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SONESTA COCONUT GROVE Inspiration For Renovation Design

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Inspiration For Renovation Design


Existing Guestroom Design Elements

tv’s baltic brown granite kitchen and bath countertops

floor tile at suites living area & kitchen

bed frames floor tile at guestrooms sheer and blackout drapery panels

floor & wall tile at bathrooms



New Guestroom Design Elements & Upgrade Package Options

furniture fabrics decorative drapery panels bedding-decorative bed scarf, bolster pillow & bed skirt mattress & boxspring decorative light fixtures vanity & decorative mirrors carpet paint kitchen & bath cabinet laminate kitchen hardware kitchen appliances bath hardware &accessories closet doors

A. guestroom & suite upgrade package porcelain tile area rug

B. suite upgrade package

carpet in guestrooms porcelain tile in living area & bathrooms area rug to living area


SONESTA COCONUT GROVE Coral Guestroom Rendering

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Elevator Lobby & Guest Corridors Rendering

Coconut Grove Renovation  

Renovations Plans

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