hours Daily.......................................... 8am-7pm Lap Swim Times .................... 8am-12pm Fitness Center Hours Open 24 hours to residents 18 and older. Cory Lake Isles Website Morris Bridge Gatehouse

........................................(813) 986-0030 Cross Creek Gatehouse

........................................(813) 907-8400

,. Police Emergency............................... 911



Fire/Medical Emergency..................... 911


What is the Difference Between the CDD and the POA? The key difference between the CDD and the POA is that the CDD manages public property such as the streets, pool and beach club and the POA enforces homeowner property covenants such as property maintenance and approval of property renovations

CDD Online Workshop

April 5-7, 2016 9am-5pm daily To participate in the online workshop visit KEM Media Group 813-501-4894

Police Non Emergency......(813) 231-6130 An independent contractor staffs the gates at Cory Lake Isles. They provide access control at the gates 24/7. They are a valuable resource and can advise on security issues; however, they have no law enforcement authority. Any law enforcement or criminal activity should be directed toward the Tampa Police Department that has jurisdiction for Cory Lake Isles.

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Dive-In Movie

Thank you Nancy Cross, Cross Team Realty, for sponsoring the 2016 Dive-In Movie Series.

Please be a responsible pet owner. PICK UP YOUR PET’S WASTE and MAKE SURE YOUR ANIMAL IS LEASHED whenever outdoors. Page 6 • APRIL 2016

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Do you walk? Jog? Bicycle?

The Security Committee met on March 7th

Consider becoming part of the Neighborhood Watch. All you need is a phone, and an observant eye.

Meets monthly, 1st Monday @ 7:00 pm

All Cory Lake Isles Residents are Welcome to Attend! Call 911 for suspicious or criminal activities. Call Tampa Police at 813-231-6130 for non-emergencies.

• Auto Burglary Safety: Lock your doors; Place visible items such as purses, packages and letters in your vehicle’s trunk; Turn on your auto alarm. • Delivery Trucks: Please encourage all delivery trucks coming to your homes that are over 20 feet long to ONLY use the Morris Bridge Gate Entrance. • Morris Bridge Virtual Gate Security: Please call the Cross Creek Gate at 813-986-8400 to report problems. • Going On Vacation? Add your Tampa Police Vacation Watch program to your travel checklist! This free service allows City of Tampa residents to give officers a heads up that their homes will be unoccupied for an extended period of time. Submit a Vacation Watch Form to! program/neighborhood-watch#sthash.uWdcoPec.dpuf • Home Safety: Not using your Garage, please close the Garage Door. • Neighborhood Watch Association (NWA): Interested in joining your community NWA and to continue making our community safe. Please contact your NWA coordinator, Sheryl Springer at • School/Pedestrian Safety: Thanks for yielding for school buses. Please do not park vehicles in your driveway so it blocks the path for pedestrians to use the sidewalk. For your children’s safety, we recommend playing at the parks or common areas, instead of on the streets. • Vehicle Safety: Please do not ride motorized motorcycles on sidewalk.

No Texting While Driving 25 MPH Speed Limit throughout our

KEM Media Group 813-501-4894

What is it? Neighborhood Watch is a group of volunteer citizens coming together in a community, communicating with each other and the police to reduce crime in the area in which they live. We are the citizens behind the “eyes and ears” of the police. How does it work? Neighbors watching out for neighbors. Police officers on patrol don’t always know who lives or belongs in a particular neighborhood. Neighbors who live in the area can help the police by calling when they observe suspicious or criminal activity. They can also assist their fellow neighbors by calling and alerting them too. The key to a successful program is COMMUNICATION and COOPERATION between citizens and police! How do I become involved? If you are interested in learning more, and possibly volunteering, please email Sheryl Springer:




Here in Florida, your choice is clear. Everyone likes options. My office not only offers car insurance backed by a company with 80 years of experience, but also offers home insurance from several companies. Call me today! Gunter and Gunter Insurance 813-994-3900

Allstate has no financial responsibility to you for any home insurance policy you purchase and would not be responsible for any claims. Allstate does not make any representations or accept liability related to operations of home insurance companies, including, but not limited to, their financial conditions. Subject to terms, conditions and availability. © 2012 Allstate Insurance Co.




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2016 Sunday






Saturday 1


Zumba 9:30am





7 8 9 Finance Committee Zumba 10am Design Review Zumba 9:30am Zumba 9:30am 12pm 9am CDD Online Workshop CDD Online Workshop Mah Jongg 6pm Dive In Movie 9am-5pm 9am-5pm The Intern CDD Online Workshop Security Committee Revision Committee 8pm 9am-5pm 7pm 7pm 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Zumba 10am Zumba 9:30am

Covenants Enforcement Committee 7pm

Mah Jongg 6pm

Zumba 9:30am

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Zumba 9:30am Mah Jongg 6pm

Design Review 9am

CDD Meeting 6pm

POA Board Meeting 7pm

24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Zumba 9:30am Mah Jongg 6pm

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Zumba 10am

Book Club 6pm

LAF Committee 10:30am

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January 21, 2016 Board of Supervisors Staff Directives Beach Club Manager

A Regular Meeting of the Cory Lakes Community Development District’s Board of Supervisors was held on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 6:00 p.m., at the Cory Lake Beach Club, 10441 Cory Lake Drive, Tampa, Florida 33647.

• Contact Security Company to change 3rd shift rover to man Morris Bridge Gatehouse on Friday and Saturday, while responding to specific incidents and providing random hourly patrols. • Coordinate a teleconference with Security Branch Manager and District Manager to discuss operating protocols and recent issues for corrective action.

On MOTION by Dr. Spiro and seconded by Mr. Castillo, with all in favor, the January 21, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes, as amended, and the February 1, 2016 Security Committee Meeting and February 2-4, 2016 Sunshine Board Meeting Minutes, as presented, were approved.

• Secure proposals to install gate arms in side exit swing gates at Morris Bridge entry to deter unauthorized entry through exit lanes. • Secure pricing for “roll away” soccer goals for use in green space adjacent to new tennis courts. • Secure pricing to develop a sand volleyball court. • Research and price repairs to existing iron mitigation system for CDD owned wells and irrigation system. • Direct LMP to correct drainage issue at the end of median, just inside the Morris Bridge entry. • Work with District Engineer to determine exact workable location and secure proposal for a new sidewalk connection from Capri Isles to Cory Lakes Boulevard. • Coordinate with LMP on timing of installing replacement plants under warranty and monthly quality control reporting.

On MOTION by Mr. Woodards and seconded by Dr. Spiro, with all in favor, authorization to proceed with paver brick repairs on Cory Lake Boulevard to Cross Creek and Morris Bridge entry roads, in a not-to-exceed amount of $90,000, to be funded from the Reserve Fund, was approved. On MOTION by Dr. Spiro and seconded by Ms. Hepscher, with all in favor, Landscape Maintenance Professionals Proposal #29799, for lake bank repairs, in a not-to-exceed amount of $4,300, was approved. On MOTION by Mr. Castillo and seconded by Mr. Woodards, with all in favor, Resolution 2016-1, Declaring Certain Tangible Personal Property Surplus Equipment and Authorizing the District Manager to Sell or Dispose of Said Equipment as Expeditiously as Possible and Providing for an Effective Date, was adopted. On MOTION by Ms. Hepscher and seconded by Mr. Woodards, with all in favor, installation of a new community information sign, at the Beach Club, to replace two signs at the Beach Club entry, in a not-to-exceed amount of $6,000, was approved. On MOTION by Mr. Woodards and seconded by Dr. Spiro, with all in favor, the Revised Lifestyle Services Agreement with Evergreen Lifestyles Management, LLC, for seven major events and an Events Coordinator, in a not-to-exceed amount of $30,000 and operating a reservation and payment website, in a not-to-exceed amount of $2,500, was approved.

,. KEM Media Group 813-501-4894

Facilities Manager

District Engineer

• Secure shade options and pricing for new tennis courts and forward to manager no later than Monday, February 29th to provide to BOS for Sunshine Board discussion. • Implement new tennis court drainage in a not-to-exceed amount of $10,000. • Revisit acceleration/deceleration lanes at Morris Bridge entry with internal transportation department to determine pros/cons and provide cost opinion. • Implement basketball court saw cutting, concrete ribbon and complete resurfacing.

District Manager

• Provide BOS with sample of Pool Usage Policies from another project for consideration. • Secure three conservation area signs for the boundary along the new playground. • Review security operating structure and post order compliance with Security Manager and Beach Club Manager. • Engage contractor for two new informational signs at each entry as well as one for entrance into the Beach Club. • Secure proposal for two fountains in Capri Isles lakes; one in Cross Creek entry lake and one in main lake. • Look into providing a “real time” P&L report from WHA accounting software.

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CORY LAKES COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT the Board require the monthly year-to-date budget is available within 15 days. The committee also recommends that the Board require that the year-to-date budget include a column for the expected year-to-date percentage expense by category. In keeping with the November recommendation of the Finance Committee, the CDD Chair held a post 30day review with the Facilities Manager to assess the current workload and concluded that there is no need to hire a Jr. Facilities Manager. The committee recommends that the CDD Board works with the City of Tampa to repair the street sewage system so that the manholes are not raised relative to the rest of the road. February Meeting Minutes The Finance Committee Meeting of the Cory Lakes


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Community Development District was held on February 18, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. at the Beach Club, 10441 Cory Lakes Drive, Tampa, Florida. A review of the January minutes was held affirming that the CDD Board consented to some items contained therein. The committee was pleased to receive the up-to-date financials on February 12th. We thank the CDD Board and Wrathell, Hunt & Associates for responding favorably to our recommendation. However, the financials that we were provided were in a General Ledger format which is very verbose and we recommend that WH provide the up-todate financials in standard summary P&L format. Last month, the committee recommended that the Board require that the year-to-date budget include a column for the expected year-to-date percentage expense by category. However, it was not presented at the January CDD Board meeting, so it will be tabled by the Finance Committee until the up-to-date P&L is provided and discussed thereafter. Committee discussed that due to savings in the operational budget there is approximately $75,000 remaining in the capital budget. Further discussion entailed requests by residents for a volley ball court. Also, discussed was the possibility of the gym renovation being much less expensive than $85,000. During the thread of discussion 0003475970-01

January Meeting Minutes The Finance Committee Meeting of the Cory Lakes Community Development District was held on January 21, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. at the Beach Club, 10441 Cory Lakes Drive, Tampa, Florida. A review of the November minutes was held affirming that the CDD Board consented to some items contained therein. THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Using Periscope for Broadcast of CDD Meetings Suggest testing this along with GoToWebinar. If it is a better alternative it will save the community about $100/ month. Reviewing Monthly Year-to-Date Budget If the budget distributed with the January Packet is for December then the timing is considered OK. If it is actually for November, then the committee recommends that

regarding sports amenities, the suggestion of semi-mobile soccer nets was made. The committee assessed the gym location onsite. The committee will offer a recommendation regarding these sports amenities after further research. March Meeting Minutes The Finance Committee Meeting of the Cory Lakes Community Development District was held on March 4, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. at the Beach Club, 10441 Cory Lakes Drive, Tampa, Florida. A review of the February minutes was held affirming that the CDD Board consented to some items contained therein. The committee recommends that the CDD Board look into having TECO switch out our street light bulbs to LED lights as a cost saving and beautification process. The committee recommends that the CDD continue the theme of an athletic park across from the club house and develop a running path along the perimeter of the park with some outdoor permanent fitness equipment. The committee recommends to the CDD Board that the night time rover should be based out of the Morris Bridge Gate and rove from there every night of the week. While WH did provide the GL statement of Feb 24th on Feb 25th, the P&L was still not provided. The Committee emailed WH asking why.• KEM Media Group 813-501-4894


The Landscape/Aquascape/Facilities Committee Meeting was held on Friday, February 26, 2016 at 10:32 a.m. at the Beach Club

Rich Carpenter, LAF chair, showed a PowerPoint presentation of about 50 slides showing where plants were missing in the rose beds along Cory Lake Drive and around the palm trees and between the azaleas at the Cross Creek entrance road. The missing plants should all be covered by warranty and should all be reinstalled at no cost to the community. The committee voted unanimously to recommend that the CDD Board give LMP, the landscape company, 30 days to complete the planting of all the missing plants, and that the Board provide follow up to the planting to be sure that it is completed satisfactorily. Rich continued the PowerPoint presentation with several slides showing missing and damaged plants at one of the islands in Cory Lake Drive that had been damaged sometime around New Years. One tree, even if it could be salvaged, has still not been replanted, and its roots are still half exposed. It’s been two months without any improvement on this landscaping. The committee voted unanimously to recommend that the Board request LMP to replant and repair the island asap. A committee member noted that two cedar trees are blocking the Cory Lakes sign at the Cross Creek entrance at the monument. The committee voted unanimously to recommend that they be replanted to other areas. Dennis DiGiacomo, committee member, reported that he had received an email from Cyril Spiro, Board chair, explaining the reasoning that the streets were not being swept by the city. The note stated that the roads in Cory Lake are private roads, that residents do not pay the storm water fees to the city because the drains are privately owned, and that thus the city does not do street sweeping within Cory Lakes. The email further stated that because the CDD is a form of government, the roads are considered public. Dennis pointed out that it seems incongruous that the roads could be both private and public. Until now the community has heard “opinions” from an attorney who stated that the roads are public and from city employees who stated that the roads are private. John Hall, Facilities Manager, mentioned that when the developer got permits for the roads, the roads were permitted as private. The committee voted unanimously to send a recommendation to the Board to find out definitively the determination and request its attorney to get a court judgment as to whether the roads are private or public, as it effects not only who is responsible for their upkeep, but also on the security that can be KEM Media Group 813-501-4894

provided to residents. Since sweeping of the streets by the city is not an option, the committee discussed cleaning the roadways. Rich pointed out that at the last CDD Board meeting, it was reported that Republic, the trash hauler for Cory Lake, had agreed to clean the roads because of all the oil their truck had dripped while collecting yard waste. Although, no specific date had been established for doing the cleaning because testing was still being done. The committee decided to hold off on making any recommendations for road cleaning. However, it was noted that the sidewalks and gutters along the roads are dirty and mildewed and need cleaning. Mentioned was that they should all be done approximately at the same time so that there was consistency of look throughout the community. The committee approved unanimously the recommendation to the Board that all the sidewalks and gutters throughout the community be cleaned. Rich showed several slides of chairs at the pool with mildew on them. The committee voted unanimously to recommend to the Board that the chairs be cleaned. Rich reported that the skate park resurfacing has been completed and looks great. Next up for resurfacing is the basketball court, which should begin soon. Dennis motioned a recommendation to the Board to have the pool slide shut down at the same time as the pool closing. Apparently the slide shuts off prior to the closing time, even though children are still there playing in the pool. The committee didn’t understand why the slide would need shutting down prior to the time of the pool closing. The committee approved the recommendation unanimously. The committee discussed holiday decorations. Linda Foster, committee member, invited Valerie Romas to visit the Beach Club on March 7 at 9:30 to discuss the decorations, as she had spoken to her about the purchasing of decorations for use. Valerie has had experience decorating such businesses as Neiman Marcus and Reeves automotive. The committee will visit with Valerie to get ideas of what to purchase and where to buy the decorations, and to see whether Valerie would have any interest in helping with the decorations. Rich reminded the committee that we have been given a sum of $10,000 for the rest of this year for the purchase of decorations, and that the monies for lighting have yet to be requested in the budget for next year. Rich mentioned to the committee

that he wanted to recognize the work that John Hall the new property manager has been doing. All of the maintenance recommendations that we have been making to the Board are being taken care of by John. And in addition, he’s been doing things like upgrading the lights on the street monuments, as well as repairing the landscape lighting along the Morris Bridge entrance. The notes presented by Rich from the Board meeting of Feb. 18 are as follows: 1. Cyril Spiro, Board chair, will not be running for his seat on the CDD in

ends of the basketball court and install a cement surround prior to the resurfacing. 7. $6,000 was approved for an electronic sign to replace both of the signage boards at the Beach Club entrance. 8. The Board asked for costs to install a lighted sand volleyball court. 9. The Board asked for costs to install a sidewalk at the western end of Capri Isle. 10. The Board asked for the cost to install 4 fountains in the lake and ponds. 11. The Board agreed to purchase 2 recycle bins for use at the pool. 12. The Board requested John to look into

The new tennis court construction is completed. Once the sidewalk has been installed, the courts will be open for play. Landscaping still needs installation.

The skate park has been resurfaced and repainted. New goals and nets are on order to replace the broken and rusty ones.

November, as he is running for a city council seat instead. 2. The Board approved 3 proposals totaling nearly $90,000 for the repair of the brick roads. 3. At least one or more proposals for running the cafe will be presented at the next Board meeting. 4. Tennis court construction is completed. A pedestrian path is to be installed next week. 5. $11,000 for refinishing the existing tennis court in order to match the new one was not approved. The Board requested the cost for cleaning the court. 6. $6,000 was approved to saw cut the

the rust mitigation system for the wells to prevent any further rusting of monuments and sidewalks. 13. Rich thanked the Board on behalf of LAF for the cleaning of the lake and the conservation areas. If you have comments or suggestions for the LAF committee, please e-mail them to: And if you’re looking to help us by being on the committee, please join us at 10:30 on the last Friday of the month at the Beach Club. Rich Carpenter Chairman APRIL 2016 • Page 11


Page 12 • APRIL 2016

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What to Plant



Annuals: New varieties of coleus do well in sun or shade and provide vivid colors and patterns for months. Bulbs: Planting early-, mid-, and late-blooming varieties of daylily will insure months of color from these low maintenance plants. Herbs: Add nasturtiums to your herb garden. The leaves and flowers add a peppery zest to salads. Vegetables: Continue planting warm season crops such as bean, cantaloupe, and okra. Mulch well to prevent weeds, and provide water if the weather has been dry.

What to Do?

Saturday, May 21st from 11am am to 3pm at

3116 Land O Lakes Blvd., Land O Lakes

Don’t wait, join the race!

Adopt a duck now! The first ducks crossing the finish line in Lake Padgett will WIN!


Bring your little quackers! It’s an event for the entire family! Come enjoy the kids’ zone, music and fun! Food and beverages available for purchase. Don’t forget your lawn chairs and blankets.

To adopt a duck visit: and scroll down to Duck Derby Sponsorships


lub Rotary C n e h T y b Hosted ley Chapel Noo of Wes

Pests: Monitor landscape plants weekly for aphids on tender new growth. Flowering Plants: Check for thrips if leaves and/or flowers of gardenias and roses are damaged. Divide perennials and bulbs: Divide clumps of bulbs, ornamental grasses, or herbaceous perennials to expand or rejuvenate garden beds or to pass-along to friends. Lawn Problems: Many lawn problems, such as lack of water, mimic insect damage. Confirm the damage is being caused by insects before applying a pesticide. Shrubs: Choose from a wide variety of shrubs to add to the landscape now. Lawns: Apply fertilizer after new growth has started. Choose a fertilizer (not a "weed and feed") with little or no phosphorus unless a soil test indicates the need for it. A fertilizer with controlled-release nitrogen yields longer-lasting results.

Proceeds from the Duck Derby go to local and international projects that our Rotary Club sponsors. Page 14 • APRIL 2016

KEM Media Group 813-501-4894

The Wesley Chapel Lions Club Meets every 4th Tuesday at 6pm, at Hyundai Of Wesley Chapel.

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For more information about volunteering, community efforts, events, meetings, helping the vision impaired and more, you may attend a meeting, visit us on Facebook ,, or contact Ted Whelan 813-416-2380.

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